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[Just for your convenience, I am copying below Saddam's most recent letter (to date), his fourth hand-written note. Each of his notes begins with a quotation from the Holy Qur'an, and he selects some interesting ayat. For example the latest one is from a passage where Allah speaks to Moses (`alayhi-s-salam) but the principle alluded to there is that the magic of Pharaoh's sorcerers is similar in nature to the technological wonders of the Anglo-American armies. This is a very thought provoking and powerful idea.


Eric Mueller

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Mercy-giving.

"Throw that which is in your right hand. It will eat up anything they have made. What they have made is only some magician's trick, and magicians will not succeed no matter where they go." [al-Qur'an, 20:69]

From Saddam Hussein
To the Mujahids everywhere, The courageous children of Arabism, To the members of the Arab Baath Socialist Party.

Peace be upon you and the mercy of God and His blessings!

As we fight and hunt down the cowardly American and British enemy, we call upon you to activate your political role in boycotting everything that the criminal invading forces set up to run any aspect of the popular or governmental life of Iraqis.

We call on you, brothers of the Jihad, to expel every traitor who aided the occupation or who came along with it, among those who falsely call themselves "Iraqis".

Boycott them! And leave us to bear arms to destroy criminal America and whoever sides with it!

Be aware, brothers of the Jihad, that every American and Briton on Arab soil will continue to live in fear and trepidation, terrified, until such time as he withdraws from Iraq, and changes his position regarding the criminal Zionist occupation of Arab Palestine.

What we ask of you is neither impossible nor difficult, in spite of the connivance of the regimes - like that of the traitor Mubarak regime; the cowardly and treacherous Jordanian regime; the traitors among the House of Saud; and the cowards of occupied Kuwait, the House of Sabah - all of which regimes have earned increased humiliation and disgrace as the price for their sellout of Iraq.

We say to our brothers in Arabist Syria: do not weaken lest they increase their tyranny over you! Show them an authentic Arab Islamic defiant spirit. Do not be like the other regimes that prevent aid going to their brothers who are resisting, now that you have handed over a number of them.

Mujahids for the Muslims and Arabs! Everyone who is a Baathist wherever you may be! Today is the day on which your role must be obvious, a role such as you will not allow to be limited to zealous desires, but lacking any real action!

Your Iraq calls you to increase the fear, trepidation, and terror of the American cowards, as we continue to strike them to the death.

Long live every honorable mujahid!

Long live the courageous Iraqis who are resisting the occupier!

Long live the Brigades of al-Farouq and the Groups of al-Husayn!

Long live the men of the army who are waging honorable guerrilla warfare!

Long live the members of the Arab Socialist Baath Party!

Long live the women mujahids, daughters of Iraq!

God is greatest!
Long live Iraq!

Long live Palestine, free and Arab, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River!

May the despicable be despised!

The fourth handwritten message.

Saddam Hussein

24 Rabi' al-Awwal 1424 H.

25 May 2003.


Regarding the Bush family's connection to Auschwitz, you may be interested to know that Jewish holocaust survivors have re-instituted law suits against companies that used slave labor. The suits had been unsuccessful in the past, but have been revived again in the previous decade up until today. Accordingly, the Bush family assets would all be in trouble as they are derived from the fortune made by Prescott Bush's partnership in the Brown Brother's Harriman Bank and its investments in Nazi Germany, particularly the Silesian Coal and Steel Co. which used the slave labor provided by Auschwitz. This would mean that all Harriman/Bush assets, including Haliburton (of which Cheney was CEO) which was acquired by Dresser Industries which was owned by Brown Brothers Harriman Bank, may be liable for whopping law suits. This may explain Bush's willingness to kow-tow to Israel and implement a Middle East policy which jeopardizes the US ability to conduct business in that area. Certainly the wars and the complicity to make war on countries whose resources are vital to the economics and thus political stability of the US makes no political sense. However, when viewed in the light of the law suits against companies who used slave labor and the demand for huge compensation by holocaust survivors, Bush's whole Middle Eastern policy stinks of an effort to save the family fortune by giving into an Israeli threat of a law suit. Such a law suit may not only bankrupt the family but also cause enough embarrasment to end any future for the Bushes in politics as well. This may be the strangle hold that Israel has on the Bush family. It would also explain why Israel favored Gore over Bush. The Bush family history smells of racism and elitism. Prescott Bush not only supported Nazi Germany, he was a founding member and supporter of the Eugenics movement. It was Senator Prescott Bush who also voted against the Civil Rights Bill. You can refer to the attachment for the law suits brought against companies that used slave labor during WWII.

Your Sister in Islam
Um Esma

2003-06-07 Sat 19:05ct