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Muslims do not Need A reactive Leadership on Palestine
A Proposal for Islam's Victory Against Israel
by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

Muslims in America are being made to react to the issue of Palestine in ways which are neither Islamically acceptable nor rationally understandable. It has been an unending retreat for Muslims. Look at the long and slimy path of retreat:
1. USA said that Israel wants peace with the "Arabs." Muslims did not analyze this peace proposal from the victors and accepted it as genuine.
2. USA said Israel will give territory for a "Palestinian Authority" in exchange for peace. Muslims again accepted this premise without asking whose territory is it in the first place. How can there be peace when Palestine is under occupation.
3. USA hinted that talks can include discussion of some part of Jerusalem to be given to the "Arabs." (A great favor indeed!) Again the Muslims started agitating about how important Jerusalem is for the Muslims. Please, please, please,the Muslims begged, we must have Masjid al-Aqsa, that is our holy mosque, etc.

It's all reactive politics and our total lack of leadership has made this game possible. The Muslims/Arabs in USA have been fooled in a big way. Some idea of the disaster can be understood from the fact that most Muslims/Arabs voted for Clinton who had the largest Zionist team in his administration that America has had in its entire history.

Muslim leaders showed how low they had fallen when they had iftar with Medeleine Albright and Eid with Clinton and co. in the context of Genocide in Iraq, Shaikh Omar denied Eid prayers (with 70,000 Muslims in Mubarak's jails), sanctions on Sudan and Afghanistan and U.S. support for Russia in Chechnya.

NOW THE SAME INTELLECTUALLY BANKRUPT MUSLIM LEADERSHIP is signing up Muslims to vote in the coming elections. Perhaps this time they will vote for the Republicans who think Clinton is not hard enough on Iraq and Sudan.
Some of these leaders have hailed the selection of Lieberman as Gore's running mate: that is they are welcoming the man who led the charge against Iraq and Sudan.
1. All Muslims must unite on the liberation of ALL OF PALESTINE. Palestine is the homeland of the Muslim people. Allah does not give anyone the right to give away even an inch of it.
i. Only those leaders should speak who can dare to speak for the liberation of all of Palestine.

2. Do not get involved in arguments about Al-Aqsa and east Jerusalem. Jerusalem will be liberated just as it was taken. All of Jerusalem is Islamic and is an integral part of Palestine, and all of Palestine must be freed.

3. We have no problem with indigenous Jewish and Christian people of Palestine. Under Islamic rule, all their places of worship are protected and access is guaranteed by Islam.

4. Arafat, Mubarak and co. are all traitors working with the Israelis to play games with the Muslim conscience. The issue of Al-Aqsa and East Jerusalem is brought up by them to get the Muslims involved in a false or non-issue. When Arafat and Mubarak talk about al-Aqsa and East Jerusalem, what they are saying is: forget about Palestine, but we must TALK, TALK, TALK about al-Aqsa and East Jerusalem. (See dear Muslims, they say, how much we love Islam.)

Firstly as Muslims, we have Allah, the Prophet (pbuh) and the believers on our side. No one can isolate us.
Every Muslim country has an Islamic movement which supports the liberation of Palestine. In fact the Islamic presence is the main reason the US and Israel play this peace game.

In America too people are fed up with the Jewish Zionist control of everything from Disney to Giant Foods, from the New York Times to TIME, from CNN to NPR.

HOW DO WE KNOW THEY ARE FED UP? Just open your eyes and look. How hard has it become for American politicians to get people to vote. Countless millions of dollars are being spent just to get people to vote. The entire media leviathon is in motion and still most people don't want to vote.

In this situation, Islam could become a liberating force by going to the masses of Americans who want this country to be free, independent and taking care of its own interests rather than those of Israel.

So, instead of becoming part of the system, we should be "witnesses before mankind" as the Qur'an wants us to be:
1. Organize.
2. Create independent mass organizations.
3. Unite the Muslim ummah of America through honest, fearless, independent leadership.
4. Unite with the oppressed people of America:
___ i. African-Americans
___ ii. Hispanics
___ iii. Women
___ iv. Aware German-descendants.

Allah has placed us in America to break the Zionist chains of enslavement, not to become part of the corruption here. Good people in America can see that the Zionists are getting away with homosexuality, insults and abuse hurled at Jesus and Mary (peace be on them), control and just about monoploy of major TV, newspaper and radio outlets, with billions of dollars being sucked up to help Israel by way of what Finkelstein calls 'the Holocaust indistry.' Freedom of expression, America's most important contribution to the modern era, has become meaningless in view of the 24-hour flood of Zionist propaganda.

So: Say no to Israel, no to Zionism. Work to remove the stigma of "terrorism" which has been placed on all Islamic Movements owing to our "leaders" acceptance of the "peace process."
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