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[From Dr. Anwarul Haque, Islamabad, Pakistan]
Asslamo Alaikum.

Contrary to the news preented by official Pakistani media, the rumors in Islamabad are rampant that at least 34 Pakistani soldiers got killed in fight against Mujahideen. There were only four Mujahideen who became Shaheed. Rest of the casualties were those of civilians. One army major was given "Military Honor" on his "funeral prayer" and it was declared that he died of heart attack! In reality he died fighting Allah's friends and what Allah's angels are doing to him right now is very clear. Allah will put all thosee who fight in the way of Ta'ghoot in the lowest pit of hell fire according to Quran-e-Majeed. The choice for Pak Army (If it is still a Pak army and not a Napak Army) is only one: either topple Musharraf or go to hell. THERE IS NO OTHER CHOICE

Shaikh Hyder , from London, England

In order to counter the threat of this American dog Musharraf and his gangs of infidels ruling over Pakistan, we should all support Muslim parties who are opposing the present government. There is no other solution of getting rid of renegades ruling over Pakistan since 1950s. Enough is enough. They use and twist the slogans of Islam in danger and take over power. The armed forces of the country have been turned into a force of mercenaries serving the cause of yahud and nassara.

2003-10-12 Sun 06:33ct