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(from our rep. in NYC, Sis. Aisha}

New York La Guardia airport evacuation was originally seen on the CNN web site but was quickly pulled from it. Sis. Tabassum informed me that the Jewish lobbyists were behind that. While the Jews may call in complaints to TV and radio stations what they also do is contact and bombard that particular program's advertisers.

The ant-war movement is America is huge and the numbers do not appear to be dwindling. I suggest that those of us who are disgusted with the O'Reilly Factor and other racist, anti-Muslim reporting not only contact these shows producers but, the advertisers! We should follow up with a boycott of these advertisers should they ignore our complaints.

Below are government links to our house of representatives, the senate, and the white house. We should let our "representatives" know that they are misrepresenting us. Yesterday, I heard on NY1 cable news network that although the democrats do not support Bush's approach to Iraq that they will agree to give him $70 billion for the war effort!

Speaking of money lost, it was also reported by the same cable station that New York City will lose $25 billion dollars this year. At first, the report said that the anti-war protests were to blame but, later reports stated that it was the war on the Iraqi people itself. Being a New Yorker myself, I believe that it is a culmination of things. I work in the Wall Street area and ever since the war began, I see national guardsmen and police officers with the military rifles standing in front of these financial office buildings. In some blocks each delivery truck is stopped and searched by bomb sniffing dogs. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending $5 million a week for this security! He had the audacity to say that New Yorkers should go about their daily lives with business as usual. Well, anything to protect the citizens of New York's money!

Sis. 'Aisha
Day 14: Iraqi Forces Hold all Major Towns: U.S. launches Big New Offensive, 10 miles in 13 Hours. Tigris Crossed?
8000 Bombs dropped so Far: Steep Rise in Civilian Casualties

On April 2, two weeks after the U.S. invasion began, Iraqi forces were holding back the invaders all along the front in the south and the center of the country. However, on April 1, at 8 PM (EST), the U.S. launched a major offensive against Al-Kut and Kerbala. Thirteen hours later, the U.S. claimed that it had broken through at Kerbala and had crossed the Tigris at Al-Kut. [Iraq is denying the Tigris crossing.] The U.S. offensive came after three days of non-stop bombing of Iraqi Republican guard positions which the U.S. claims reduced the Iraqi forces by 40%.

If the U.S. reports are correct, the battle for Baghdad may begin soon. If the offensive stalls (13 hours is a long time for a 10 mile advance), the U.S. could face a much longer war than it had anticipated.

ANALYSIS: Both U.S. and other non-Iraqi reporters are amazed at the ability of the poorly armed Iraqi forces to hold out for two weeks against a superpower. There is no comparison between the firepower available to the two sides. The Iraqis are fighting without air cover which makes their situation highly vulnerable.

Observers say that the infusion of Islamic motivation has made a big difference in the Iraqi resistance. During the SIX DAYS WAR, the Israelis defeated three secular Arab regimes. In 1991, the Iraqis were surrendering in droves. Today, with "Allahu Akbar" on the Iraqi banner, the Iraqis are resisting against overwhelming odds. Very few have surrendered in spite of the massive U.S. bombing. Those held by the U.S. are reported to have been captured after their ammunition ran out.

President Saddam Hussain shows no signs of wavering and in fact has just issued a statement urging the people to carry out Jihad against the invaders.

Observers say that in the final analysis, President Hussain is banking on the support of the Muslim world. Tremendous outpouring of support for him from the masses of Islam is quite clear. More than 6000 Islamic volunteers have reportedly arrived in Iraq to join the fight. However, all the men ruling the Muslim world are quietly supporting the U.S. Iran is smugly waiting for Saddam to collapse to cash in on the Muslim resentment against the U.S. Turkey has not permitted the U.S. to open a northern front (90% Turks oppose the invasion) but has not helped Iraq in any way. Syria's rhetoric is the strongest but even the night goggles story was not correct.

European powers like France and Germany would not let Bush and Blair wear the fig leaf of UN approval but have not brought any resolution to oppose the invasion. Russia has been using the situation to carry out a macabre "referendum" in Chechnia aimed at showing that the victims of genocide actually support it.


March 31 2003 ISLAMABAD: Authorities detained a female scientist over the weekend for suspected links with al-Qaeda's chemical warfare plans, a news report said today. Agents of the United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) were allowed to interrogate Aafia Siddiqui who was shadowed after she arrived in Karachi on an internal flight, according to the newspaper TheNews. Official sources did not confirm the arrest. Aafia holds a doctorate in neurological sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was living in Boston with her husband and three children, according to the newspaper. She allegedly provided logistical support to Adnan G. El Shukrijumah, who is wanted by the U.S. for posing a possible threat to its security, according to the FBI website. The FBI put Aafia's photograph on its website recently with the statement that "although the FBI has no information indicating this individual is connected to specific terrorist activities, the FBI would like to locate and question this individual." [Information from Sis. Hamdiyeh, South Carolina.]

Egypt Expels Top Iraqi Diplomat
The Guardian
Wednesday April 2, 2003 12:40 AM
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - Egypt has decided to expel a senior Iraqi diplomat, giving him a week to leave the country. An Arab diplomat who monitors Iraqi affairs in Cairo said the order was served Tuesday morning. The Iraqi Foreign Ministry in Baghdad called the move against Iraqi consul Riyad al-Ani "regrettable," Iraqi state television reported Tuesday. The Foreign Ministry spokesman also said al-Ani had been approached by U.S intelligence officers in Cairo in February who tried to persuade him to defect. "Al-Ani responded to this futile attempt with disdain, dealing the lowest of blows to the U.S. spy," Iraqi TV quoted the unidentified spokesman as saying. Egypt's Foreign Ministry declined to comment on the expulsion, but Egyptian sources and Arab diplomats said the ministry told al-Ani he "cannot stay in Egypt and has been ordered to leave in seven days." Beside his consular responsibilities, al-Ani is believed to be working for Iraqi intelligence, the sources and diplomats said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Iraq's representative to the Arab League, Mohsen Khalil, who also heads the diplomatic mission to Egypt, did not answer calls Tuesday night. In an attempt to isolate Saddam Hussein's regime, the United States asked all countries with Iraqi embassies to expel their diplomats. Last month, Jordan became the first Arab country to do so, ordering five Iraqis to leave for actions "incompatible with their diplomatic duty" - the usual term for spying. Later, the government said two of the diplomats could stay, but they had already left. Jordan stressed the expulsions were for security reasons and not in response to the U.S. request. Egypt severed diplomatic ties with Baghdad shortly after Iraqi troops invaded Kuwait in August 1990; it then fought Iraq as a member of the U.S.-led coalition in the 1991 Gulf War. Egypt and Iraq reopened their embassies in each other capitals in 1998 but did not restore full diplomatic ties. Still, Egypt has been a major trade partner with Iraq under the U.N. sponsored oil-for-food program, and Egypt's annual exports to Iraq are worth $2 billion, officials say.

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