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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rajab 21,1427/August 16 2006 #55

CONGRATULATIONS to the Muslim Ummah: Hizbullah clearly defeated Israel's attempts to advance into Lebanon. New Trend's analysis, that Israel was acting as America's attack dog has been verified by Seymour Hersch. He writes that the Bush administration was complicit in this vast crime against the Lebanese people.

In the last days of the 33-day war, Israeli terror group IDF tried desperately to seize territory and to do damage to the Soldiers of Allah [Hizbullah] but failed miserably and an entitre column of its tanks was destroyed.

The attack dog has been wounded and is thus doubly dangerous. The Muslim world should bring Ehud Olmert to trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Efforts should be start the withdrawal of Jews from the terrorist entity to their original homelands so that Israel may be dismantled without further bloodshed. Once the U.S. realizes that its attack dog is scared of the Soldiers of Allah, Bush will rein it in.

CONGRATULATIONS to PRESIDENT AHMEDINEJAD: His interview with Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes [August 13] was quite refreshing. He came up against America's most famous Jewish TV journalist, Mike Wallace [what a camouflaged name for a Jew} and made him look like a fool. Wallace was extremely rude and racist in his attitude, at one point calling the President an "interesting fellow" in the British mode of racial superiority, yet the President remained smiling and in control of the interview throughout.

CBS had mutilated the interview so badly that it had to be seen uncut on C-Span [August 14] to help viewers realize the crude censorship CBS had carried out.

Mike Wallace was behaving more like a Zionist and a Jew than an American journalist. President Ahmedinejat helped the audience to realize that Wallace was more interested in Jewish concerns ["holocaust," "suicide bombers," etc] rather than American-Iranian issues.

Viewpoint: Jihad or Peaceful Change?
Pakistan: August 14, 2006: Issues of Women's Rights, Poverty, Military-U.S. Entente, Islam
by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Associate Professor of English

Let's begin with the facts on the ground which no one can deny regardless of one's political slant. Now let's look at the positive aspects: Change will come about but HOW? Possibilities for Change through Reform rather than Jihad: WAR MAY NOT BE FAR FROM PAKISTAN:

America sees Pakistan as a bastion of Islamic resurgence ["terrorism" in Zionist terminology]. Musharraf as America's tool is not sufficient to stop this "terrorism." In fact Jamaate Islami [and the MMA coalition in general] has successfully isolated Musharraf even though they can't remove him. The U.S. will need to remove Musharraf to strike directly at Pakistan's Islamic foundations. In case Osama bin Laden is caught or killed, the Americans will want bring an even more virulent general to strike major blows at Islam.

India may well be tempted to intervene with the promise of U.S.-Israeli backing. This however won't happen while the Islamic movements are going strong. Musharraf needs the "Indian threat" to keep himself in power and to neutralize armed opposition to the military.

Pakistan's internal conflicts are simmering steadily in Baluchistan and Waziristan. Social disintegration is also continuing apace. Thus the potential for internal disruption is accumulating.

If the Pakistani Islamic movements of the coming times decide to take over Pakistan through internal Jihad, that could resolve many of Pakistan's internal contradictions.

COINCLUSION: Pakistan is passing through critical times. Anything could happen there, both for good or for evil.

Islam and Africa:

Islam's Ancient Glory: An African-American Muslimah's Visit to Timbuktu in Mali, West Africa
by Karen English
[The writer is an educationist, author of several books for African-American children and Secretary General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen. She lives in California.]

Many have heard the saying, "All the way to Timbuktu and never thought anything about it. Seven hundred years after its height of commercial and intellectual development, most people have a vague notion that it was a special place, very far away. To go all the way to Timbuktu signified having gone a great distance.

During the early part of July, I was able to travel to the ancient city of Timbuktu. I went as part of a delegation under the auspices of the Timbuktu Educational Foundation. Timbuktu is located in the West African country of Mali at the point where the Niger flows northward into the southern edge of the Sahara desert. At the time of my visit the days were extremely hot (I think there is a cooler time to go) and there was always the grit of the Sahara in my food. Still such minor discomfort was worth it.

I was in a place of great historical significance, not only to Africa, but to the Muslim world. For nearly a century Timbuktu reigned as a center of learning and scholarship, as well as trade This intellectual and spiritual capital was home to three universities that attracted scholars from all over the Muslim world. At one time in a city of two hundred thousand, there were twenty-five thousand university students studying the Qur'an, mathematics, astronomy, Islamic jurisprudence, medicine, optics and on and on.

Books were not only written in Timbuktu, they were brought in and copied there. They were a part of the city's wealth. The city's universities and the libraries of private citizens contained numerous scholarly works, as well. Books contributed to Timbuktu's reputation. It was a golden age.

I wanted to see those books. . I wanted to see what remains of the physical manifestation of Timbuktu's glorious history. I needed to see them. . I grew up in an age in which I was taught of only two individuals who were accomplished enough to warrant recognition: Booker T. Washington for his establishment of Tuskeegee Institute and George Washington Carver for his scientific discoveries pertaining to the peanut. Slavery garnered two paragraphs in my history book. Even though college rectified that situation, I still had the hunger for validation---as an African American and, in my adult life, as a Muslim. I wanted to see this legacy that is now endangered by time and harsh conditions and has been relegated to near obscurity by much of the world.
Though much of the legacy remains in Timbuktu, so many of the estimated 700,000 manuscripts are now in the possession of foreign governments and, in some cases, in the possession of tourists who have been able to purchase them from private citizens. Happily the Timbuktu Educational Foundation, in existence since 2000, was established for the purpose of restoring, preserving, translating and publishing the manuscripts of Timbuktu. They have been granted sole guardianship by the Malian government and Timbuktu city officials in pursuance of these objectives.

Still, I left Timbuktu with a deep sense of concern. I remember at some point during my visit deciding to stop taking pictures of the manuscripts. Visitors to museums aren't allowed to take pictures of works of art because of the harmful effects of the flash. What was my camera's flash doing to the fragile and in many cases brittle manuscript pages?

The Timbuktu Educational Foundation has taken on a task so daunting, that if it is unable to inspire the Muslim community to share in this task, the responsibility could be underwritten and soon controlled by one of the wealthy western charitable foundations---with strings attached. That would be tragic for the Muslim community to have to have an entity from outside their community take care of their own legacy. The manuscripts are tangible testimony to the rich, glorious history of Islam in Africa and though this treasure belongs to Mali, and should have special significance to the Muslim world, their existence benefits every person who travels all the way to Timbuktu to visit this important place in human history.

LETTER: Prof. Sami al-Arian's Letter from Prison
Please publicly post Prof Sami al-Arian's prison contact address so that it is possible to arrange to send him publications directly from publishers.

If he has a "wish list" of any publications, insha'Allah please post that too; insha'Allah we'll repost at Islamic Community Net.

JazakAllahair for your time in considering this request.


Ed. Note: As his situation is still sensitive, New Trend will need personal names and phone numbers of letters who wish to help the long suffering prisoner.

Letter to the Editor of New Trend: From an activist sister in Atlanta AMERICA's MUSLIMS: Who are our Enemies?

It is a shame that some of our leaders and leader wannabe's are begging for 15 seconds of fame in the mainstream media instead of building strong communities with people who have the facts to make logical decisions about how to run their lives in general. This will be a good time for all of our Islamic leaders to drop their differences meet (using conference call or email) and come to an agreement to work in one or two key areas and move us forward, insh'Allah.

No Muslim now can be an island or afford to be a "one man or woman band." We also can not be silent about what is happening to us in the US or aboard. The collective is more important now than ever. Islam is under attack. If you listen to the media for one hour you will hear something evil said about Islam at least three times. This is not done randomly. In advertising and marketing people are taught to produce commercials that the message is repeated over and over and over again. This is done to get attention and plant the message into the subconscious of people.

Once the message is planted a person will respond and do exactly what the advertiser wants them to a car when they don't really need to do so...spend! The marketing strategy of those who are selling and marketing war, destruction and hate is to make the word Islam synonymous with evil. Once that is accomplished you can get people to be very nasty to their neighbors, hurt people, etc. Plus, people are so busy hating each other and watching each other they do not watch the true enemy the Shayton and all of the Shayton's workers.

Let's look at and list of few of our true enemies:

1. Most Politicians

2. Politically motivated Imams/Amirs. Their personal agenda has the priority. Imams/Amirs who sell out their communities for personal gain.

3. Women haters in general (also children haters)

4. Misguided women folk who work against any and all women or men if their master the politically motivated Imam/Amirs give the command to destroy.

5. Cowards in general.

6. The truly arrogant.

Muslims must unite in at least one or two key areas if we are going to see some true change in our present situation. One of these areas is to recognize that we are an ummah brought together by Allah. We have no choice in the matter. We are unique and diverse. We must find ways to build tolerance for each other and true love. If we don't begin to love each other and find the tolerance we need to be able to work together we need to get ready for some serious test and trails to befall us collectively. We may see Muslims by the thousands marched away like the Cherokee Nation was from Georgia (the famous Trail of Tears), snatched from our homes like people in so-called under-developed nations when they stand firm for right and let us not forget 400+ years of slavery imposed on Africans brought to America and whatever you want to call what has happened to these Africans since slavery was finally outlawed for all slaves of African decent in 1865. These are just a few of the examples of how racism, sexism, socio-economic bias and other forms of oppression take root in a society.

Muslim leaders what are you going to do now? Will you try to work together? Or will you continue propagate and secure the status quo? Make your personal agenda the priority, continue to sell out your brothers and sisters in Islam? Suck up to your true master the Shayton controlled mentalities of the Bush's and Blair's of the world.

Muslims what will we do if they don't get it? Will we continue to blindly support them (Muslim leaders who sell us out) if they don't get it? If they do attempt to work together nationally and internationally will we support their efforts? Allah is our guide and protector however Allah can not help us if we do not change want we do that is harming us! Allah can not help us if we do not ask for or truly want Allah's guidance and help.

Give it a thought!

ma salaam
Hadayai Majeed
1000 Peace Women Around the Globe

2006-08-16 Wed 21:46:30 cdt