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GREENSBORO meeting of Jamaat al-Muslimeen has been postponed owing to the snow storm on the east coast stretching from New York to southern Virginia. Watch for new dates. Thanks to the people who showed support.
IMPORTANT NEWS: A CIA AGENT WAS KILLED, Feb.6, IN AFGHANISTAN. The government has presented it as an "accident": the agent is said to have mishandled a grenade (!) which exploded killing him and injuring two other special operatives. Observers are skeptical that CIA agents trained enough to be sent to Afghanistan would be involved in an elementary grenade exercise.
In his UN speech, Sec. Colin Powell was brazen enough to bring in the so-called Ricin conspiracy connected with the arrests of Algerian Muslims in UK. As we showed in a previous report, British police did not find ANY TRACE of Ricin during the arrests in which an Algerian used a kitchen knife. Looks like, Powell was desperate to find anything he could use to fill out his speech.
SIMILARLY, as Ralph Nader noticed, President BUSH, in his speech, USED THE ARRESTS OF THE YEMENI MUSLIMS IN BUFFALO as "evidence" though the process of law has not taken place there.
The author lives in London, England

The Ugly face of Space Exploration
By Ridhwan Shaikh

While the world mourned the deaths of NASA's seven Astronauts, the Iraqi people rejoiced in the streets. On the surface this would be an inhumane way to act, after all what has space exploration got to do with the impending growing fears of the world on the annihilation of Iraq. Plenty!!... when one of the manned crew is by the name of astronaut Colonel Ilan Ramon. It may just be an Iraqi reaction that an Israeli astronaut plunged to his death but Ramon's track record makes interesting reading and one mustask oneself if space mission objectives are indeed not part and parcel of U.S.A's national defence and attack programmes.

What the majority of media stations and newspaper publications on the aftermath of this incident conveniently did not tell you about Mr. Ilan Ramon was the fact that he was an Israeli fighter pilot who had bombed Iraq's nuclear reactor in 1981, as reported in the Guardian ( ). Something which Nasa's Official website had deliberately omitted to report, but were moved enough to write a segment of Ramon's part in the invasion of Lebanon in 1982 as Operation Peace for Galilee. The Israeli government not to miss a gift horse in the mouth not only ordered Israeli flags to be flown at half-mast but the government duly used the opportunity to reiterate their legitimacy of a western nation standing firm against the barbarians (No surprises who the implied party are!!).

It's high time Muslims understand the growing need to band together and put petty differences aside and awaken from the drug intoxicating sleep Western governments have effortlessly put us under, by helping so called official Muslim organizations and parties to propagate to Muslims that Islam is safe and sound, leave everything to us!!

Muslims must understand that like the financial arm of institutions such as the World Trade Center, World Bank and IMF, NASA is also government funded with the sole intention of using space exploration as a smokescreen for its ultimate objective - National and international interests. The serial killer who is America will continue to attack and try to destroy Islam with all the tools at its disposal until it is stopped. Muslims can work towards stopping this killer who roams freely in the world by acting now: -
Write to your local MP about NASA's involvement with U.S foreign policy and allowing Israel to further boost their political aims in the war of Iraq. - Demand an explanation from NASA why they let an Israeli astronaut be at the forefront of Bush's drive with 'War on Iraq' and increase hostilities between the Muslim and Christian worlds. Either by emailing on You may get a faster response by sending a letter to one of the NASA centers. NASA HEADQUARTERS Washington, DC 20546 981 civil servants - Ask the European Space Agency what their stance is on using space exploration as a political front for Bush and its ally's evil designs. By emailing

Imam Warithuddin ‘Umar Responds to Wall Street Journal's Smear Campaign Accusing Him of Teaching Terrorism
False Accusations of "wahhabism" exposed. Part of Campaign to Attack ALL MUSLIMS WHO FOLLOW THE QUR'AN AND THE SUNNAH
[Imam ‘Umar has appeared frequently in our columns. He is the foremost Imam in the da'wah connected to the spread of Islam in the Prison system. He is obviously being targeted for his views rather than for anything he has done on the job. The Zionists do not want any voices to be heard which challenge their view of the world and their 24/7 propaganda blitz.]

"Praise be to Allah. We praise Him. We seek His Guidance and beg for His forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the evil of our hands. Whom Allah guides none can lead them astray. Those whom Allah permits to be led astray, they have no one to guide them. I bear witness there is no god but Allah. He is unique and has no associates and I bear witness that Prophet Muhammad is His Messenger. Oh you who believe, Fear Allah as He should Feared and die not except as Muslims

As salaamu alaikum-

The hostile article on 2/5/03 by Paul Barrett in the Wall Street Journal (How a Chaplain Spread Extremism To an inmate Flock) is an unfortunate and weak patchwork of lies, half truths, inaccuracies, and misquotes. The damaging comments attributed to me are not mine. Barrett and the editors at the Wall Street Journal have taken license in using statements out of context from an unpublished book "The Last Quarter Memoir: Twenty-Five Years a Muslim Chaplain" authored by this writer. The reporter has taken inconsequential facts and false perspectives that distorts the truth with the aim to confuse and halt the growth of Islam in American prisons. The reporter's persistent inquiries to the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the New York State Department of Correctional Services with insinuations and false assertions of my opinions and points of view have caused the BOP to terminate my services and the NYSDOCS to bar me from all state prisons where I do da'wah, without notice or cause. This has caused great harm and pain to me and my family, and loss of income.

The article makes suggestion that this writer promotes terrorism and misbehavior among Muslim inmates. This is the farthest thing from the truth. My history of twenty-eight years working in prisons has been to promote the good values of the religion of Islam and to encourage men and women to embrace the life-saving teaching of this profound religion.
There is an apparent effort to not only besmirch my work history, but to endanger me by suggesting that I am telling the law enforcement to look to African American Muslims in prison who will be "The natural candidates to press such an attack..." against America. I seek refuge in Allah from such evil. The reporter failed to report the accurate history of my working with the Nation of Islam, the World Community of Islam in the West, the American Muslim Mission, Dar al Islam, Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammat, Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims, Moorish Science Temple members, Salafi and other emerging groups who are identified in prisons to one degree or another. My goal and duty has always been to bring Muslims together in Tawheed to the Qur'an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad. Of course this was not reported. As Chaplains we respect and accept all of the good Imams in America and the good organizations for inmates to come home to. The politics of the Muslim community is not dealt with in the prisons.

As Chaplains we accepted the good services of donors that make annual hajj packages available for Muslim Chaplains. We solicited the help of the Saudi Arabian Embassy to make flight and land accommodations for these hard working Imams who work as prison Chaplains. The 16 days for hajj is in no way an opportunity for Imams to go to Mecca and be "indoctrinated in so-called Wahhabism" as if our Imams are empty headed robots with no capacity to think. The reporter was told that the term Wahhabi and Wahhabism are degrading, demeaning terms and there is no such Islamic school of thought. The Meccan teachers and scholars are looked on by our workers as part of the Muslim community and nothing more. They are our brothers and they have resources that we can use. The reporter was given an orientation about the good work of the Muslim Chaplains and visited two facilities where he found good religious programs. This was not reported.

The article is an all out attack on Islam and they apparently have future plans to attempt to take over the Muslim lands, so they begin by spreading falsehood in America about the intentions of Muslims here and Muslims in other lands. American leaders and some citizens are afraid and they are hitting out at perceived enemies. ALL OF US Muslims will become their targets in time! No group will be overlooked! We have an obligation to allay their fears by educating them about the good of Islam and uniting and letting them know that we are united and we will not be silent about their attacks.

It seems that they have become successful in my character assassination. Time will tell. I'm looking to legal counsel to see if there is legal relief from their acts of defamation and conveyance of unfavorable impressions to expose me to public contempt and scorn. I ask the Muslim community to pray for me as I pray for you and not to join the enemies of Islam. My prayer and my service, my life and my death are all for Allah."

GREENSBORO - Muslims for a Better North Carolina is calling for the resignations of U.S. Representatives Howard Coble and Sue Myrick.

Coble, who heads the Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, said Tuesday on WKZL that he agreed with President Roosevelt's decision to imprison thousands of Japanese-Americans in internment camps.

Some probably were intent on doing harm to us, Coble said, just as some of these Arab-Americans are probably intent on doing harm to us.

Last week, in a speech to the conservative Heritage Foundation, Myrick spoke about domestic security threats and referred to Arab-Americans saying, Look at who runs all the convenience stores across the country.

Badi Ali, president of Muslims for a Better North Carolina, called Feb.6 for the resignations of both representatives.

Trent Lott's racially charged comments led to a political firestorm against him, Ali said. But when Coble and Myrick express racial bias and prejudice against Arab-Americans, little more than a rustle of discontent is heard. Prejudice against Muslims and Arab-Americans seems to be more readily acceptable in this country.

2003-02-08 Sat 22:00ct