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"In a world of fugitives, the person going in the right direction seems to be running away." [T.S. Eliot.]
More than 80% of the people of AFRICA are Muslims, yet African-Americans are not helped by the power structure in America to connect with Muslims in Africa.
Islamic sources in U.K. are asserting that the Saudi government has murdered two Imams opposed to the U.S. presence. Also, for the first time in recent months, there was a clash on the northern Arabian desert border between mujahideen and Saudi security in which several Saudi policemen were killed, three according to some reports.
Islamic fighters in Kashmir appear to have regrouped and have launched several attacks on the Indian army searching for them in the mountains.
PRESIDENT SADDAM HUSSAIN IS ALIVE: Raises battle cry of Allahu Akbar!

[With special thanks to David Irving's web site.]

[We have finally received English translation of Saddam Hussain's two messages published by Al-Quds al-Arabi in May. These are written LONG HAND in Arabic and it is almost impossible to fake such lengthy handwritten Arabic letters. Our sources say that these letters confirm that Saddam Hussain is alive and has emerged in the role of mujahid.

The content of the letters could also explain the spate of attacks on U.S. troops in the last 10 days in which 11 U.S. troops were killed and 19 injured.]

[On June 1, U.S. troops were attacked WITHIN BAGHDAD and this time the U.S. refused to reveal its losses, though first reports indicated consisderable casualties. For the first time after the war, Iraqis fired mortars at U.S. troops.]

Al-Quds al-Arabi, London, Saturday, 10 May 2003. The following is the text of the second handwritten letter attributed to President Saddam Hussein, which al-Quds al-Arabi received yesterday.

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Mercy-giving.

"And they both said, Our Lord, we are afraid that he will crack down upon us or tyrannize. He said, fear not, for I am with you both. I hear and I see." [al-Qur'an, 20:45-46].

From Saddam Hussein to the people of great Iraq.

Iraq. 6 Rabi' al-Awwal 1424 H., 7 May 2003.

Rise to jihad! Rise to jihad! Rise to jihad!

Peace be upon you and the mercy of God and His blessings!

To the people of great Iraq,

Your brothers' jihad has begun every day to inflict continuous losses on the American and British criminal enemy. Be with your brethren, for God is with them.

"Cling firmly together to God's rope, and do not separate. Remember God's favor towards you when you were enemies; He united your hearts so you became brothers because of His favor. You were on the brink of a fiery pit, and He saved you from it! Thus God explains His signs to you, so that you may be guided."
[al-Qur'an, 3:103]

You see the cowardly occupier killing some of your brothers, sisters, and children every day with his hateful bullets, without his crimes being condemned by those who conceal themselves under human rights, nor even by those to whom they apply.

In your time, the time of greatness, of the united homeland, and of security, there was no one who would open the door to rob your country.

I say that the American and British invaders have stolen from your wealth in antiquities and your oil, indeed they have stolen from the banks more money than they are declaring. Let everyone know that your banks were full of money in various currencies, belonging to depositors and to the state. The invaders, who will steal your oil and your wealth, have taken the money too. It is not a new thing about Bush or Blair that they are thieves, and they are murderers.

I am not revealing a secret now when I say that the amount of money that the states around Iraq have spent since 1968 and until now in order to harm Iraq because of its noble Arab nationalist positions and to prevent its rising, if that amount had been spent on the liberation of Palestine and its reconstruction, that task would have been accomplished. Indeed it would have been enough to liberate all the occupied Arab lands from Israel and from others.

And while the Syrian regime embraced the oppositionists, and they are traitors, and permitted them to share information with the CIA and Britain, it did not permit resistance fighters to remain even for a matter of days. The same thing has been done by the Jordanian regime, which has been promoting the Zionist program since it signed the shameful Wadi Araba Agreement. As to the Saudi regime, which permitted the invaders to pollute the land of the Prophet (may God's peace and blessings be upon him), it alone spent against Muslim, Arab nationalist Iraq more than the mind can envisage, in service to the Zionist enemy and America.

At one time they said "the Americans are here to protect us from Israel", but it became clear that the intention was to facilitate aggression against Arab Muslim Iraq.

As to the debauched, lying, traitorous, Kuwaiti regime that has sold out its honor, its land, and its dignity, we say that they are 'Alqamis [Ibn al-'Alqam was a prime minister who negotiated the surrender of Baghdad to the Mongol hordes in 1258] against the Arab Nation, just as there was an 'Alqami in Baghdad among the filthy traitors. The ruling group in Iran practiced hypocrisy and plotted against the Arabs and Islam making use of all its viciousness. It embraced America's spies against Iraq. It helped the blockade of Iraq. And in addition to that, they are the only ones who benefit from what is going on. They took part in the plot against the Taliban and they acted the same with Iraq. Now they will never have a role in plotting except in favor of the regimes that are opposed to American imperialism. Over the course of many years Turkey has permitted American and British airplanes to kill your brothers and sisters and the children of your country as have the cowardly traitors of the Saudi ruling family.

We have suffered a great deal. Now our brothers in Syria will discover that they have done wrong against us when they took part in the war against us in 1991, and as Iraq was subjected to wars and blockade lasting 13 years, as well as during the continuous air raids that allowed the aggressors to enter the country. What happened to Iraq has afflicted everyone who wants to live in dignity, whether they be regimes, parties or even information media, with fear. Those who have submitted have submitted, and they have been compelled even to find substitutes for such vocabulary words as "jihad" and religion".

People of great Iraq!

There are many secrets that, if we told them, would transform the "facts" and people's convictions about certain persons and events. But the reality now that we must act upon is resistance to the occupation, kicking them out and crushing them. I ask, what has Jordan gained by providing information against Iraq and its leaders to the invaders? What has the land of Nejd and al-Hijaz gained by supporting the occupation forces until now with instruments, tanks, airplanes, food, and drink? They lie and try to conceal their crimes when they say "we are providing humanitarian assistance". As for the Iranian regime, beware! They are racists who have no connection with the Islamic struggle.

People of great Iraq!

Only those who are resisting the occupation are thinking in terms of a unified Iraq. Whoever extends his hand to the invaders is not thinking about a unified Iraq. Unite! Respect one another! And cooperate! Do not evict the person who possesses rented property, and do not attack one another. The money of any one of you is a trust in the care of his brother, or his neighbor, or of the whole of Iraq. Remember that you, Arabs, Kurds, Turkomans, and other citizens, are brothers and sisters in religion and the homeland; and that you, Sunnis, and Shi'is are Muslims and brothers and sisters in the homeland.

I wish to tell you that whoever says that they are victims of the regime, do not believe them. Some of those with weak souls wish to find a place with the occupier. Still others came along with the occupier in the first place.

As to the Iraqis abroad, I ask them to help their brothers and sisters immediately and with advice. Encourage them to resist the occupier. Whoever is able to help his brother, let him do so.

Everyone preserve the homeland. Everyone mount resistance. Do not! Do not! Do not let them at your oil and your wealth! Resist! Resist! Resist! And boycott the occupier and his supporters. This is a religious and patriotic obligation.

In the Battle of the Airport, there took place a battle of such enormity and ferocity, with your brothers the sons of Iraq in the army and the people, that the American criminal losses totaled more than two thousand killed and a greater number injured, their equipment destroyed, damaged, or captured. If the photographers had been allowed to take pictures at the airport they would say that these were pictures of a holocaust that was visited upon them in that battle.

But then there was the treachery from certain persons who attached no importance to their religion, their homeland, their Arab Nation, and their honor, and in return for a price which, however large it was, would still be a paltry sum in comparison with the harm that they have inflicted upon Iraq and the Arab nation.

We fought with manliness, honor, nobility, and greatness and we were not defeated so long as faith in God remained in our souls, so long as the jihad was our choice, and the resistance our response.

The invaders have created a situation of insecurity in Iraq. Theft, murder, rape and looting were among the things they brought with them. Dishonor will remain their lot, and it will not pass without God's reckoning.

Look how those who call themselves an Iraqi opposition came offering support to the occupier so that he could rob them, occupy their homeland, and split them off from their Arab Nation and recognize the Zionist entity! Whether they wore the turbans of religious leaders or American-style hats makes no difference so long as they inflict on their people this pain and occupation.

People of united Iraq! All those who gathered to decide the course of how you will be ruled are traitors who facilitated the aggression and occupation. You will not find a single honorable person among them.

I call on you, Iraqis, to make the mosques a center for resistance and support for religion, Islam, and the homeland. Make the enemy feel that you hate him in word and deed.

This great Iraq belongs to all of you; not to any individual. It is a support for and an integral part of the Arab Nation and the Muslim world community.

And when there is time and a place to review our experience, we will do that in democratic spirit that does not submit to any foreigner or Zionist.

Support your religion and your brethren. Advise the rest of the Arabs and Muslims so that the rupture that you can see does not happen. Be for your Arab Nation so that the people of the Nation will be for you. And if you see the enemy wants to take Syria or Jordan or Saudi Arabia or Iran, help those people in resisting him; for they, despite their regimes, are your brethren in religion or Arabism. Help Kuwait and the rest of the Arabian Gulf states, and Egypt and Jordan and Turkey, to get rid of the American enemy.

God is greatest! Rise to jihad! Rise to jihad!

Long live Iraq, Arab, Muslim, united!

Long live Palestine, Arab and free from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River!

God is greatest! And may the despicable be despised!
The second handwritten message,

After one handwritten message and one recorded message.

Saddam Hussein

6 Rabi' al-Awwal 1424. 7 May 2003.
Al-Quds al-Arabi, London, Monday 12 May 2003.

The following is the text of the third handwritten message attributed to Saddam Hussein that al-Quds al-Arabi received yesterday.

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Mercy-giving.

And if they turn away, say: 'God is sufficient for me, there is no god but Him, in Him I put my trust and He is the Lord of the tremendous throne.'
[al-Qur'an, 9:129]

From Saddam Hussein to the Great Arab people and the people of Iraq, an integral part of this people.

To those who remain fervent on behalf of this Arab Nation, to all of you, Peace be upon you and the mercy of God and His blessings!

I send this message of mine to you in the difficult conditions through which the Arab Nation is passing, and Iraq is a part of this nation. I write to you this evening, in which the night has closed in to envelop us in its shade, without electricity, making writing a difficult undertaking in the pitch dark.

But the struggle will never cease. The resistance will never end. And night must indeed be followed by day.

Great Arab people!

I have pledged to God to die a martyr and not surrender to the cowardly and murderous American and British enemy. If the first round was dominated by the treason committed by people who sold out their religion, their nation, their homeland, and their honor; the conclusion will be written by none other than the Believers in God, by those who will expel the murderous invader thieves. As I say farewell to young men and women who go off to carry out missions against the murderous, cowardly enemy, I remember at every moment pure Arab, Islamic history. The future is built by people like those, just as it will be built by the children of the mujahid and great Palestinian people.

The Arab states neighboring Iraq, and also those that do not neighbor Iraq, are traitors who have unleashed an opposition against themselves. When the aggression began, they were among the aggressor forces. These states facilitated the communications and the movements of those traitors with the CIA, the Mossad, and British Intelligence. Iran and Turkey in the same way facilitated these communications.

It is not strange that those whom Iran had embraced entered Iraq under the protection of the American and British forces. The same was done by Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and the depraved Saudi ruling family, and by hose who have sold out their land and honor in the regime of occupied Kuwait. I confirm to you that the first-rank leaders did not surrender or betray. They were handed over by traitors or their hand-over was carried out by the two regimes in Syria and Jordan along the borders. I am saying this so that you will know that the entry of the enemy into Baghdad was not easy even with the existence of treachery. We fought while we were under blockade for 13 years, and we now face more than 500,000 criminal invaders and more than one intelligence agency has worked against us. In fact all the Arab intelligence agencies  those surrounding Iraq and those further off  would supply American intelligence with free information under the heading of showing their devotion.

This is in addition to the equipment and means of communication that we were being denied. But in spite of that, if it had not been for the treason, we would have been able to stand steadfast for years bleeding the enemy and not allowing him to enter Baghdad.

After what has happened, I call on those of you who still retain their fervor for your Arab nation and your religion, I call on you directly  and I do not call on your regimes  to act under the banner of jihad, the banner of 'God is Greatest', each in accordance with his ability, capability, and the measure of his or her faith. This jihad begins for everyone with the following:

1. Boycotting the American, British, and Zionist enemy.

2. Refusing to give any concessions to any of their personnel or institutions, even refusing to transport them in taxis or to rent out housing to them.

3. Refusing to hold talks with any of them, so long as the slogan of such talks is not "No to the American, British, and Israeli occupation!"

4. Boycotting the goods of these states and of all those who support the aggression.

5. Non-cooperation with any Iraqi individual, political party, or group if they speak for the criminal occupier or if they agree with or support the occupation.

6. Make your governments hear your voices and make them remember when you are with them that you are all sons and daughters of one country and one Arab Nation.

7. The real struggle must not threaten public or private property. As to those who embark on jihad with their spirits in the path of God and the Arab Nation, their behavior and means are known to all of us.

During the start of the aggression, I used to hear your voices, great Arab people of ours, and I saw the very manly and dignified positions that you took. But unfortunately, the Arab regimes were not up to your level of understanding and feeling.

So I did not ask the president of Egypt to fight on my behalf, but we did ask that he prevent the passage of the invaders' weapons through the Suez Canal and through Egyptian airspace. Yet 95 percent of the forces and equipment that killed your brothers and sisters in Iraq passed through the Suez Canal. The feebleness of the Egyptian regime was one of the reasons for these situations. Since the passing of the historic leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, and despite the differences of opinion in assessing his experience, he was able, on the basis of his personal purity and clarity, to commit Egypt with all its weight to make of it a leader of the Arab people and of those who love the cause of liberation from occupation. I say frankly that the Islamic world community and Arab Nation have never brought forth regimes so treacherous as those that we have witnessed in the regimes of Egypt, the Saudi dynasty, the Sabah dynasty [in Kuwait], the Jordanian regime, and the regime of Qatar  which has the duty of washing off the disgrace of the permission it granted to the criminals of the aggression to plan their crimes and their aggression against Iraq. Nor has the Islamic Community ever brought forth regimes so treacherous and contemptible as the regimes in Iran and Turkey.

Our great Arab people!

Let your slogan be "No to the occupation in word and deed!" Let that begin with the man in the street and rise to the communications media.

Expose the aggressor! Do not spread their lies; all of them are murderers!

You whose weapon is the word, reject the occupation and aggression!

Brother and sister Arab intellectuals, writers, journalists, photographers, artists! You are called upon to expose the cowardly occupier and his crimes. Do not permit those who support the occupier, or who offer excuses for him, to exist in your midst. You in the sports field, reject the occupier! Boycott him and his teams and their supporters. Let the boycott encompass all fields so that all your voices will rise against the occupation!

You are our hope, not the regimes. If the leadership of Iraq has been subjected to all that it has been subjected to because of its patriotic and Arab nationalist stances against imperialism and Zionism, then the path of jihad will continue to be the path of this leadership as we have chosen our slogan to be "Martyrs in the path of God, or jihad until victory!"

God is greatest!

Long live the Arab people!

Long live the Iraqi people, who are an inseparable part of the Arab people!

Long live Palestine, free and Arab, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River!

And may the despicable be despised!

The third handwritten message.

Saddam Hussein.

8 Rabi' al-Awwal 1424.
9 May 2003.

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