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New Trend's Report on U.S. attack was correct
Atrocities by Proxies are Responsibility of U.S. Government
Karzai's Men driven out of Gardez

On January 27, New Trend pointed out that the U.S. attack north of Kandahar was a farce and that the U.S. had killed 15 of its own supporters (Karzai's mercenaries). The 27 captured had also faded out of the news for the same reason.

FIVE DAYS LATER, on Feb.1, the U.S. admitted that the attack was not a glorious victory but a blunder in which U.S. supporters were killed by U.S. forces. {That "firefight" and that "hand-to-hand" fighting never took place.}

Reports also indicate that the KILLING OF THE SIX ISLAMISTS IN THE KANDAHAR HOSPITAL was also a war crime, as we had reported. U.S. forces taking part in that heroic action, against 6 starving and injured men, wore signs of a New York sports team and of the twin towers. Thus it appears to have been blood revenge.

ATROCITIES BY NORTHERN ALLIANCE: Reports have been coming out since the fall of Kabul about atrocities by the so-called Northern Alliance supported by the U.S. and Russia. There have been murders in cold blood, slaughter of POWS, imprisonment of hundreds of Islamists in sub-human conditions often resulting in permanent health damage, rape and looting.

As far as we know, crimes committed by proxy forces are the responsibility of the powers which back them. The U.S. has been working in very close embrace with the Northern Alliance.

An aspect of this international law comes out in the case against Israeli terrorist Sharon. He supported the fascist groups which slaughtered the Palestinians in Sabra and Shatilla camps. He and the Israelis were NOT IN THE CAMPS killing people. He has been held responsible because he looked the other way and tacitly supported the atrocities.

The U.S. relationship with the thugs of N.A. is much closer than Sharon's with the fascists. CIA operative Spann was killed during the slaughter of POWS by the NA in Qila Jangey. His presence showed USA involvement at ground level with the NA.

The forces of Bush-Rumsfield-Myers-Tommy need to be brought to the World Court of Justice for these horrendous crimes.

{There are reports which indicate that the U.S. interrogators use this psychological technique on Islamic prisoners: If you don't cooperate, we'll hand you over to the N.A. for torture.}

David Irving, famous British historian, has pointed out that the Russians were treated by Geneva Convention rules ALTHOUGH THE RUSSIANS HAD NOT SIGNED THE GENEVA CONVENTION.

The Islamic prisoners were:
1. Hooded (not done by Hitler)
2. Shackled (not done by Hitler)
3. Interrogated while injured (some of them have been shown taken on stretchers to interrogation rooms) (Not done by Hitler)
4. Forced to wear prison clothes (as if they are criminals). (U.S. and Russian troops continued to wear their uniforms after capture by Hitler's Wehrmacht.)
5. Some prisoners who required surgery were not operated on while they were held in Kandahar and only as a favor when in Guantanamo. Surgeries not performed for more than a month indicates the conditions. (Hitler's physicians treated POWS right away.)
6. There are reports now that some prisoners are "talking". How that came about? What methods were employed?
Rumsfield and company were surprised by worldwide criticism of the mistreatment of Islamic prisoners, so the Americans came up with some disinformation propaganda. The claim was made thast these prisoners are like animals and one of them "bit" a guard and that another has threatened to kill Americans. {Note the big lie technique: We are being told that a shackled, hooded prisoner, hardly able to walk, guarded by two American heroes, said that he wanted to kill his guards!.} Then came the story that the victims were collecting "stones" to fight back. {How come there are "stones" in the cages where humanity is being destroyed.} Even the prayers were seen as a conspiracy where the "leaders" were emerging (because someone has to lead the prayers.)

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