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The demonstration in New York was probably the biggest in its history. The CNN felt the danger of losing its credibility if it downplayed the huge anti-war, anti-Bush march. So at 1 pm (EST) CNN announced that there were 100,000 people in the march.

A lot of people must have protested at that CNN lie, so at 5 pm CNN announced that there were 200,000 people in the march and stuck to that figure.

New Trend's sources say that there were approximately 500,000 people in the march which stretched out for more than 4 miles WHEN NOT MOVING.

People were vehement in their condemnation of the war and of Bush. ONE WOMAN SHOUTED: THIS IS NOT A WAR: IT'S A MASSACRE which was a widespread sentiment.

Ramsey Clark's call to IMPEACH BUSH was extremely popular.

At one point, a section of the crowd scuffled with the police. At another point, a large police force swung into action when it was rumored that 10,000 people had broken off to try and block the Holland tunnel.

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