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After the bloc vote for Bush, the iftars and Eids in the White House, the FBI recruitment in "Islamic" conventions, the million dollar mosques while Africans starve, it is time for an Islamic movement in America based on principles: Legal, Peaceful and Rational but UNCOMPROMISING with Oppressors.

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As we reported earlier, President Bush went out of his way to visit Auschwitz (in POLAND) to pay his respect to Jewish victims of the Nazis. It is an astounding fact that he forgot the POLISH victims of America's ally STALIN. In the biggest and most tragic loss POLAND has ever suffered, the Russians wiped out the ENTIRE polish officers' corp and buried them in Katyn Forest in Russia. When the Germans invaded Russia, they discovered the bodies of the Poles. The Russians tried to claim that the Germans had done it but since then, investigation by numerous sources has made it undeniable that the Russians did it. Much has been written on it but David Irving summed it up in a few words:

"Strange frozen mounds had been pointed out to German soldiers in the Katyn forest, near Smolensk, in February; by March 1943 they had thawed, and had been opened to reveal the remains of twelve thousand Polish army officers. The diaries and letters found on the corpses were last dated April 1940 - when the region was in Russian hands. They had all been shot expertly in the nape of the neck." [Hitler's War by David Irving, p.580.]

Today Poland is supporting the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Poles should ask Bush that in exchange for their support, he should at least pay some respect to their dead, instead of limiting himself to the Jews who died on Polish soil. Why Auschwitz and not Katyn? Messes up the moral innocence of Americans, doesn't it?
Allama Iqbal wondered why we teach peace to our people when most of our ummah is still not ready for Jihad. Shouldn't we be preaching peace to those who are heavily armed and trying to take over the world?

Many Muslims are brainwashed. They cannot see what Iqbal saw in the 1930s.Do you hear any westernized Muslim calling on America, Israel and U.K. to disarm? Do you hear anyone stating the fact that these entities have overwhelming firepower and should be branded as terrorists for their attacks on civilians? These Muslims are brainwashed.

[The Zionists will reply that the satanic three do not target civilians "deliberately?" Has that ever been proven? None of the three have been taken to an international court of justice so that it could be determined if they killed Afghans, Palestinians and Iraqis deliberately or did they obliterate thousands by "mistake?"]

2003-06-14 Sat 07:46ct