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Egyptian Regime Violates Islamic Women to Crush Opposition
Symbiotic Relationship of Mubarak and White House

Late in March 2000, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak slipped quietly into the White House, held secret sessions with President Clinton and left. He came and went as if he was visiting his relatives, without fanfare and fuss.

Before him came Egypt's Foreign Affairs Minister Amr Moussa. He met the U.S. press corp and business leaders. He also met his people in the U.S. Muslim community. Some of the points he made indicate that Egypt's ruler is the spearhead of U.S.A.'s moves against the Islamic movement in Egypt and around the world. The key points Amr Moussa made (as recorded by C-Span on March 24 and screened on March 27) were as follows:

1. Moussa indicated that the Mubarak regime has played a key role in the so-called Peace Process meant to legitimize the Israeli occupation of Palestine and to sell it to the Muslim public. In Moussa's words: "Achievements of the peace process are crown jewels of our relationship."

2. The Gulf War. 3. Somalia. 4. Sudan (sanctions). 5. Iraq (sanctions). In all these Amr Moussa pointed out that there has been close "Egyptian American cooperation."

3. The war against "terrorism" (that is attempts to destroy the Muslim ability to fight back) is again an area of common work between Mubarak and Clinton.

MUBARAK: Slick Operator: While the Mubarak regime is working with the U.S. to destroy the Muslim ability to fight back and is working for recognition of Israel by every Muslim country, Mubarak never attacks Islam directly. On the one hand, he permits night clubs, liquor and prostitution in Egypt, on the other he sends reciters of the Qur'an (qaris) (strictly non-political) to Muslim communities around the world.

Not surprisingly, both Mubarak and Amr Moussa have their own Muslim supporters in America. On this trip Amr Moussa spoke to such an audience in Los Angeles. At a higher level, Dr. Maher Hathout, "Advisor" to a group called Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), met first with Medeleine Albright and Amr Moussa and then with Mubarak and Clinton. (Source: The Muslim Observer, edited by Aslam Abdullah, which supports MPAC.)

Following the railroading of Shaikh Omar by a Jewish judge in New York (with Mubarak's regime hidden in the background), Al-Amoudi, leader of a funded group set up in Washington called AMC (American Muslim Council) attended a conference called in Cairo by Mubarak himself. Al-Amoudi then went on to publicize the Mubarak conference and his own presence there in the AMC's own newsletter.

Thus Mubarak's Muslim front is quite successful.

After decline of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt saw the uprising of Al Gamaa al-Islamiyya, whose spiritual guide, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman is now in solitary confinement in Rochester, Minnesota. The mass appeal of the Gamaa' can be seen in the fact that 60,000 of its members and supporters remain in Mubarak's dungeons where torture is routinely perpetrated on them. According to Amnesty International 10,000 of the Gamaa' supporters were arrested in the last three years. (Nearly 300 Muslim Brotherhood were also arrested to prevent their participation in Egyptian 'Elections')

GAMAA' could not be defeated through arrests, torture and state terror. Mubarak's security forces even attacked mosques and arrested people worshipping there. Yet the combined Egyptian security, Mossad and CIA/FBI could not defeat the Gamaa. (Mubarak has a big FBI security unit in Cairo from where it supposedly monitors terrorists, a name for Islamic activists.)

Then, learning from the Hindus in Kashmir, the Jews in Palestine and the Serbs in Bosnia/Kosova, Mubarak started something unknown in Egyptian history, the VIOLATION OF MUSLIM WOMEN. The violation of any woman is a crime against humanity, but Mubarak's crimes have been carried out against the veiled women who stay away from men other than their relatives and are known for their chastity, worship of Allah and total devotion to the cause of Islam.

There are many reports about Mubarak's campaign against Islamic women aimed at breaking the men who are fighting his regime to stop the recognition of Israel and the bastardization of Egyptian society.

We will choose a segment from a book by a non-Muslim woman who was sympathetic to Mubarak and who went to Egypt because of her concern about the victorious upsurge of Gamaa' al-Islamiyya. She was particularly shocked by the slaughter of tourists at Luxor by the six young mujahideen who gave their lives to stop one of the biggest sources of Mubarak's income from the exploitation of Pharoahnic traditions. She wanted to know why these young men gave up their lives in such a ferocious attack. (They were educated and had many prospects in life.) Here is her description of what Mubarak is doing to Muslim women: the process is degrading but must be understood by those who meet Mubarak and still call themselves Muslims.

The narration is from the mother of one of these great Muslim women whom Mubarak's thugs have violated. The book is: A PORTRAIT of EGYPT by Mary Anne Weaver. This is what Um Mohammed, the mother of a Muslim woman told Weaver:

"The screams of her twenty-eight-year old daughter, Amal Farouq, had kept her awake every night for months, she said. The nightmare was always the same since Amal's arrest by the SSI, which had held her hostage in a damp, dark room as they attempted to collect evidence against her husband, Ahmed, Um Mohammed's favorite son-in-law. The government's new strategy of targeting women in its increasingly ugly war, even some of its officials admit, is an exceedingly unpleasant one, but it is meant to break the spirit of male militants."

"Amal was arrested only hours after Ahmed (who is now serving a twenty-five-year prison term for his alleged role in an assassination attempt against the Minister of Information) was captured by the police. The SSI wanted Amal to tell them about Ahmed's friends and to denounce him on government-controlled television as a terrorist. Amal refused. Then slowly, over a period of days, the beatings began, and became progressively worse."

" 'They tore off her veil and blindfolded her," Um Mohammed said. "Then they stripped her down to her underwear and hung her from a hook in the ceiling by her hands. They taunted her; whipped her with cable wire; kicked her in the stomach; and, with razors, they sliced open her back. They were at least seven men in the room, Amal said, and some of them chanted, as they beat her, how much they would enjoy raping her.' "

" From the next room, Amal heard Ahmed screaming in pain. 'You bastards! I don't know anything. Leave her alone!' "

"Amal was held, incommunicado, for ten days."

"On the morning of the last day, an officer named Mahmoud Hosny took her into a tiny room and stripped her naked. As she lay shivering on the floor, attempting to conceal herself, he promised her her freedom and a large sum of money if she signed a confession implicating Ahmed as a terrorist. When Amal refused, Hosny called another man into the room and told him, 'The bitch is all yours. Rape her' "

" When the man began to undress, Amal started to scream: 'All right, I'll sign whatever you want.' That evening, she was released without being charged."

"Weeks later, Amal applied for permission to attend Ahmed's trial, in a military court, and to testify that her 'confession' against her husband had been made under torture. For 'security reasons', the government refused."

"Montasir al-Zayyat subsequently filed a complaint on Amal's behalf, with the Ministry of the Interior, against Mahmoud Hosny and the other men involved. the authorities responded by taking Amal into custody again."
A portrait of Egypt. A journey Through the World of Militant Islam by Mary Anne Weaver was published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in 1999. If your local public library does not have it, recommend it.)
Jamaat al-Muslimeen asks Americans to realize that the U.S. gives $2.8 billion every year to the criminal regime of Hosni Mubarak. This torturer is leading the "peace process" and is a frequent visitor to the Clinton White House.
The Committee to Free Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman has been reformulated. Inshallah it will help the American people to realize why this outstanding scholar, teacher and freedom fighter is being kept in a cell in Rochester, Minnesota.
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