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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 5,1427/July 1, 2006 #41

Please scroll down to Dr. Siddique's exchange of letters with a Jewish Ph.D. and Dr. Miller's report on Israel in Congress.

KHUTBA on Gaza: On June 30, 2006 Imam Badi Ali gave a khutba at the Islamic Center of the Triad [Greensboro, NC] which will be remembered for a long time. He said that the Israeli actions in Gaza are part of the worldwide attacks on Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kashmir, etc., and not an isolated action. The mujahideen showed in one action that, given the resources, they can defeat the Israelis and Israel is trying to counter that impression.

The corrupt rulers of Muslim lands suddenly face the fact that Palestine is occupied and the Muslim masses want action. These rulers are conspiring with Israel. Iraqi puppet al-Maliki and Qatar's ruler have emphasized links with Israel.

Imam Badi Ali said, in Iraq itself, the sectarian U.S.- installed rulers are naming their dogs "Abu Bakr" and "Umar" to create provocation. The "Palestinian state" they want to create is meant to supply more agents to the U.S., while the people of Palestine want an Islamic state.

Islam has always seen Yemen and Palestine as outer defenses of the holy cities of Makka and Madina. That is the real target of the Zionists, Imam Badi concluded.

Caught in the Act!

On June 24, 2006 the Sudanese government detected a United Nations' helicopter ferrying a Darfur rebel leader to his base. For 4 days Sudan banned all UN activity in Sudan. The Sudan government is being stabbed in the back by UN elements quietly stoking the fires of conflict in Darfur.
See important article on Sudan, next, to understand the situation.

by William Reed (

Ostensibly to "save" starving Africans, coalitions of humanitarian and religious groups, including Amnesty International and National Association of Evangelicals, held predominantely-white attended rallies calling for "intervention" to end violence in Sudan. The flim-flam facilitates an American and NATO military presence and, enables the groups to continue billing billions for aid services inside Sudan.

Most African Americans are opposed to the war in Iraq, but have bought into hawkish conservatives' bamboozle that will allow Western troops unfettered access to Africa's most resource-laden country. African Americans got hoodwinked on Sudan back in the 1990s. Organizations claiming "ethnic cleansing" is going on in Darfur first concocted the Sudan Slave Redemption Industry in the '90s, and before being proved fraudulent, the deception garnered millions of donations "to obtain freedom for fellow human beings'". A co-founder of the "Slave Redemption Campaign" on "60 Minutes" labeled it: "a hoax, staged story and circus." Rev. Mario Riva, an Italian Priest who lived in Southern Sudan during the war says: "most of the time slave redemption was a trick."

The Sudan Campaign Coalition's disinformation over the decades has mobilized a "pariah" public opinion status for Sudan and, garnered many in the Coalition billions of dollars from the conflict. The juxtaposition the campaign has had bringing right-wing Members of Congress with dreadful civil rights records together with many in the Congressional Black Caucus is a multi-million dollar lobbying effort. Despite Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf's and Kansas Senator Sam Brownback's anti-black domestic legislative records, African Americans have been buying into their remedies for Africans. Their Congressional Sudan Caucus has had great success passing legislation benefiting rebels in the South for years. Two such bills that were at odds with America's Special Envoy's peace project.

The Darfur Crisis, which started just as the war in the south was waning in 2002, has been propaganda and funding bonanza for the industry. Sensationalist aid activist campaigns successfully increased US hostility toward Sudan to the point that even African Americans have bought into putting boots on the ground there. Instead of storm trooping into Sudan, an answer maybe as simple as seeking peace and providing Solar Stoves. Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons's was the sole voice that demanded the groups that initiated the rebellion in Sudan simply sign peace accords in Abuja, Nigeria. African Americans would do well to give Simmons' kind of critical thinking about how to save Sudan. Former President Jimmy Carter has said: "The biggest obstacle is US government policy. Instead of working for peace in Sudan, the US government has basically promoted a continuation of war."

Instead of siding with hawkish elements of American society' more African Americans should pursue ways and means to peace. Groups chronicling "genocide is occurring in Sudan" are disingenuous implying it's the only place where horrific death and destruction is occurring. Since Darfur's crisis started, 3.5 million people were killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). More than 1.4 million Somalis are suffering in one of its worst famines in history. Atrocities of the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda involve child soldiers and have caused over 250,000 people to be minus legs and arms due to war. Jewish groups' shouts of "never again" support for Africans divert attention from the plight of Palestinians in occupied Israel.

Instead of paving the way for Western militaries to occupy Sudan, people concerned about the population should: seek peace and send Solar Stoves. Peace talks in Nigeria should be monitored and the horrible rapes of refugee women outside their camps while seeking firewood be remedied by providing each camp tens of thousands of Solar Stoves. Firewood is refugees' traditional energy source for cooking. Americans should cease war chants and make $7 to $30. Solar Stoves available for women in refugee camps. All the cooking is done in a one quart, Microwave safe "Glad" ziplock bag. It is practical and comes with all that's needed for cooking with sunlight, which is plentiful in the refugee areas in Darfur and Chad and could be a deliverable project of concerned church and civic groups.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Palestine Under Siege by Israeli Tank Columns: U.S. Muslims Condemn Occupation & Tyranny

In a blatant show of military aggression, Jewish terror groups known as the IDF ae denying water, electricity and civic facilities to the ENTIRE population of Gaza. President Bush has responded by saying that the solution is that the Palestinians free the captured Israeli terrorist. This has to be an example of obtuse morality which ignores the 1500 Palestinian women and 350 Palestinian children being held in Jewish concentration camps.

We urge Mr. Bush to stop supporting the terrorists. The only fair solution is the release of ALL Palestinian prisoners. Captured Israelis should be put on trial for crimes against humanity.

The Israelis have also kidnaped 5 Palestinian cabinet ministers and 25 members of Parliament. This is an obvious violation of international law which proves that Israel is a terrorist entity. We urge Muslims in America, 5-7 million strong to boycott all businesses connected to Israel. Do not use services of American Jews who support Israel, be they doctors or attorneys.

The sad story of W.D. Muhammad & self-styled "leaders"
Running from Pillar to Post: After Abu Jahl, they want Abu Lahab [after Bush, try Dems.]

The following was posted by a devotee of "Imam" W.D. Muhammad:

"On May 18 , 2006, in Washington D.C., Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean met with Muslim leaders to talk about the Democratic agenda for change along with efforts to reach out to members of the religious community early on in the election process. Among the 15 Muslim leaders present were Imam W. D. Mohammed Mujahid , Imam Sayed Hassan Al-Qazwini of the Islamic Center of America, Imam Al-Hajj Talib Abdur-Rashid, Deputy Amir of MANA , Dr. Aslam Abdullah the director of the Islamic Society of Nevada, Imam Mahdi Bray of the MAS Freedom Foundation , Dr. Al-Akhras Vice President of CAIR-Washington and others."

{How W.D. became "mujahid" is anyone's guess. Check out the photo of Bush on W.D.'s paper Muslim Journal. These people think Islam has no standards and that the man they worship can become "mujahid" because they say so, though he is the most non-leader of our self-styled "leaders."}

Canadian Paper Attacks Wives of Islamic Prisoners

A countrywide propaganda blitz has been on in Canada against 17 Islamic prisoners. the Prime Minister, a Bush clone, joined the chorus of abuse and condemned the prisoners BEFORE PRELIMINARY COURT HEARINGS. Even children could not get bail.

Now in a new low, Canada's prestigious Globe and Mail paper attacked the wives of the Islamic prisoners in an attempt to isolate the families from the already scared Canadian Muslim community.

In the U.S., phone records are brought in only during trial and are aimed only at the prisoners, not at their families, and that too is seen by many Americans as illegal and a breach of civil rights.

It appears that in Canada, the Zionists are much bolder because the curtain of fear has come down on Canadian Muslims...

A Supporter of the Jewish holocaust story tries to debunk Scholars Irving, Zundel and Rudolf

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

A Dr. Andrew Mathis wrote to me after our report on problems related to Muslims was posted on I have posted his entire letter below, at the conclusion of this issue of New Trend, followed by my comments.

For Muslims, it's important that they listen to views opposed to those of the victors of the Second World War. The emergence of Israel as a terrorist entity implanted by force of arms in the heartland of Islam is directly connected to the Jewish version of WWII. The attack on Darfur is coming out of the Jewish Holocaust Museum.

Three of the most distinguished critics of the Jewish version, David Irving, Ernest Zundel and Germar Rudolf have been subjected not only to censorship, defamation and abuse but have actually been IMPRISONED for the expression of dissident views. Thus European countries which believe that they have the RIGHT to abuse and insult the messenger of Allah, Muhammad, peace be on him, the leader of the world's ONE BILLION plus Muslims, in the name of "freedom of expression," have put an end to that very freedom of expression when it came to a critical review of their heavily monopolized version of World War II.

I wrote back to Dr. Mathis that I would find it no problem to refute his views but first I need to know what is his religion [mine is Islam], how often he goes to Israel and how much he donates to Israel. His refusal to to touch the Zionist Connection gave him away: Here is the way he answered my quest for information:

Dr. Siddique
You wrote:

I will answer your long letter as soon as I have time.

Your arguments are extremely weak and easily refutable.
Then it shouldn't take you very long, now, should it? But why insult me? Why not just answer the points?

However, I do need some information about yourself. As you can see from my name, I am a Muslim.
Are you a Jew and how many times have you visited Israel?

Before (and if) I choose to answer those questions, how is that at all relevant to the truth or falsity of the normative history of the Holocaust?

Do you have property there? How often do you donate to Israel? It's only fair to ask you "where you're coming from" before you are answered.

No, it isn't, because it's totally and completely irrelevant what my religion is and what my relation (or lack thereof) to the State of Israel is.

You're making this into a Jewish thing, and it isn't. And that doesn't reflect on you well as a human being or a Muslim.

If you are a "dyed in the wool" holocauster, should any credence be given to your views? Which books of Irving and the other two scholars have you read other than your visits to Nizkor?

Zundel has personally written no books besides the one I mentioned above, which I have read. Rudolf wrote the report, which I read; I have read excerpts from his other work. I have only read excerpts from Irving's works. However, I followed the trial he prosecuted against Deborah Lipstadt (and lost) rather closely.

Were I to try to list for you all the other books I've read on the Holocaust, including books by deniers, it would be in three figures, I would guess.

Your need to bring religion into this is troubling, to say the least. I hope that you will drop this as an issue and instead answer the points I made in my letter. Either that or you can explain why it is at all relevant why you ask me these things.

FYI, my letter to you is now online at:

Andrew E. Mathis

Please scroll all the way down to the text of this discussion. I asked Dr. Mathis not to write to me any further after I saw that he has put me on the "untrue_madhouse blogspot." He however did write again and claimed that he is "Jewish" but has no connection to Israel. [Try to imagine a Jew unconnected to Israel. Even a critic of Israel like Chomsky supports Israel.] Dr. Mathis ended by insulting me, calling me names and claiming that I must be teaching the wrong things to my students. Do Jews have a special way of knowing how those who disagree with them teach class? Go figure!

ADL Wants More Money: Also, Have you Watched Al-Jazeerah? Iraqi Children's Slaughter

I greatly enjoyed your interview with Ramsey Clark. This whole war is a masquerade. How can Bush and company get away with it? The Iraqis didn't do anything to us.

Do you get Al Jazeera t.v. at all? While in Oakland, CA, we were staying with some Palestinian friends (two weeks ago). They had this cable channel, Al Jazeera. which they subscribed to. We watched if for a while. There is a horrible massacre going on in Iraq and it was shown on the t.v. They showed mass burials of Iraqi children. The towns are devastated. It's nothing like is reported on our t.v. It's WWII all over again.

I got a letter from the ADL today requesting money to spread pro jewish feelings in this country. One's contribution would be tax deductible. Never mind that they get billions from our government in every form of aid that we have to offer in this country. I am about to send them a letter (unsigned) regarding the reasons people feel the way they do about the js, although I think it is just another way for them to get money. No one in this country dare speak out against the js for fear of losing one's job. The js always have the last word and retaliate 100 fold. Bottom line: It's all cause and effect.

Ms. Carolyn [Florida]

by Edward Miller, San Rafael, California
[Dr. Miller, veteran New Trend contributor, was the first to note that Osama bin Laden had warned the U.S. of war if it kept supporting Israel's occupation of Palestine. -Ed.]

"An antiIsrael bias is not the same as antiSemitism. To argue as much is to claim an altogether unique immunity for Israel, untouchable by the kind of criticism that is normally directed at the conduct of states" Zbigniew Brzezinski ( National Security Advisor to Carter, Kennedy and Johnson ).
The escalating savagery against a captive Palestinian people by the Israeli military has to be stopped. Their Zionist government's attitude that its' actions are above and beyond international law as framed in the Geneva Convention , the UN Charter or decisions by the ICJ ( the International Court of Justice,) is pure baloney. Like the pigs in George Orwell's allegory: ANIMAL FARM, Israel's Jews pretend they are: "More equal than the other animals".
Last week, an Israeli air strike in Gaza killed nine civilians including two children and two paramedics. Forty others were wounded. The day before, seven members of a family including a six-month infant, were killed while picnicking on the beach. The entire Palestinian population is living with the danger and noise of constant shelling by the Israeli army from the land and sea. Thousands are suffering from life-threatening or disabling injuries. In what has become their SOP (standard operating procedure) the Israeli government initially denied their offshore military vessel had fired at that Palestinian family playing on the Gaza beach, until shell fragments picked from the sand with Israeli military markers were shown to the international press.
Washington's response to the recent visit by Israel's new Prime Minister was a disgusting example, of a Congress captured by Jewish money. As writer Carl Greeley points out ( Florida's PRESS JOURNAL June 18th), "congressional candidates from 1978 to 2004 have received $42,365,496 from Jewish interests."
On May 24th, 2006, the Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert addressed a joint meeting of the US Congress. It' was Olmert's first visit since his election in March of this year. On May 23rd, that day before Olmert' spoke,... the House of Representatives under intense pressure from Israeli lobbies, overwhelmingly passed legislation far tougher on the Palestinian's Hamas Party than even Bush had proposed, It calls for the Palestinian Authority to be designated a "Terrorist Sanctuary", bans Visas for entry into the U.S. from any member of the PA, cuts off direct and indirect U.S. assistance to the PA, except for basic human health needs. On Friday, May26th, after Olmert had left Washington the US House Appropriations Committee approved HR 2007 foreign aid bill, which included $2.46 billion for Israel. $2.34 billion of this amount will be military aid, and $120 million civilian aid. This little gift to our dangerous parasite, Israel' will support their savage campaign against the Palestinians. It was duly noted in the Muslim press around the world.
Our media's TV coverage of Ehud Olmert's address to Congress as played across Fox and other channels, was another disgusting reminder that Jewish money has made whores of our Representatives, who rose to their feet again and again to applaud this Olmert, who, like his predecessor, Sharon, has expressed his intent to obliterate any chance for the Palesinians to enjoy a state of their own. As head of the Kadima Party, a recently- morphed version of Israel's Likud, Olmert has refused to negotiate with the Palestinians' duly-elected Hamas Party. While speaking in Israel on February 7th, three months before his Washington visit, Olmert, in his first public policy statement since replacing Sharon,
said he plans to annex the Jordan Valley and major Jewish settlement blocks into Israel while drawing new borders, carrying through his predecessor's vision of an emasculated Palestinian state on Israel's terms. If the Jewish state annexes the Jordan Valley, already dotted with settlements, it would leave a future Palestinian state on the West Bank, divided into bantustans, entirely surrounded by Israel without a direct link to neighboring countries.. Olmert also spoke of Israel having to maintain a "Jewish majority "in the state of Israel."
After his Washington visit, Olmert journeyed to London and met with Prime Minister Tony Blair. " Speaking publicly for the first time about the future of Jerusalem, Olmert told Jewish community leaders in London that he had no intention of dividing the capital or giving away sovereignty of the Temple Mount. Blair refrained from endorsing Olmert's plan for a unilateral withdrawal, calling instead for a "negotiated two-state solution," something he said the world agreed upon. Olmert said after talks with Blair that Israel is "prepared to pull out from most" of the West Bank and create a "contiguous" Palestinian state. " (Aluf Benin, Haaretz the Assoc. Press, London ) Since 40% of Palestinian economy revolves around Jerusalem and is tourist-based, Olmert's E-1 plan effectively cuts the economic heart out of any Palestinian state, rendering it nothing more than a set of non-viable Indian reservations.
Olmert's sales pitch to both Washington and London, did not receive favorable reports in the international press.
The International Jerusalem Post headline May 8th read:
"US newspapers slam Olmert's plan "The New York Times on Thursday wrote, "It's long been clear that getting a workable, feasible Palestinian state out of two geographically separate masses of land in the desert will be an uphill battle. Now, because of two culprits and one enabler, Hamas, Prime Minister Ehud
Olmert of Israel and President [George W.] Bush, that hill is becoming a mountain. "The Times wrote that Bush "should not punish the Palestinian people by endorsing any unilateral proposal - doing that would punish them for exercising their democratic right to vote." Andrea Godfrey-Goldstein, May 29th (The Electronic Media): wrote: "The Wall has been erected to create prime real estate and hasten expansion of the settlements (which are illegal under international law). ... The Wall is a long-term political border, rather than the "temporary security installation".

Back on July 9, 2004 the International Court of Justice (ICJ) or "World Court" had ruled that the monstrous wall that Zionists are constructing in occupied Palestine contravenes international law, must be dismantled, and compensation paid to the Palestinian property owners whose land was confiscated by the Jews to build it. The massive 130 mile barrier in the West Bank has cut off thousands of Palestinians from their farms, schools, relatives and their workplaces and caused a humanitarian crisis of major proportions. The "Apartheid Wall", planned to extend for a total of 460 miles, will imprison and segregate the Palestinians and confiscate additional land for use by foreign Jewish immigrants. The ICJ based in The Hague, Netherlands, consists of 15 judges from different nations, selected by the UN General Assembly to serve for nine years. The July 2004 ruling passed with a vote of 14 to 1. The "No" vote was cast by the judge from the USA." ( Ernesto Cienfuegos La Voz de Aztlan.
Of interest to Americans is that while Olmert has been peddling the Zionist version of Palestinian Apartheid to Washington and London, another people have been celebrating the 30th anniversity of victory over their own Apartheid. On Friday, June 16th, blacks worldwide celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the revolt of Soweto's black students, a protest that heralded the end of apartheid in South Africa. The morning of June 16, 1976 over fifteen thousand school children marched down the road carrying large placards. The protestors planned a peaceful march, but the Soweto police started firing into the crowd and children began falling to the cement, covered with blood. As protestors fled, some children were trampled to death. To protect themselves, they began throwing sticks, rocks, whatever they could pick up. The casualty count was 172 blacks killed, and 439 blacks injured by the police.

This story made headlines around the world fueling rebellions in other parts of South Africa. Soon after, Nelson Mandela ( head of ANC) got involved, and the ANC, began using violence to get his point of black equality across, adopted the idea of "Terrorism ". Like the three segregated Palestinian bantustans behind Israeli walls, planned by Olmert, under South Africa's Apartheid, nine Bantu groups were assigned their own bantustans, where movement outside was strictly regulated. Apartheid existed in South Africa for forty years until Mandela became president in 1994. The first UN arms embargo on South Africa was passed in 1963, but it was not until 1977 that it became mandatory. In response to the UN action, the U.S. government enacted laws that had little effect until the legal actions were backed by public outcry. With product boycotts, corporations "saw the light" and began to change.

Employing those political tools which ended Souith Africa's apartheid, the Presbyterian Churches along with the Episcopalians and other socally_responsible oranizations are struggling to divest from both Israeli owned businesses, and US firms like that contribute to Israel's house demolitions such as Caterpillar Tractor.
Meanwhile Israel keeps up its public relations campaign . In 2005 alone, more than 100 members of Congress visited Israel, some multiple times. Israel's hold on Washington goes back many years. Examination of Nixon's tapes revealed a conversation with Rev Billy Graham in which Graham told Nixon that when he was in office he had "to break the Jewish stranglehold on the media." "Do you really think that? Tricky Dick replied. "Yes," Graham replied. "So do I," Nixon replied, but you can't talk about it."
Our European friends understand Washington's Jewish problem better than many Americans. Writing in Le Monde Diplomatique, (June 9th, ) Anatol Lieven's "NEED FOR A NEW FORCE IN US POLITICS" says: " Both parties are heavily influenced by the pro-Israel lobby, and both have shown their unwillingness to take determined action to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Far from encouraging the Bush administration to try harder for peace, leading Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, have tried to outflank Bush by being even more unconditionally pro-Israeli. The "realist" camp in the US contains many distinguished figures... such as Brent Scowcroft ..Gary Hart . and Zbigniew Brzezinski . But neither party has a political faction powerful enough to push this realism, leading many to see the need for a new force in US politics.

"Anyone who crosses "the Lobby," as their paper puts it, risks incurring the wrath of "the Great Silencer." This means, in plain terms, that anyone who criticizes Israel, or, more significantly, notices the Lobby's decisive influence over U.S. policymakers, risks their career, whether it be in politics, the media, or academia." Justin Raimondo, 19 June 2006
Worldwide support helped destroy the Afrikaner's Apartheid. It will require even greater cooperation to break Israel's colonial stranglehold on Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian territories.

Full Text of Dr. Andrew Mathis' Letter Against Scholars Irving, Zundel and Rudolf
[Scroll down to Dr. Siddique's reply.]

Dear Dr. Siddique:

I read with some interest your press release for June 2006, which I found on (not affiliated with the Qatar-based sattelite news network) and also found here:

In your "Islamic Agenda" and "Invitation," I found Point #10:

"10. The edifice of Jewish support for Israel is built on the Jewish 'holocaust' stories. These have been subjected to detailed criticism by scholars like David Irving, Zundel and Germar Rudolph. Unable to face the scientific criticism levelled by these scholars, the Zionists responded by silencing and imprisoning them. We must study them to understand the biggest source of support for Israel."

I have several points of contention with your statement:

(1) First and foremost, I find it ironic that you here refer to David Irving, Ernst Zundel, and Germar Rudolf as "scholars." These men are Nazi apologists -- nothing more and nothing less. Irving himself has done virtually nothing since publishing his second book but provide apologia for Adolf Hitler and, when he was not denying that the Holocaust had indeed happened as reported, claiming that Hitler had no knowledge of it. Zundel is a dyed-in-the-wool National Socialist. Should you have some doubt about this allegation, you should consider that he is the co-author of a book entitled *The Hitler We Loved and Why*. You should also view excerpts of the interview he gave in 1997 to Israel's daily newspaper *Yediot Ahronot*, in which, among things, he says that the swastika is a "sacred" symbol:

I have the full interview on videotape and would be happy to supply you with a copy. As for Rudolf, he became famous when he provided an "expert report" concluding there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz when defending a former Nazi, Otto Ernst Remer, from prosecution in Germany.

Please note that none of these men are trained historians.

(2) Second, you claim, "Unable to face the scientific criticism levelled by these scholars, the Zionists responded by silencing and imprisoning them."

Well, while it is true that these men are all imprisoned or on trial that could result in possible imprisonment, Zionists had nothing to do with putting them in their current predicament. Irving wilfully violated Austrian law, entering a country that had an outstanding warrant against him since 1989. Most experts are of the opinion that, having been soundly humiliated in the *Irving v. Lipstadt* case of 2000 (more below), he got arrested in Austria mainly as a publicity stunt. However, to address your key point, it was not Zionists who passed the law against Holocaust denial in Austria; it was the Austrians themselves, anxious not to repeat the errors of their past.

The same can be said about Germany, which is prosecuting both Zundel and Rudolf. Again, Zionists are not to blame. In fact, these two men, like Irving, are solely to blame for their own predicaments, having violated U.S. immigration law in trying to gain asylum in this country. I can supply you with statements by both men, as well as court briefings, that show that the immigration hearings about Zundel and Rudolf that landed both men back in their native country of Germany were in full abidance with U.S. law.

(3) Most importantly, you claim that these three men have done something to disprove the normative history of the Holocaust. As for Irving and Zundel, I can't honestly think of a single thing either of these men have ever published or said that cannot be easily refuted with historical facts. As for Rudolf's "scientific study" of the gas chambers, he has been refuted no fewer than four times, most recently in the appeal state of Irving v. Lipstadt, in which David Irving withdrew an expert affidavit from Germar Rudolf when Dr. Richard Green filed his own. You can read both affidavits online: (Rudolf's affidavit) (Green's affidavit)

If Rudolf's expertise is so compelling, then why did Irving withdraw his affidavit?

(4) I think it would behoove you to look more into the history of the Holocaust before casting doubt on it. You are, as I understand it, a professor of journalism. It would then strike me not just as a good idea but a responsibility for you to conduct further research before making any conclusions. I would happy to entertain any questions you should want to ask me. In fact, given that I am a native of Delaware County and live just a few miles from the Lincoln University campus, we could meet in person to discuss these matters.

I look forward to your response.

Best wishes,

Andrew E. Mathis, Ph.D.
The Holocaust History Project
The above views are my own are do not represent the official views of the Holocaust History Project or any of its individual members, except myself.

Dr. Siddique's reply:

1. Educated people do not dismiss a person's arguments by putting a label on that person. I am interested in views opposed to those of the establishment, especially as I have seen the established powers tearing the world apart with their lies and propaganda. A journalist must know both sides of the story.

2. Dr. Mathis does not know that David Irving is the greatest historian of the Second World War and meticulously documents his facts. HE HAS NEVER TRIED TO JUSTIFY HITLER or anyone else. That's not the task of the historian. In fact his greatest books are not even about Hitler but about Churchill. [I will compare Irving, in my next article, with Shirer, the greatest historian on the side of the victors who wrote the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.]

3. Germany and Austria are not controlled by Zionist Jews? You gotta be kidding, Dr. Mathis! Germany has given BILLIONS of dollars to Israel and even sold Dolphin class submarines at throwaway prices to that terrorist entity. As for Austria, go to the site of the Austrian embassy in Washington, DC and you will be amazed at the self-humiliation and "lick spittle" attitude towards Jewish power exhibited by that "democratic" country.

4. If you think you or any supporters of the holocaust story can stand up to Rudolf or Zundel in a forum where both can get equal time, why have they been put in prison? If their arguments are weak, why would Jewish organizations be hounding them from country to country, trying to silence them through THOUGHT CONTROL laws?

5. Evidently Dr. Mathis doesn't know much about Germar Rudolf's work. He was a scientist at the Max-Plank-Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart, Germany, and certainly not a Nazi. When he cast doubt on the holocaust story, his entire career was ruined and he was hounded out of his homeland and finally imprisoned. Anyone who has read DISSECTING the HOLOCAUST. THE GROWING CRITIQUE of 'Truth' and 'Memory' edited by Germar Rudolf [612 pages], would know that the holocaust story cannot withstand scientific criticism.

6. David Irving's challenge is that the entire holocaust industry cannot come up with an order from Hitler for the mass gassing and extermination of the Jews. Is it physically possible to gas six million people without Hitler's orders going through the entire German system in writing? The German's are known for their desire to record and write everything.

7. No doubt the Jews suffered at the hands of Hitler in many ways. Germans suffered likewise at the hands of the allies. German civilians, including vast numbers of women and children, were literally INCINERATED in the allied bombings of German cities. Vast numbers of German civilians were raped and/or starved to death by the allies. If we believe humanity is one, it doesn't make sense to have an entire holocaust industry [Finkelstein's term] about the Jews, and the scholars who look at the war evenhandedly are locked up.

[Imagine a historian like Irving being locked up for saying something 16 years back! Is that Austrian democracy, with no Jewish influence behind it?]

Dr. Mathis: The people of America are not going to accept a one-sided version of the war forever. Israel is a terrorist state. When this representative power of the Jews, tells bare- faced lies about its victims, the Palestinians, almost on a daily basis, what do you expect it and its supporters to say about Germany which actually persecuted the Jews.

Finally, we must seek an understanding of the Jew-German conflict not in an amorphous, conceptual, "evil" of the German race, or in Hitler as the devil incarnate [somewhat like Sharon], but in the conflict between Hitler and the Soviet Union. The Jews were part of Stalin's 'revolution' as well as leaders of his dreaded secret police. In Germany, the communists and the nazis were locked in a fight to the death.

Depiction of one side as angels and the other side as devils is simplistic, medieval moralism.

2006-07-02 Sun 20:29:00 cdt