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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rajab 26,1430/ July 19, 2009, # 35

Letter from Sweden about Bosnia's latest situation. Scroll down to end of New Trend.
Also, Sis. Sofia explains why U.S. elites are against Islam.

American woman points out fallacy of Israel's contention that it is a democracy. Even minor requests by President Obama are being ignored by Israel. Good Letter! Please scroll all the way down.

Think about it: This is deep!
[Sent by Sis. Aqsa]. Wisdom from Hadith Qudsi in 8 words:

Think positively of Allah.

The Prophet [sallallahu alaihi wa sallam] said: "Allah, may He be exalted, says: 'I am as My creature thinks I am." Narrated by al-Bukhari, 7405; Muslim, 4675.

From Imam Badi Ali, National Islamic Shoora, Jamaat al-Muslimeen:

Spotlight #1: Think of the condition of our Muslim "leaders." They are like undisciplined teenagers who have been given the keys to drive a car. They are driving straight into a ditch.

Spotlight #2: Look at the political immorality of our national leaders, starting with President Obama. Look at his speeches before the elections and then look at his speeches since he got elected. If this is how the hope and trust of the nation is to be betrayed by top men, think of what will happen to hope and trust at the level of ordinary people?

Spotlight #3: Look at the splattering blood of Muslims in China. Muslims are killed and no one cares. Compare the non-stop TV propaganda about pro-western demonstrations in Iran though Iran did not use tanks or automatic rifles against them. Now look at the silence, the complete silence, on American TV screens even as China sent 20,000 heavily armed military forces into Urumqi. Isn't this the same silence which was characteristic of U.S. media during the genocide in Gaza by Israeli storm troopers? Look at the daily bombing of Afghanistan by the U.S. air force. The U.S. media are silent and do not let the public know that these are violations of international law.

The message of Isra and Mairaj [Rajab 27] : liberate Al-Aqsa, Jerusalem, Palestine. It is the duty of all 1.8 BILLION Muslims globally.
See Dr. Siddique's khutba on Isra wa al-Mairaj. Scroll way down.

Growing Black discontent with Obama's economic policies. Obama is helping the VERY rich while preaching to the Black community to take care of themselves! Please scroll way down for pithy Black response to his NAACP lecture to a friendly crowd.

Obama: Day 177
President Obama Defies Islam, Christianity and Black Churches

" ... our gay brothers and sisters, still taunted, still attacked, still denied their rights." [Speech to the NAACP, July 16.]

[New Trend comment: This could be the next American move against the Muslim world: Defense of "gay" rights. Muslim rulers, given enough money, will be willing to serve this "cause."]

Our America: [next 5 items only]

Seifullah Chapman, Muslim Political Prisoner, Diabetic, Facing Serious Damage in Max Prison

He is one of the young Muslim men, innocent, naive, pious, who were picked up by the Bush administration and sentenced as "terrorist wannabees" in a show trial enacted to prove how "good" U.S. prosecutors are.

Seifullah is of European descent but that didn't help him. American oppression of Muslims is "equal opportunity." Recently, being outspoken and critical, Seifullah was transferred from Terre Haute, Indiana to Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. He is being kept in solitary confinement and denied proper medical assistance for his diabetes. He has been going in and out of coma.

Please write to him to show support and ask how you can help. His "address:"

Seifullah Chapman #46868-083
P.O. Box 1000
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania 17837

Hizb-ut-Tahrir Conference in Chicago: Revival of Caliphate Movement

July 19, 2009: As we go for publication of this New Trend, Hizb-ut-Tahrir is holding its important conference in Chicago. This is one of the very few Muslim groups in America which are not linked to the government and have an independent policy. Basically, they want the Caliphate to be revived.

New Trend's best wishes to Hizb-ut-Tahrir.

Believe it or not: ISNA's Convention Endorsed by the White House. Here is an extract from ISNA.

"(Washington DC – July 6, 2009) - Valerie Jarrett was the keynote speaker on Friday at the inaugural session of the 46th Annual Convention of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Ms. Jarrett, who serves as a Senior Advisor and Assistant to President Obama for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, was introduced to the Convention's participants by ISNA President Dr. Ingrid Mattson."

[New Trend's editorial note: These ISNA leaders should not be called Muslims. These are utterly shameless bootlickers and lick spittles. Obama is bombing Pakistan and occupying Afghanistan and here he is endorsing ISNA. Bush destroyed Iraq but stood with ISNA-CAIR's pinhead named Hooper in a mosque to claim that he was not against Islam. Before that these qadiyani-type renegades had iftar with President Clinton's Secretary of State Medeleine Albright who had placed the sanctions on Iraq which killed ONE million Iraqis.
These people love Rabbis and were as quiet as Obama during the Gaza genocide and the attack on Labanon before that.

They have silenced the Muslims about our political prisoners. How long will these opportunists keep fooling young and naive Muslims! Can money and qadiyani-type protection by the White House be a substitute for Faith?]

New York city
Protestors at Obama's NAACP Speech Call for Opening up of CIA files: Support Kashmir, Somalia, Chechnya

July 16: Secretary general of Pakistan USA freedom forum, Shahid Comrade, in his speech in front of Hilton hotel, New York said "The future of America and civil society can be saved only by open government policies and not by hiding and deceiving the people of USA".

President Obama was giving his speech to the centennial assembly of NAACP at Hilton hotel, New York. Many human rights organizations were gathered outside the hotel, joining the campaign for opening the files and CIA secret programs of Bush regimes' torture, police brutality.

They also demanded freedom for long time imprisoned Mumia Abu Jamal . Making these files public will help the US courts to dispense justice, for example the cases of Dr Afia Siddiqui , Fahad Hashmi and other missing people in Pakistan. It will also bring good name to the USA.
Speakers said that the government should call their forces back from Afghanistan, Iraq and stop meddling with the affairs of other countries. They showed their solidarity to the people of Gaza, and Honduras and they also showed their support for the people of Kashmir, Somalia, and Chechnya.

They also express their concerned about the drone attacks in Pakistan. Secretary general of Pakistan USA freedom forum, Shahid Comrade, gave thanks to the groups called "World cannot wait", "troops out now", "international action center", May 1st coalition, "Free Abu jamal", "Free Cuban 5", "Bail out the people" "Leonart Peltier", and "Revolutionary group".
This is the link to the video:
The photo is attached
In struggle,
Fred Nguyen
WBAI Reporter

Jewish Group Determined to Stop David Irving's Tour of America: Famous Historian Faces Abuse and Censorship

This is how the Jews view the work of the greatest historian of the Second World War, David Irving. They will try to do violence even to his private meetings. Irving is a scholar whom no other WW 2 historian can match. His research is awesome. His documentation is meticulous. Yet the Jews abuse him and do not want anyone to know his work. Just read this garbage from the campaign against Irving. It's not even just Jews. The orders are coming STRAIGHT from ISRAEL.

David Irving's Holocaust-Denial Speaking Tour - The Show That Must Be Stopped
The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism (Israel)

This July, David Irving, a British neo-fascist and fraudulent historian, goes on the road in the United States, planning to hold approximately one and a half dozen speaking engagements over the course of a month. Irving's current tour focuses on "Re-writing history, using the decoded Nazi messages" ... The exact location of Irving's talk in each city has not been made public, due to Irving's fear of encountering the opposition he so richly deserves.

Letter: Re: Two Government Agents who visited New Trend's Webmaster

Brother Richards interview with the friends of the Zionist was probably a mistake. He should have said nothing to them. To say anything is to allow them to fabricate their "version" of the conversation. Possibly some time in the future Brother Richard will find that their records will not look anything like what he thought he had said.
Its like going to the company's doctor in a workmen's comp case. If he wants you to climb a stair and you can't he will write down that you "were unwilling to cooperate" instead of "not medically able"...
Rosario [Texas]

Islam in America: The Way forward
America's Muslims: Afraid but not fooled.

By Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

One of the benefits of my travels across America is that I can sample a great variety of Muslim opinions. The complexity and convolution of these views is mind boggling because U.S. Muslims are intellectuals and think they have all the answers and no one can teach them anything.
Strangely enough, the majority of U.S. Muslims, be they doctors or cab drivers, agree that Bush's "war on terror" was a war on Islam. The Muslims have not been fooled in spite of EIGHT years of corporate media insistence that Bush's war was not a war on Islam but a "war on terror."

But then what do we make of the constant pro-Bush [now pro-Obama] choir of the ISNA-ICNA-WDMuhammad types who have gone beyond all limits of decency to condemn "terrorism" and to try to win admittance to the inner circles of the White House, the Pentagon and the FBI? Have they not been proclaiming in their own publications the virtues of America's power structure? Is it not true that Hooper, a Director of CAIR, stood proudly with Bush in a mosque, or that ISNA VP "Imam" Majid went to a record number of Zionist Jewish Rabbis to assure them of his love for the Jewish network of tyranny and exploitation, or that MAS sent little Muslim girls in hijab to view the wonders of the Pentagon, or that Siraj Wahhaj helped a Zionist Jewish judge [Muchael Mukasey[ to put Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman in prison for life? Wonder of wonders, now we have a woman in hijab working for the White House. Her last name is Mogahed ! [Egyptian for Mujahid]. {Allah! How these opportunists have turned Islam upside down!}

All true, but most people do not realize that these cliques, be they ISNA, ICNA or WDMuhammad, do not represent the Muslims of America. These are tiny grouplets, mediocre in intellectual ability but well funded. ISNA can spend $3,000,000 on its annual convention with no results. No big deal!

Egyptian-Americans know that Hosni Mubarak is a brutal tyrant and is supported 100% by the U.S. government. Hosni was doing Bush's work and now he is working for Obama. [Note that Obama's speech to Muslims was hosted by Egypt.]
Egyptian-Americans are scared to death and dare not speak against the war on Islam.

Pakistani-Americans know that U.S. drones are bombing Pakistan and that the proverbially corrupt Pakistani governments and the Pakistani army are supported 100% by the U.S. government. Pak-Americans don't like the Taliban and are fascinated by conspiracy theories but they know that the Pakistani army is committing crimes against humanity at the behest of the U.S.
Pakistani-Americans do speak out quite a few times but are "careful" and are scared about police persecution.
It would have to be a dumb Pakistani-American who would sincerely believe that America is fighting against "terrorism." They read enough to know that the war is against Islam.

African-American Muslims, other than the W.D. group, have no illusions about the brutality and blindness of American power. They know about slavery: They know about the monthly police atrocities against Blacks in America. They know about Imam Jamil al-Amin and Imam Musa and Malcolm X and Assata Shakur. Talk to them about the "war on terror" and they'll laugh at you.

What about Palestinian-Americans? Can the American power structure fool them? They are the least "foolable" of the Muslims though they often are secularized. Obama's complete, "deafening," silence on the Israeli rampage in Gaza helped them to see that Obama is a made-over version of Bush. Under Obama's regime. ridiculous sentences were handed out to Holy Land Foundation because it was giving charity to Palestinian widows and orphans. So according to the U.S., helping Palestinian widows and orphans is a form of terrorism! [Don't laugh! Ask Obama!]

Indian-Muslim-Americans and Bengali-Muslim-Americans seem to be the most mesmerized by the American "we are only fighting terrorists" story. But don't be fooled. They are dead scared but not ignorant. They feel threatened by American power and see America as paradise as compared to their own countries, but they too know it's a war on Islam.

The latest is the FBI probe into the Somali American Muslim community. A stready stream of Somali Americans have been sneaking off to Somalia to support al-Shabab Islamic fighters. The U.S. regime sees this as a threat. So if Somali youths want to give their lives to support Islam in Somalia, that is "terrorism" and the youths are terrorists! What could be stronger evidence that Obama too is waging war on Islam. The Somalis have never harmed America yet, because they support Islam and I slamic Law, they are labelled as a threat.

[By the way, there are an estimated 7 to 9 million Muslims in America, not 5 million as Obama claimed in his Cairo speech. Guess who could have given him a figure minus 2 to 4 million Muslims? Do you know who is his Chief of Staff and his Program Director? Two Js.]

Afghanistan: War News
U.S. General Admits [temporary] Defeat: 68,000 U.S. troops, $7.5 Billion budget won't be enough

Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the newly arrived top commander in Afghanistan, has concluded that the Afghan security forces will have to be far larger than currently planned if President Obama's strategy for winning the war is to succeed, according to senior military officials.

Such an expansion would require spending billions more than the $7.5 billion the administration has budgeted annually to build up the Afghan army and police over the next several years, and the likely deployment of thousands more U.S. troops as trainers and advisers, officials said.
Obama has voiced strong commitment to the ongoing Afghan conflict -- which this year surpasses Vietnam as America's longest combat engagement -- but has been cautious about making any additional military resources available beyond the 17,000 combat troops and 4,000 military trainers he agreed to in February. That will bring the total U.S. force to 68,000.

Bomber hits Karzai troops at key point+Large Helicopter Down

July 19, 2009: Karzai's troops sealed off the Afghan-Pakistan border entry point at Torkhum [Khyber Agency] after a martyrdom operator hit a heavily armed Karzai military unit at the check point. At least 5 Karzai troops were killed and 8 wounded. [Readers might remember that an Islamic woman a week or so back did a martyrdom operation here.]

Same day: A large Russian helicopter loaned to NATO for ferrying troops was brought down as it took off from Kandahar air base. At least 16 in the copter were killed, a significant hit by the resistance. {NATO has a policy of automatric denial of shoot downs and a quick attribution to "mechanical failure." The Dutch commander in the area immediately issued a "mechanical" statement.]

Late Model Jet Fighter Goes Down

July 18, 2009: An F-15E U.S. fighter jet crashed in the Ghazni area. Both crew members were killed. The military hurried to say that it was not owing to "hostile fire." [The U.S. air force is involved in a reign of terror all over Afghanistan, dropping 500 pound bombs on "suspected" Taliban. Almost the entire population of southern Afghanistan consists of "Suspected Taliban.".]

Same day: Two Karzai sodiers were killed 4 wounded in a martyrdom attack in the Shajoy area.

Same day: An Australian military unit probing an area north of Tarin Kowt was hit by a Taliban explosive device. One of Australia best troops was killed bringing to 11 the number of Australian military killed by Islamic fighters.

July 17: Gereshk, Southern Helmand province : An elite British soldier was killed in a Taliban guerrilla hit. He was originally from Fiji.
Fighting is reported between Islamic gunmen and Tajik regime troops on the Tajikistan-Afghanistan frontier.

Turkish NATO Commander killed.
July 15: Colonel Sungur, commander of Turkish forces under NATO in Afghanistan, was killed while travelling from Mazare Sharif to Kabul. His driver was also killed and 2 other Turkish soldiers wounded. The Turkish army claimed that it was an "accident" and refused to give details. {As reported in previous New Trend, a British military commander has also been killed by Taliban fighters defending Islam and Afghanistan.}

[New Trend comment: What are Turkish troops doing working under the Kuffar occupation army, NATO, helping to suppress an Islamic nation?]

Ukrainians killed in Taliban attack on Helicopter

July 15: "Authorities in Moldova said a missile had shot down a Soviet-made Mi-26 helicopter in Afghanistan that belonged to an aviation company in the ex-Soviet state, killing six Ukrainians on board.
A Taliban spokesman took responsibility
The Moldovan statement said the Mi-26, a large transport and cargo helicopter, was on a mission for NATO-led forces when it was hit.
It said the aircraft belonged to the Pectox-Air aviation firm."

Pakistan: War News

Latest U.S. drone Strike on Pakistan+Pak jets bomb "suspects' in Orakzai [No Pak advance into S. Waziristan]
Obama: Day 180

July 19, 2009: Pakistani jet fighters bombed areas in Orakzai agency. At least 12 suspected Taliban were killed in the bombing. The air attacks followed a rumor that Hakeemullah Mehsud, an prominent Islamic fighter linked to Baitullah Mehsud, was in the area. There is no indicaton that he was hit.
Same day: New fighting is reported from Swat by the Pak military sources, with light casualties on both sides.The military has ferried more displaced people back to Swat. There are reports of demonstration by refugees against the forced "returns."

July 17, 2009: A U.S. drone fired missiles at suspected Taliban, 30 miles south of Miranshah on the border of south and north waziristan. Five suspected Taliban were killed and 4 wounded.
[This brings to 48 the total number of U.S. air attacks on Pakistan. The total death toll from drone attacks is 465 Pakistanis killled and more than 600 wounded. At least 40 of those killed were Taliban Islamic fighters. The U.S. says that those killed include 3 or 5 Al-Qaida [Islamic fighters from Arab lands].
Same day: A nine truck convoy carrying fuel for NATO forces came under Pak Taliban fire as it moved towards the border through Khyber agency. Two of the big container trucks were hit and burst into flames.

House Burnings by the Army and Taliban's Retaliation: They are back in Buner!

Pak army announced several times during its two months campaign in Swat, Buner and Dir that it and its tribal affiliates are burning and demolishing the homes of known Taliban. Scores of homes of Taliban were burned down . [Violations of international law.]

Meanwhile Pak army has been announcing through its Shi'ite spokesman, Major General Athar Abbas, that Taliban have been cleared out of Buner. However, a report by a human rights agency, in a very unusual way, brought out the fact that the Taliban are back in Buner.

The AHRC [Asian Human Rights Commission] reported on July 10 that on July 8, a group of 60 armed Taliban appeared in Buner at the home of a Pakistani journalist working for the Voice of America. He was not there. The Taliban allowed his family to leave but blew up his house. They were angry at the stream of fabricated stories the journalist [now in Karachi] has been putting out.

[New Trend note: Home burning and demolition, usually carried out by Israeli terror groups, is a violation of international law. We urge the Pak army to stop burning and demolishing the homes of Taliban leaders. Then, we can ask the Taliban not to demolish pro-American homes. The war should not become a dirty war. Till now only the Pak army has committed home burnings. The Taliban should keep to their, till now, high ethical standards.]

Thanks for the info to Sis. Anisa Abdel Fattah
Israeli Military Burns Palestinian Wheat and Barley Crops

Gaza - Ma'an - Israeli forces made their deepest incursion into the Gaza Strip in months near Beit Hanoun, penetrating 500 meters past the buffer zone to burn 150 dunums of land.

The agricultural field of wheat and barley crops belonging to the Shabat family was destroyed after an Israeli militarized vehicle left the Erez District Coordination Office (DCO) and drove into the Strip, stopping only to set the land on fire. Dry weather meant the crops burned quickly, consuming the much needed grains.

The incident is a string in what farmers call persistent attempts by Israeli soldiers to prevent the harvesting of crops outside the Israeli-patrolled buffer zone near the Gaza border fence. Locals reported almost daily patrols of military jeeps on the outskirts of the town.

With thanks to Micheline Gareau
International Movement to Open Rafah Border
Egyptian Police Makes Life Miserable for Palestinians trying to Enter Gaza

Joy and shame at Rafah July 15

Yesterday, July 15, should have been a day of rejoicing here at Rafah Gate because the Viva Palestina convoy had finally been authorized to enter Gaza, but it turned into a nightmare for the many Palestinian families held up on the Egyptian side. Finally, at 10 pm we were smiling again when we saw Jenny Linnel and Nathalie Abu Chakra, two members of ISM-Gaza come through the Gate. The Egyptians had been denying them entry because they had arrived in Gaza on board the ships of the Free Gaza movement.

For those who don't know the Rafah Gate, the frontier between Egypt and Gaza is situated in the middle of nowhere-- 2 kilometers from Rafah. There is no hotel; the Egyptian police have closed the town to foreigners and have installed dozens of checkpoints-I would say one every 50 meters! And you can't tell me it's to stop contraband headed to Gaza because all the pathways leading to the tunnels are wide open.

Large numbers of Palestinian families denied entry for weeks on end--or longer-are forced to live in hotels in El Arish, a seaside resort 40 kilometers from the border. Because it's high season, the hotels have hiked up their rates, so it costs these families a fortune. And that's without the taxi fares. The price of a taxi between El Arish and Rafah is anywhere from 35 to more than 100 Egyptian pounds, and if you want to avoid the checkpoints, it can run to close to 300 pounds.

Among these families are Palestinians living abroad who have come to visit their families, to attend weddings; others are returning from hospital stays in Egypt or abroad; there are also young people who have finished their studies etc….Everyone has his or her own story.

Elated at news of the arrival of the Viva Palestina convoy, many of these families, exhausted and in debt, came today to try their luck at Rafah, hoping that the Egyptian police would be more lenient and that they might be able to get some help from members of the convoy.

But that was, unfortunately, not the case: for these families the day turned into a nightmare. They had arrived early in order not to miss the convoy, so they waited all day in the scorching sun. The first members of the convoy began to arrive around 2 pm in buses under heavy security.

Then the horror began: at this very moment, the Egyptian riot police set upon the Palestinian families them and began forcibly evacuating them. People were shouting, screaming, weeping-and the cops kept on beating them savagely.

We tried to slip into Rafah Gate in the midst of the confusion. We even succeeded, but were then dragged back out.

The scene we were witnessing was once again so shocking that Iman, furious, was shouting insults at Mubarak and his minions.

Laila got into one of the buses and called for the help of the members of the convoy, but they replied that there was nothing they could do. "We want to get into Gaza and we don't want any trouble."

A man in the bus called out, "I'm a Palestinian." And one Palestinian woman, stuck in Egypt for many days couldn't help saying to him, "Oh, fine, you're a Palestinian from America and I'm a Palestinian from Gaza. You can get in and I am not even allowed to return to my home in Gaza." By then the Egyptian police had arrived and they pulled Leila and this woman out of the bus.

No contact between Palestinians and foreigners. That has been the order of the day every day since we pitched our tents here at Rafah.

We can understand the attitude of the members of this impressive convoy, with its buses, refrigerator trucks and vans. It has been so difficult for them to get this far with half of their humanitarian aid(the other half was confiscated in Alexandria) that it was hard for them to jeopardize delivery of the remaining supplies by attempting to help the people they were watching being beaten up before their very eyes. They would have been heavily penalized-they would have been refused entry into Gaza.

How can one comprehend Egyptian policy? How can one understand these Egyptian policemen who viciously beat the Palestinians and treat them like sub-humans, like enemies? Why prevent the Palestinians from returning to their own homes? Who gives the orders? Why not tell them what procedures they need to follow? And, by the way, is there one? We have asked these questions countless times, and each time we got a different answer. The only thing we are sure of is that the Egyptian authorities are pathologically corrupt, that they collaborate willingly with the Zionist entity and that they lie to their police force and army units to make sure they keep mistreating the Palestinians.

We are going to wait for the return of the Viva Palestina convoy and we hope they will not be satisfied with 24 hours in Gaza, because the border is still closed, especially for Palestinians.
PS : A good news : Kefiah Ib Mousa Hamed, the Palestinian woman with kidney problems we found lying on the ground in front of Rafah gate some days ago came back and was the only one to be allowed to enter into Gaza.

America's Power Grabbers find Islam's Message of Piety, negating Wealth, Race, Nationality too Radical

by Sis. Sofia [The writer teaches English in New York City.]

* In societies, beginnings are important. They often foreshadow future events, even the very destiny of its people. The choices that individuals, nations or society at large make may affect everything else that follows.
**The founding fathers of the United States of America declared the land that they emigrated to as God-given and desired to make it a nation like no other on earth, a land for religious freedom, equality and liberty. Yet, the actions of some of their leaders espoused slavery that contradicted the claims of their Constitution, the rule of law that they claimed was the highest authority for this new nation.

And, this land was home to Native Americans. The only way out for the white Anglo-Saxon Europeans was to commit genocide on its lawful inhabitants-as zionist Israelis and Americans have done in Palestine. And that is what they did, in the name of God --as if God is into real estate and sides with injustice and power-grabbers on earth.

The United States of America has not been able to shed their first missteps, these crimes against humanity from their midst. They just cannot totally get rid of bigotry from the minds and hearts of its inhabitants.

And, whatever happened to slavery? That too continues in many shapes and forms from the mostly "black" and Latino Americans in prisons, to the feudal system with its claim to divine right of kings, blue blood of its feudal lords. Serfdom of the poor landless farm workers still persists in the social and economic hierarchy that is found throughout the United States of America.

Those that have money and power somehow also get blue blood in their family history and human dignity, and the workers/ employees are mere chattels of their bosses in businesses, big corporations, and all other employment, totally beholden to them for their very survival similar to the serfs under lords of the manor in nations on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

The United States of America is still a land of power grabbers and the powerless majority. It is still a land of economic and social injustices and enslavement. The myths and the realities of this nation do not mesh. In a free democratic society, if one wishes to test its relevance and authenticity, one must look to those who are at the bottom, the "minorities" of a society, its un-empowered, its poor, its homeless and its jobless and see how the powers that be deal with them. In this, the United States fares very badly which just goes to show that unbridled Capitalistic Greed and Democracy cannot be bedfellows-ever.

****Some people have claimed superiority based on race or religion such as Japan, Germany with disastrous consequences to the rest of the world's people in the 20th century. And now it is Israel that commits genocide on the Palestinians claiming superiority of race and religion and its divine right to dominate the peoples of the world sanctioned by none other than the Creator or so they claim.
*****Islam solved all of these problems. The Qur'an deals with the issues of equality of all human beings. In Islam, the only criterion to judge a human being is that of Piety, not wealth, color of their skin, ancestry, place of birth. Islam does not believe in the divine right of kings, or in superiority of any race. All of humanity are one: there are no "chosen people"-as zionist Israelis claim, no kingship, no feudal lords, no organized religion with clergy to dominate and control human beings of believers of the One and only Creator of the Universe.

Islam is all comprehensive, all inclusive- for a truly democratic planet. It exposes all those Muslims who violate these tenets such as self-appointed kings, political leaders, the rich who do not distribute their excess wealth amongst the poor and needy in society, and criminals of all kinds in the world at large.

Islam offers solutions for the ills of society such as racism, slavery, excessive wealth in society that leads to injustices and criminality. It offers solutions to human failings and weaknesses. It suggests ways to create a peaceful and just society everywhere.

*****Muslims have had the misfortune of having corrupt, greedy, power-grabbers and self-proclaimed rulers in their midst for centuries. The world, it seems, is not yet ready to receive Islam and its ideals.

Iran hangs 13 Islamic Jundallah fighters: Westernized prisoners to be released, Bahai trial put off.

Published - Jul 14 2009 10:07AM EDT

[From wire services.] Authorities in southeastern Iran on Tuesday [July 14] hanged 13 members of a Sunni Muslim rebel group convicted of bombings and killings in the area, the official IRNA news agency reported Tuesday.
The report said Abdulhamid Rigi, brother of Abdulmalik Rigi, leader of the group known as Jundallah or Soldiers of God, had been scheduled to be hanged along with the 13 men on Tuesday but his execution was postponed. It gave no reason for the postponement.
Earlier on Tuesday, state radio reported that Abdulhamid Rigi was one of 14 men hanged.
There was no immediate explanation for the discrepancy.
The executions, according to the state radio, took place in the city of Zahedan , some 930 miles (1,500 kilometers) southeast of Iran's capital Tehran and scene of some of the deadliest attacks blamed on Jundallah, which has carried out bombings, kidnappings and killings in the area in recent years.
The group is composed of Sunnis from the Baluchi ethnic minority who complain of persecution by the overwhelmingly Shiite and Persian Iranian government.
IRNA said all 13 men were supposed to be hanged in public but authorities changed their mind at the last minute and decided to execute them inside Zahedan's main prison. The state radio had earlier reported that the executions took place in public.
The area in southeast Iran where Jundallah is active also is a key smuggling point for drugs _ mainly opium _ and is the scene of frequent clashes between police and traffickers.
Iranian authorities say Jundallah has close ties to "foreign forces" in neighboring Afghanistan, a possible reference to the al-Qaida terror network.
Iran has faced several ethnic and religious insurgencies that have carried out sporadic, sometimes deadly attacks in recent years _ though none have amounted to a serious threat to the government.

[New Trend comment: Such harsh penalties carried out in a great hurry smack of blind hatred and tyranny. While Iran is opening up to the West, it is trying to smash resistance by Islamic forces. It's a serious mistake and a blunder. Zahedan is not far from Afghanistan. Iran would do itself a favor by noticing that U.S. B1 and B52 bombers plus a large NATO-US army has not been able to crush Islamic resistance. According to the Qur'an, the sign of the believers is that they are compassionate towards the believers and strong agaist the oppressors. Iran seems to be reversing the rule by opening up to the West, putting off the trials of Bahais, letting Rafsanjani give the Juma' khutba [July 17] but hastily executing Islamic fighters. Iran has a knee jerk response to criticism of its atrocities against Jundallah by labelling them as U.S. agents and "wahhabies." If that is true at all, a proper trial would have helped the Muslim world to see that Iran's contention is correct. Notice that owing to Jundallah's growing popularity in Zahedan, the executions could not be carried out in public.]

Juma Khutba: July 17, 2009
by Dr. Kaukab Siddique
at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Baltimore, Maryland

Learning from Iqbal about Mairaj-e-Mustafa:
Prophet Muhammad's [pbuh] Ascension: Night Journey to Jerusalem and to the Seven Heavens: The Holy city under Israeli -Jewish Occupation

The Muslim world is celebrating the Night Journey of Muhammad, the last messenger and prophet of Allah, pbuh. [Rajab 26-27] The Qur'an emphasizes the great significance of the Night Journey [Isra'] and the Ascension [mairaj] of Muhammad, pbuh. The aHadith, particularly the Sahih of Bukhari, give details of this great event. Just about all the scholars of Islam have commented on these texts. Allama Iqbal, the visionary Poet of the East, looked at the levels of meaning in the Hadith. Here is a summary of main points made by Iqbal and other famous scholars: Conclusion: Muslims must try to understand the message of Muhammad, p. If you have faith in Allah, nothing can defeat you. In the bleakest of situations, Allah transported Muhammad, p, beyond time and space so that he would not waver in his mission.

At this time the Zionist-Jewish terrorist entity known as "Israel" is in blatant occupation of Palestine, of Jerusalem, of masjid al-Aqsa. The message of Islam is: RISE UP O UMMAH of ISLAM, ONE BILLION STRONG and liberate Jerusalem. The Zionist-Jews must be confronted and their terror machine, "Israel," defeated and dismantled, so that blessed Palestine and masjid al-Aqsa may be liberated.

Obama's NAACP Speech.
Obama tells Blacks to Own their Future: Black Response by Kenneth D. Price
Why doesn't he say that to Big Banking, Big Investment and Big Auto
[Courtesy Afrocentrikworld.]

A skewed message...

Perhaps President Obama should have offered the same advice for big banking, big investment banking, and big auto. Is it me or have we not seen an overnight transference of taxpayer money to industries - which caused their own problems - that dwarfs any reparations demand that I've seen. There are countless examples of majority population segments ROUTINELY reaching into the public coffer rather than "owning" their futures. Just to name a few: Fundamentally, our challenges are economic. Black folks have demonstrated a profound faith, in spite of a legacy of social injustice; and injustice that transcends 1619-1865 as we are reminded by Douglas Blackmon's Slavery By Another Name". President Obama's broadstroking black families, and particularly black parents, is an affront to black parents. With one daughter on a magna cum laude track entering her senior year in college and another who is ranked 17th in her class as an honors student, what is Obama's point. And how many parents who are reading this email right now, can look at their children for these and greater achievements? We should be scratching our heads with this type of generalization that does little more than ease the guilt of broader society. Economics is the issue. And those same problems that once primarily confronted the "inner city" are now reaching into first ring suburbs. Former federal funds and incentives that build white flight enclaves 50 years ago are moving to second and outer ring suburbs. Now we are witnessing those first (largely white) suburbs across the country begging for the same federal help that they once cited as complaints when such help was sought by inner city advocates. Indeed, some are now "identifying" with the urban core. Economics is the issue. Where economies flounder, social ills rise. Anyone who doubts the nexus should refer to the Prince William Sound in the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez oil spill. This pristine white community witnessed a sharp increase in alcoholism, its Mayor committed suicide, and numerous other problems heightened as its commercial fishing economy eroded.

I voted for President Obama and volunteer during his campaign. While I am in agreement with owning our futures and have lived by that creed, my discontent with President Obama is in his predicable application of that principle to solely to Black America.

Is Israel a "Democracy?" : A Marylander Points out the Fallacy. What about Hamas Elections?
Israeli Violations Of Obama's Appeal to Stop Expansion of Settlements

Dear Letters Editor, Washington Post:

Ehud Olmert's op-ed (7-17-09), "How to achieve a lasting peace: stop focusing on the settlements," is a call for continuation of Israeli expansionist tactics. All the previous peace "processes" have provided for Palestinian non-violence against Israel, AND for Israel to stop its settlements in recognized Palestinian territory (ALL of which are illegal, according to the Fourth Geneva Convention, to which Israel is a signatory). Many times, despite extreme provocation, Palestinians have refrained from violence against Israel, but Israel has always continued the building of settlements; in fact, during times of peace negotiations, Israel has made the most progress in stealing Palestinian land.

Any offers of peace by Israel (including Olmert's) have not provided for a VIABLE Palestinian state, but rather several cantons of Palestinian authority, all separated by Jewish-only roads and checkpoints. This is similar to offering prisoners in jails the use of 95% of the jail, while the remaining 5% is being controlled by the jailors. Why would any self-respecting people accept this?

Another point: Olmert says that " ... Israel, [is] the only real Middle Eastern democracy whose founding principles are based on the Western values of liberty and freedom for all." This statement is blatantly false. Israel is not a democracy, but rather an ethnocracy, with its insistence on Jewish majority and control. Israel's promise (in its "Declaration of Israel's Independence" (5/14/48) to "uphold the full social and political equality of all its citizens, wtihout distinction of race, creed, or sex; ..." has most certainly not been fulfilled, with Palestinian citizens of Israel not being given by any means the same rights and privileges of Jews. There is little similarity between U.S. democracy and Israeli democracy, with Israel's barring of non-Jews, even those with Israeli citizenship, from owning land or from earning a living on it.

Why has not the mass media recognized that Palestinians had a democratic election
(and is therefore the only democracy in the Middle East)? Just because the U.S. and Israel then decide that they don't like the results of the election does not make it invalid.


Report from Sweden about Festerng Hatred for Islam in Bosnia

My name is Sead Busuladzic, 27, from Bosnia and Herzegovina but I currently live in Sweden where I study political science.
I want to send you news that I have translated and summarized from some Bosnian Islamic news pages, because of the situation in Bosnia where the media is very islamophobic and even the highest authority in BiH have complained about it. I feel a need to write to you what is happening in Bosnia. Today unfortunately we have had our first victim of the hatred of islam in the city of Mostar, where one young Muslim's life has been taken by people that hate Islam. The media was very fast to report and demonize Muslims but when the situation became clear that it was the muslims that were victims in this incident the media became silent. The killing of Muslim woman in Germany is just one of the first killings that we will see in Europe because of the hatred against islam spread by the media!

One man killed and three wounded in an islamophobic attack in Bosnia: Serious Media Bias

Last night in city of Mostar in southern Bosnia and Hercegovina a fight ocurred when a group of young Muslim men were attacked by another group of young men from a bar near by. The fighting started after insults were directed at a young Muslim man who was coming from prayer around 10 o'clock.

Young men came out from the bar and started attacking the Muslim man, says a woman who was an eyewitness to the incident.

Three young Muslim men were seriously hurt while a young Muslim man who was trying to calm down the situation was killed. The young man Magdi Dizdarević, a 34 year old Muslim was attacked in the head and taken to hospital, where he later died because his skull was crushed.

The media reported about the incident as a fight between Islamic radical wahhabis and ordinary young men who were sitting in a bar and celebrating. Although they reported that all the involved men that were questioned by the police denied that they belonged to any radical islamic movement the media insisted on referring to them as wahhabis.

The highest islamic organ in Mostar condemned the attacks on Muslims as well as the media raporting about the incident as islamophobic. The media in Bosnia and Hercegovina have been accused earlier by the highest representative of Muslims in that country reis-al-ulema Mustafa ef. Ceric for Study of spreading hatred towards islam.
The furneral will be held tommorrow saturday 18 o'clock.

2009-07-20 Mon 18:42:37 cdt