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What is the truth about 9/11?: Conspiracy theories on both sides rebutted.
Defeated U.S. forces Withdrawing from Gardez Battlefield ("It's too cold")
Palestine: First Kill them, then send Arafat to Plead for peace (piece) of Pie

[America's "justice" System: Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora is studying new strategies following shocking guilty verdict on Imam Jamil al-Amin. It seems that big African American Muslim leaders played waiting role and took no decisive action to stop the injustice. One report says, defense counsel made a blunder. Jury was loaded against the Imam. (Report being prepared.) ]

Sis. Haila Gabr's case: REMEMBER THE YEMENI SISTER WHO KILLED HER RAPIST? More than 2 years later, she has not even been brought to trial, has been placed in extended lockdown and is being administered sedative drugs, Sis. Eileen reports. More later.

AMERICAN TALIBAN Br. Sulayman (Walker) did not go to Afghanistan to fight America. We must stop his scapegoating. A protest RALLY is planned for MARCH 29, at 4 pm in Alexandria, Virginia, starting 520 King street. Confirmed, committed, serious volunteers are invited.]
WAR NEWS: U.S. started withdrawing, after being beaten back, in Shahi Kot battle area near Gardez on March 10. By the end of the day, most U.S. troops had been withdrawn in a surprise move which puzzled the American public still unaware of the defeat. In an interview with ABC on March 10, Gen. Tommy Franks was evasive and could not pinpoint any achievement of Operation Anaconda (March 1-10).
The U.S. claims it lost only 9 killed and 40 injured plus 7 Afghan mercenaries killed. Pakistani observers say U.S. losses were probably nearer a hundred killed. They point to the fact that the U.S. admits 6 helicopters hit by ground fire and these were packed with troops. A U.S. soldier in the second phase of the offensive (March 6) referred to his troops "taking casualties." {The 9 killed 40 injured were only during phase I, March 1-4.}
The U.S. media are still repeating stories about "hundreds" of Al-Qaida and Taliban killed but by some inner sense of lack of credibility have brought down the "600-700 killed" to about "500." NOT ONE body has been seen, though there is a claim that FIVE defenders were captured.
THE DEFENDERS, 100 strong, have suffered. Twenty five Afghan mujahideen and 12 Chechens are reported martyred and their bodies have been brought for burial to Afghan villages below the mountain range. This is a heavy loss for a small force and came from the severe bombing: 1350 bombs were dropped.
Meanwhile, there is a split in the Afghan mercenary forces. Those who saw the U.S. troops withdrawing have demanded that they be pulled out too.
U.S. forces seem to have lost morale in the fighting. They are complaining of severe cold ("water froze in canteens"), high altitude and "maniacal" Islamic defenders who come out of defensive positions to LAUGH at the U.S. forces when the U.S. gunfire misses. [LAUGHING MUJAHIDS who long for al-Jannah: That's quite demoralizing.]
IN PALESTNE, Sharon's plan seems to be working. After slaughtering defenseless people in a refugee camp, he's decided to let Arafat go and talk to other Arab "leaders". Arafat is part of the Mubarak, Saudi Abdullah, Jordanian Abdullah, Syrian Bashar clique which wants to create a rump state, demilitarized and at Israel's mercy, to be called "PALESTINE."
The smooth transition was messed up by a martyrdom operation in occupied Jerusalem which killed 11 Jews and wounded 50. {The TV stations keep calling occupied Jerusalem, "Jerusalem" or even "Jerusalem in Israel." So much for accuracy in journalism!
MARCH 11 is the 6 month anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. America's trauma is not going away with time. A nation which has never been attacked continues to count its wounds. It was a totally new experience.
THERE ARE TWO EXTREME VIEWS PREVALENT ABOUT 9/11. One comes from the Muslim world. It was started by Iranian al-Manar TV to the effect that the attacks were carried out by the Jews and that 4000 Jews did not turn up at WTC on that day. This story is very popular in the Muslim world. It amounts to a Muslim rejection of America as enemy. The Muslims do not want to hurt America and are shocked that America is blaming them for the attacks.
This CONSPIRACY THEORY was reinforced by White Supremacist groups who spread the idea that the attack was carried out by "remote controlled" planes and that explosives were placed within the WTC to implode the towers.
THE OTHER EXTREME is that of the Bush administration which claims that OSAMA BIN LADEN's people did it and the Islamists want to hurt AMERICA IN ITS TOTALITY, that they want to kill and destroy at random, and that BIOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL and even NUCLEAR attacks are being planned by Al-Qaida. Every American has to become aware of the impending danger and human and civil liberties have to be diluted and if necessary eliminated to save America from great danger, according to Bush and Ashcroft with Wolfowitz, Krauthammer and other Jews in the woodworks. [These are the arguments for the rapid rise of fascism.]

The truth is probably between the two extremes. Though no definitive evidence is available, it appears circumstantially that:
1. The attacks were carried out by an autonomous Islamic cadre. Their secrets went with the attackers to the Hereafter. After 6 months of multi-million dollar investigations, only ONE person (Massaoui) has been indicted and he was in immigration prison before and during the attack. He is not much of a catch for this huge operation.
2. The attacks were well planned. They struck precisely at American economic and military power.
2a. These were not random attacks aimed at creating death and destruction in the general population.
2b. There was enough time between the first and the second plane which hit the WTC for most people to escape the towers.
3. The most tragic losses were those of the firemen and policemen who rushed in to help the victims. Such bravery must be respected and honored.
4. The attackers did not use any weapons to carry out the attacks. They used themselves.
4a. Hence the search for weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION does not relate to the facts of the case.
5. Did Osama bin Laden do it? If evidence is available, it should be taken to a World Court acceptable to the U.S. and independent Islamic scholars. Video tapes can easily be doctored and war time braggadocio cannot be accepted as evidence.

THE MUSLIM SIDE IS WRONG TOO, as far as we can see. If the Muslims do not want to fight USA, it does not mean that the U.S. and Israel (its forward bloc) will not try to destroy and/or enslave the Muslims. The people of Africa did not want to fight White people but they were enslaved and brought by the millions to USA. Nearly one fourth died on the way and were thrown overboard.
POWER has its own imperative. The U.S., with its Jewish component, sees ANY organization based on Islam as its enemy. The TALIBAN, however flawed, were creating an Islamic power structure. They, as any independent nation would, wanted to see evidence in the charges against Osama Bin Laden. The U.S. decided to use 9/11 as an excuse to dismantle the Islamic state created by the Taliban.
The Muslims are blind sided in their conspiracy theory that the "Jews did it." New York is a Jewish power base and the WTC was the hub of their economic activity. Nobody would attack his own power base to create a pretext. It's absurd to think that such a massive attack was needed to prod U.S. into an anti-Islam position. Much smaller incidents have been used in history as pretexts. {The murder of ONE leader before World WAR I, the attack on ONE Israeli diplomat which was used as pretext for the 1982 invasion of Lebanon and the killing of 10,000 Muslims.}
The WTC attack has been very severe for the U.S. economy. The losses are in the billions and have been in the upper levels of society.
The focus on the WTC leaves out the fact that the symbol of worldwide U.S. military power, the Pentagon was attacked. The President of the U.S. was seen as in great danger and the V.P was placed in concealment. The U.S. response by way of the assault on Afghanistan and the hysterical revision of civil liberties can also be seen as the anger of a blinded cyclops hurling boulders at a fleeing enemy.
WHAT WAS THE MOTIVATION OF MOHAMMED ATTA and the 18 with him? Why did they do it? No one can find out because they did not even tell their families, as far as we know. Could it be that they were taking revenge for 1,000,000 Iraqi children? Could it be that they were taking revenge for the occupation of Palestine and the genocide which has made 700,000 Palestinians homeless? Did they want America to withdraw from the holy land of Arabia? We don't know and we might never know.
We hope and pray for peace. Unfortunately, without withdrawal of U.S. support for Zionism and the security the U.S. provides for anti-Islam dictatorships everywhere, the chances for peace are very slim, particularly because the Muslim world is not about to accept slavery.

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