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Zulq'idah 12, 1426/December 14, 2005 #91
Pro-David Irving rallies in Prague and Madrid. Also, Austria sets date for his trial. Please scroll down to the end.
America's Internal Struggle: Who will win?:

Two nationalists vs one Zionist.

"The war in Iraq is unwinnable."
[Representative Murtha, D-Pa., decorated veteran, previously staunch supporter of the war.]

"America can't win [militarily]..."
General Conway, ret., on NBC, December 13, 2005.

"I see nothing but progress [in Iraq]..."
[Sen. Joe Lieberman, democrat most quoted by Bush.]
Jamaat al-Muslimeen news [4 items]
Islamic, Peaceful, Uncompromising
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

We mourn the execution of Stanley "tookie" Williams. The death penalty should have no place in an institutional system which denies the concept of the Hereafter. The American system has produced no remedy to save the lives of its young people from egoistic and murderous drives. America's vast prison system is a sad reminder of the failure of this society.

"Tookie" Williams changed his life and saved the lives of many by opposing gang warfare in the Black communities. The rulers of this country cannot [or do not] stop the flow of drugs into the inner cities. They allow crime to flourish, and the only "remedy" they have is imprisonmnt, sometimes leading to excecution.

Governor Schwarznegger could not give clemency to 'tookie" but he would be very concerned about a fetus even though its abortion is required for the life and health of the mother. The Governor supports a war thousands of miles away, where hundreds of thousands have been killed, but takes a high moral ground when an alleged killer seeks clemency.

The author of NINE books for children, Williams never pleaded guilty to the murders of which he was accused. There was no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.
A Saudi Prince has donated $40 million to the universities of Harvard and Georgetown for the study of Islam. The Saudi prince seems to have no idea that these institutions are controlled by forces which are deeply embedded in the American power structure. There is NO CHANCE that anything beneficial to Islam will come out of this investment. Instead, if this amount had been invested in Islamic universities in Africa, it would have done much good.
DAVID IRVING, most distinguished historian of the Second World War, with immaculate credentials as a researcher, has been in an Austrian prison now for ONE WHOLE MONTH. His "crime?" Sixteen years back, during a visit to Austria, he criticized the Jewish version of the "holocaust." Austria is a slave of Jewish power. A warrant was issued for Irving's arrest and now, 16 years later, he was arrested while on a speaking invitation there.

Most shameful is the attitude of the U.S. media. They have MAINTAINED COMPLETE SILENCE over the arrest. This violation of a scholar's rights is being treated as if it never happened. Isn't this proof that the U.S. media is controlled by the Zionists? They must be laughing! So happy that their great adversary is being humiliated. [The last news of Irving actually came from an Israeli newspaper, Ha'aretz, that he has been denied house arrest. He has to stay in jail, pending his trial. The Israelis are keeping an eye on him.]
Pakistani-American was Arrested, Released, Now Two Years Later re-Arrested. Faces SIXTY Years in prison. Another Victim of Anti-Muslim Frenzy in U.S. Regime.
Message from Ali Asad Support Committee [Received with thanks from Sis. Elizabeth and Sis. Mariam.]
Please read and distribute

Assalam Alaikum,

A dear Maryland community member, Ali Asad Chandia, faces up to sixty years in prison.

In September 2001, Ali Asad Chandia traveled to his homeland of Pakistan to attend the wedding of his brother. A year after returning from the visit, the United States government accused Ali Asad of traveling to military camps and arrested him along with a dozen others in the "Virginia Paintball Jihad" case.

Ali Asad was held for over a month in a detention center with no formal charges levied against him. He was requested to testify against the other dozen brothers that were arrested but Ali refused. He was eventually released on bond and later the case against him was completely dropped.

Nearly two years later, the government has once again arrested Ali Asad and produced a four-count indictment against him. If found guilty, Ali Asad faces 60 years in prison. Ali Asad has pleaded not guilty at his arraignment and is waiting his trial in January, 2006.

The Ali Asad Support Committee has put together a fundraiser to help with his legal defense. Please support this cause by attending the fundraising and giving for the Sake of Allah.

Missing: Justice in America

Fundraising Dinner for Ali Asad

Blake High School
Silver Spring, Md
Dec. 17th 6 10PM

Tickets: $15 adult / $5 child (Childcare provided) More info and directions:
Analysis [Only the headline is funny]

Iraq "Elections!" : Bush Could Win by a land slide if Such were Held in the U.S. of A.!
["it's the resistance --- Stupid!]: Understanding Shias, Jihad and Kurds

by Kaukab Siddique

Latest reports from Iraq [December 13] indicate that the more than 100,000 U.S. troops led by tanks, helicopters and jet fighters have been put on the alert to carry out the December 15 "elections."

Armed supporters of the U.S. from among the Shias and the Kurds have been brought in to the vicinity of the polling areas.

Curfews are being implemented with armed force and "shoot to kill" orders. By December 14, 24-hour curfews will be in place..

Traffic will be shut down completely. Thus a fully controlled operation will be carried out.

The main problem President Bush faced was that Iraqis were PHYSICALLY resisting the American army. To remove this problem, the occupation army carried out systematic destruction of FIVE Iraqi towns in the west and northwest of Iraq. Armored columns, heay artillery, helicopter gunships were liberally used against soft targets. At signs of resistance, 500 pound bombs were dropped right in the populated areas.

After such extensive sanitization, "elections" are being held.

Some Sunni Iraqis have been "convinced" by the bombing that if they take part in the elections, perhaps the Americans will leave. The "elections" could give the U.S. the face saving formula it needs for an orderly withdrawal; however, it's a vain hope.

What most Americans don't realize:

Though representative Murtha [from Pennsylvania] has tried hard to bring out this harsh reality, most Americans still don't realize that the WAR IS UNWINNABLE.

Murtha is a decorated war veteran, so the White House has not been able to shut him up. Murtha is simply stating the basic principle of guerrilla warfare:

If a guerrilla force continues to survive and to operate, it has won although it might have no equation with the fire power, back up and finances of the occupier. Increasingly, it is apparent that "insurgents" is simply a label for the mujahideen who have the support of the Iraqi people.

The American people are fed a daily diet by the corporate media of "success in Iraq." What they are not told is that the U.S. spends a BILLION DOLLARS every week in Iraq. With that kind of money, there are going to be success stories: a new structure or school supplies, or employees hired at high wages. In fact the results are meagre if one considers the dollar amounts. JUST ABOUT EVERY VOTER IN IRAQ HAS BEEN BOUGHT.

Analysis of the Shia Forces:

Shia leader Ali Sistani has ordered the Shia population to vote en bloc. Evidently, there is group think among his followers. Most probably they will follow his orders. Thus Sistani has led his community into a deadly trap. He has ignored the bloodshed from Mosul to Tal Afar to Ramadi to Baghdad. While the islamic population was being slaughtered in the northwest, Sistani was busy cementing his deal with the Americans.

Within the Shia coalition, even more loyal to the U.S. than Sistani is an organization called SCAIRI. One of its leaders visited Washington, DC recently and appeared on C-Span. He revealed that SCAIRI's leadership had been in Washington during that crucial time when the invasion of Iraq was being prepared. The SCAIRI rep. was asked why he has the words "Islamic Revolution" within its acronym. He replied that this is a left over from the time 20 years back when the organization was started in exile in Iran. He added that the offending words will be removed without any problem. It's quite probable that SCAIRI fooled Iran and has been working for a very long time with the CIA.

A third component of the Shia election grouping is led by Allawi, one of the most crooked people in Iraq who was in touch both with Iran and the U.S. to provide justification for the invasion.

Thus these representatives of the Shias have completely betrayed the ideals of Imam Hussain who gave his life at Kerbala rather than accept the Caliphate of Yazid. They are more like the Shias of Kufa who invited Imam Hussain but betrayed him when they found they would have to put their lives on the line if they supported him.

The only redeeming feature of the Shi'a leadership in Iraq is Moqteda al-Sadr. He fought the American forces "tooth and nail" but was ill equipped to deal with the brutal force the U.S. was willing to use in heavily populated cities like Najf and Kerbala. He stopped fighting when he realized that the Americans were willing to flatten the holiest sites of Shi'iaism in Najaf and Kerbala.

Another difficulty al-Sadr faced was that his forces were not trained in guerrilla warfare and had no martyrdom operators either. His "Mahdi Army" tried to face the Americans in conventional warfare and was slaughtered, losing 500 men in one day.

Finally, behind the Iraqi Shia'as is Iran. The Iranians have excellent relationship with the U.S. and their operatives cross the border freely. Sometimes they overdo things. On December 13, an Iranian truck PACKED WITH BALLOTS was stopped at the Wasit province border on the southern Iraqi frontier with Iran. [December 13, 2005. Associated Press and Reuters.] It is feared that a number of such trucks got through.

Iran's relations with the U.S. looked extremely prosperous but were "messed up" in part by the Zionist lobby in the U.S. which considers any nuclear development in a Muslim country, a threat . Readers might remember that Iraq's nuclear facility at Osiris was bombed by Israel when the U.S. was in a close relationship with Iraq. At that time, President Reagan did protest formally to Israel [though it was only for show]. Israel may simililarly attack Iran's facilities and this President may not even protest formally. Zionist power in the U.S. is at its zenith.

However, on the ground, Iran and the U.S. have been working together, Iranian nationalism finding U.S. hegemonic interests intersecting with its own plans to become a regional power.

A Look at the Mujahideen:

The Shia line-up looks impressive but it is deeply flawed when compared to the forces of Jihad.

Jihad has made its mark in Iraq. The Iraqi people in huge numbers support the mujahideen. Many of the Ba'athists gave up the ideology of state socialism and embraced Islam. Large numbers of ORDINARY Iraqis whose homes were entered, their sons tortured and their women humiliated by the U.S. have also flocked to the Jihad.
The "Sunni insurgency," as the U.S. likes to put it, is an Islamic uprising which has the support of the entire Islamic world with the exception of Iran. The U.S. admits the presence of 20,000 mujahideen from the Islamic world in Iraq. This is an impressive number if one realizes that EVERY Muslim country from which these volunteers come is tightly controlled by dictators installed by the U.S. and is working closely with U.S. intelligence services. However, only an estimated 5,000 of these mujahideen are actually involved in the fighting. The rest are probably teachers and preachers who speak to the Iraqi people, urging them to fight back. Their presence could explain the U.S. attacks on schools and mosques in western Iraq [following the process enacted by the U.S. in Falluja.]
If Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi survives the hectic U.S. efforts to kill/capture him, with a $25 million bounty on his head, the mujahideen have a charismatic and totally uncompromising leader.
Thus both Iran and Sistani's followers will gradually realize that they have made a strategic error. They have placed themselves on the side of the U.S. against the ENTIRE Muslim world.
[The Iranians are being very subtle but their position will soon be clarified by events.]

The KURDS: Let's Not be Taken in by Propaganda.

The corporate media ["mainstream media,"] in the U.S. try to convey the impression that ALL Kurds support the U.S. and "elections." Such is the magic of propaganda that most people do not see that only two Kurdish organizatons support the U.S. These are the KDP and the PUK. They represent secularized, westernized enclaves in the Kurdish population. Majority of the Kurds are Islamic and support the Jihad. Readers might remember that among the very first air raids on Iraq by the U.S. were aimed at Islamic Kurds in the northeast of Iraq. Their women and children were slaughtered in the air raids. The corpses piled up in their compounds were shown on Al-Jazeerah.

The KDP and PUK are alosely linked not only to the U.S. but also to Israel. A whole community of PUK supporters are Kurdish Jews who moved to Israel and have been instrumental in supporting anti-Islamic work in Iraq.

By contrast, the Ansar al-Sunnah and other Kurds have been labelled "terrorists" by the U.S. and have been involved in martyrdom operations ["suicide bombings"]. They are non-persons as far as the U.S. is concerned.

Thus it would be a serious error for the U.S. to assume that most Kurds support it.

A SERIOUS PROBLEM which could undercut the entire American venture is the fact that there is no census which says with certainty that the Shi'as are 60% of the Iraqi population. If that were true, and if Sistani is the leader of the Shias, the U.S. would not have to keep large forces in occupation of the southern provinces where Shias are supposed to be a majority. Even in Basra there are considerable numbers of Sunnis. The constant need for American troops shows the presence of RESISTANCE in the southern provinces, though it is not armed resistance.

The U.S. is being urged by growing numbers of Americans to withdraw. The Bush presidency, facing disgrace, is trying out the ploy of "elections." Even then the U.S. might not be able to withdraw. Such a withdrawal would endanger the criminal entity known as "Israel," which is like a military camp of the U.S. implanted in the Muslim heartland.

The very fact that the U.S. is being asked to withdraw by the American people is a tribute not only to the American people's wisdom but most importantly to the Jihad movement.

As one Muslim wisecracked to an anti-war activist: "It's the resistance ---- Stupid!"
[Please note: New Trend objects to the terminology used in this Czech report below. The established forces are trying to remove objectivity from the oppression of David Irving by using language like "extremists" and "neo-Nazis." Thus on the one hand, news of David Irving is hidden from the people, and on the other, if people demonstrate to break the silence, they are labelled with such labels which would cancel all objectvity. Think about it: How can people calling for the release of a HISTORIAN be called "extremists" and that too in the headline of the news item! -- Editor, New Trend.]

'Extremists' Demonstrate for Irving Outside of Austrian Embassy in Prague

Czech Happenings

Some 50 far-right extremists staged a demonstration outside the Austrian embassy in Prague to express their support to British historian David Irving who has been recently arrested in Austria for denying the Holocaust. Opponents of the demonstration, that has been permitted by authorities, tried to thwart the protest by ringing bells. There were Jewish community representatives and former concentration camps prisoners among them. "There is the Vltava River here and not Jordan," neo-Nazi David Machacek, the organiser of the protest, said. He asked the police to take a group of about ten people away from the premises designated for the demonstration. "You are protecting Nazis although you know why they are demonstrating," the opponents called on the police. Police then separated the demonstrators from their opponents with police tape.


Free Speech Rally for Irving and Zundel in Madrid

Argentina Indymedia

Last Saturday 10 of December there was made a concentration in front of the Austrian Embassy in Madrid in protest for the detention of David Irving and in support to this British Historian that has part of his work dedicated to the historical revisionism. The concentration was organized by a recently born political party, Alianza Nacional (National Alliance). Approximately 100 persons gathered in the concentration, and considering that this event was announced only three days after and only through internet and the mouth-to-ear, and that that weekend there was a bank holiday in Spain it is not a bad number. Some of those present wore masks with the mouth crossed out, as a symbol of the lack of freedom of speech that there is in Europe. Others carried banners in wooden sticks with mottos asking for the freedom for David Irving and for the freedom of speech and thinking. In the first line they had a banner with the legend "Against the unique thought For the freedom of speech".


Irving Trial in Austria Set for February 20-21


An Austrian court will begin the trial of British historian David Irving in February on charges of denying the Holocaust, a court spokesman said on Tuesday. Irving was arrested in the southern province of Styria last month under a warrant issued in 1989 and has since been remanded in custody and charged with denying the Holocaust, a crime in Austria which carries a sentence of one to 10 years in prison. "Irving's trial will take place on Feb. 20 and 21 from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. (0800-1500 GMT)," said a spokesman for the Vienna regional court. "I can't say any more on that now," he added. Irving's Web site said he had been invited by students to address a university association in Austria. In a message dated Nov. 11, it said he was on a one-day visit to the Austrian capital. When driving to the meeting in Vienna, students noticed plainclothes detectives waiting for him, Irving told Austrian weekly magazine News last month.


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