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Censored by the Zionist media, New Trend is the First to publish this report in America.
Unprecedented Mass Movement Shows Power of Islam:
Islamic Coalition Thrives

Dear readers: The March 9 OCEAN OF ISLAM which emerged in Rawalpindi, Pakistan was so powerful that it's difficult for us to report it adequately. NEVER HAS PAKISTAN SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS. More than FIVE MILLION PEOPLE took part to condemn America's war plans against IRAQ. The marchers also condemned the American genocide in Afghanistan and hailed the resurgence of guerrilla warfare in AFGHANISTAN which has put American forces on the defensive.

A huge surge of support for PALESTINE and KASHMIR with condemnation of the ZIONIST THUG ENTITY known as Israel plus the Hindu Brahmin killers in Kashmir was expressed.

THE WOMEN OF PAKISTAN CAME OUT IN THEIR MILLIONS, estimated at MORE THAN TWO MILLION, in all kinds of hijabs, AT LEAST A MILLION IN BURQAS, hundreds of thousands in a great variety of hijabs from headscarves to outer coverings etc. etc.

The main speakers, as before, were from the Islamic coalition, ranging all the way from Jamaate Islami, to Deobandi JUI, to Brailvi JUP, to hardcore Taliban (Hanafi), to westernized intellectuals returning to Islam. [Imran Khan and Muslim leaguers, clean shaven, spoke well against Musharref.] Small groups of non-sectarian Shia were also represented.

The chanting went up and down the sea of people.




[Although this was not a jihad movement rally, there were segments of the crowd calling for Jihad against Israel and America. Tens of thousands carried pictures of Mujahid Osama bin Laden, the heartthrob of the Muslim ummah.]

From one end of the sea of people to the other went the war cry of Islamic resistance:


GENERAL MUSHARREF'S treacherous raids, in tandem with FBI agents, on Islamic physicians and on Islamic refugees in Pakistan were condemned. MUSHARREF'S placing of 70,000 troops on the Afghan frontier to aid American military operations was ridiculed and denounced. Musharref's betrayal of Kashmir was highlighted. MUSHARREF'S BETRAYAL of Pakistan's constitutional basis, by inserting his dictatorship into a so-called Legal Frame Work Order (LFO) was analyzed and condemned.

[New Trend's commentary: At this time we are overwhelmed by the event. This is the real Pakistan. This is what Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal, Maulana Maudoodi dreamed of, this is what Ilm Deen gave his life for when he killed the Hindu who insulted the Prophet, pbuh. THE GREEN BANNERS OF ISLAM ARE RISING. Pakistan, we are proud of you. We thought you had been corrupted beyond repair. We thought Musharref's dirt had made you so dirty that you would never be clean again. O bearded leaders of the Islamic movement, we are proud of you. We honor your beards, a semblance of the beard of the Prophet (pbuh), a sign of the beards of the sahaba. O burqa clad daughters and mothers of Islam, we honor you and we are humbled that Musharref could not fool you.

Pakistan, inshallah, you will be the land of the Pure.]

[On a more analytical note: AMERICA's AGENT MUSHARREF is now isolated. His treachery has been uncovered. He has not been able to misguide and fool Pakistanis although he tried his best. Like Judas who sold Jesus (pbuh), Musharref sold his Islamic people for a billion dollars. Like Abdullah ibn Ubayy, he tried all the tricks of munafiqat (hypocrisy) to confuse and divide Pakistanis. Today he stands naked, wearing only the American flag. It is quite possible that this agent might do serious harm before he goes. He might use the armed forces at his disposal, armed and funded by the U.S., to attack the Islamic movement, just as the Algerian junta did with the help of France.

MILITARY FORCE is the only option left to Agent Musharref. The masses opposing him are peaceful and unarmed. They certainly cannot face Musharref's tanks. Fortunately for Pakistan, Islam has a second line of defense. If Musharref attacks the peaceful mass movement, the Jihad movement, which did not take part in the mass rallies, is waiting in the wings to defeat any ultimate act of treachery America's agent might carry out.]
PROF. SAMI al-ARIAN'S ARREST DENOUNCED (University of Milwaukee)
(Islamic Center, Milwaukee)

Dr. Kaukab Siddique received welcome, support and acclaim from the Muslim communities of Milwaukee, Wisconsin during a March 7-9, 2003 visit there.
1. He gave the Juma' khutba to 300+ people at the Islamic Center of Milwaukee.
2. Spoke at the University of Milwaukee on issues related to Post 9.11. The program was sponsored by the Muslim Students Association (MSA), Muslim Women's Organization, Amnesty International (local), Black Students, Latino Students and a number of others. [Earlier a Jewish zionist student group tried some provocations but did not succeed.]
3. Spoke at the Da'wa Center, mostly African-American, in the inner city

Dr. Siddique's juma khutba was for half hour, his speech was for ONE HOUR followed by half an hour of Q & A, and his discussion at the Da'wa center was for one hour. The Main speech at the university is available on video and audio tapes.

Dr. Siddique denounced the arrest of Prof. Sami Al-Arian as a Zionist ploy. He added that by digging up an 8 year old speech to arrest an TENURED PROFESSOR, Attorney General Ashcroft has crossed the line of civilization.

He warned Muslims of the censorship which the major media are carrying out as in the CASE OF IMAM WARITHUDDIN ‘UMAR where the Wall Street Journal tried to destroy an authentic imam's life time effort by frontpaging his off-the-record remarks, twisting them out of context.

He spoke about the case of IMAM JAMIL AL-AMIN, Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, Ahmed Abdel Sattar and Lynne Stewart to explain the downfall of justice in America.

He spoke at length about Iraq and how to understand and face the situation.
At the ISLAMIC CENTER, Dr. Siddique pointed out the failure of Muslim leadership which is based on nationalism, so much so that one group of them were silent about the rape of Muslim women in India by drunken mobs of Hindus, while the others wave the American flag and cannot speak against the GANGSTERS WHO CALL THEMSELVES ISRAEL.
He condemned those Muslims who try to give a secondary place to women in Islamic work.
At the DA'WA CENTER, Dr. Siddique spoke on the need for united Muslim families where women play an EQUAL role in Islamic work. There cannot be an authentic Islam where women are left out, he said. He discussed the solutions to major problems facing Muslims in America.
[Special thanks for the Milwaukee program go to a large list of people. May Allah reward them all, in particular Br. Aamer and the young people with him.]
[This is in continuation of letters after the editor of Muslim Journal, Sis. Ayesha Mustafaa, abused Br. Kaukab Siddique and called him ‘Abu Lahab.' The problem began when Sis. Karen English wrote a powerful poem in which she questioned Imam W.D.'s silence in the face of Bush's atrocities against Muslims worldwide. Muslim Journal is the voice of Imam W.D. Muhammad. ]
[The following is from Sis. Nadrat, Baltimore.]

asalamu alaikum

Wallahai, it seems that some of W.D.'s supporters have overlooked the essential attributes of humility of a Muslim leader, exemplified by the rasool (S.A.W.), and further elucidated by Hazrat Omar (R.A). Can you imagine a modern day badou (bedouin) getting into W.D.'s space, by pulling him by the collar of his Yves St. Laurent suit, fingering his Christian Dior tie, and asking him Ms. English's question in person? Because the Badou would be within his Islamic rights to do so. It is characteristic of a dictator or a tyrant to be above questioning--certainly not of a Muslim leader.
[Received from Br. Hammad, Falls Church, Virginia]
FBI questions stun Muslim arrested at his home
By PHILLIP O'CONNOR Post-Dispatch [St' Louis, Missouri]
02/11/2003 12:00 AM

City man says his views are outside mainstream, but adds he's no terrorist

Anti-war activities were a focus when Police arrested an American-born Muslim in St. Louis early Sunday and took him to a police station where FBI agents questioned him about his anti-war activities and whether he was planning any attacks against the U.S. government.

Bret Darren Lee, whose Muslim name is Umar ben-Ivan, said Monday that he was stunned by the questions.

"I just looked at them," Lee said of his interrogators. "I didn't think they'd asked me anything worth responding to."
Lee, 28, said he is active in Muslim and anti-war groups and acknowledged that he holds views that may be considered outside the political mainstream. But Lee said he is far from a terrorist.

"I am very much an American," said Lee, who attended McCluer North High School and converted to Islam 11 years ago. He works at a Blockbuster store. "To insinuate that just because I'm a Muslim I'm a threat is an insult to me, because I'm just as much an American as they are," he said.

He blamed his arrest on religious profiling and a shift in emphasis by the FBI and local law enforcement toward counter-terrorism.

"They have to do something to justify their budgets," he said.

The FBI and police declined to comment on Lee's arrest or interrogation.

Lee said he was sleeping in his apartment in the 4000 block of Hydraulic Avenue about 5 a.m. Sunday when awakened by loud knocking at his door. He said he thought it might be a Muslim neighbor waking him for prayers.

Instead, several police officers barged in with weapons drawn, put Lee up against a wall and asked whether he had any weapons in the apartment, Lee said. A National Rifle Association sticker is affixed to the apartment's front door.

"I told them that's my cheap version of an alarm system. I don't have any guns," Lee said he replied.

He was handcuffed and taken to a squad car.

Police spent about 45 minutes searching his apartment and removed a box of documents, including Lee's passport, fliers related to Muslim community events and anti-war protests and articles Lee had written for Web-based publications. The documents were later returned.

Police arrested Lee on a fugitive warrant out of Lee's Summit, Mo. Lee blamed the warrant on a bureaucratic mix-up. He said he was unaware he needed to report to Missouri probation officials after being released from federal prison following a 1999 bank fraud conviction. He said he believed police used the probation violation as a pretext for his arrest and interrogation.

"It's obvious," he said. "They never even asked me about the probation violation."
While Lee was still in custody, FBI agents returned to Lee's apartment about noon Sunday and spent a half-hour questioning his wife about whether he was a terrorist, his thoughts about the Taliban, and whether he was planning to take part in any more anti-war protests.

At the station, FBI agents and a police investigator spent about 30 minutes asking similar questions of Lee. They also asked him about the activities of other local anti-war protesters, he said.

Lee posted $4,500 bail and was released late Sunday night.

2003-03-10 Mon 11:29ct