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[From Sis. J. in Maryland:]

Did you look carefully when the Palestinian people were expressing their feelings after the Israeli rocket attack which killed a Hamas student leader and his wife and baby? Did you see the people holding up the little shoes the baby was wearing?

I am sure you did not notice that on those little shoes of the baby killed by the Jews, there was the monograph of MICKEY MOUSE.

Let me tell you, I am not surprised that the Jews kill our children. They are criminals and murderers and will continue their crimes till the Muslim world drives them back to the holes they came from.

What is shocking, and much more difficult to stop than the Jewish criminals, is the cultural takeover of our people by the money makers of America. Even the shoes of the Islamic leader's poor baby had the stamp of Mickey Mouse on them.

When will the Muslim world wake up! The Islamic people are asleep, or perhaps they still love whitey while whitey is out to kill them.

It is time for us to BOYCOTT ALL BUSINESSES WHICH SUPPORT ISRAEL. Don't our Muslims know that DISNEY and COCA COLA are at the top of the list?

2003-06-19 Thu 19:11ct