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Within days of the unprecedented march in Peshawar, on April 2, 2003 the ISLAMIC COALITION organized a huge protest in Quetta, Baluchistan, on the sensitive frontier with Afghanistan where the Taliban now own the night.

The demonstrators started gathering in Ayyub stadium. The demonstrators, led by the provincial and national leaders of the Islamic coalition, became a sea of people, unprecedented in the history of Quetta. The marchers slowly surged forward and finally reached Mizan Chowk at 4 PM where a rally with speeches was held.

Thousands of people carried garlanded pictures of President Saddam Hussain and Osama bin Laden, heart throb of the Muslim ummah. The feelings of the people were very strong owing to news of slaughter of civilians in Iraq by U.S. bombers.

The call in Quetta was for Jihad against America and its allies. The powerful slogans of Allahu Akbar were reflected in the speech made by Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani, who is now President of the Islamic coalition which brings together Muslims of all schools of thought. The main points he made, which were hailed by the masses of people, were:
1. The Musharref government must remove U.S. air bases from Pakistan otherwise the Islamic coalition will organize a movement to remove them. Pakistan has become defiled with the presence of these bases.
2. Musharref's regime is letting the dirty dogs and thugs of the American FBI to insult, arrest and dishonor Muslims. This must stop forthwith.
3. America is bombing and killing helpless men, women, children in Iraq.
4. America plans to attack Muslim countries one after the other if steps are not taken to stop it now.
5. Humanity has not seen such bombing as the U.S. is carrying out in Iraq. These are crimes against humanity.
6. The world has seldom seen bravery and heroism as that of the Iraqis facing the military might of a superpower. [Iraqis in cars and on motorcycles rammed American tanks with explosives.]
7. Jihad against the American aggressors has become obligatory on the Muslims.
Says Pakistani Jihad movement leader Hafiz Saeed.

April 2: Addressing a "Defense of the Ummah Conference," in Gujrat, a Pakistani city near Lahore, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed urged Pakistanis to take practical steps to prepare for Jihad. Thousands of people listened to him at Fawara Chowk as he pointed out that Americans are spying on Pakistani nuclear installations and are planning to attack them.

Referring to Musharraf without naming him, Hafiz Saeed said that when American cruise missiles are raining down on Iraqi children and women, anyone who claims to be a friend of America is a traitor to Islam and Pakistan. The ATTACK ON IRAQ HAS OPENED THE DOOR FOR JIHAD, he said, and inshallah neither America nor its puppets will be able to stop this movement. America, he said, tries to fool Muslims by claiming to be a friend. If we do not prepare for Jihad, he said, after Afghanistan and Iraq, the next targets will be Iran, Syria, Turkey, Egypt and Pakistan

April 2. Muslim League leader, Pakistan's elected Prime Minister who was removed in a coup by CIA agent Musharraf, has, from his exile in Saudi Arabia, condemned the slaughter of Iraqi civilians in U.S. air attacks. "My heart bleeds for the victims of this slaughter," he said. No religion and no law permits this slaughter, he said. EVERY DROP OF INNOCENT IRAQI BLOOD distances the possibility of peace and lays the foundations of permanent enmity, he said. For 15 days Iraq has not used WMDs, he said, and this proves such claims were unfounded. He called on the United Nations general Assembly to meet and take practical steps to stop the attack on Iraq.
Russian Embassy: U.S. bombs falling in Heavily Populated Area of Baghdad

April 2: Russia foreign ministry has protested to the U.S. that its embassy staff in Baghdad is in danger because bombs are falling in the civilian area where the embassy is located. (AFP)
{With thanks to Br. Eric Mueller, from Texas}
Carry Your Cross and go away

By Ibrahim Ebeid

March 27, 2003

Two un-Christian missionary organizations are planning to go to Iraq to help the Imperialist powers, the Anglo America Zionist aggressors, to colonize Iraq.

They think that the Iraqis would welcome them and would embrace their type of corrupt Christianity. They are poised in Jordan to invade Iraq and impose their false doctrine upon our gallant people and convert our Muslim brothers and sisters to their faith. They want "to address the physical and spiritual needs of a large Muslim population".

The Southern Baptist Convention, the country's largest Protestant denomination, and the un-Reverand Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse are near the Iraq border in Jordan and are ready to invade as soon as it is safe.

We know both Graham and the Southern Baptist Convention and their uncompromising support for the Zionist entity. We know that they are Zionist Christians. We know their hostility to Islam and Prophet Mohammad.

These Zionist Christian missionaries share the same ideals of the Anglo-American-Zionist Imperialist powers. They are one and the same. They think they can destroy us and change our character. They want to convert us to their distorted faith.

Two months after the Sept. 11 tragic events, Franklin Graham called Islam "a very evil and wicked religion" during an interview on NBC, the television network. In his book published last year, "The Name," Graham wrote, "The God of Islam is not the God of the Christian faith." He went on to say that "the two are different as lightness and darkness."

On the eve of the Southern Baptist Convention in St. Louis last year, the Rev. Jerry Vines, a former denomination president, told several thousand delegates that Islam's Allah is not the same as the God worshipped by Christians. "And I will tell you Allah is not Jehovah, either. Jehovah's not going to turn you into a terrorist," Vines said.

As a Christian Arab, I say to Graham and his likes: Carry your Cross and go away. You are not part of me and your god is not our God. Our God, Allah, is a loving God, a Merciful God and a Compassionate one.

Our Christ is different than yours. Ours is one of us. He is descendant of Abraham of Ur and for your information Ur is in Iraq, the same Iraq that you are bombing and destroying. Christian Arabs as well believe in Allah. Allah is the Arabic name of God.

Southern Baptists, Franklin Graham, take your Cross and your crumbs and go away. You are not part of our Christ. Islam is above you and more noble than your un-Christian Zionist faith.

Palestine is Arab. It belongs to our people. Some are dead. Some are living but most are not yet born. "Sami Haddawi"

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