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Dr. Gamal Badawi, a long time loyalist of ISNA, a well known pro-government Muslim organization, is rallying Canadian imams to issue statements supporting a one-sided position on the London bombings of 7/7, ignoring the tragedies of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. Badawi is on the Board of CAIR's branch in Canada. BADAWI has NO ISLAMIC COMPETENCE to issue statements on serious issues. In the next New Trend, inshallah, we will provide evidence of Dr. Badawi's incompetence. People who are known for their establishment views have no business issuing statements in the name of Islam.


According to Imam Badi Ali, leader of Muslims in North Carolina, the "incidents" in London on July 21 seem to have the hallmarks of a Mossad operation seemingly carried out with the cooperation of British intelligence. Imam Ali says that all four of the attacks were duds and soon after Tony Blair came on TV to give a bland statement about the "incidents." Looks like the British government is desperately looking for excuses to deport Muslim preachers and to carry out fascist control activities against Muslim congregations. This was very different from 7/7 and only the Mossad/British could have carried out this obvious scare attack which killed no one, Imam Ali concluded.

REMEMBER: ISRAEL is the KEY TO THE WORLDWIDE CONFLICT: Wolfowitz is one of its men.

On July 15, Israel used its air force to attack unarmed Islamic resistance men in Gaza. Observers see this as an act of cowardice typical of the Zionist Jews who continue to occupy Palestine owing to support from the U.S., UK, Australia and International Jewry. ISRAEL IS BEING FORCED TO WITHDRAW FROM GAZA owing to the Islamic resistance. Don't be fooled by the media hype.
Sign of our Times

India's Manmohan Singh Embraced by Bush.
Fears Removal of Musharraf & Islamic Takeover.

It was an eerie sight earlier this week as the two biggest occupiers of our time met and embraced in Washington. While Bush is holding down Iraq, Afganistan and Palestine [thru Sharon], most Americans don't know that India's Manmohan Singh has 700,000 occupation forces in the Muslim land of Kashmir.

The two sealed a 10-year defense pact and placed "terrorism" [a cover word for Islam] at the top of their agenda.

Later in an inteview with CNN, Manmohan Singh expressed his support for Musharraf and his fear that if Musharraf is removed, power would fall into the hands of the Islamic forces making Pakistan into a great danger.

[NEW TREND AHEAD OF THE CURVE: Loyal New Trend readers might remember that more than two years back, and then again a year back, New Trend's analysis was that India and USA are workng together and using Musharraf to carry out their anti-Islam agenda.]


On the arrival of India's leader in the U.S., the Hurriyet Conference, a coalition grouping which opposes the Indian occupation of Kashmir by peaceful means, released the following statistics for Indian atrocities during the first 6 months of this year:
930 Kashmiri civilians killed by Indian forces, 852 injured. 
Of those killed, 25 were tortured to death in Indian detention centers. 
586 arrested and held without trial or show of cause. 
63 homes demolished by Indian troops. 
EIGHT Kashmiri women raped by Indian troops.
Breaking news from Islamabad, Pakistan

Musharraf's Forces Attack Muslim Women's Medressa: 50 Young Women Hospitalized

July 21: General Musharraf's police forces acting on orders from British Prime Minister Blair raided a number of mosques in the capital city, Islamabad, and arrested leading preachers and Islamic scholars who have been speaking against Bush and Blair.

The biggest attack by Busharraf's forces was on Islamabad's biggest women's Islamic school [medressa] known as Jamia Hafsa [after the daughter of 'Umar ibn al-Khattab, r.a.]. Before breaking in, the police fired teargas shells into the school. They tore the veil off the faces of some of the young women who came out and manhandled others, breaking the leg of one and the arm of another. More than 50 young women have been hospitalized.

The Islamic coalition, MMA, called for protest rallies on Friday.
War News by our Media Monitor [with brief analysis]

IRAQ: Is it a Shia-Sunni War?

During the 19 days of July 2005 for which the U.S. has listed losses, 27 U.S. troops were killed in action in Iraq. Number of wounded was not given. U.S. TV did not cover any of this fighting. Three British troops were also killed as well as a couple of Poles and Italians.

U.S. media have tried to convey the impression that the Islamic resistance is targeting Shias and that a Shia-Sunni war is developing in Iraq. Analysis of the U.S. media's reports, however, shows that the targets have been only Shias who support the U.S. as well as Sunnis and Kurds who support the U.S. This fact was brought home on July 19 when the resistance killed two Sunnis who had joined the U.S. sponsored writing of a "constitution" for the puppet government in Baghdad.

Reports indicate that commandos from the Shi'a community trained in Iran are carrying out targeted killing and torture against Sunnis aimed at bringing about the Shia-Sunni war reported by the U.S. TV outlets. Baltimore's Sun paper published, on its inside pages, a photo of Sunnis protesting after the Iran-trained commandos suffocated ten people to death by putting them into storage bins.

Islamic leader Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi is evidently directing a steady stream of martyrdom operators at the "state structure" of quisling Iraqis being set up by the U.S. Some of these bombers miss their targets and hit civilians. Most horrifyingly, U.S. media heavily publicized the case of the bomber who was so keen to kill U.S. troops distributing candy to a crowd that he attacked anyway, killed a U.S. trooper, wounded several U.S. troops but also killed a number of civilians, including 7 children.

The Iraqi response to this horror came out a few days later. The Iraqis say that that U.S. troops should not distribute candy in a war zone and they see it as a way of using children as human shields.

The U.S. claims to have killed 150 "insurgents" in and around Baghdad and captured 130 in 14 days but there is no way to verify whether they were innocent civilians or fighters.

Most observers agree that the Islamic forces are now ascendant in Iraq. The U.S. is relying on Ali Sistani and pro-Iran groups to create a semblance of "Free Iraq." Iran is working hand-in-glove with the U.S. These efforts are being nullified by the influence of Moqtada al-Sadr.

While Ali Sistani, who hailed the elections organized under U.S. military cover, has gone to the extent of calling attacks on pro-U.S. forces as "genocidal war," Al-Sadr's view is different. Al-Sadr put it quite differently in these words:

"The occupation itself is a problem. Iraq not being independent is the problem. And the other problems stem from that - from sectarianism to civil war, the entire American presence causes this." [The Baltimore Sun: July 19]
PAKISTAN [From our Pakistan Observer]


The U.S. and British governments ordered General Musharraf to go after Islamic schools when the determination was made that Tanweer and other alleged bombers in the London attacks had allegedly studied in or visited Islamic schools in Pakistan. The raids began on July 16 in Lahore and were continuing on July 20.

Musharraf's regime claims that the raids are being carried out by Pakistani special forces but Pakistani Urdu language newspapers have eyewitnesses that British officers were directing the raids.

Musharraf's Troops Carry out Mini-Massacre

July 18. According to Pakistani news reports verified independently, General Musharraf's troops killed 10 Muslim children, 5 women and 2 men in an attack south of Miran Shah in North Waziristan [Frontier Province] bordering Afghanistan. These reports indicate that Pakistani troops surrounded two mini vans and opened fire killing the 17 passengers. The only survivors were two women and a child who were wounded and whom the Pakistanis arrested.

The victims were all Muslim refugees from Kazakhstan. The Musharraf government considers all such refugees as "foreigners" and members of Al-Qaida.

Almost the entire U.S. media ignored this massacre of 17 people, mostly children and women. A few papers did report it but only published the propaganda version put out by General Musharraf's publicity officer General Shaukat who claimed that Pakistan had killed "17 militants" and had lost one soldier in the "clash."

On July 18, Musharraf's regime announced that 5 Taliban leaders had been arrested in raids in and near Peshawar and that one of the refugees was Mullah Omar's deputy. On July 19, it turned out that the report was false and those arrested were ordinary people.

Islamic Leader Wounded, Son murdered in Karachi

[From our Karachi reporter.]

On July 17, Maulana Ahmad Madani, the organizer of a large Islamic school called Jamia Mahmudiah, was gunned down by assassins along with his 24 year old son Abdur Rasheed. He survived but his son passed away.

Hundreds of demonstrators came out into the streets to protest. There are reports that MQM, a group of gangsters in the pay of the Musharraf regime, was behind the attack.

[Altaf Husain, the leader of MQM, known for his terroristic activities against Islamic opponents, lives under British protection in London, England.]


In response to Tony Blair's claim that Islamic publications are spreading the ideas of Jihad among Pakistanis, Musharraf struck hard on July 19 and 20. In Rawalpindi, a Jihad paper, Al-Qalam, was closed down. In Karachi, the regime sealed the offices of 4 pro-Jihad newspapers, Zarbe Momin, Friday Special, Wujood and Zarbe Islam.

During the police raids [directed by British agents] Musharraf's men damaged the newspaper offices and beat up journalists. People are gradually coming out to protest these attacks.

In raids on Islamic schools in four cities in Punjab and other parts of Pakistan, the Musharraf shock troops, heavily armed, confiscated hundreds of thousands of Islamic books.
New Trend comment: These attempts to suppress the ideas of Islam and Jihad show that Musharraf and Blair have lost the battle of ideas. These ideas are now too widespread to be censored.
AFGHANISTAN [by our media monitor]

17 Civilians, Mostly Women, Children Killed in U.S. Air Attack

New Trend takes our readers back to the downing of U.S. Chinook helicopter by the Taliban following the helicopter's attempt to bring reinforcements to a U.S. Special Forces recce unit.

In response to the successful Taliban attacks, the U.S. air force bombed the entire area of Kunar province where the Taliban had hit. The Taliban escaped but the U.S. air force struck a house in the village of Chachal killing a large number of civilians.

The Karzai-appointed "Governor" of Kunar felt that he must speak otherwise his being an agent of America would be too clear. He claimed that "only" 17 civilians were killed in the U.S. attack. Karzai himself showed "disapproval" of the attack.

The U.S. first said it had to hit the "compound" because Al-Qaida was in it regardless of civilians but later said it was "sorry" and would investigate.

U.S. Admits Setback as Taliban Mount New Attacks:

The U.S. is sending another 800 elite troops to Afghanistan in tacit admission of the fact that the existing force of 18,000 U.S. troops is unable to defeat the Taliban.

In an astonishing development, 4 ARAB MUSLIMS [al-Qaida], escaped from the main U.S.-Karzai prison at Bagram outside Kabul which is notorious for its torture of prisoners. This is the first escape in the history of Bagram and indicates that Taliban special forces are infiltrating near to Kabul itself.

In Paktia province, Taliban used a mine to blow up a Karzai army truck, killing 5 troops and 3 Afghan agents working for U.S. intelligence.

In Khost province [district Ghani Khel] the Taliban managed to plant a mine just before a U.S. Special Forces unit passed, killing an American soldier and a Karzai soldier and wounding 4.


After three straight weeks of atrocities by Indian troops against civilians in occupied Kashmir, things changed on July 20. MSNBC reported that an Indian army truck was blown up in an area of Srinagar which is supposed to be safe for Hindus and Indian generals.

India admitted that 5 Indian troops were killed and 15 wounded in the attack.


July 20. Russia media admitted that in a mujahidin attack in the district of Namanskof, 40 miles from Grozny, 12 Russian police officers were killed.'

Advice About London Bombing: If You didn't Do it, Don't Apologize!

bismillāh al-rahmān al-rahīm

In responding to the bombings of 7/7, we, being the people of faith (imān), must ensure that our words and actions are guided by the sources of our faith. Otherwise, we will be possessing merely the name 'Muslim' but not 'being' Muslim. In this short article, I put forth a few guided responses.

I begin by recalling a story in which the Messenger of Allāh peace be upon him came upon two young men debating about destiny (qadar). Each time one of them cited a verse, the other responded with another verse to prove his point. The face of the Prophet peace be upon him changed when he saw this and he became angered, "Is it this you were sent to do?? Establish what you have been commanded and avoid what you have been prohibited."

Let us now look at some of the commands Allāh has ordained upon us that relate to the bombings and ask, 'Are we acting upon them?' Firstly, Allāh says, "If a profligate comes to you with news, investigate it, lest you do harm to people without knowledge, then you will wake up one day and regret it." I never saw evidence that these young Asian boys committed the bombings. Have you? It is my right to say that I find it hard to believe a suicide bomber so intent on Paradise would spend his last night playing cricket.
I have not heard that any Muslims were given a professional investigative report based on hard facts. Yet some people simply tag along, judging other Muslims based on tabloid headlines. These are the same tabloids that report to you which celebrity is sleeping with which. Is this your source of information!? Subhān Allāh, if one of us tells another, 'The sunna is this.' We respond, 'What is your evidence (dalīl)?' But when the white establishment says something, we believe it because of our inferiority complex. It is our legal right to have our own opinion. How reassuring it is to know that if a lie is reported about me, a good portion of Muslims will believe it. Fear Allāh. In the Afterlife, He may ask you to present the basis of that judgment. I do not say defend Muslims at all costs. The bombing was wrong, but I say make judgments that are based on facts.

A second issue : Allāh says, "Act, for Allāh will see your actions." I advise brothers and sisters to limit their behavior to actions that have practical results. Talking about opinions and philosophies and conspiracies are tempting, however, do not overdo it. Most talking is useless "except whoever commands to good, or charity, or reconciling between people." Limit your speech to this. Are you commanded to find out who did what? I only fear that this takes over our time and energy. Moreover, I am not commanded to determine who did the bombing. Every time an incident as this occurs, we are robbed of our time and energy by the question "who did it." Instead, look at what you are commanded to do about it.

Here is one: "Be patient and exhort to patience and be firm." Now is a time when many Muslims are made to feel horrible for who they are. We should then exhort one another to patience. This life is so brief; anyone of us may leave it tomorrow and finally be finished with the stress and propaganda that burdens us. We should especially focus our attention on the youth and children. If you are in your twenties, know that teenagers look up to you even if your peers do not. If you are a teenager, know that children look up to you. So reach out to them and organize activities for them, distracting and relieving them of the feelings they have but cannot express. Hold meetings with them in which they can state how they feel and give them hope in Allāh's rewards for patience and endurance. Our medicine is to constantly remember: the future is bright---because it is in Allāh's Hands.

Also, contemplate the words, "be firm." If we reflected upon how handsome and good our Prophet was peace be upon him, our pride would be intact. However, we have weakened a little bit in this regard and some of us have become ashamed to be Muslim. You do not need to apologize for the bombings, since you did not do it. As comedian Preacher Moss said, "If you didn't do it, act like you didn't do it." Most of us do not apologize for the things we did do, so why all of a sudden, do we get like this? We all fall into inconsistency sometimes; it is okay, but only as long as we are trying to get out of it. Nor do you have to condemn them more than once. Anyway, your condemnation will not bring the victims back to life, so it is not worth much.

Let us do as the Prophet did, peace be upon him. They called him mad, possessed, and divisive, but he did not go around saying, "I am not mad! I am innocent! Forgive me for receiving the revelation!" Instead, he continued calling people to Allāh; that was his job. Let us be like him. Whatever your job is in life, stick to it and do not be distracted.

wa salla allāhū alā sayyidina muhammadin
wal-hamdūlillāhi rabb al-ālamīn.

Shadee Elmasry
Assistant Lecturer
University of London
[Ph.D Candidate]

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