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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulq'idah 15,1427/December 7, 2006 #81

Scroll down to a few thoughts on CAIR's scoundrels who claim America's people are against Muslims.

Scroll way down to great article from Britain on Chechnya: the real story behind the murders of Litvinenko and Anna Politkovskaya

Thought of the day:
Link up with Allah Almighty. Don't miss your prayers under any circumstances. You need the power surge:
"Pray standing up; if not possible, then sitting down; and if you don't have the strength even for that, then pray lying down."
[Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith narrated by 'Imran, r.a., in Bukhari's Sahih, Abu Dawud's Sunan and Ahmad ibn Hanbal's Musnad.]

Letter from the Editor to Book TV [C-Span2]
James Zogby's Slanderous Attack on Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman

Dear Mr. Lamb [producer of Book TV] : Perhaps you will agree with me that Book TV should not be a forum for propaganda against Islam. Also, that you usually get interviewers to question authors after they have studied the subject. However, in his interview with Lawrence Wright, author of The Looming Tower, Mr. James Zogby [of the Arab American Institute] committed serious errors which showed that he was not prepared for the task you had given him.

In the middle of the discussion, Zogby stated about the blind Shaikh, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman: "We know he was a terrorist." Zogby added that the Shaikh carried out "violent and extremist activity" in Egypt.

Mr. Zogby seems to be happily unaware that the Egyptian regime repeatedly arrested and imprisoned Shaikh Omar but was never able to find any evidence to convict him. The Egyptian dictator may be Mr. Zogby's favorite person but has been cited by several human rights organizations for torture, execution of opponents, open-ended and random imprisonment of "suspects" as well as rape of female Islamists.

I can understand that Mr. Zogby is opposed to the Islamic aspirations of the Egyptian people but that certainly does not entitle him to slander one of the greatest scholars of Islam, Dr. Abdel Rahman, a Ph.D from al-Azhar university.

Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Associate Professor of English

Letter from the Editor to W.D. Supporter Johari Abdul Malik
Attempt to Whitewash the Pope & to Denigrate the Islamic Veil: Stop your unislamic Activity

Dear Johari Abdul Malik [Washington, DC]: Peace be with those who are rightly guided

Previously you assured the U.S. government [on C-Span] that you would work to arrest "extremists" whom you might find in Muslim communities. Thus you tried to take over work which belongs to the FBI's realm.
Now we find that you are openly supporting the forces opposed to Islam. You know that the Catholic Pope insulted Islam and Prophet Muhammad [peace and blessings be on him]. During his visit to Turkey, the Pope was opposed and condemned by the masses of Turkish Muslims. Even the government was very careful to be polite to him but not to endorse him.

However, in your segment November 28] with Paula Zhan on CNN [a known Zionist], you claimed that [in your own words] the "Pope has undergone a sea change." You praised the Catholic Church and complained that "moderation" is real Islam but it is not being heard.

Then you went further and attacked the face veil of Muslim women. You stated flatly that "covering the face is not required" and according to Hadith only the woman's head and bosom need to be covered.

Now, Mr. Johari Malik, you surely know that several interpretations of the Qur'anic verses about modest dress for Muslim women are accepted in the Islamic canon. If you had said that you accept the interpretation which you gave, and it is only one of three, that would have been understandable. I am sure you know, if you have done any reading, that great scholars of Islam, like Maulana Maudoodi, r.a., favored the interpretation which includes the face veil. Also, scholars have pointed out that the hadith narration about covering the head and bosom [or leaving uncovered the face and hands] is "weak" according to the rules of Hadith narration.

What makes your statement downright treacherous is that you were invited by the Zionists to speak against the face veil worn by millions of sincere Islamic women who are in the vanguard of the Islamic struggle against cultural imperialism, and you obliged the enemies by giving only the interpretation which would go against the face veil.

Mr. Johari Malik, the least you can do is to apologize to our sisters who wear the face veil. You must not pretend that there is only one interpretation.

Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Associate Professor of English

Analysis: New Trend Special:
Iraq Report: Old Wine in New Bottles: All out War Promised in 2007. Shia "Israel" to be Set Up

The Iraq Study Group [ISG] was a bipartisan affair, so both the Bush administration and the recently victorious Democrats knew about it. As New Trend had predicted, the report and the Bush-Blair reaction to it indicate that the U.S. will stay in Iraq in the hope of achieving a military victory. The ISG does not envisage any withdrawal of U.S. forces before 2008, and in that year, if the "security situation" so indicates, there will be re-positioning of troops and perhaps a partial withdrawal or at least a quicker rotation of troops.

The ISG agrees with Gates, the replacement for Rumsfeld, that "we are not winning" in Iraq. That's probably the most important concession to reality the ISG has made. A proper security environment will have to be provided so that the U.S.-installed government can function.

An important DISCLOSURE made by the report is that there will be [or need to be] talks with Iran and Syria. This advice is nothing more than pretense. Iran is already cooperating with the U.S. in Iraq, as it did in Afghanistan. As Iranian minister Mottaki stated last year, Iran has pumped $1 billion into the "infrastructure" being set up by the U.S.-installed "government." Nouri al-Maliki, the so-called Prime Minister of Iraq, visits both Tehran and Washington to get his orders.

The ISG Report inclines strongly towards the Shi'as. It recommends talks with all Shia groups [including Ali Sistani and Moqtada al-Sadr] but leaves al-Qaidah out. The time table suggested indicates that 2007 will see an all out attempt by Bush to wipe out the Islamic resistance in Iraq and then power will be handed over to the Shi'as in the Baghdad-Basra corridor before the U.S. pulls out to its bases in the West [to keep the Islamic resistance down] and in the north to protect the secular Kurdish groups and the oil in the Kirkuk-Mosul area.

It's difficult to say whether this new strategy will win; most probably it won't because most of it has already been tried. The U.S. has inflicted all its power on the people of western Iraq but has failed miserably. The new al-Qaidah leadership, under Abu Ayyub al-Masri, has successfully rallied the Iraqi resistance and continues to inflict losses on the U.S. military forces. No one is surrendering in western Iraq and U.S. success stories from there have almost totally ceased. A rudimentary Islamic state, precursor to the Caliphate, has been set up. Will the Islamic resistance be crushed by the U.S. in 2007? It is possible but not likely.

The other problem for the U.S. was Muqtada al-Sadr. Here, it appears, a compromise has taken place. Al-Sadr is willing to compromise because his support base has been corroded by breakaway segments which seem to be linking themselves directly to Iran.

WHY IS ISRAEL UNHAPPY? The Olmert terrorist faction which is in power in Israel has expressed dissatisfaction with the ISG report. To understand the Zionist terror entity's politics, one must keep an eye on the fundamental division within the jewish ranks: IS there any Doubt that a Shia version of "Israel" is part of U.S. Plan?

If there were any doubt, it should have been put to rest by the visit of top Iraqi Shi'a leader Sayyed Abdul Aziz al-Hakim to President Bush on December 4. He was welcomed in Washington and by the U.S. [Zionist] media more warmly than any foreign leader in recent history. Here are the key points from his joint appearance with Bush in his own words:

Al-Hakim described the U.S. occupation of Iraq as "liberation" and hailed the "sacrifices" made in this "liberation:" He added that "On top of that list of sacrifices, we cherish the sacrifices by the Americans." He described the Islamic resistance as "terrorism" and "emphasized" that his "government" will 'deal with terrorism" and will do all it can "to defeat terrorism." About President Saddam Hussein, he personally thanked Bush: "Thank you Mr. President to get help us get rid of brutal dictatorship."

The same day, December 4, Al-Hakim brought out the details of his thinking in a presentation to the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington, DC. broadcast by C-Span. [The word "peace" in U.S. elite terminology usually means war to impose terms.] The Shi'a leader read out a long statement in Arabic which was translated. He then took questions.Al-Hakim was warmly introduced by a Jew, aptly named Daniel Serwer. Al-Hakim claimed that the U.S. has not been brutal enough against the Islamic resistance. He complained that the "strikes against al-Qaidah are not hard enough." This was puzzling for some members of the audience who know that FIVE Islamic cities in Western [Sunni] Iraq have been decimated by the U.S.along with all their mosques and Islamic schools.

Al-Hakim threatened more violence if the U.S. does not strike hard enough. 'Shia leaders may lose their patience,' he postured while he denied that his "Badr" brigades, trained in Iran, have been helping to cleanse Baghdad through death squad executions of Iraqi citizens who happen to be Sunni. In response to a question, he sidestepped the comparison that his forces are doing exactly what he claims Saddam Hussein did.

Al-Hakim is STRONGLY in favor of U.S. troops staying on in the U.S. In answer to a question about the legitimacy of U.S. military action in Iraq, he claimed that it is legitimate because it was okayed by a so-called "National Security Council" [NSC] set up by the U.S.- installed government. He admitted that the so-called NSC had bypassed the "Parliament" in okaying U.S. military action. Finally, he opposed the view that the presence of U.S. forces is generating "terrorism."

In an attempt at apparent hypocrisy, Al-Hakim kept referring to the U.S. and British occupation forces as "multinational forces" in a linguistic attempt to camouflage his cooperation with the Bush administration.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News
P.O. Box 10881. Baltimore, MD 21234

Imam Warith Deen Umar: Powerful Interview with Dr. Leon's "On with Leon Show."

On December 2, the outstanding Imam Warith Deen Umar was the guest of Dr. Wilmer Leon, one of the few independent broadcasters in America who care for Islam and Muslims, who can be heard on XM Radio. It was an unusual and exciting interview which Muslims can be proud of.

Here is a brief note of appreciation from Imam Umar himself:

Dear brother KAUKAB: Thanks for referring me to Dr. Leon. I enjoyed speaking on his program. It gave me a chance to get my concerns out. Some Muslim brothers who love Islam are meeting with Rev. Al Sharpton, who's called in on the Sean Bell (50 shots) murder. They want to remind him and others (like Jesse Jackson) that it was these same out-of-control NYPD murderers who traveled 150 miles to raid my home, capture my wife and daughters and steal my property and possessions. It is a shame on the Muslim "leaders" that we have to depend on the non-Muslim leaders to call for justice for us. I am rushing out (after I leave the masjid) to get an XM satellite radio so I can tune in.

As Salaamu Alaikum
Don't Call me American

Christian Hate Monger Drops Leaflets on Muslim Community in Charlotte, North Carolina [With thanks to IPPA.]

Contrary to the impression CAIR projects, most Americans are not against Islam. In the last week of November 2006, Martin Mawyer, a Christian hate monger from the so-called Christian Action Network, CAN, dropped leaflets from his plane on a Muslim community in Charlotte County. The hate monger was objecting to the Muslims naming their area after Shaikh Gilani, an Islamic scholar in Pakistan. Mawyer claimed that Shaikh Gilani is a terrorist and a street in USA should not be named after him.

The Muslims easily took the bottom out of the hatemonger's incitement by pointing out that the street was named in 1992 and there is no evidence of terrorism against the Shaikh. The hatemonger then tried to talk to the local County Council but they refused to invite him.

The local newspaper wrote in support of the Muslims. Please write and thank the paper.
Friday, December 1, 2006 5:16 PM EST


by Kaukab Siddique

As the above incident in Charlotte shows, most Americans are not against Islam and Muslims. CAIR, a so-called advocacy group linked to the anti-Islam power structure, keeps collecting and projecting incidents created by fringe elements among America's 300 million plus people. Nowhere do you find a masjid fully active, with Muslims there every day, being attacked even by fringe elements. This is not Holland or UK.

CAIR creates the impression that America's Muslims are in great danger. For its own purposes, CAIR even distributed a survey claiming that Americans are against Muslims. Such surveys can always be carried out in Republican principalities with predictable results. Thirty per cent of Americans still support Bush and polls from them can create a lopsided impression. Rush Limbaugh and the clown named Glenn Beck [on CNN Prime] can create the impression that 90% of Americans are against Muslims.

Oppression is coming against Islam and Muslims from the Bush administration and the Zionists who have taken over this country, not from the people. That's where CAIR is silent, and instead licks the spittle of the oppressors and prostrates on their boots. These trashy CAIRless people have been hailing a Zionist 'muslim' Keith Ellison while ignoring the leaders of Islam in America like Imam Jamil, Shaikh Omar, Prof. Sami al-Arian, Dr. Abdel Halim Ashqar, Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar, Imam Warith Deen Umar who have been the targets of state terrorism.

Innocent citizens like Masoud Khan, Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi, Dr. Ali al-Timimi, Jose Padilla and many others have been hurt by this regime simply because they are Muslims. What did CAIR do in these cases? Nothing! Instead it insulted the families of those who took the trouble to appeal to CAIR for help.

Instead these CAIRless scoundrels like to generate cheap publicity because by gross error, the favorite "imams" of the U.S. government, who were on a visit to "muslim" Zionist K. Ellison were deplaned. By contrast, hundreds of other Muslims stopped from flying, like the eminent Imam Badi Ali, did not get any notice from CAIR because they are not lick spittle Muslims.

It's about time that CAIR's trickery be stopped and CAIR be exposed by peaceful means for its anti-Islam games.

Imam Ali Siddiqui: Impressive Khutba and Visits to Latino Muslims in Florida: Islam Spreading Rapidly among the Oppressed

Report by Sr Khadijah , PIEDAD (Taqwa) Coordinator, Florida and Br. Mario Nunez, Director of California Latino Muslim Assoc.

OUR first Latino Speaking tour took off with many unexpected difficulties but many beautiful Muslims from Florida and California helped us to pull it off. We also learned valuable lessons from our shortcomings.

First, a BIG KUDOS goes to Imam Ali Siddiqui, Imam Benjamin Perez and Br Mario Nunez. It's just impossible to state how grateful we are! These wonderful brothers left deep impressions wherever they went.

On Friday, Nov. 10, 2006, Imam Ali Siddiqui delivered Friday Khutbah at the Masjid al-Qassam, in Tampa, on the topic of "Seven Steps for the Development of an Islamic Community". Over 1,000 in the congregation listened to Imam's Khutbah with enthusiasm and later circled around him to ask questions. It was a great start in the life of a new Muslimah who heard the first Friday Khutbah of her new life. She later commented that she was really moved with the Imam's Khutbah.

In Tampa, Dr Mohammad Sultan of ISTABA Masjid and his team organized a very successful OPEN HOUSE on Saturday, November 11, where over 850 non-Muslims gathered to learn about Islam. Imam Ali Siddiqui, Sh. Yusuf Estes, Imam Benjamin Perez and Br Mario Nunez spoke. The program was videotaped by the Istaba Masjid for later distribution. A Muslim community radio program, "Focus on Faith," also taped the program for later airing on AM 1340.

Br Ahmad Howeedy and the team of Project Downtown, which consists of students from the University of Southern Florida, organized the most fulfilling event of the entire trip! Imam Ali Siddiqui, Imam Benjamin Perez and Br Mario Nunez actively participated in food distribution and sat down with the homeless and talked with them. Imam Siddiqui was also instrumental in making connections with the Rector of Downtown Tampa's Catholic Church to include Muslims in the upcoming conference on the Homeless Crisis.

In Miami, Sr Melissa Matos, along with Muslim Students Association at the University of Miami, Coral Gable Campus, organized a very successful program where Imam Ali Siddiqui spoke on Andalucia and the History of Islam in the Americas, and Imam Benjamin Perez and Br Mario Nunez spoke about their journey to Islam. The program was videotaped by the university and a community TV/Radio program to be aired later.

Thanks to the Tampa Latino sisters who assisted in so many ways and will continue to meet under the banner of PIEDAD for Dawah training and Social services to the community. We hope they will network with sisters from Miami and Fort Lauderdale whom we reconnected with, as well as the new ones we met. Thanks to Sr Melissa Matos of Miami, whose priceless assistance was integral to the success of the program.

TAKBIR to sister Nathalia, New Muslimah from Fort Lauderdale who drove down to meet us.

Last, but definitely not least, Br Samir Kakli, Amir and Rafael, who gave so much of themselves for our success: We remain indebted to you. May Almighty Allah reward all of you.

The program at the University of Miami was also attended by Prof. Jamil of Southern Texas University, who is involved in research on the social impact of Islam on Latinos in the USA and Latin America as well.

Hizb Ut-Tahrir Britain
Death of ex-KGB spy highlights world silence on Russia's brutal war in Chechnya

The former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko died this week as a result of being exposed to the highly toxic radioactive isotope polonium 210. Speculation is rife as to the precise manner of his death and who the possible perpetrators could be. Litvinenko personally accused Russian Premier, Vladimir Putin, in his deathbed note written two days prior to his death.

Whilst the details surrounding Litvinenko's death remain sketchy, what is clear is that the former KGB employee had became a vehement critic of Putin and his Chechnya policy that swept him to one election victory after another. Putin rose to power on the back of the Russian apartment block explosions in 1999, which he blamed on "Chechen terrorists." 300 Russians died and anger in Russia was at boiling point. Litvinenko accused the FSB (successor to the KGB) of being behind the bombings in order to provide their former boss with the pretext to destroy Chechnya a second time around.

Litvinenko had further angered the Russian authorities with his investigation into the murder of the journalist Anna Politkovskaya in October. Politkovskaya was a sole voice in an increasingly silent world of the atrocities committed in Chechnya by Russian troops and the brutality of their campaign.

Western governments have long feted successive Russian governments since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Criticism of the Russian regime since its first onslaught against Chechnya in 1994 has been muted and this has effectively given Russia a green light over the past decade to continue with its barbarity in killing civilians and civilian areas. In fact, western governments have lavished praise upon Putin even as his administration has increasingly become more dictatorial and oppressive.

The problem is that the stance of most western governments towards Russia is either dictated by the reliance on Russian energy or its moral backing for the "war on terror" or in some cases both which precludes any serious criticism of Russia.

The Channel 4 reporter, Lindsey Hilsum wrote the following two years ago, "Tony Blair maintains that intervention in one place where people are tortured and oppressed doesn't mean we can or should intervene everywhere." But Chechnya is a shameful example of western leaders refusing to confront another government on human rights abuses and war crimes because, in the end, strategic and political issues matter more. Chechnya is complex and dangerous and miserable, and we just don't care enough to try to make a difference.

In the intervening period, whilst world attention has focused on the carnage in Iraq, Russian State terrorism in Chechnya has been largely ignored. Chechnya has been described as a forgotten war. Forgotten by the world, but a daily nightmare for its inhabitants. The most recent chapter in this nightmare is what Litvinenko and Politkovskaya were trying to expose. Litvinenko alleged that the Russian authorities manufactured a Chechen threat in 1999 in order to win an election for Putin and secure public backing to suppress the call for independence in Chechnya.

A new report by Human Rights Watch reveals that torture is "widespread and systematic." Russia's man in Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov runs his own private force charged with executing "enforced disappearances." Human rights groups have estimated the number of disappeared between 3,000 and 5,000 in the last seven years, although many consider this to be a conservative estimate.

Chechnya's population numbers around 1 million. During the first and second wars in Chechnya, between 150,000 and 200,000 civilians died. That is a staggering statistic taking into account the population. Today, the capital Grozny can be described as nothing more than a wasteland. By comparing the pre-1999 aerial shots with those taken after Russian carpet-bombing one can partially appreciate the horrors.

Chechnya does indeed deserve the epithet śthe forgotten war." There has been scant reporting about the atrocities being committed there. On the pretext of combating terrorism the Russian state and military have orchestrated a brutal campaign of wanton killing. The impartiality of Western governments cannot be relied upon as they have tangible interests at stake.

The governments in the Muslim world are just as silent as they are invariably architects of their own repressive programmes. The on going assault on Chechnya provides an opportune example for the Muslim community in Britain to publicise and speak out against t hese atrocities. On a practical level, Muslims must publicise the basis for the Russian war in Chechnya. There is incontrovertible evidence that the justification for the brutal war in Chechnya was founded upon a lie perpetrated by the FSB for nefarious goals.

Muslims must contact newspapers, television news channels and Internet sites whilst interest in the Litvinenko case is still there, to broaden the issue further than how he was killed to what he was exposing. Whilst this may not change the immediate outcome of the war against Chechnya, Russian government propaganda and the complicity of its western allies will ultimately be exposed.

2006-12-08 Fri 04:24:05 cst