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[It's a sorry sight indeed to see American Arabs and Muslims begging Bush to stop Sharon, thus falling victims to the Bush-Sharon plan.]
[WE HAVE RECEIVED A LIST OF THE JEWS and ZIONISTS who are the real power behind the Bush presidency. It is an extensive list and is authentic.]

Preparing For The Assault on Iraq
Arafat-Mubarak-Abdullah Design in Danger from Islamic Movement

New Trend's think tank has come up with the following analysis of the situation in the Middle East. In a simplified form it's outline is as follows:

1. BUSH and SHARON are working together against the Palestinians. It's called the CARROT and STICK method or the "good cop-bad cop" routine.
The Palestinians are given the impression that SHARON is their real enemy while BUSH is their savior.
1a. SHARON sends in his tanks and rampages through Palestinian towns killing hundreds and bringing life to a standstill.
1b. BUSH says, that is"unhelpful" and urges Sharon to slow down. When the Palestinians do not stop resistance, Sharon is sent in again.
1c. Bush continues to fund, arm and support Israel. IN FACT Israel is the aircraft carrier of the U.S. Without the U.S., Israel is a failed state

For this purpose, there is a need to fool the Arab countries into thinking that the U.S. genuinely wants a Palestinian state. Hence:
1. The U.S. got the security council (its puppet) to pass a resolution calling for Israeli withdrawal from its latest encroachments.
2. Bush now (April 4) is reprimanding Israel and calling for withdrawal from Ramallah etc. In the meantime, Israel has killed hundreds of Palestinians. (THIS IS CALLED THE BOSNIA/KOSOVA project where the U.S. made many pious statements but allowed the Serbs to kill the Muslims in large numbers before making any real move. In this case it will allow the killings and then finally Israel will withdraw, in part or in whole.)

These are America's people planted among the Muslim populations. They have tried to de-Islamize their nations and they have RECOGNIZED ISRAEL openly or secretly. They work for the U.S. to keep Israel secure and to fool their people into thinking that America is their friend.
THEIR CONCERN IS THAT THE STRENGTH OF THE ISLAMIC MOVEMENT IS RISING in Palestine, Egypt, Jordan and "Saudi" Arabia. Osama Bin Laden is from Arabia, though his origin is Yemeni. Muhammad Atta, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Khalid al-Islambouli, Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman are Egyptians. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are stronger than ever in Palestine and even parts of Fatah have been Islamized under Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.
It's very difficult for Arafat, Mubarak, and the two Abdullahs to hold on if the conflict continues.

AMERICA's game with ISLAM: The Zionist media is being used as a tool to brainwash Americans and naive Muslims. The main point of the propaganda is:
1. All Muslims who fight back are "terrorists."
2. Martyrs are "suicide bombers" and are carrying out their attacks because they have no purpose in life and because they hate "democracy."
Thus if the U.S. can discredit both the FIGHTERS and the MARTYRS, the Muslims will be left with nothing and the corrupt rulers will rule forever.

Watch the news carefully. Saddam is the ONLY Arab ruler who is defying both America and Israel. EVERY ZIONIST JEW considers him the enemy of Israel. He is seen as a real danger because his nation has suffered ONE MILLION civilian deaths at the hands of the U.S. imposed embargo and sanctions. IRAQ WILL WANT REVENGE SOONER OR LATER. In all of human history, there is no equal for these sanctions and in recent history there has been no greater crime against humanity.

If Saddam survives, he will be able to mobilize a sophisticated and progressive Iraqi people against Zionism.
Under Bush and Sharon, a wordlwide war is being waged against ALL MUSLIMS WHO CAN FIGHT BACK and against all those suspected of being supporters of the Islamists.
HENCE IT IS RIDICULOUS TO EXPECT THAT AMERICA will want PEACE FOR MUSLIMS. Only people incapable of thinking go to Bush and Powell asking them to stop supporting Israel. BUSH and SHARON want to destroy Islam as a political and independent force.
Islam can only win by fighting back, not by pleading, begging or appealing.
Thus the only hope for Muslims is with the people who are willing to sacrifice themselves for Allah's sake. REMEMBER: The answer to our world's problems is not in the hands of Bush and Sharon but with the resurgent power of worldwide Islam WHICH WOULD SUPPORT ALL THE OPPRESSED PEOPLE OF THE WORLD and stand against ALL OPPRESSORS including those with Muslim names.

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