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LASHKARE TAIBA Mujahideen: Ray of Hope for Pakistan
Volunteers for Kashmir Jihad now work in Flood Disaster Area

"Your riches and your children may be but a trial: Whereas Allah, with Him is the highest reward. " The Qur'an 64:15

People used to wonder how a jihadist movement could possibly emerge in Pakistan where the elites are westernized and the religious ones are either sectarians or intellectualized (a polite word for talkers). Lashkare Taiba has shown that Pakistan is still very rich in Islamic potential.

This new movement emerged in response to the oppression of Kashmir by the Indian occupation army. The Pakistani people were outraged by the massive atrocities being committed by the 700,000 strong Hindu army being perpetrated on the gentle people of Kashmir.
1. The activists of Kashmir were imprisoned.
2. The militants were tortured.
3. Thousands of Kashmiri women were raped.
4. Humiliation at the hands of the Hindu occupiers was the daily experience of the average Kashmiri.

The people of Pakistani spoke out, demonstrated, shouted and screamed, wrote and emailed around the world, but nothing happened. The daily murder and rape of Kashmiri men, women, children continued.

Then Allah sent His spirit into the new generation of Pakistan. These people trained with weapons, changed their lifestyles, gave up their comforts and plans for the future and prepared for martyrdom or victory.

The image of Lashkare Taiba can be seen in the story of the two FIDAIS (those who sacrifice themselves) who after entering Kashmir, went to an big army camp of the Indian occupatipn forces and ATTACKED THE CAMP. They killed six Hindu soldiers and wounded 24 before they were martyred. The entire occupation army was put on the alert. A NEW ELEMENT HAD JOINED THE KASHMIR STRUGGLE. These are mujahideen who seek out the rapist Hindu army and ATTACK it, instead of hiding from it.
TWO MUSLIMS ATTACKING AN ENTIRE ARMY CAMP: Allahu Akbar! This is a reminder of the days of the Prophet's sahaba. Perhaps Khalid ibn al-Waleed was like this when with him 9000 Muslims saw a 100,000 Roman (European) force and attacked it.
And now that Pakistan is facing test by flood, the Lashkare Taiba is emerging in another role: helping the needy and the homeless.
Inshallah, we'll provide a series of reports on Lashkare Taiba during August.
Readers are strongly urge to help the flood victims in Pakistan and the victims of the Indian army in Kashmir by donating generously to Lashkare Taiba. Donations should be sent to:
Jamaatal-Muslimeen, P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234
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