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Zulhijja 15, 1425/January 26, 2005 #7


by New Trend Analysts

  1. U.S. Military Forces. [150,000 with tanks and planes]
  2. American Power Structure [both Democrat & Republican].
  3. Israel
  4. Zionist media worldwide [coming out of the U.S.]
  5. Iran.
  6. Ali Sistani and his support network in southern Iraq.
  7. Two Kurdish groups, KDP and PUK [with PUK directly supported by Israel.]
  8. America's Shias, both wings, represented by Allawi and Chalabi.
  9. Rulers of Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia.
  1. The Islamic resistance movement in Iraq
    [including Saddam supporters who accepted Islam].
  2. Jihad forces with volunteers from Arab and African countries, led by Islamic leader Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi.
  3. Masses of Iraq's people, in particular most of the people of Baghdad, Mosul, Ramadi, Tikrit, Fallujah, Kut and Samarra.
  4. Kurdish Islamic groups such as Ansar al-Islam and Jaish Ansar al-Sunnah.
  5. Anti-American Shia groups such as those led by Sayyid Moqtada al-Sadr.
  6. Masses of people in Arab and African countries, including ["Saudi"] Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, Sudan and Somalia.
[Warning: The six opponents of the Iraqi "elections" are all terrorists according to the U.S. State Department. So stay away from them otherwise you will be in trouble too.]
Within the American Power Structure

Bush Administration Mislead Even the Elite Inner Circle.
Condoleeza Rice Confirmation Hearing Uncovers Moves

by New Trend's Media Monitor

Dr. Rice's confirmation hearing [January 18 and 19] for the post now held by Colin Powell is important reading for those interested in problems within the American power structure. The position of Senator Joseph Biden [Democrat from Delaware] is typical. He thinks Condoleeza Rice does not tell the truth but will still vote for her because President Bush wants her in his inner circle. Why deny him what he wants?

Here are some very damaging insights provided during the questioning of Dr. Rice which indicate how the American people are being fooled: Dr. Condoleeza's Responses to the detailed commentary by Sen. Biden and charges of telling lies by Sen. Boxer showed that she could not give clear answers to anything. Her language showed deep antagonism to Islamic forces around the world, be they the Jihad movement or the Iranians or Saddam supporters. Here is a summary of her thoughts: --------------------------------------


[Ref: New Trend, #125, December 25 which was about Pakistan/Jinnah, an imam in Masjid Dar al-Hijrah, Virginia, and a khutba by Dr. Siddique]

I find it strange you attack an imam just because he wears a tie, suit and cultural mannerisms. Then in the very next acticle you acknowledge the worth of someone who was even more westernized and upper class his entire life. If god planned something special for Jinnah why not this imam? I've seen pictures of Hassan Al Banna wearing a tie, does he deserve to be condemned as well?
By cooincidence yesterday we saw the movie about Jinnah produced by Akbar Ahmad. It does not have the entertainment value of an "Attenborough" but it was extremely informative and deserves to be more widely known. I agree that his integrity was his strong point. I think muslims in general don't need some big idealogical agreement to work together, they need to get some "integrity" to work genuinely for each other, not selfish interests.
I am curious, if you were alive at the time of Jinnah would you not be condemning him as the "islamists" of his time did as being a collaborator and unislamic?

Shoaib [England]
Both Pakistan article and khutba details on salafi/sufi were excellent A+++

May Allah accept your efforts

Rafe [California]

"'Take Pride and Engage With Africa" Says Group

The Give Peace a Chance Coalition has returned from a fact-finding visitation to Sudan, January 12th - 21st.

While African-American congressmen and activist continue actions to undermine Sudanese President Omar el-Bashir and his National Congress government through high-profile civil disobedience actions, to curb what they describe as "ongoing atrocities committed by government-sponsored militiamen known as the Janjaweed"; a group of African American media and community and human rights leaders say such accusations are "counter-productive, inaccurate and non-productive." "Instead of being the lead group counteracting actions of peace for Sudan, we countersign the peace accords and seek to empower Black Americans in new ventures and networks with Sudan through knowledge and information," says delegation leader, GPAC Executive Director Hodari Abdul-Ali.

"In addition to knowing there are pyramids in Sudan that pre-date those in Egypt, African Americans should visit and make ties there. If African Americans and their leadership, took pro-Africa rather than no-to-Africa positions, more in our communities would be providing guidance toward better trade, social and business networks for Americans, and African Americans, with Africa. In our January 25th Press Conference, and through subsequent forums, we bring insights toward establishing ties with our African family. The press conference will give information about findings we have of Sudan and how our African American Leadership Visitation Network will be engaged, providing a critical template across America to help toward working with African educators, political officials and women and community groups" says Abdul-Ali, long-time civil rights activist and owner of Dar es Salaam Bookstore in Mt. Rainer.

"Ancestors of most American blacks come from the Western Sudan. Currently, growing numbers of African Americans associate with Africa with great pride of legacy. Many blacks take pride in the fact of their early legacy. From late in the 300's to 1591 A.D., three highly developed black empires high the planet's most advanced civilization in Western Sudan. They were the Ghana, Mali, and Songhai Empires" says Mr. Abdul-Ali.

"Some of black Americans' forefathers lived in legendary Sudan and should be proud and pleased for contemporary Sudan's peace. With the kind of history Sudan (Land of the Blacks) has, African Americans Blacks who say they take pride in their African heritage should preserve the places from which they came. The current peace package offers so much and so many possibilities for the people of Sudan. We want African Americans, whether Christians, Muslims, elected officials or community activists to be of help to Sudan's growth and development by ceasing actions that hinder," says Ali, who attended Howard University 1973 - 1976 and opened Pyramid Bookstore in 1981, which became an Afro centric landmark Ali operated until 1998.


Group Questions Congress' Southern Bias
Members of Congress, their staffers and mainstream media only give the American public one side of the tragic story of Sudan," is an assessment of a African American Leadership Delegation just returned from fact-finding in Sudan.

"To give African Americans a more accurate picture of events and issues occurring in Sudan, we took a 12-person (8 men, 4 women) delegation to that country January 12 - 21, 2005," says Give Peace a Chance Coalition (GPAC) Executive Director Hodari Abdul-Ali. "We visited in 7-million population Khartoum, the conflict-ridden rural region of Darfur, met with over 200 government officials; opposition figures; community, religious and tribal leaders; and representatives of the African Union and international relief organizations. Most complained that Congressional and media reports about situations in Sudan are less than accurate," states the group's report.

The trip coincided with signing of the peace treaty between Sudan's government and leaders of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) after warring for 20 years. "People of substantive civil-and-human-rights backgrounds in our delegation urge Americans to seek peaceful solutions for severely deprived populations in Sudan and question information and legislation about black governments in Zimbabwe and Khartoum" the report says. Delegation members say "nation-wide building activities will be required to put people to work and put down arms. We challenge actions and positions of Virginia Republican Congressman Frank Wolf, New Jersey Congressman Donald Payne and Senator Jon Corizone and Kansas Senator Sam Brownback and their portrayals of events and people in Harare and Khartoum." "Constructive engagement with Sudan will be more fruitful than the vinegar of dissent, disinvestment and protest marches of the lobby for regime change," says Bill Reed, GPAC delegation organizer. "The signing of the peace accord is historic and long overdue. The road ahead will be treacherous for the Sudanese, both in the north and south. To make peace a success in Sudan, the U.S. must change its position from pro-South to pro-Sudan," says Reed.
"We are building coalition networks to make African Americans more aware of U.S. policy and how it affects Africa and Africans in the Diaspora. We want them to make recommendations to lawmakers for constructive engagements with Sudan. People who've been staging anti-Sudan marches should be marching in another direction. Instead being lead by partisans, they should follow the road America's Ambassador to the United Nation. takes on Sudan. Ambassador John Danforth sought peace and played a key role in the peace accords. Danforth spent over two-years pushing the protagonists to sign. Danforth influenced President Bush's administration to seek and achieve peace. During the same period, Congress helped continue the war and the suffering of the Sudanese nation with its pro-South strategy. It passed two 'Sudan Peace Act' bills, punishing the Khartoum government, but never acknowledging wrongs of other warring parties. All sides have a stake in Sudan Peace. But getting and keeping it requires positive actions from African Americans", says Reed. Next in our national censuses-building program for positive actions among African Americans for Sudan is a student forum at Stanford University, in Palo Alto, California, Tuesday, February 1st," Reed says. "To prevent collapse of the historic peace agreement situation needs careful monitoring and management of lingering tensions between armed groups", says delegation member Michael Davis, executive director of the Universal Human Rights Network. "To prevent collapse of the agreement, it's important to create a platform for the development of millions of displaced Sudanese people. That requires the active and positive involvement of African Americans in support of peace in Sudan via organizations like our network, the African Union, United Nations, the US, European Union and Sudan's regional neighbors," says Davis.

PIMA relief mission calls on Speaker Indonesian parliament

[Courtesy JI net.]

LAHORE, Jan 18: The Tsunami relief mission of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) has called on the speaker of Indonesian parliament Noorul Wahid and discussed the progress of medical relief operations of the victims in the worst hit province of Aceh.

According to a message received here Tuesday, the PIMA delegation was led by Dr Mohammad Iqbal and comprising Dr Anas Farhan Qazi, son of JI Ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Dr Iqbal Kundi, Dr Nadeem and Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad.

The speaker of Indonesian parliament paid tributes to the humanitarian assistance of the PIMA mission and said Pakistani doctors have proved by helping out calamity stricken Indonesian Muslim brothers that Muslim Ummah is united and its joys and sorrows are combined.

The speaker assured the PIMA mission that Indonesian relief organizations like Red Crescent and others set up to provide relief to Tsunami victims wanted earnestly that more and more Muslim doctors should come to their country. He praised the efforts of PIMA medical relief operations in Aceh and appreciated that PIMA was calling more doctors and medical supplies to boost its activities in Aceh.


[from Pakistani newspapers]

In a message on Eid al-Adha, published in Pakistani Urdu language newspapers on January 21, 2005, legendary Islamic leader of the Taliban, Mullah Muhammad 'Umar, rejected any negotiations with the United States. He ridiculed the American claim that "moderate" elements of the Taliban are talking to the occupation army.

Mullah Umar, who started his movement many years back to punish the rapists of an Afghan woman, stated that the Afghans never attacked America. The Americans, he said, brought their forces to Afghanistan and have carried out the charade of elections to install a puppet regime in Kabul.

As long as American forces are in Afghanistan, he said, Jihad is the only option.

[Pakistani observers say that although Karzai is a Pashtun, the vast majority of Pashtuns did not participate in the elections arranged by the U.S. to legitimize Karzai. The Pashtuns constitute more than 60% of the Afghan people, these observers say.]

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