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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 21,1427/April 20, 2006 #26

PERSONAL from the editor:

An open-air public memorial service was held in Augusta, Georgia on April 15, 2006 for the first anniversary of my mother Mahmudah Qureshi, who was an outstanding educationist and eminent teacher. More than a hundred people participated in the memorial which was organized by my sister, a distinguished neurologist. Participants read Surah Dahr, chapter 76, [al-Insan] from the Qur'an, listened to young reciters of the Qur'an and heard some of Mahmudah Qureshi's children and grandchildren speak about the Will of Allah and the meaning of Islam. A Wakf has been set up in her name through the Augusta community.

How the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, sanctified and made obligatory the rights of women: Brief #4 from Dr. Kaukab Siddique:

All authentic Islamic movements based on fear of Allah begin from the masjid [mosque]. Pagan cultures, by contrast, use women to turn places of worship into places for the exploitation of women. Hence, some of the Companions of the Prophet, pbuh, were hesitant about the presence of women in mosques. Muhammad, pbuh, counteracted these tendencies by, on the one hand, implementing a strict code of conduct for behavior in the mosque, and on the other, commanding men not to hinder the participation of women in the mosques.
[Masjid is a better word but "mosque" is used here for new Muslim readers.]

Unfortunately, in our times, schools of thought which claim to be Hanafi and Maliki oppose the equal participation of women in the masjid. To clear up the confusion created by these schools of thought, we must go to the authenticated teachings of the Prophet, pbuh:

"Do not stop the maidservants of Allah from the mosques of Allah." [Hadith, Sahih Muslim, kitabus Salat, narrated by Nafi' from Abdullah ibn 'Umar, r.a., from the Prophet, pbuh.]

This general command brought some hesitation about times when it is difficult to go to the mosque. Hence the Prophet, pbuh, went further:

"Do not stop women from going to the mosque at NIGHT." [Hadith, Sahih Bukhari, Hadith Sunan of Abu Dawud, Hadith Jami' of Tirmidhi, Hadith Sahih Muslim, narrated by Mujahid from Ibn 'Umar, r.a., from the Prophet, pbuh.]

Women were separate from men but were very close to them. Some of the men in prayer were extremely poor and had scanty clothing. Hence the Prophet, pbuh, taught women to keep their eyes down while the men were in prostration:

"O women, lower your eyes when men are in prostration and do not look at their scanty lower body wraps which barely conceal their private parts." [Hadith, Musnad of Ahmad ibn Hanbal, narrated by Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Aqeel from Jabir, r.a., from the Prophet, pbuh. Also narrated by others in the collections of Darimi, Tirmidhi, Nasai and ibn Majah.]

I selected the narration from ibn Hanbal because the Saudis claim to be Hanbali but go to extremes to keep women out of mosques. Thus do Muslims ignore the Prophet's teachings!

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [5 items]
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Muslim Woman's Clothes Removed by U.S. Government Agents
[With thanks to Br. Solano for the info.]

In the U.S., it does not help a Muslim to be a Bush supporter. A Muslim woman of Iraqi origin, Safana Jawad, 45, wearing Islamic head cover, was arrested at the airport in Florida coming in from Spain where she is a citizen. She underwent the following:

1. She was interrogated for SIX hours.

2. Then her clothes were removed by U.S. government agents and she was strip searched.

3. She was imprisoned overnight in a cell with common criminals till a flight could be found the next day for deportation back to Spain.

Jawad was shocked. She is a supporter of the Bush "liberation" of Iraq. Her ex-husband, Mr. Kubba, had been praised by name by Governor Jeb Bush of Florida.

The humiliation and rape which a Muslim woman senses when treated like this was mentioned in passing by the St. Petersburg Times [April 13 issue] at about the end of its report on the incident in the words of her angry ex-husband thus:
"Kubba said his ex-wife, a devout Muslim, should not be held in jail, where she had to strip naked for a full body search."

Mr. Kubba has not realized, however, that one cannot be a devout Muslim and be a supporter of Bush. Islam does not allow such collaboration with oppressors.

Darfur Alert
Big Push to Prepare Ground for U.S. Intervention in Sudan

Jewish and Christian groups, along with Muslims who work with the government, are planning a mass rally in Washington, DC on April 30 [Sunday]. Millions of dollars are being spent to bring people from across the country. This follows a countrywide media campaign to make the propaganda claim that "genocide is taking place in Darfur" at the hands of the Sudanese government. The anti-Islam forces have a two step agenda:

Step one: Replace the 7,000 African troops now in Darfur with United Nations and/or NATO forces.
Step two: Send in U.S. forces

What Should Muslims do on April 30?

Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges Muslims to organize their presence at the Mall in Washington, DC to help Americans misled by the media to understand the correct situation in Darfur. We urge activists in the cause of peace for Sudan [including Darfur] to organize a united Muslim response.
The leaders in the area of Sudan-related activity , among others, are:
Br. Hodari Ali [Give Peace a Chance, GPAC]
Imam Musa [Masjid al-Islam]
Sis. Ashira [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

We urge readers to contact them. [More info will be published in our next issue.]

Prof. Sami Al-Arian Accepts Deportation in Hope of Ending Tragic Suffering in Prison

On April 14, 2006 Prof. Sami al-Arian plea bargained to end his imprisonment by the U.S. in exchange for deportation. His family has accepted this sad ending to the case to end their separation from father and husband. These three years showed America at its worst, trying to humiliate and break a university professor simply because he is a Palestinian and a Muslim. None of the charges of "terrorism" against him came out to have any grounds.

There can be little doubt that Prof. Al-Arian was targeted by the Zionist Jews who are in control of America's power structure. Politically he was quite conservative and wishful of being a guest at the White House. He was painted by the Zionists as a dangerous radical.

The role of the bootlicker organization CAIR is remarkable in this case. CAIR dropped Al-Arian like a hot potato once it became clear that the government was out to get him. His family complained about how he had been abandoned by those who claimed to be his friends. Later, as the case fizzled, CAIR and other opportunists jumped back in to claim credit.

Even in the final analysis, CAIR could not bring itself to condemn America's anti-Islam "justice" system and coyly claimed that people overseas might misunderstand America's justice if the professor is deported.


After a young African-American college woman was gang raped and sodomized by members of the lacrosse team at Duke University, no one was arrested for 32 days. [COMPARE this with the treatment of Muslims who are arrested at the flimsiest excuse and are often held for ONE year at a time before charges are brought in cases where NO violence has taken place.]

Finally on April 17, two white Duke University boys were arrested and IMMEDIATELY RELEASED on bond. The supporters of the two whites posted $400,000 in CASH which should be enough to signal the power of those siding with the alleged rapists. They didn't spend a night in jail.

TV channels like Fox have done detailed reports already to claim that the African-American woman was a trashy stripper and perhaps did it to herself and that the White boys are innocent. It took a while for any reporters to go to the Black college, Central University, and talk to the supporters of the African-American victim.

New Trend Report [Courtesy Al-Awda]
Behind the Latest Martyrdom Operation in "Israel": 720 Children killed, 4,000 Children arrested by Jews in Occupied Land

On April 17, 2006, a Palestinian martyrdom operator named Hammad attacked Israelis in Tel Aviv, occupied Palestine, killing 9 Israelis and wounding nearly 50. Islamic Jihad has taken responsibility for the attack. On April 18, Israeli forces attacked Hammad's home in Jenin and kidnaped his father.

Under international law, people whose lands have been occupied by force have the right to attack the occupiers. In the Second World War, resistance attacks on the occupiers were lauded by the allied western powers.

Why would a young Palestinian sacrifice his own life to kill Jews occupying his land? The following information published by Al-Awda provides the answer:

"In the last two and a half weeks (since the previous suicide bombing) Israeli forces have killed at least 26 Palestinians -- at least 5 of them children -- and injured 161 Palestinian men, women and children. A college student lost her right eye today after being shot by an Israeli sniper last week.

There have been 369 raids by Israeli forces, mostly into the West Bank. Gaza has undergone sustained shelling by Israeli forces and continued closures, resulting in increasing lack of food and medical supplies. According to UN reports, between March 30 and April 12th, Israeli forces launched 2300 artillery and tank shells and 34 missiles into Gaza.

Since the current Palestinian uprising against Israeli military occupation and confiscation of Palestinian land began in fall 2000, approximately 3,863 Palestinians and 1,084 Israelis and have been killed. Among these have been approximately 720 Palestinian children and 124 Israeli children.

Today, in separate actions, several Palestinian youths were shot, one in the neck. Israeli forces are continuing their ongoing invasions of Nablus and other West Bank cities.

Today is Palestinian Prisoners Day. 9,400 Palestinian men, women, and children are in prison. According to numerous human rights reports, Palestinian prisoners are frequently tortured. Defense for Children International reports that 4,000 Palestinian children have been arrested in the past five years, 400 of them currently in prison. They report that the arrests are increasing.

Additional Information from Defense for Children International:

According to DCI: "The process of arrest and detention of Palestinian children is a process of systematic abuse and mistreatment which flouts international legal standards and denies the basic human rights of detainees first as children and secondly as prisoners...[children are] handcuffed and blindfolded, humiliated and threatened and often beaten and kicked from the moment they are arrested up to and often throughout their interrogation and detention. They are deprived of sleep, food and access to the bathroom until so-called confessions are coerced out of them..."

At 5.30pm on Monday 10 April 2006, at least six artillery shells fired by the Israeli military fell on the family house of Mohammed Rabe'eya Ghaban in Beit Lahiya, in the north of the Gaza Strip. Shrapnel from the shells pierced the skull of Mohammed's eight-year old daughter Hadeel, killing her instantly. The shelling also resulted in the injury of eight other family members, including Hadeel's brothers and sisters:

Rawan Ghaban 1 and a half years old
Rana Ghaban 3 years old
Munir Ghaban 4 years old
Amneh Ghaban 9 years old
Ghassan Ghaban 11 years old
Bassam Ghaban 15 years old
Tahrir Ghaban 17 years old

The children's mother, 35-year old Sofia, was the eighth family member wounded in the attack.

Several neighbours were also injured including:

Jaqueline Mo'ein Maarouf 11 years old
Mariam Maher Al-'Assi 15 years old

Jewish Holocaust: True or false?
Prisoner of the Thought Police: David Irving: What are the Media Hiding?
New Trend report

Control of the media by Jewish and pro-Jewish elements makes it almost impossible for the other side to be heard. Ever since the arrest of historian David Irving in Austria, followed by the impositin of a three year sentence on him, the media in England have been claiming that Irving lost to the Jewish professor, Lipstadt, whom he had charged with defamation. It's even being said that he was hardly a historian and was a mere "journalist."

For the sake of balance in the debate, here we bring the response of David Irving himself, written at that time, to help readers understand the great odds Irving stood against. Once the odds have been understand, we will bring Irving's response to the main expert whom Lipstadt sent into the court to prove him wrong.

Imagine the knowledge and ability of David Irving that his books brought such a massive Jewish operation against him to silence him and destroy his financial ability.

David Irving has written this article at the request of to answer an article by Deborah Lipstadt

The Lipstadt Case

Putting their Money on the Table

by David Irving

N MY British High Court libel action against her, Emory professor Deborah Lipstadt "took the Fifth". While I offered myself for cross examination, and was put through the hoops by Britain's most fearsome and highly paid (fee: $750,000) counsel for three weeks, she ducked out of testifying on the witness stand, even though she would have had only me facing her (I could not afford counsel). Her publisher Penguin Books Ltd also decided not to venture onto the witness stand.

She is now touring the country at $25,000 a pop, addressing audiences in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and elsewhere, on how she single-handedly "slew the dragon." And good luck to her, I say; I hear she's complaining about three months' loss of income, though Emory University, it seems, gave her three months' paid leave of absence for the trial, during which she lived in a luxury London hotel.

Of course, nobody pays me for the three years I lost preparing the trial.

I had no choice, given that Lipstadt's allies had for ten times as long spearheaded a dirty war to destroy my livelihood by putting secret pressure on my publishers like The Viking Press, St Martins Press and Doubleday Inc.

My pre-trial offer to Lipstadt and her publisher (twice stated, in writing) was to end the action if they confidentially paid 500 pounds ($750) to a charity for the limbless in memory of my disabled daughter. During the trial itself I furthermore twice guaranteed to end the trial and accept defeat if they would fly to Auschwitz and bring back photographic proof of the four apertures in the flat roof of the "gas chamber" (Krema II, right) through which they said the cyanide crystals were poured in. (The roof is still there; there are no such holes).

The defense lawyers fighting this action have so far spent $6m. The Washington Post, London Jewish Chronicle and Sunday Telegraph reported that the money came from the American Jewish Committee, Steven Spielberg, and Edgar J Bronfman Jr.

Since Deborah Lipstadt has recently denied that the $6m came from "the Jewish community", we must assume she paid it herself.

There certainly seems to be a lot of money on the table in this fight against the lone historical revisionists like myself -- or on one of the tables, anyway. On the day I picked up Mr Justice Gray's damning judgment against me in my libel action against Lipstadt I also received a list of the payments made to her expert witnesses. I posted them immediately on my Internet website (

Some people must have rubbed their eyes in disbelief to see that these mediocre British and German scholars were paid upwards of $200,000 each for their testimony: they deserve medals of valor for staying neutral between the contending parties (as sworn to by law), one of whom had given them this fortune, with prospects of more -- Prof. Richard Evans has just accepted a post on the Holocaust art theft panel -- while the other had paid them nothing.

The judge found, incidentally, that there were three major lies in Lipstadt's book Denying the Holocaust:

that I sit in my office under a portrait of Adolph Hitler;
that I am cahoots with Louis Farrakhan and the Hizbollah leaders; and
that I damaged the historic glass microfiches (right) containing the Goebbels diaries in the Moscow archives and broke an agreement with them.

Have newspaper readers been told that Judge Gray also found that I am not "obsessed with racism", and that given that Lipstadt or her allies have done their utmost to destroy my career, it can not be termed "anti-Semitism" when I criticise them for it.

Oh, and he also referred to my record as a military historian in glowing terms: the odd thing is that, in his judgment, and because he is so advised by the "experts", I suffer a monstrous and malevolent blind spot when it comes to my criticisms of Holocaust history -- the numbers, the methods, and whether Hitler ever ordered it or not.

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