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"Islamic" Society of North America Urges Muslims to Accept Slavery of White House
Palestine Ignored, Israel Recognized, War on "Terrorism" Supported, Qur'an and Sunnah set aside
Apostacy in Full Hijab: FBI set up booth and Recruited at ISNA Convention

New Trend has studied ISNA for more than 20 years; hence not much that ISNA leaders do surprise New Trend's analysts. New Trend had a reasonably good idea about what was going to happen at the 2002 ISNA Convention held in Washington, DC and hence wanted to ignore it. However some of our readers want at least some reporting on it to help the new generation of sincere Muslims who often are so pleased to see a crowd of Muslims that they do not want to look at the leadership's antics carefully.


Some of our sisters visited ISNA's Convention on August 31 and September 1. They managed to distribute several hundred copies of New Trend without attracting the "vigilant" ISNA Security. The sisters were astonished to see that ISNA had a booth for the FBI recruiting Muslims.

At the FBI booth there were two young Muslims. Our sister asked one of them why was he there. He replied that he was just sitting at the booth, doing nothing. She asked him if he had any idea why it was wrong for an FBI booth to be in an Islamic convention and secondly for this young man to be sitting there. The young man had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA THAT ANYTHING WAS WRONG WITH IT. [That episode gives some flavor of the new generation of Muslims produced by ISNA. They are politically airheads.]

The sister then asked the young man if he had read a book titled MALCOLM X:THE FBI FILE. Of course he had not. She urged him to find and read the book.
How low ISNA was in Islamic content can be guaged from the fact that a Jew, Avram Goldstein, writing for a Zionist newspaper, The Washington Post, wrote a long, rambling, laudatory article about the Convention without a word of criticism. He praised Syed Sayeed, who has spent more than 20 years in the pay of ISNA, and Salam Al-Maryati. Here is something which Goldstein noted with satisfaction:

"The FBI and the Army posted officers to recruit translators" at the convention.
WHAT ABOUT PALESTINE? Even decent Christians and Jews support the Palestinian people. ISNA was trembling so much with worship of its masters that the issue of Palestine was ignored. Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP) reports as follows about the Palestinian content of this "Islamic" convention:

"ISNA convention fails to mention Palestine!!!!! Comments by Tarek Abu Ghazaleh

September 3, 2002 The Islamic Society of North America held its 39th annual convention in Washington DC between August 30th- Sept 2nd. Throughout their busy program, only 1.5 hours was dedicated for the palestinian cause. The total minutes of the program were 8285 minutes. Thus Palestine received 90/8285 = 0.01 (1%) of the program. You can visit their website at and check the program. It is very sad that Muslims in America fail to discuss one of the most just causes in human history.

One reason why we need to talk, discuss, and educate ourselves and youth and children about Palestine is because the American public is genuinely interested in knowing the other point of view. When we fail to educate ourselves about Palestine we create a religious, political, and historical vacuum that the Israelis will be glad to fill. It is not for the sake of the Palestinians that we MUST discuss the cause of Palestine, but for the sake of ourselves. I know some will not like what I mentioned, but we should always remember that the Jews continued to remind themselves about Jerusalem for centuries. If we fail to remind ourselves about Palestine, then Allah will indeed bring about other Muslims that will not fail to do so!!!!!!!"

[Obviously the writer is a friend of ISNA who had some expectations of this Islamically dead organization. He did not notice that renegades like Hamza Yusuf spoke at the ISNA Convention. In fact Hamza Yusuf spoke to take away the loyalty of ISNA people from Allah and His messenger, pbuh, and to place faith in America. He is reported to have said that Muslims should not become a fifth column in America. In other words, if you follow Qur'an and hadith, instead of Bush, you are a traitor!]

One of our writers ran into the ISNA convention while visiting someone. She also listened to ISNA on C-Span radio. Here are some comments from her:

"The entire area around the hotel and for several blocks around looked like a Muslim country--there were Muslims all over the place, of every size, shape, and color. Suddenly I realized that this was the ISNA convention. I had, out of curiosity, been listening to some of its amorphous, copiously non-committal, (How-to-say-absolutely-nothing-in-a-million-words-or-less) speeches on C-SPAN radio on the way down, but hadn't realized that it was right there. In actuality, I believe it is quite important to attend such events, if only for the cultural and social aspect, regardless of the apathy, amorality, or uninformed quality of presenters.

On the way back, I listened to another couple hours of broadcasts from the ISNA convention (I have the patience of a surgeon), and was amazed at the range of definitions of jihad--everything from "being kind to others" to "doing the right thing" and off course our darling fabricated hadith version of jihad: internal cleansing, almost like, uh, attaining nirvana (oops, wrong faith). Apostasy in perfect hijab! A few blocks away, the folks in the White House must have been grinning from ear to ear."

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