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{Afghan ambassador Abdus Salaam Zaeef's arrest concerns the international community. Ambassadors are never to be arrested and handed over to enemies - Pakistani observers.}

K in PAKISTAN stands for KASHMIR: Dr. Siddique's interview on WOL Radio
{Eyewitness reports Indicate KC130 was Shot down: Pentagon stonewalling}
{Transport of Al-Qaeda POWs is Violation of International Law.}

The 'On with Leon' show on WOL radio featured Dr. Kaukab Siddique in a unique program on Kashmir, Pakistan and India on January 6, 2002. The program began with a half-hour discussion with congessman Conyers about the "secret evidence" arrest of a Muslim cleric in Detroit connected to the Global Muslim charity which the regime has closed down. After Conyers, Dr. Siddique was on for ONE HOUR about the Indo-Pakistani confrontation. Following Siddique, activist Steve Cokely talked for half-an-hour about the centralizing forces behind the introduction of the Euro. (WOL is heard in Washington, Baltimore and a number of cities across the country.)

Dr. Siddique answered a number of questions from callers. Here are the main points of his interview:
1. Most Kashmiris are Muslims.
2. Kashmir is recognized as disputed territory by the U.N.
3. India is holding down the Kashmiri people with an occupation army of 500,000 troops.
4. Peaceful Kashmiri movement against India was squashed by Indian police tactics.
5. Armed Kashmiri resistance meant Kashmiris had finally given up on India.
6. Indian army met armed Kashmiri resistance with a bloodbath: Indian forces committed murder, torture, rape, arrests without trial, house-to-searches.
7. Assistance for Kashmiris coming from Jihadi groups in Pakistan changed the situation. India is now on the defensive.
8. Pakistani government is inept but Pakistanis consider Kashmir an integral part of Kashmir. The K in Pakistan is for Kashmir.
The new factor in the conflict is the United States. Under Bush, the U.S. has turned against Islamic freedom movements. Bush is the prime factor in Pakistani president Musharref's moves against Jihadist groups like Lashkare Tayba and Jaish Muhammad which have been fighting Indian genocide against Kashmiris.

India claims that a minor attack in which six policemen were killed at the India parliament was carried out by Pakistani jihadists. Musharref asked for evidence which India could not provide. However, as soon as Bush moved into the picture, Musharref started complying with orders and is involved in a crackdown against freedom fighters.

Mr. Bush has become the main force against humanity's struggles for freedom around the world. He supports Israel against the Palestinians, India against the Kashmiris, Russia against the Chechnyans. Mr. Bush is rallying all the killer regimes of the world against the oppressed Muslim masses.


Dr. Siddique described the December 22 regime installed in Kabul as rogues, thugs, cut-throats who came into power on the backs of B-52s. The Bonn agreement, he said, has tried to solidify Afghan divisions along tribal and ethnic lines. Islam, the only force which could unite the Afghans {and which brought peace to a troubled land under the Taliban}, has been left out of the Bonn agreement. Murderers like Dostum characterize the Kabul regime, he said.

Kabul's ridiculous claim that it is giving rights to women is based on two women appointees who have nothing to do with the mass of Afghan women who follow Islam, he said. One of these women, he pointed out, was driving on a highway in Canada when she got a phone message to join the Kabul assembly, as heard on NPR.
A number of interesting calls were received. One was from a Hindu who claimed that Dr. Siddique's points were "fabrications." He was of the view that jihad is only a ploy used by Pakistan to exploit poor Kashmiris and that economics is the real issue.
ON JANUARY 9, 2002 an America KC-130 crashed into a hillside inside Pakistan near the Afghan border. The seven marines on board were killed. Even before anyone could reach the wreck, the Pentagon declared that it went down owing to mechanical failure.

However, eyewitnesses said that the PLANE WAS ON FIRE BEFORE IT CRASHED. It should be noticed that the KC-130 is usually a carrier of AVIATION FUEL. Hence it is made very safe against any danger of accidental fire.

Pakistani observers say that only anti-aircraft fire or a stinger could have caused the fire which led to the crash. Thus it appears that the Pentagon's admission that Al-Qaeda is still a viable force has now been proven.
WHY DOES THE PENTAGON ALWAYS RUSH TO CLAIM THAT ALL ITS LOSSES WERE ACCIDENTAL? To Pakistani observers it appears that this is part of the Pentagon's sy-ops or psychological warfare against the Muslim world meant to convey the message to the Muslims that: "We are invincible and you are helpless."
THE FIRST BATCH OF AL-QAEDA POWS was flown to Guantanamo Bay on January 10. THEY WERE HOODED, SHACKLED, SEDATED and TIED TO AIRCRAFT SEATS. Even from meagre reports, it's quite obvious that the basic human rights of the POWs are being grossly violated and abused. Imagine a 14-hour trip in those conditions.

The U.S. government should ponder an important teaching of Jesus (pbuh): Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

The situation could easily be reversed and the U.S. would not want its prisoners to be treated in such a shameful way.

Humiliation of Muslim prisoners repeatedly shown on TV is part of sy-ops but its not going to work because this is not the Iraqi situation of mass surrender. Very few Al-Qaeda have surrendered and those who did had injuries which rendered them unable to fight or they were betrayed by Musharref's mercenaries.

Pakistani obervers say that Muslim volunteers from numerous countries went to Afghanistan because it was the only country under Islamic law. THEY DID NOT GO THERE TO FIGHT AMERICA. To treat them as enemies of America is a travesty of facts.
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