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Sha'ban 1, 1426/September 5, 2005 #68
Scroll way down for amazing INSIDE REPORT on N.O. which the media missed. Also see below ISNA-CAIR's official acceptance by Bush as tools of U.S. government propaganda.


A very learned sister, African-American Muslimah, says: The best way of understanding the shameful aftermath of the New Orleans catastrophe is to see the city as one of America's slave ships. Like in the ships which brought slaves from Africa to America, Black people in New Orleans were left to die of hunger, thirst, disease, without toilet facilities. Tens of thousands of the poor and the oppressed spent days in 93 degrees heat and nights in total darkness surrounded by human waste and feces. The dead were left unburied.
Our learned sister's comment reminds us of the teachings of our elder, Dr. Abdul Alim Shabazz, who says: to understand America's domestic policies as well as its occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, one must understand the cult of White Supremacy and Racism which drives America's power elites
[though there is no lack of good White individuals].
JEWISH HAND BEHIND GOVERNMENT FAILURE IN NEW ORLEANS and in IRAQ: One reader who wishes to be anonymous says that it is no coincidence that the man who was responsible and who failed to help the people of New Orleans in time is JEWISH: The boss of Homeland Security, Mr. Chertoff.

He adds: It is no coincidence that the hand behind the invasion of Iraq was also JEWISH: Wolfowitz in tandem with Israeli terrorist Netanyahoo and his confederates in Washington. It's clear as day, our informant says, that the U.S. COULD NOT HELP ITS OWN PEOPLE in a timely fashion because it had put all it had into the occupation of Iraq. There was no air, naval or tank armada entering New Orleans after the storm to help the people. It took 4 nights and 4 days of horror before the first 50 military vehicles entered New Orleans.
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Under the supervision of Imam Badi Ali in North Carolina, a Task Force has been set up to help people coming out of the New Orleans disaster area. The purpose of the Task Force is to organize various aspects of the relief effort as follows: GULF MEDICAL RELIEF FUND reports: FAMILY EXTENDED EDUCATIONAL TIDE [FEET]:

This organization, led by Sis. Ashira Na'im, an internationally known Muslim woman leader, has started its work in Houston, Texas. Sis. Ashira specializes in helping the most oppressed segments of humanity, both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Funds for FEET's efforts were collected at Masjid al-Madinah and Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen both in Baltimore on September 2

[Report incomplete.]

Both organizations are tax exempt and properly documented for the helping and sheltering activities they carry out.

What Drew Allah's Wrath in the form of Katrina?
What are the Media Hiding from the Public?

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

A good number of Muslims, including some of New Trend's readers, think that the storm which hit Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama was punishment from Allah Almighty for what the U.S. has been doing in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine and for U.S. support for torture of Muslims in Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia by tyrants.

When the U.S. keeps a top scholar of Islam, the blind Shaikh Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, in a little prison cell, it is bound to draw Allah's wrath, Muslims say. When a deeply spiritual Islamic leader, Imam Jamil al-Amin, is given life in prison on fake charges, mistreated and humiliated , it is going to draw Allah's wrath sooner or later. Millions of Muslims have been praying for Allah's vengeance as the cities of Iraq and the villages of Afghanistan went up in flames. International Jewry's takeover of America has made this country vulnerable to Allah's wrath, these Muslims say.

Tell me what you think of these Islamic concepts?

Hurricanes are quite common in this part of the U.S. but what turned Katrina into punishment from Allah were these items, according to my Muslim informants: Our Muslim commentators might have a point here. It is "kind of" strange that the U.S. media have BLANKED OUT COMPLETELY the destruction of its military bases on the coast. One indication of the destruction is that 800 air force men have been recalled from Iraq and Afghanistan so that they can take care of their families. Thus from easy trips over defenseless countries to bomb defenseless Muslim populations, these "heroes" now have to come back to take care of their own homes "bombed out" by Allah Almighty.

[Some TV channels did mention that the military bases had been devastated but this info was given very briefly in the news ticker.]

It's also interesting that the media are NOT providing information on the CENTERS of ADULTERY, HOMOSEXUALITY, LIQUOR and GAMBLING which have been wiped out. Honest journalism would have focused on this American Sodom and Gomorrah so as to bring about the contrast between the poverty of the African American population and the obscene luxury and corruption of the rich and the powerful.

Is it possible that CNN, FOX, MSNBC etc do not know that honest journalism requires that both sides be provided?
New Trend Report

ISNA [Islamic Society of North America] INVITED BUSH as GUEST of HONOR: Bush Accepts ISNA as tool of U.S. Propaganda in Muslim Lands

At its annual convention in Rosemont, Illinois, September 2-5, the so-called Islamic Society of North America [ISNA] with its affiliates, CAIR etc, invited President George Bush as its guest of honor.

Instead of coming himself, Bush sent Karen Hughes, "undersecretary of state for public diplomacy." She told the ISNA gathering, according to Associated Press, that part of her job "is to amplify the voices of groups like theirs that are condemning terrorism and religious extremism."

It became quite evident that the government is now openly saying that it will use ISNA to spread its message of a "balanced Islam" to the world. Bush's employee, Ms. Hughes, wants to "foster a sense of common interest" and values between the U.S. and Muslims overseas. For this purpose, she said: "Frankly, who better to do that than many of our American Muslims themselves, who have friends and families in countries across our world." [Baltimore Sun, Sept. 3]

Thus ISNA is in full prostration [sujood] in front of its "god" Bush and the American power structure for whom it once mislead immigrant Muslims into casting a "bloc vote."

Ms. Hughes highly praised ISNA-CAIR's "Fatwa on terrorism" which New Trend described as a "One Eyed Fatwa." She said she would help to spread ISNA's message through the power of the American government, to "AMPLIFY and MAGNIFY" the voices of ISNA.


Just as one could not rely on the controlled media for accurate reporting on the Iraq War, neither can one rely on it in reporting the Katrina disaster. A war criminal behaves like a war criminal whether here or abroad. Please take the time to read this important report on what's really going on in New Orleans.

Nadrat Siddique

by Malik Rahim

[Note: Malik Rahim, a veteran of the Black Panther Party in New Orleans, for decades an organizer of public housing tenants both there and in San Francisco and a recent Green Party candidate for New Orleans City Council, lives in the Algiers neighborhood, the only part of New Orleans that is not flooded. They have no power, but the water is still good and the phones work. Their neighborhood could be sheltering and feeding at least 40,000 refugees, he says, but they are allowed to help no one. What he describes is nothing less than deliberate genocide against Black and poor people.]

New Orleans, Sept. 1, 2005 -- It's criminal. From what you're hearing, the people trapped in New Orleans are nothing but looters. We're told we should be more "neighborly." But nobody talked about being neighborly until after the people who could afford to leave -- left.

If you ain't got no money in America, you're on your own. People were told to go to the Superdome, but they have no food, no water there. And before they could get in, people had to stand in line for 4-5 hours in the rain because everybody was being searched one by one at the entrance.

I can understand the chaos that happened after the tsunami, because they had no warning, but here there was plenty of warning. In the three days before the hurricane hit, we knew it was coming and everyone could have been evacuated.

We have Amtrak here that could have carried everybody out of town. There were enough school buses that could have evacuated 20,000 people easily, but they just let them be flooded. My son watched 40 buses go underwater - they just wouldn't move them, afraid they'd be stolen.

People who could afford to leave were so afraid someone would steal what they own that they just let it all be flooded. They could have let a family without a vehicle borrow their extra car, but instead they left it behind to be destroyed.

There are gangs of white vigilantes near here riding around in pickup trucks, all of them armed, and any young Black they see who they figure doesn't belong in their community, they shoot him. I tell them, "Stop! You're going to start a riot."

When you see all the poor people with no place to go, feeling alone and helpless and angry, I say this is a consequence of HOPE VI. New Orleans took all the HUD money it could get to tear down public housing, and families and neighbors who'd relied on each other for generations were uprooted and torn apart.

Most of the people who are going through this now had already lost touch with the only community they'd ever known. Their community was torn down and they were scattered. They'd already lost their real homes, the only place where they knew everybody, and now the places they've been staying are destroyed.

But nobody cares. They're just lawless looters ... dangerous.

The hurricane hit at the end of the month, the time when poor people are most vulnerable. Food stamps don't buy enough but for about three weeks of the month, and by the end of the month everyone runs out. Now they have no way to get their food stamps or any money, so they just have to take what they can to survive.

Many people are getting sick and very weak. From the toxic water that people are walking through, little scratches and sores are turning into major wounds.

People whose homes and families were not destroyed went into the city right away with boats to bring the survivors out, but law enforcement told them they weren't needed. They are willing and able to rescue thousands, but they're not allowed to.

Every day countless volunteers are trying to help, but they're turned back. Almost all the rescue that's been done has been done by volunteers anyway.

My son and his family - his wife and kids, ages 1, 5 and 8 - were flooded out of their home when the levee broke. They had to swim out until they found an abandoned building with two rooms above water level.

There were 21 people in those two rooms for a day and a half. A guy in a boat who just said "I'm going to help regardless" rescued them and took them to Highway I-10 and dropped them there.

They sat on the freeway for about three hours, because someone said they'd be rescued and taken to the Superdome. Finally they just started walking, had to walk six and a half miles.

When they got to the Superdome, my son wasn't allowed in - I don't know why - so his wife and kids wouldn't go in. They kept walking, and they happened to run across a guy with a tow truck that they knew, and he gave them his own personal truck.

When they got here, they had no gas, so I had to punch a hole in my gas tank to give them some gas, and now I'm trapped. I'm getting around by bicycle.

People from Placquemine Parish were rescued on a ferry and dropped off on a dock near here. All day they were sitting on the dock in the hot sun with no food, no water. Many were in a daze; they've lost everything.

They were all sitting there surrounded by armed guards. We asked the guards could we bring them water and food. My mother and all the other church ladies were cooking for them, and we have plenty of good water.

But the guards said, "No. If you don't have enough water and food for everybody, you can't give anything." Finally the people were hauled off on school buses from other parishes.

You know Robert King Wilkerson (the only one of the Angola 3 political prisoners who's been released). He's been back in New Orleans working hard, organizing, helping people. Now nobody knows where he is. His house was destroyed. Knowing him, I think he's out trying to save lives, but I'm worried.

The people who could help are being shipped out. People who want to stay, who have the skills to save lives and rebuild are being forced to go to Houston.

It's not like New Orleans was caught off guard. This could have been prevented.

There's military right here in New Orleans, but for three days they weren't even mobilized. You'd think this was a Third World country.

I'm in the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans, the only part that isn't flooded. The water is good. Our parks and schools could easily hold 40,000 people, and they're not using any of it.

This is criminal. These people are dying for no other reason than the lack of organization.

Everything is needed, but we're still too disorganized. I'm asking people to go ahead and gather donations and relief supplies but to hold on to them for a few days until we have a way to put them to good use.

I'm challenging my party, the Green Party, to come down here and help us just as soon as things are a little more organized. The Republicans and Democrats didn't do anything to prevent this or plan for it and don't seem to care if everyone dies.

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