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Muslim women can gain equality with and even superiority to men by becoming SCHOLARS OF ISLAM. That's how it was in the past. Do you know that the greatest teacher, scholar and transmitter of Bukhari's Sahih was a WOMAN named Karima the daughter of Ahmed who died in the year 463 of the Hijra calendar.

[Comment: Khateeb Baghdadi, the historian I wrote about in the article rebutting Parvezi fitna against Hadith, was a STUDENT of Karima bint Ahmed, as were other top level Islamic scholars of the time.

The famous scholar Ibn al-Jawzi states (in Al-Muntazim), in writing of the events of 463 H, that Karima was from Kashmehen, a township near the city of Merv in Central Asia. He describes her as "very scholarly and virtuous" and mentions a list of great scholars whom she taught Hadith.

Another famous scholar, Dhahabi, in his book Al-‘Ibr, writing of Karima's passing away in 463 H states that she was living near Makka at that time. He writes that she was known for her great wisdom and nobility and a huge number of people listened to her lessons on Bukhari's Sahih. Other classical books, such as Al-Kamil, Al-Bidaya wun-Nihayya, al-Siir, etc., indicate that she had an original manuscript of Bukhari's Sahih. She is described as outspoken, scholarly, very understanding and active in worship and good deeds. All these are male scholars praising a woman scholar. She was 100 when she passed away.]

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