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Long posting but you will enjoy it.
DR. ISMAIL ZAYID ANSWERS NETANYAHOO'S PROPAGANDA. Old friends of the editor might remember Dr. Zayid from Canada. He is superb.
Pakistani-American Woman's Passport Confiscated, Medical License Confiscated, Children Given to Husband

Dear Mr. Donahue

I noticed your heartfelt concern for American women who have lost children to their Saudi Arabian spouses. In one case you were keen enough to support a woman whose own daughters went from Saudi Arabia to England and rejected her. She (and you) created the impression that the grown up children had been brainwashed because they preferred to live in Saudi Arabia. This one sidedness creates the impression that you have an agenda, perhaps to prepare a case against Saudi Arabia.

This impression can be dispelled if you pay attention to a high profile case of a highly educated Pakistani-American woman, Dr. Naheed Morrill, whose two daughters have been taken away by an American court which was reportedly told by her husband that she was teaching them "Islamic fanaticism."
Her passport was taken away, her medical license was suspended and she became destitute.

What makes Dr. Naheed's important for American Muslims is that she is westernized, highly placed woman from Pakistan's elite. She does not dress according to the rules of the Qur'an, nor does she do anything which would taint her with Taliban sympathies.

Recently her father died in Pakistan. The FBI temporarily returned her U.S. passport to her. While she was in Pakistani, she was interviewed by the media and her tragic case was highly publicized. She even received sympathetic audience with President Musharref and other top level Pakistanis.

She came back but the FBI's moves against her and the suspension of her medical license for a WHOLE YEAR has ruined her finances. She cannot even afford an attorney to continue her efforts to get her daughters back.

For the sake of balance in your reporting on inter-civilzational issues, I urge you to interview Dr. Naheed Morrill. If she cannot get a hearing on American TV, what hope can there be for the hundreds of thousands of women who have rejected the American way of life and accepted the strict life style recommended by the Qur'an and the Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him.


Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
FOUR U.S. CITIZENS ARRESTED: Latest Ashcroft attempt to Scapegoat U.S. Muslims [First Islamic woman to be arrested.]

This time it's the turn of the African-American community. Attorney general Ashcroft has announced the arrest of four Muslims, three in Oregon, one in Michigan. The men have prayer marks on their foreheads. The sister wears hijab, the sign of Islamic honor and dignity. The search for two other Muslims continues.

As in the case of Jose Padilla (Abdullah Muhajir) and the Lackawanna six, Ashcroft staged a media event to carry out a pre-trial "conviction" of the Islamic prisoners as "terrorists." The charges made against the four are even more frivolous than those against the Yemeni-descent Lackawanna six. They were charged with having gone to Afghanistan and participated in a camp where Osama allegedly came and made a speech.

The new prisoners are charged with TRYING TO GO TO AFGHANISTAN. The government admits that they did not actually get there. Also, like millions of other Americans, they did target practice in a junkyard in Oregon.
OBSERVATIONS: The attorney general is evidently saying to America's Muslims: You are not permitted to travel to Muslim countries to help your worldwide community. If you travel to help other Muslims in areas of conflict, you will be treated as terrorists and all your actions will be seen as "conspiracies to commit violence."

By contrast, Zionist Americans can freely travel to Israel and help the Jews in their horrendous daily violations of human rights of the Palestinian people.

Thus Ashcroft, observers say, has an agenda which can be described as the "nationalization of Islam." The Ummah concept (that the Muslims of the world are one) is the target of these moves.

John Walker's appearance in court today was reminiscent of the Stalinist purges when decent people would appear in show trials and denounce themselves. Looking for leniency, he condemned both the Taliban and Osama bin Laden. Compare with his words when he was first captured.

Observers say that the U.S. has perfected the art of psychological torture. Not a mark appears on the victim's body but he is subjected to ongoing interrogation in a sealed cell, often deprived of sleep and food for extended periods of time, subjected to extremely bright light.

Under such pressures, many people will break over time. It appears from U.S. government remarks that Lindh was able to remember something about the Muslims arrested in Lackawanna (Buffalo). Perhaps he saw one of them there. [Remember all this was before 9.11 and many people totally unconnected with war activities visited Afghanistan.]

There is some hope that if Lindh "cooperates" further with the government, he might be released before his 20 years end.
Ibrahim Hooper Stands Up to Jerry Falwell: Pro-Israeli Agitator Shocks Show Host

Jerry Falwell was on "Hardball", a relatively reasonable show hosted by Chris Matthews on MSNBC. It was apparent very fast that Falwell is mentally deficient. Probably his wealth and access to propaganda outlets are the only reasons why his reach has become worldwide in tandem with Israeli power.

We are serious when we say that Falwell has a mental deficiency. He made the claim that like Bush, he is not against Muslims but that, yes, he considers Muhammad (peace be on him), the messenger of Allah, a "terrorist." When Falwell kept insisting that he thinks most Muslims are decent but Muhammad (pbuh) was a terrorist, Chris Matthews, the host was puzzled and asked Falwell if he saw the contradiction.

For once, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper did not knuckle down and refused to be put on the defensive by Falwell. However, Hooper's basic defensive posture did come out when he said something like: "This will harm the war against terrorism." Which war against terrorism, Mr. Hooper? Do you mean the war on Islam? That should be clear by now.

Finally, Falwell came out naked. He claimed that THERE IS NO PALESTINE. There is only Israel. His solution for the Palestinians in the West Bank: Send them to Jordan! The host, Chris Matthews, looked aghast.

The Jewish Inquisition in America, which often hides behind a pious "we were victims of the Holocaust" camouflage is coming out openly in favor of CENSORSHIP. The notorious Arab hunter Daniel Pipes has set up a web site listing Arab professors whom he considers "anti-semitic." There was a weird scene on the Donahue show with Pipes accusing a Columbia university professor of dismissing his class so that students could participate in a political demonstration. [Perhaps Pipes is asking Jewish students to spy on professors.]

NOW WE HAVE THE JEWS PURSUING THE POET AMIRI BARAKA who wrote a poem on 9.11 in which he linked rich Jews to oppressors and challenged the idea that America has not suffered anything worse than 9.11.

The Jews accused Baraka of anti-semitism. Unfortunately for them, Baraka happens to be the Poet Laureate of New Jersey. In an attempt to show their power, the Jews had the governor of New Jersey demand that Baraka resign from the poet laureateship!

Baraka refused in a superb lengthy rebuttal.. Black America is tired of being pushed around by rich Jews.
MORE NEWS HAS APPEARED THAT another 4 ISLAMIC PRISONERS IN GUANTANAMO BAY PRISON CAGES ATTEMPTED "SUICIDE." Previously there was news of 6 prisoners attempting "suicide." Something very serious is going on there. There was news that TALIBAN AMBASSADOR MULLAH ZAEEF was tortured to death by the Americans. Then there was a note received by his family indicating that he is alive but there is no indication how old that note was. Is he dead or alive? Anyone knows? Mistreatment of an ambassador is condemned under international law. Even Chingiz Khan and Hitler respected ambassadors.

I agree that Fallwell's anti-Islamic antics should be criticized.

At the same time, though, it is in a way, an honour that Falwell does to our Prophet (pbuh) and our religion, inasmuch as the present US administration and Falwell's Zionist patrons call a "terrorist" anyone who fights for justice and liberation.

Yes, I proudly say that our religion and our Prophet (pbuh) stand for justice and even for fighting for justice when that becomes necessary, though the opressors definitely are uncomfortable with that fact.

On the other hand there are some Muslims who, frightened by all the outcry against "Islamic terrorism," will rush to protest that Islam believes in peaceful capitulation to what America and "Israel" want! They will cravenly wave the stars and stripes as US warplanes take off to kill our brothers and sisters in Iraq. They will try to prove that what they call "Islam" is on the side of Bush's "war on terror." I find such disgusting public displays far worse, actually, than any of Falwell's ignorant ravings.

Let us protest Falwell, but let us not allow our protest to be turned into support for the Bush Administration and Zionist movement's campaign against the Muslims.


Eric Mueller
Dear Editor: As Salaamu alaikum. This note was not able to be sent to the web site because his site avoids truth. It is an open letter for Mr. Falwell

Dear Mr. Falwell: I've reviewed your web site and see the many false reports on Islam, Muslim beliefs, the life of Prophet Muhammad and more. You are a Liar! A Liar of the worst kind and I pray for your immediate punishment. May Allah squeeze your heart and cause you physical pain. May Allah reach into the inner resources of your mind and squeeze and torture your psyche to punish you mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. I am not a terrorist with the need for physical guns, etc. I can merely pray for your demise and you will see the changes in your miserable, wasted life and times, if Allah Wills. You are already being punished by your exposed evil, bigotry and bias. You could not contain it as you planned to do! Allah caused you to reveal yourself. You call Muhammad a terrorist because he was a military leader and people were killed. Was Prophet Abraham a terrorist because he was willing to kill his son by God's Will and mercy? Was Prophet Moses a terrorist because he hit a man and killed him? You are a foolish man and now you have been emboldened to attack Islam and think you can get away with it because of current affairs. I assure you, you will not get away. Allah (God) will punish you and humiliate you in the near future, in sha'llah. I will be most pleased to see your Lying flesh burn in hell. Beware of your poison tongue. It will surely take you to death in hellfire.

Imam Warithu-Deen Umar
WordSwordS Literary Agency

Dalhousie Gazette - Wednesday, October 02, 2002 6:34 PM

Dear Editor:

The letters by A. Elbaz, J.Krashinsky, A.Litman and J. Grossman [Sept. 26] are the classical rehash of Zionist falsification and re-writing of the history of the Palestine/Israel conflict. The courageous articles by Jon Elmer {" Riot, the language of the unheard" Sept. 12, and subsequent articles, Sept 19 & 26} are accurate and tell it as it is. (see:

Your correspondents quote Mr. Netanyahu : " Nothing, absolutely nothing justifies terrorism." Beautifully said, but let us look at the practice. It was Prime Minister Netanyahu who sent, in 1997, his Mossad agents, carrying Canadian passports, to Amman Jordan, in the attempt to assassinate Khalid Meshal, using chemical weapons.

As to terrorism, it was Israel, and the Zionist terrorist gangs {The Stern, The Irgun Zwei Leumi and Haganah}, that created terrorism in the Middle East. The catalogue of Israeli terrorism is lengthy and requires volumes to describe, but I will limit myself to few examples. However, the testimony of the late Professor Israel Shahak, a Holocaust survivor, and then Chairman of Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights, is relevant here. He stated : " There is nothing new in the fact that Israel is a terrorist state, which, almost from its inception, has used its intelligence service [the Mossad] to assassinate people on foreign soil with any violence or terror it considers necessary for its ends."

The first act of air piracy in the history of civil aviation was carried out by Israel, in Dec. 1954, when a civilian Syrian airliner was forced down in Tel Aviv and its passengers and crew held for days, despite international condemnation.

The first act of shooting down a civilian airliner was deliberately carried out by Israel, when a Libyan airliner was shot down by Israeli jet fighters over Sinai, in Feb. 1973, on the direct orders of Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, killing 107 of its passengers and its entire French crew.

The first murder by letter bomb was carried by Yitzhak Shamir's Stern terrorist gang, killing a young British student in England, Rex Farran, in May 1948.

Fathi Shikaki was assassinated in Malta by the Mossad in 1995, on the orders of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. We must not forget The role of Ehud Barak, later prime minister of Israel, dressed as an Arab woman, in the assassination of three Palestinian leaders, including the poet Kemal Nasser, in 1973 in Beirut.

The list of assassinations, of Palestinians in Europe and Middle East, is a long one, but Europeans were not excluded. The Assassination of the British minister, Lord Moyne, in Cairo in 1944 and the horrible murder of the UN mediator, Count Folke Bernadotte, in Jerusalem on Sept. 17, 1948, on the orders of Yitzhak Shamir, is another crime.

Israel's main ally, the USA, was not spared, as in the Lavon Affair in 1954, bombing US diplomatic centre in Alexandria and Cairo, and the attack on the USS Liberty , in 1967.

Jews were not spared as in the sinking of the Patria ship in Haifa harbour in 1940, by the Irgun, killing 240 Jewish refugees, and the bombing of Massauda Shem-Tov synagogue in Iraq in 1951, to force Iraqi Jews to emigrate to Israel. There is a great deal more about Israeli terrorism and its work on chemical and biological weapons.

Mr. Elmer's statement about, Netanyahu's expression about "the mass deportation of Arabs" is challenged. It is reported that he made this statement : " Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories". {Benjamin Netanyahu, Hotam. Nov. 24,1989}.

Your correspondents speak of " anti-Semitic Palestinian education and media."

A number of international studies observe the opposite. those who care to look into this should examine the following report, amongst others :{" Israeli Textbooks and Children's Literature Promote Racism and Hatred Toward Palestinians and Arabs." by Maureen Meehan, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, September 1999, pages 19-20}. As to pure anti-Semitism and racism, I'll let Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, a former Chief Rabbi of Israel and the spiritual leader of the Shas party tell it : " How can you make peace with a snake? The Ishmaelites [Arabs] are all accursed evil people....God regrets having created Ishmaelites."

Ms. Grossman speaks of " the concessions made by Shimon Peres." This is unbelievable. Since when has the withdrawal from illegally occupied territory, in compliance with international law and Security Council resolutions, been considered a concession? It is this oppressive illegal occupation that has been allowed to stand for 35 years, in defiance of international law, that is subjecting the Palestinians to crimes against humanity. Israel is practicing extra-judicial assassination, detention without charge or trial, torture, demolition of thousands of homes, including entire villages, like Imwas [Emmaus], Yalu and Beit Nuba [my own home town], uprooting of hundreds of thousands of olive and fruit trees, expropriation of territory and the creation of illegal settlements, all in violation of The Fourth Geneva Convention. These acts are war crimes, as defined by international law. Elbaz question the credibility of Amnesty International. This is incredible. How about the credibility of Human Rights Watch, the Israeli human rights organisation, B'Tselem, and many UN and international observers who all described Israeli atrocities in Jenin, Balata and Nablus as war crimes.

It is relevant to note here that Israel remains in defiance of scores of Security Council resolutions, including resolution # 1405, of April 15, 2002, ordering the admission of UN inspectors to Jenin, and resolution # 1435, Sept. 2002, ordering Israeli withdrawal from Palestinian cities and towns. Israel remains in defiance of both resolutions. Using the Bush and Blair logic of waging war against Iraq, are we allowed to conceive that they are also planning war againsr Israel, for defiance of Security Council resolutions and having nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, and using some of them?

The facts remain that the hypocrisy and double standards of the US and its allies are limitless. How long must Israel remain above international law?

Yours sincerely,

Ismail Zayid, MD.
[Sis Carolyne in Florida]
Did you by any chance hear Bill Clinton speaking before a Labour function in England, promoting Tony Blair, last night on C-SPAN? He is completely behind Bush on this war and basically pushed for a New World Order. That is the common denominator behind all of this mess. A Jew came up to him after his talk, and led him away. There were also many Jews sitting in the front row of the building. They were easy to identify.

I am sure that Bill Clinton will be meeting with Ariel Sharon, while in Europe, pushing for war with the various leaders over there. Bush and Clinton are probably working together at this point. They are both working for the same people.

A Congressman named Brian Nelson, Nebraska, was taking calls on C-SPAN this morning. He was defending the upcoming war. He as much blamed Saddam Hussein for 9/11 as Bin Laden. Finally a caller asked him, why don't we go after Ariel Sharon and Israel for they are guilty of the same things as Iraq, only more so. Nelson's reply was, Israel is our ally and has not attacked us. That is the difference. The Americans don't get it. Iraq is being provoked to attack us. They have never attacked us on our own soil. What makes Israel an ally is AIPAC. $$$

Our leaders are now saying we should push for democracy in every nation in the Middle East. You know what that means. War in all of those countries and an overthrow of their governments. Then when they finally get "democracy", it will be like America. The richest people in the country will send money to their politicians and control them, just like the Jews do here. So it is back to square one. The rich in control.

Our government is really pushing for a New World Order. The Jews will finance it. In my estimation, it is a done deal. There is no going back. We will be losing more of our freedoms very soon. That is how they can make this work-persecution. I don't know what will happen after that-20 million Americans slaughtered like the Bolsheviks did to the Christians in the last century.

The news is scarier by the day, and what is worse than that-the Americans being sucked into this thinking.

Have you noticed the news media bringing up issues like women's rights in Saudi Arabia? It is also an issue on the talk shows in the evening. It's just like what the news media did to the Catholic Church a year ago. Many American women that married Saudi men are now coming forward talking about their experiences. They had to leave their children behind in that country. This is all propaganda to get the American people to rise up against Saudi Arabia and be willing to over throw their government. The Arabs should have learned a long time ago, you can't trust a Christian/Western government. (If the American women had done their homework before they married these Saudi men, they would have realized that in Islam the man gets the children when there is a divorce. Also, even in this country, many times a man will obtain custody of his children, instead of the mother. Why isn't that brought up.) I wonder what the laws in Israel are about divorce between a couple that is Christian and Jewish. Who gets the kids?

Even the program "Law and Order" last night had a story about a looser of a guy not being able to find a girlfriend in this country. So he decided to become a Muslim and thus go after a Muslim woman, knowing that she would submit to a man, and his problems would be over. This may have been a good story, but there is a subliminal brainwashing going on-all Muslim women must submit to a man and are not created equal with men. The Jews are the ones behind this.

2002-10-05 Sat 07:23ct