From: Kaukab Siddique, Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Ameer
To: All Muslims in America and overseas

Dear brothers and sisters: asalamu alaikum
"... The best among you, with Allah, are those who are best in God-conscious behavior (taqwa)." (The Qur'an 49:13)

"There will be rulers who will lie and oppress. One who supports them in their lies and helps them in their oppression: such a person is not of me and I have nothing to do with such a person." Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. (Hadith collected by Nasai, kitab al-ba'iya)

For more than a decade, a few well-financed persons have been flaunting themselves as the leaders of America's Muslims. Over the years they have gone from one low to the other. They have betrayed the ideals of Islam. All that has come down in the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) seems to leave them untouched as they continue to exploit the name of Islam.

These are the rich few who are in a frantic rush to become part of the American power structure. Now their petty schemes have blown up in their faces. The Zionists are saying to them to grovel a little more and to beg with the proper humility of beggars.

It's incredible that they have been giving funds to the Zionist organizations and now their funds are being returned to them. I urge Muslims to return to the Qur'an and the authentic teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Islam has it's own agenda.

If you have not read what these self-appointed "leaders" have done, please find out. Let me know and I'll forward the information to you.

I urge and invite the scholars of Islam to pay attention to these rich individuals who have humiliated Islam and Muslims by collecting money for Democrats, Republicans and other oppressors and exploiters. Some Muslims have been mislead by these "leaders." Such leadership must be exposed.

There is no easy way for Islam in America. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had to sacrifice everything he had in Makka. He did not become rich and more "integrated" by serving the Cause of Allah. Let us follow his Sunnah humbly and to the best of our abilities.

Distributed by Jamaat al-Muslimeen which is trying to educate people on the rights of top Islamic leaders, Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, Imam Jamil al-Amin, held in US prisons.

Zionism is racism. Down with Zionism

No intelligent person will try to become part of the American power structure. Even non-Muslims who think,will not disgrace themselves by joining Sodom and Gomorroh.


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