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Mullah Omar is NOT on the Run! [Important report because Karzai is in the U.S. Begging for More Money.]

The ambassador of Karzai in Washington, D.C., Eshaq Shariar, was on the Diane Rayme show (88.5 FM American University) on February 25. He was rattling along happily about the successes of his "government." Diane asked him about Mullah Omar. He said he had no information on Mullah Omar, that he is on the run and will be caught sooner or later.

Then Diane asked about the daily attacks on U.S. troops in eastern Afghanistan. Again Shariar claimed that he had no information whatever on who was doing it but that it was not important.

A caller brought information which had the "ambassador" in full retreat. According to the caller, a report has appeared in the prominent French newspaper Le Monde according to which: the Taliban are back and are carrying out systematic recruitment of young people for the continuation of the Jihad. The report names the commanders of the Taliban who are active in this drive and then says that MULLAH OMAR HIMSELF IS IN CHARGE OF THIS DRIVE FOR RE-ORGANIZATION. Mullah Omar, the caller said, is certainly not on the run.

The "ambassador" who had minutes earlier said he knew nothing about where Mullah Omar was now started showing that he has information but wanted to convey the idea that the U.S. forces will be successful. [No Afghan worth the name has ever hoped that a kafir military will be successful against his people.]

Another caller pointed out that 70% of the people of Afghanistan are Pushtuns but the representation in Karzai's government ignores this fact. The "ambassador" claimed that only 40% of Afghans were Pushtuns.

There were some bizarre aspects of the interview which brought out the thinking of the traitors who rule Kabul under the protection of U.S. troops. Shariar gave his version of modernization which included the following:
Schools which would have DISH TV! Probably he has never gone outside Kabul.

He lamented the fact that Karzai has still not received the $3.4 billion the U.S. government had promised. [The U.S., he admitted, did spend $280 million in Afghanistan in 2002. That's a big amount for Afghanistan. It's truly amazing that with $280 million bribe, no one has sold out either Mullah Omar or Hikmatyar.)

2003-02-27 Thu 07:02ct