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RAMADAN 15, 16, 17 1424

REMEMBER the anniversary of 'Ayesha Siddiqa, r.a., November 12, 2003, leader of the Islamic women's movement, beloved wife of the Prophet (pbuh), daughter of Abu Bakr (r.a.), great teacher of Hadith, leader of men and women.

Righteous is the one who gives wealth " set slaves free." [2:177]

ONE REASON WHY WESTERNIZED PEOPLE CANNOT ACCEPT HADITH: The Prophet, pbuh, taught the rules of PERSONAL HYGIENE. Such "delicate matters" do not exist in western versions of religion:

"Salman Farsi, r.a., narrates: The unbelievers said: We see that your prophet teaches you everything; so much so that he even teaches you the rules of urinating and defecating! Salman, r.a., said: Yes, that is true. He teaches us not to use our right hand to clean ourselves, not to face the ka'aba when relieving ourselves, not to use unclean things to clean ourselves ....[Hadith, Muslim, Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi, Nasai, Ibn Maja, kitab at-taharat.]

by our Middle East Monitor

Following the attack in Riyadh, the Saudi government went on a media offensive to condemn the attackers as "Al-Qaida".

The Saudi media offensive, supported by Zionist media in the U.S., makes it difficult to understand the situation. Here we provide some analytical tools to help our readers clarify the situation.

Who were the attackers who gave their lives in the attack? The Saudi government should provide their identities. If they were Arabians from within the Saudi domain, that would mean the attack was INDIGENOUS to Arabia, not from an outside force called "Al-Qaida." Or it could mean that Al-Qaida exists within "Saudi" Arabia in spite of billion dollar internal security. The Saudis say that only 17 people were killed and some of these were children. First reports even on U.S. media indicated that 90 or 30 people were killed. There should be openness to the media to let reporters find out who were the victims. Why do innocent people get killed in such attacks? There can be no excuse for killing innocents. However, we see that even with PRECISION WEAPONRY, the U.S. killed more than 7,000 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad in the recent invasion. These attackers in Riyadh certainly cannot achieve the precision of U.S. jet planes. The attackers are bound to create collateral damage as they go in against heavily fortified facilities. What was the intent of the attackers, to kill children or to destroy Saudi power with an attack in the heart of the Saudi capital? There should be an inquiry to find this "intent." Till yesterday, the U.S. and Zionist media were saying that the Saudis are funding terrorism. Now suddenly we find the U.S. and the Saudi family closing ranks and saying that the attack was a terroristic attempt to topple the Saudi monarchy. These look like signs of PANIC. Would that mean that the attack was successful in creating the danger of a Saudi collapse? The conflict WITHIN "SAUDI" ARABIA indicates large scale support for the attackers. Only days back, Saudi forces attacked Muslims who were allegedly conspiring against the U.S. in the HOLY CITY OF MAKKA. Five Muslims were killed, while others ESCAPED. How can people "escape" unless they have public support? The Muslim world should demand an impartial inquiry into the situation in "Saudi" Arabia. This is a regime linked to U.S. military power and is authentically documented to be practicing torture against Muslims. It is a CORRUPT, RACIST regime, shamelessly flouting the LAWS of ISLAM and has shown readiness to recognize ISRAEL. Imagine the disaster for the world of Islam when recognition of Israel comes from withing Arabia itself proposed by Crown Prince Abdullah himself.

by Meer Sahib, Canada

Nice to hear from you. We are just beginning to have winter here. Hope you are enjoying sunny summer over there in Australia. What the Saudi rulers say in public and private are two different things. The rulers know they are hated by the citizens. They have stayed in power by brutal force and the support of uncle Sam. They do whatever Sam says. They financed Sam's atrocities in South America. What vital interests do you think Saudi Arabia had there?

They helped mujahideen during Afghan war on instructions from the Americans, not because they wanted to. They knew the Saudi mujahideen returning with battle field experience, would be fatal to their fiefdom... so, many were captured on return (instead of the ticker tape parade to welcome them) and sent to prison. We are told they were tortured and some were murdered, but we do not know what really happened. We have no means of knowing the truth, but when I was living there, I did see some shaikhs (scholars), who had the misfortune of being 'state-guests', returning from prison like vegetables. In one occasion, I went to visit one such scholar with some Saudi friends and, all of us wept seeing his condition. He was a towering personality before he was put in jail.
[Owing to a bumper issue of CHICAGO CALLING, we'll continue this item in greater detail in the next magazine.]

ONE IMPORTANT ASPECT of these great thinkers is that they arrived at their conclusions INDEPENDENTLY. None of them was subservient to the others in any way. In separate contexts, their TEACHINGS WERE SO SIMILAR. That's the authenticity of Islam which comes from an honest attempt to find the genuine roots of Islam.

Astonishingly, SYED QUTB arrived at the same conclusions about the destructive power of Muawiya and Yazeed as Maulana Maudoodi did. The establishment of KINGSHIP has been at the center of strife in the Muslim ethos, with the forces of the Qur'an and the Sunnah facing the forces of a monarchical, despotic version of Islam produced by paid "scholars."
INDEPENDENCE is the key to the motivation of these great scholars.

MAUDOODI was very critical of the Muslim League which was trying to create Pakistan because of its inner contradictions, but when it came to COOPERATION WITH MOHOMED ALI JINNAH, Quaide Azam of Pakistan, Maudoodi gave his 100% support. We'll document this support for the ACTUAL CREATION of PAKISTAN right up to August 14, 1947 when Pakistan came into being.
Mohomed Ali Jinnah recognized that Maudoodi would be the one who would fight for his dream of an Islamic Pakistan. Jinnah, Quaide Azam, passed away a little over a year later. Right away the secularist exploiters tried to grab Pakistan and turn it into a pathetic copy of "British India." Maudoodi stood in their way, gentle but UNCOMPROMISING.
[to be continued, inshallah]

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