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MSNBC Host Discloses Connection with Mossad Agent on U.S. Paper's Staff
Daniel Pipes Targets Islamic Schools in USA plus 80% of Imams
A look at Jewish Methodology of Attack on U.S. Muslims
CNN and Newsweek Prepare for Two-Pronged Media Offensive

Dear Mr. Nachman
I was watching your show on August 16 at 7.10 when I was surprised to see you drop your guard and reveal your secret. You should be careful not to show your close affiliation with Israeli intelligence otherwise you could lose credibility with your Palestinian, Arab, Muslim and politically-aware Christian viewers.

Let me remind you of your faux pas. You had as guest calling from Israel one Uri Dan whom you said is a reporter for the New York Post. You seemed to know him quite well and lovingly called him by his first name "Uri."

So far so good, but you let drop this interesting piece of information that "Uri" worked for the Israeli intelligence service Mossad and you and he made references to the sharing of intelligence between the U.S. and Israel.

You were probably so happy with "Uri" that you did not realize what you had revealed about him and about yourself. Note the following:

1. You have indicated that a reporter for an American newspaper, the New York Post, has been with Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.
2. If an Israeli Mossad agent is your close friend (on first name basis with you), that would mean that for you Israelis are like part of the family.
3. This will help your viewers realize why you defend Israeli crimes with such vehemence. People wonder how often you visit Israel and if you are an Israeli too.
4. If the New York Post has a Mossad agent on its staff, that raises the issue of infiltration of the media by Israeli Mossad.

If you had not dropped your guard, your viewers would have continued to think that you are simply another American TV show host honestly going about your business of informing (and not manipulating) the American public.


Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Daniel Pipes Raises Concerns about all 1000 Islamic Schools in America
Sees Islamic institutions "as the enemy camouflaging himself": 80% "extremist" imams!
[Understanding Pipes' Jewish pipe Dream and methodology of attack.]

On August 16, 2002 C-span aired a program organized by the Center for Immigration Studies located at 1522 K st.#820, Washington, DC 20005. Among the panelists was notorious Muslim hater Daniel Pipes. Although Pipes does not have scholarly abilities, he has developed a methodology of propaganda against Islam which fits right into the Israeli agenda which the White House is diligently following in its widening "war on terror."

Mr. Pipes tried to raise the specter of "terrorism" (which in Jewish terminology has become a code word for Islam) with reference to the 1000 Islamic schools which he said exist in the U.S. today. Any or all of them could be potential sources of "terrorism," Pipes implied. About the imams who preach in mosques and who go into U.S. prisons to provide Islamic services to inmates, he claimed that 80% of them are "extremists."

When it came down to specifics, it was evident that Mr. Pipes has no research to back his scare story. He brought the example of ONE school in Pittsburgh which he claimed could actually be connected to al-Qaida and another in Toronto which (horror of horrors) provides "medressa education."

Pipes built up a grandiose picture of Islam as "an enemy camouflaging himself" in the guise of Islamic schools and imams.

Peter Skerry, a professor of government at Claremont McKenna College, did not go as far as Pipes but showed "concern about Islamic schools in USA." We have pluralism in America, he conceded, but Islamic schools' existence raises concerns because "we don't know what's going on in these schools."

Pipes methodology seems to be to attack those segments of the Muslim community which are the most politically innocent and those groups which are most loyal to the U.S. government. The point is that if the most innocent can be targeted, what will be the fate of those who actively oppose U.S. policies? Hence we find Pipes attacking CAIR in a most virulent manner. He went to the extent of comparing CAIR to the KKK! It appears that he was frustrated by the Clinton government's refusal to replace CAIR with Kabbani's group the "Islamic Supreme Council of America." Now he wants revenge.

Muslims in America should be aware that under Bush, the Israeli right wing is running America (with the help of the Christian Right). Already Muslim charities, which were run by people very loyal to the U.S. government, have been banned. Now the Jews seem to be preparing the grounds to target Islamic schools and imams who are involved in prison programs.

Mr. Pipes' thesis is totally absurd. Anyone who knows about Islamic schools would know that these are elementary attempts to provide very basic Islamic education with content which is almost more secular than Islamic. No rebel has come out of these schools in the last 30 years. Same way with our Imams. They are far from being pro-people or anti-U.S. government. With very few exceptions, they are conservative, plodding in their approach to Islam and certainly not revolutionaries and certainly not in any way calling for support for Jihad.

Unfortunately, these innocent schools and imams are going to be the targets of Zionist America. Before the attack begins, the Muslims should re-think their policies. Here are a few suggestions:
1. Stop building grandiose million-dollar mosques like those of Darrussalam in College Park, Maryland and Adams Center, Virginia.
2. Use resources to help poverty stricken mosques and for da'wah.
3. Build constituencies among the masses of America.
4. Attack racism and nationalism in your communities and intermarry extensively across racial, national and class lines.
5. Support businesses which are not backed by the Jews (Black, Mexican, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Arab if they are poor). Boycott any business which is Jewish-Zionist or supports Israel.
6. Re-channel your charitable activity. Do not donate to any charity which can use your funds to infiltrate the Muslim world. Fund African-American, Hispanic and poor immigrants communities.
7. Spend money to help the court cases of political prisoners, oppressed women and all oppressed people who need legal help.
8. Educate immigrant communities about American issues such as racism and Jewish control of the media and how to counteract these.
9. Learn to differentiate between Christians in general (many of whom are our potential allies) and the Christian Right allied to the Jews.

Remember that the Jews are going to organize an attack on the entire Muslim community if people like Pipes have their way. Don't think that you are safe because you re non-political and support Bush. Even those who voted for Bush had their homes raided. That is the Jewish methodology: They will attack the most innocent so that everyone will be scared.. [Remember that movie "The Godfather" in which the mafia leader killed his opponent's favorite horse, chopped off its head and left it on his bed. The horse had done no one any harm. That's the Jewish methodology.]
In the COMING WEEK the major media will be launching a TWO PRONGED ATTACK on the minds of the American people:
1) CNN is starting a week-long series based on Al-Qaidah video tapes Nic Robertson claims to have discovered in Afghanistan. In the introduction to these tapes, given by CNN on August 18, 2002, it became quite apparent that ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE PROVEN AGAINST AL-QAIDAH WILL BE PROVEN in these tapes. Everything is there. {Looks like there is no limit to the Al-Qaidah tapes which can be discovered and shown.} [Discerning readers should remember that with advanced digital cameras, all kinds of video tapes can be created. In any picture, anyone can be placed, replaced or toned. If you are not sure of this, go to any advanced camera studio and ask the cameraman if he can place YOU in Afghanistan with Osama bin Laden?]

2. The second is America's defensive track. The slaughter of POWs in Afghanistan is now an issue in Europe after an Irishman produced a documentary titled MASSACRE IN MAZAR. Serious crimes against humanity have been committed by the Northern Alliance in conjunction with U.S. Special Forces. Hence the U.S. is refusing to come under the aegis of the International Tribunal against War Crimes. (Only Israel and Rumania are supporting the U.S.) NEWSWEEK is starting an attempt to deal with these war crimes in such a way that the role of the U.S. will be minimized. A number of U.S. media organs will take part in this big disinformation campaign.

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