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Naim Baig, Convention Organizer
Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)

Dear Naim Baig sahib
asalamu alaikum

I visited the ICNA convention in Phildelphia on July 4 and 5.
I was of view that ICNA must have matured under the impact of post-9.11 situation in America.

I am sorry to say that your organization is deteriorating rather than improving. I don't want to hurt your feelings by commenting on the overall Convention but one point must be mentioned because it concerns the entire Muslim community.

I noticed that the only drink being offered at the Convention was Coca Cola. This raises some questions:
1. Do you know that Coca Cola supports Israel?
2. Is it possible that in your entire group there is not one person who is aware that Coca Cola supports Israel?
3. Is it possible that you are not aware that Coca Cola is at the top of the list in the worldwide boycott of businesses supporting Israel? [There is hardly any politically aware group which is not boycotting Coca Cola.]
4. Is it possible that you don't know Coca Cola's nutritional value which is zero.
5. Is it possible that you are unaware of alternatives to Coca Cola, some of them produced by Muslims?

So Mr. Baig, you made your choice. You selected Coca Cola as the drink of choice at your Convention attended by nearly 2,000 innocent Muslims.

The question arises, are you a supporter of Israel? Is your organization a supporter of Israel?

I hope the answer is: No!

In that case, try to make up for your blunder by taking the vow not to support Coca Cola ever again in your Conventions.

In case you confess that you really are ignorant of what's going in in the worldwide boycott of businesses supporting Israel, I can send you documentation of Coca Cola's support for Israel.


Kaukab Siddique

2003-07-06 Sun 13:06ct