Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 13, 1425/ April 4, 2004 #43
"God cannot be defined." [Karen Armstrong. C-Span. April 3.]
[She said she has tried to experience and understand Islam.]

Note what the Qur'an says about God ["the God" or Allah]:
"...There is none like unto Him." [112:4]
CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Wilmer Leon, prominent radio talk show host, who has just attained his Ph.D. Dr. Leon is unique in his ability to let Islamic voices, uncontrolled by the government, be heard on his show for an hour at a time. No other program in America has achieved the ability to invite, LIVE, Muslims who oppose American foreign policy and are based on the Qur'an and Sunnah. He is also unique in having invited an ISLAMIC leader from Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, Secretary General of Jamaate Islami, to his show.

The "On With Leon" show can be heard on WOL 1450 AM Washington, DC and 1010 AM Baltimore every Sunday from 1 to 3.

April 4, 2004. In Najaf, the holiest city of Shia Islam, demonstrators supporting Muqtada al-Sadr came out in large numbers to oppose the occupation and to call for end to the ban on a Shia newspaper which was rallying opposition to the U.S.

It appears that "coalition" forces, from Spain, El Salvador and mercenaries Iraqis, tried to disperse the peaceful demonstrators by force. Some of the demonstrators were armed and fired back.

MSNBC reported [10 AM EST] that 14 demonstrators and 4 troops from El Salvador were killed in the exchanges which went on for two hours.
[COMMENT: Apparently, an important segment of the Shia population is moving towards joining the mainstream resistance. Ayatollah Sistani is still silent but his support for the U.S. appears to have been neutralized.]

March 25, 2004. During the special hearings on 9.11, Cohen, the Defense Secretary under President Clinton said:
"General Zinni knew Musharraf and when (Musharraf's) coup came, he said, let's not react against him."
[The hearings were telecast uncut on C-Span.]
[To be continued.]
by our Media Monitor

On Friday, April 2, 2004 Zionist Jewish police forces charged into the courtyard of the third holiest mosque of Islam, masjid al-Aqsa, in occupied Jerusalem, shooting off tear gas and beating worshippers who were protesting the atrocities of the Jewish occupation forces.

Thousands of unarmed Muslims were cooped up inside the mosque as the armed Jews rampaged outside. It was another page in the history of crimes committed by the Jewish scum in the holy sanctuary of Islam.

Meanwhile, it appears that the tightest security arrangements in the world are making it difficult for the Islamic resistance to take revenge for the murder of Shaikh Yassin. On April 3, the Palestine scored for the first time when one of their gunmen killed a Jewish settler and wounded another. The Palestinian sacrificed his own life in the endeavor.
Muslims in America [California]
FIRST DAY OF HEARING in Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad's Case Against Orange County Islamic School/Society:April 2, 2004

On the first day of the hearing, attorneys for the Islamic Society tried to have a number of items removed from Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad's brief. The court refused the requests that:

1.. Dr. Zakiyyah's credentials be removed.
2.. The statement of the Council on Islamic Education be removed.

The court accepted that the charge of conspiracy to defraud be removed because it can be seen as redundant and is reflected in the existing charges.

As New Trend pointed out in a previous issue, Dr. Zakiyyah's credentials show that she is at the top of the community of Islamic educators.

The report written by a third party, the Council on Islamic Education, indicates that the Orange County Islamic Society has dealt a serious blow to Muslim unity in America by the arbitrary and humiliating dismissal of Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad. The report referred to the danger, that the shameful way in which an upper class Pakistani male dismissed an African-American muslimah would point to the "real and perceived internal racism of the Muslim community."

New Trend usually has a problem with Muzammil Siddiqui owing to his decades of cooperation with Saudi money and power and his silence on the oppression of Muslims worldwide.

Now it appears that Dr. Muzzammil is SUPPORTING the oppression carried out by feudal Pakistani elites within his own community, the Islamic Society of Orange County [ISOC].

Not only is he silent about the case of Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad within his own community, he is going to attend a conference on Islamic Education organized by ISNA [Islamic Society of North America] in Chicago on April 9.

It takes a lot of gall and shamelessness on the part of Dr. Muzzammil to attend such a conference where "professionalism" in Islamic Education will be discussed when he is DEAD SILENT about the most blatant case of lack of professionalism right under his own nose.

Observers say that ISNA has become a conglomerate of hypocrisy which ignores reality and continues to pretend that it is an Islamic organization.
New Trend urges Dr. Muzzammil to speak out and repair the damage done by his community. Our pages are open for his response up to 300 words. ISNA and ICNA should stop hiding the news of Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad.
Viewpoint of an outside observer
by Tekia Emerson

He is an average looking African American man. He's an older man; middle class status. his beard hangs long and thick from his chin, while he wears a garment on his head, which all indicates his religion. A Muslim, Imam 'Umar, is seeking five million dollars!

'Umar is suing the Wall Street Journal. He claims that the Wall Street Journal has caused him psychological damage and has ceased all of his income. The national newspaper known to be economically focused and the most accurate, well respected news in the world, labeled Imam 'Umar as "Saudi Arabia's helping hand." In an article defaming his name and what he lives and stands for, the Wall Street Journal misquoted 'Umar from one of his books. The misquote imples that he praised the plane crashers of 9.11.

Though 'Umar is indeed a faithful Muslim and servant of Allah, he opposes the Wall Street Journal's false impression that they have publicly released for the world to see. In his book, he simply put himself in the shoes of a nation that has been meddled with, by a land that knows nothing of its pain.

'Umar has found a team of civil rights lawyers to defend him, because after all - this is a civil rights case. Though he admits to not being a patriot of America, he acknowledges that he was born here and that it is his home, so why would he glorify someone who is trying to destroy it? 'Umar can put himself in the shoes of an oppressed people, because for years on top of years, his kind (African Americans) have been there.

Imam 'Umar believes that the foundation of ending slavery began with Nat Turner's revolt. With this said, his issues with the Wall Street Journal are in fact a continuation of revolutions. Just because he is not currently picking crops does not mean that he is not still being enslaved. To support this, he questions why the Wall Street Journal would publish a story on him - a Muslim man, having nothing to do with stocks and bonds. The answer - the most respected newspaper in the world would surely spread the word, taking his kind down one by one.

After the publication of the harsh article, the Senator from New York attacked him by using hate words towards 'Umar. The Bureau of Prisons fired him and his library contract was ceased. He was under question with the FBI, and his family life went through some pretty rough times.

Imam 'Umar is requesting to be compensated for the loss of income he suffered, he's requesting his respectable name back, an apology, and he is requesting that the Wall Street Journal never be able to destruct a person's life like this again.

To those who don't understand his purpose: It's the principle! Five million dollars is nothing compared to a defamed name and in turn, a destroyed life.

On April 3, hundreds of Shia Muslims, men in battle gear, women in long burqas, marched through the streets of Baghdad. Their leader Moqtada Al-Sadr condemned the American presence in Iraq and expressed strong support for Hamas and Hizbullah.

Earlier, AYATOLLAH SISTANI, issued condolences to the Palestinian people on the martyrdom of Shaikh Yassin (r.a.).
13 U.S. Private Security Men Killed in Iraq

U.S. media discussed at length the existence of private American security forces in Iraq [in addition to the regular force of 135,000 troops].
The four men killed in Fallujah were ex-Special Forces agents, including a famous navy seal, working for Black Water. [Their bodies were desecrated.]

During the discussion, April 2, MSNBC revealed that another American security agency, Titan, has had 13 operatives killed in Iraq.
This news was not publicized and indicates that U.S. losses in Iraq are much higher than those usually publicized.

On April 2, 2004 heavily armed Pakistani troops moved from Bannu to Miran Shah and Razmak. Supported by helicopter gunships they are planning to move down into the mountains following reports that Al-Qaida and Taliban forces who helped the Pakistani tribes defeat the Pakistani military offensive in South Waziristan have moved into the North.

Across the border in Afghanistan, thousands of U.S. troops and Northern Alliance militias are conducting a search and destroy operation against the Taliban.

[Meanwhile on March 30, the elected representative of South Waziristan, Maulana Mairajuddin, told Sana News that he and the entire provincial government had been bypassed by General Musharraf regarding the military operation in his constituency. {So much for democracy! - Editor}. He said that he and the people oppose the military operation in toto.

Mairajuddin added that most of those killed in the military assault were women and children. Musharraf's men have admitted this in the case of 13 innocents who had first been declared "terrorists" but now their families will be paid compensation.

He said, reports indicate that Pakistan's military has suffered HEAVY LOSSES at the hands of the mujahideen. The government should inform the nation of these facts, he urged.

[New Trend reports: In some ways Mairajuddin still seems na´ve. He claimed that the helicopters firing at his people were probably flown by Americans. He can't believe that Pakistan's mercenary forces are capable of using helicopters against Pakistanis.]
[One day in Kashmir. April 1, 2004]

1.. In Bandipura area of Baramula district [Kashmir], Indian troops shot and killed a Muslim youth and claimed he was trying to fight them. Identity could not be carried out.

2.. During a "search" operation in Wardpura area of Islamabad [Kashmir], India troops killed a young man named Muhammad Yusuf.

3.. In the Sani Hul bridge area of Shopian, Indian police opened fire, killing a Muslim woman named Zareena, wife of Muhammad Hussain. The police arrested a number of demonstrators who came out to protest the murder.

4.. In the Anantnag area an Indian soldier and a mujahid were killed during an exchange of gunfire.

5.. In the Taral area, resistance gunmen killed a Kashmiri named Syed Ghulam Nabi Shah who was spying for the Indian army. a group named "Al-'Arifin" has taken responsibility.

6.. In Raifi Abad, mujahideen abducted and executed an informant working for the Indian army named Mahr.

7.. In Lal Chowk of Srinagar, Indian agents opened fire and seriously wounded two Muslims known for the sympathies for the resistance.

8.. On the outskirts of Rajauri there was a heavy exchange of firing between Indian troops and resistance fighters. One Indian soldier was killed and 3 wounded. The Indians claim that a mujahid was also killed.

9.. In Bairwa, Indian agents abducted a Muslim woman named Kulthum Bano........................and the list goes on.
by Buut Shikan

American public knows very little about the real Taliban. Demonization and a steady spate of Zionist propaganda has made it impossible for us to know why the Muslim world honors the Taliban.

Few people know that the Taliban leader Mullah Omar started his movement to punish the perpetrators of rape against an Afghan woman. The Zionist propagandists turned it all around by painting the Taliban as devils who persecute women. Even the President of the USA has been patronizing a movie called "OSAMA" about an Afghan woman who pretends to be a man. It is a FAKE story, fabricated to stir hatred against the Taliban. One scene in it shows a demonstration by BURQA CLAD WOMEN for women's rights and the TALIBAN OPEN FIRE on the crowd of women! It's a shameful lie.

By contrast, when British journalist Yvonne Ridley was captured by the Taliban, she was surprised at their gentlemanly and generous behavior with her.
TALIBAN FIGHTERS are fierce and American forces never operate against them without air cover. At the slightest sign of the Taliban, the Americans drop 500 kg bombs, sometimes bigger.

Only the stories of FAILURE of the Taliban are allowed to reach American public. However, even in failure one can see why the Muslim world honors their daring. One such report came out on April 29, 2004 on U.S. TV screens (in small print below the screen) and was also picked up by Pakistani newspapers.

" A Taliban fighter in a car packed with explosives tried to ram a U.S. military convoy in Nangarhar province. The explosives failed to explode owing to technical reasons. He then picked up his Kalashnikov and opened fire on the Americans. He was killed in the return fire."

Try to imagine that, a Talib, ALONE enters a U.S. military column and tries to ram it with an explosive laden car! Is it strange that American troops are scared stiff and fire at every shadow.

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