Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release

From: Kaukab Siddique, Ameer

Our Children died without benefit of TV coverage on CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN

Dear Muslims
asalamu alaikum

On Eid ul-Adha, shed a tear for the children of the ummah. These are not politicians or components of any "axis of evil." These are the victims of evil emanating from the American power structure.
1. An estimated 60,000 Afghan civilians were killed in the heroic air war waged by the U.S. air force on the helpless people of Afghanistan. Of these 4076 deaths have been documented. The rest remain buried in the mud huts of a nation devastated by 'daisy cutters', cruise missiles, 5000-pounders and bush specials. (A happy ramadan and happy two eids from Bush.) The surviving children of this assault will be traumatized forever.
2. According to CONSERVATIVE U.N. estimates, nearly a million children have died in Iraq owing to sanctions and embargo imposed by the U.S. and its surrogates. These do not include the children of tens of thousands of civilians killed in the 42 days of bombing by the U.S. and U.K. The slow deaths of a million children occurred because of pinpointed U.S. attacks on water purification plants, pharmacuticals and other health related facilities and the embargo on anything which can have a "dual use." (For documentation of U.S. war crimes in Iraq, read THE FIRE THIS TIME by Ramsey Clark among other books.)
3. PALESTINE is an ongoing tragedy. THE CHILDREN OF PALESTINE are being traumatized every day by the Jews who have the most sophisicated military machine in the middle east. The Jews have slaughtered hundreds of Palestinian children FOR THROWING STONES AT THE TANKS of the occupation army. Entire Palestinian cities have become concentration camps run by Jewish Nazis.
4. There are 700,000 Indian troops in Kashmir holding down the people by brute force. Murder of civilians and rape of Muslim women is an ongoing "methodology" used by the Indian army to subjugate and crush the people. Think of what the children of Kashmir are undergoing. Think of a son or a daughter whose mother has been raped and whose father has disappeared into an Indian army torture camp.
5. CHECHNYA. The Russians are committing genocide. Grozny is a city destroyed house by house to put an end to Islamic resistance. The CHECHENS DO NOT CRY but they have children. When will TV even mention this fact? Half a million Chechen refugees are in outlying "republics."
6. In SUDAN a systematic attempt has been underway to foster civil war in the south to drain the resources of Sudan. Poverty has been imposed on the Sudan owing to FIVE years of sanctions which destroyed the economy. The main source of medicines in Sudan was wiped out in a U.S. air strike. Again, children are the main victims in Sudan.
7. The children of Somalia are being punished because their fathers drove out the U.S. military. The basic MONEY TRANSFER system used by Somali immigrants overseas has been shut down owing to the "war on terrorism", thus shutting off the 50 to a hundred dollars A MONTH which thousands of Somali families used to receive from their relatives overseas.

Do we see the children of our UMMAH dying on TV? No. That would ruin the entire crusade against "evil."
Do we see the parents of our dead or dying children on TV? No. That would help Americans to understand that their government is committing crimes against humanity.
EVER SEE A KASHMIRI OR CHECHEN CHILD ON TV? No. That would help the American people to see what the allies of the U.S. are doing to humanity.
Have you ever seen SUDANESE or SOMALI children on TV within their own Islamic context? No. That would destroy the entire missionary enterprise. (In any case Black Africans don't matter to the American power structure other than as recipients of missionary activity.)

Dear Muslims, our children have families! loved ones! (surprise?)
TV will not show these victims.
Let us not forget them on Eid.
{If you ever see one of our children on TV, let us know. That will be journalism history.}
{The WASHINGTON POST has even claimed that Afghan families have forgiven Americans for bombing and killing their children because the bombing and the 'liberation' were more important than the death of the children!}
Eid Mubarak!

2002-02-23 Sat 21:35ct