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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rajab 6,1427/August 1, 2006 #51

Is this a great country or what?
More than a hundred people, mostly seniors, have died of the heat wave in California, America's richest state. Old people in the this country are usually left alone by their families to live and die in isolation. In the hot weather, if the air conditioner fails, and old people are too weak or too afraid to go out, they face dire circumstances and sometimes an ugly death.

Think about it: On July 31, Israel used artillery fire to kill a 14 year old Palestinian child in Gaza. Surely the Zionist Jews, drunk with their monopoly of overwhelming force, know neither shame nor decency.

Pakistan: Emerging overseas Opposition to Musharraf: Nawaz Sharif, leader of the Muslim League addressed his supporters in New York from London. He said that there will be no compromise with General Musharraf and the Pakistani generals. Musharraf has humiliated Pakistan by becoming the "shoe polisher" and servant of the U.S. Nawaz Sharif was the last duly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan and was removed by General Musharraf through a coup.
[Info. sent to New Trend by Dr. Khalid Luqman in Brooklyn, New York.]

The Turkish American Journal is a newspaper by Turks who live in the USA. If you need unbiased and independent news, please put the above web site address in your favorite list.

Amerika da oturan Turklerin gunluk gazetesi. Bagimsiz ve tarafsiz haber almak istiyosaniz, lutfen yukardaki web sitesini "favorite" listenize ekleyiniz.

LATEST FROM Dr. WILMER LEON: the "On With Leon" Show

Go to click on Show Schedules and listen to some great insight on the Middle East and Central Asian conflicts by experts in the region that you won't hear on mainstream media. Dr. Hanah Ashrawi - Palestinian expert, Dr. Ashraf El-Bayoumi - Egyptian expert, Dr. Kaukab Siddique - Central Asian expert, Ms. Phyllis Bennis and Dilip Hiro are also Middle East Experts. James Bamfor - NSA expert and author.

If you have Windows Media player installed on your system you can pull the interviews down and listen right from the site. You don't have to wait for it to download!

Again, these are perspectives that you are not going to hear on NBC, ABC, or even CNN.

Peace and Blessings,


FACTS from the Battlefields in Lebanon and Afghanistan: Jamaat al-Muslimeen
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

4th Demonstration in North Carolina Against Israeli Aggression in Gaza and Lebanon

Imam Badi Ali, Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader, is calling the people to join a 4th demonstration in Greensboro on August 2. The demonstration is supported by all categories of the activist communities, Islamic, anti-War White people , and for the first time, the Lebanese community. [The only people staying out are "imam" W.D. Muhammad's people. The "imam" is known for his uncle tomming and flag waving, and is a great friend of the Zionist Jews.] Info for joining:

"All concerned citizens of Greensboro and the Triad are encouraged to join us in protest on Wednesday, August 2, from 4:00 to 5:30, in front of the Public Library in High Point City on Main Street.

Sponsoring organizations include:
Muslims for a Better North Carolina
North Carolinians for Truth and Justice in Palestine
ICT Youth Committee
Lebanese Community of Greensboro

Lauren Guy McAlpin (336) 207-0826
Elvira Jasarevic (336)-207-0206
Olla Mustafa (336) 362-3056

Brooklyn, New York: Reaching out to the Muslim Community

Jamaat al-Muslimeen distributed New Trend's reports condemning Israel's aggression to worshippers at an African-dominated masjid and at a Shia-dominated masjid. Jamaat al-Muslimeen is urging Muslims to come out of their masjids and join the rallies against the Zionist entity as well as for other oppressed people, such as the people of Haiti.

Baltimore, Maryland: Khutbas Against Israeli Aggression Urge Muslims to Speak out, Organize & Rally

On July 28, 2006 Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma' Khutba at a masjid on the west side of Baltimore and led the prayers. The small masjid, organized by a Nigerian brother, was packed with people, mostly from Pakistan. On July 21, Dr. Siddique gave the Juma' khutba and led prayers at a small masjid in Central Baltimore. The audience was mostly African-American, African and Pakistani. In both khutbas, the khateeb taught from the Qur'an that Muslims in a situation like that of America must use peaceful means to condemn the power drive of Israel and the Bush administration. We must help Americans to understand that the forces of Islam are fighting for the right of the Muslim masses to be free of foreign domination and oppression. Muslims are ONE ummah. There is no such thing as an "American Islam," Dr. Siddique said; there is only ONE Islam and it's in the Qur'an and the Sunnah of Muhammad, pbuh.

A.N.S.W.E.R's Call for a Rally on August 12: Dishonest Publicity by Mahdi Bray's Group

Numerous anti-war groups across America have endorsed a call by the A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition to rally against the war. This is a natural and growing phenomenon. However, dishonest publicity by Mahdi Bray's group, known as "MAS Freedom" is creating the wrong impression. Mahdi Bray has been putting out press releases which imply that "MAS Freedom" is organizing the August 12 march and perhaps A.N.S.W.E.R. is endorsing the march!

Honesty is extremely important for Muslims. Mahdi Bray's politics is quite murky. Earlier readers might remember that he and Johari Abdul Malik came on C-Span to claim that they were fighting Muslim "extremists" and would help the FBI to catch them.

Later, Mahdi Bray complained to the FBI: Why are you trying to catch "extremist" Muslims? You should let us do the job for you. Bray claimed that he is so patriotic that he will do a better job of catching "extremist" Muslims than the FBI.

A.S.N.W.E.R organizers must be laughing at the Muslims. They called Mahdi Bray to be THE representative of Muslims on their dais, although he is not known for leadership abilities, or eloquence, or Islamic knowledge or ability to stand up to the oppressors. His friendship with the State Department mole Abdur Rahman al-Amoudi is well known. A.N.S.W.E.R has no explanation why it chose such a poor representative from among Muslims.
[Ramsey Clark has not been asked for approval of this choice.]

Letter: Re: America's Conscience

You should be aware that the "young, white, sister" who disrupted Mr. Maliki's speech, Medea Benjamin, supported the aggression against Afghanistan, because we were attacked on 911 by al-Qa'ida. She's done some good things since, like disturbing congressional hearings a number of times, however. (At least, I think that was Medea Benjamin. That's what the news said, but the video I saw looked like a younger woman than Medea, who's 54).

Ken Meyercord


Re Nadrat's article, "Israel's Record and Its Nuclear Arsenal: ...," she could have included the threat to use nuclear power in the October 1973 Yom Kippur war.

According to Seymour M. Hersh, "The Samson Option: Israel's Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy," (p.264), Israel was losing the war; Moshe Dayan was in despair. "It was Israel's darkest hour, but no withdrawal was ordered. Instead, Israel called its first nuclear alert and began arming its nuclear arsenal. And it used that alert to blackmail Washington into a major policy change."

Nevertheless, she is a good writer.

Doris Rausch

Background to the war

By Edward W. Miller, MD
[Veteran New Trend contributor, Dr. Miller lives in San Rafael, California.]

"As long as we act like the bribed bodyguard of Israel, that little country will continue to bully the Palestinians and its neighbors. It is a rogue nation. It has done nothing but fight wars and take other people's lands since its very beginning"

Charlie Reese, 19 July, 2006

Though the media would have us believe Israel's ongoing savage bombardment in Lebanon is simply a response to Hezbulla's Katysuka rockets and the capture of two Israeli soldiers, this is but smoke and mirrors. All of Israel's military incursions into Lebanon, including the present one, ( which was planned months ago) have had three objectives: to maintain control of Lebanon's rivers for precious irrigation waters: to destroy Lebanon's economic and political underpinnings lest she compete too strongly against Israel in the Mideast banking and tourist markets, and to weaken or destroy patriotic organizations such as Hamas and Hezbullah, which threaten the Zionist dreams of expansion.

As early as the 1948 war with the Arabs, Israel occupied Lebanon's Litani River valley, but was quickly forced out under international pressure. Later, at a 1954 meeting on Mideast water resources, Israel threatened President Eisenhower's envoy, Eric Johnson, to again militarily seize the Litani River waters, but our then president, unlike those who have followed him in the Oval Office, stood firm.

Israel's next ruse as reported in the diary of Moshe Sharett, once Israel's Prime Minister, was to destabilize Lebanon by bribing and training officers in the Catholic Maronite militias to attack both the Muslim Druse forces and the PLO. "Israel would then invade southern Lebanon to keep the peace." Using these uprisings as an excuse, Israel launched devastating air and ground attacks against Lebanon in 1967, and In 1969 her Air Force destroyed Beirut's new international airport with its fleet of 13 just-purchased passenger planes which were torched on the tarmac. In 1978, Israel invaded again with 20,000 troops and seized southern Lebanese land, including the Litani River valley, declaring it a "security zone." The UN, in an emergency meeting, demanded Israel withdrawal (Resolution 425). She refused.

In 1982, with President Reagan's covert OK, Israel launched her genocidal invasion to kill off those Palestinians who had escaped into Lebanon in the 1948 war. In 67 days of savage fighting, Israel, using ground and air forces as well as anti-personnel shells, and phosphorus bombs, butchered over 30,000 civilians, stampeding another 500,000 out of Beirut, while destroying much of that beautiful city.

Offshore with Reagan's OK, our Battleship, USS New Jersey shelled Beirut's suburbs, killing those fleeing the city. In response, three hundred U.S. Marines, as well as French marines guarding Beirut's airport later paid with their lives.

In the post-war negotiations, surviving PLO officials were given safe transport to Tunis, their families to follow, whereupon Israel's Lebanese militia, as Israeli officers looked on, butchered over 1,000 PLO wives and children in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps. In 1993, Israel again devastated southern Lebanon, bombing villages and forcing over 300,000 to flee their homes. The 1996, brutal "retaliation" was a repetition of 1993, but with more damage to Lebanon's infrastructure.

Prime Minister Peres' May 1996 destructive "retaliation" in southern Lebanon produced unexpected worldwide outrage after the media reported Israel had fired missiles into the UN refugee camp in Qana, killing 110 Palestinians, mostly women, children and old men. Although Israel initially denied it, the New York Times reported on May 4, 1996: "UN observers stated Israel 'deliberately shelled the [Qana] refugee camp.' Netherlands Major General Frank van Kappen, heading the UN investigator group, reported that a pilotless Israel "drone" arterial spotter had been transmitting TV images to Israel's gunners before and during the barrage. Shells fired into the Camp, (supplied by the Clinton Administration,) were M-732 proximity-fuse rounds, designed for "amputation wounds." The 110 massively-mutilated corpses including several headless child's bodies.
Successive Zionists governments have repeatedly demonstrated their utter lack of concern for the lives of any non-Jew amongst their Mideast neighbors.

Hezbullah, an organization much-maligned in our media, is a voluntary militia of ordinary Lebanese citizens organized back in 1982 to drive the then occupying Israeli forces from their country. Using guerilla tactics over the years, Hezbullah finally accomplished Israel's withdrawal in May, 2000. Since then they have also become an effective political party in Lebanon, gaining seats in the Parliament, as well as support throughout the Muslim world, including Syria and Iran. Washington critics and the US media seem to forget that during our own Revolutionary War against King George III , our volunteer militias were supported by cash and arms from France.

The Geneva Convention, which Israel signed but has never honored, permits such militias as Hezbullah "to expel an occupying army [Israel] by any means at their disposal." Hezbulla has promised to disperse its military arm after Israel leaves their country and comes to terms with a viable Palestinian State. Israel however, still occupies the Shibaa Farms area in southern Lebanon with its many small villages, strategically located in the Sheikh Mountain, where she is stealing Jordan River irrigation water from the Lebanese and carting away tons of rich topsoil for her farms in Israel.

The recent cross-border assault by Hezbullah to capture Israeli soldiers as hostages, in exchange for over 9000 political prisoners presently held by Irael, was a replay of several past coups. In September 2002, Hezbullah abducted one Israeli colonel from inside Israel. Following two years of tortuous negotiations, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon exchanged 436 Lebanese prisoners and 59 corpses of Lebanese soldiers for this one Israeli hostage and three corpses of Israeli soldiers. As Robert Fisk noted (THE INDEPENDENT 13 July, 2006) "As long ago as 1985, three Israeli soldiers captured in 1982 were traded for 1,150 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners. In January 2004..... Israel freed 436 Arab prisoners and released the bodies of 59 Lebanese for burial, in return for an Israeli spy and the bodies of three Israeli soldiers. So Hizbollah knows - and the Israelis know - how this cruel game is played."

Every US President since Eisenhower, threatened by our Zionist lobby, has excused or acquiesced to Israel's repeated savageries. Bush Jr. has proved no exception.
Today, there seems scant interest in either Washington or Europe in halting this devastation in Lebanon. On 19 July the U.S. used its threat of veto to stop a cease-fire resolution proposed in the Security Council. ( New Trend), and on July 20th THE AUSTRALIAN reported: "According to... The New York Times... US officials signaled that Dr Rice was waiting at least a few more days before wading into the conflict, in part to give Israel more time to weaken Hezbollah forces." Meanwhile the corporate media went all out to support Israel. "NOT ONE Islamic commentator was allowed to speak on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC or any other major TV or radio outlets. Israeli and Zionist commentators hogged the air waves, with loyal opposition provided by secularized and/or non-Muslim Arabs." ( 19 July, 2006)

There is hope, however, This week, some 2000 Israelis, objecting to their Army's savagery in both Lebanon and Gaza, marched in Tel Aviv to protest. (Haaretz News 17 July, 2006) and on 19 July our Senate vote on a resolution defending Israel's attack on Lebanon was blocked by Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner (R-VA), saying: "the people of Lebanon are suffering enormously at this time, as are the people in Gaza."

Why no Cease fire after Qana and Why is Israel so Angry? +Islamic Strategies

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

Kofi Annan was genuinely moved by the slaughter in Qana. He thought this was the time when a cease fire resolution could be passed. Although he is a veteran of diplomacy, his emotions made him unable to face the fact that the U.S.A. is the moving force behind Israel's brazen aggession against Lebanon. The USA would not allow a cease fire resolution to be even discussed in the Security Council. A meaningless statement of "shock" was passed. It's not worth the paper it's written on. Condileezza Rice was embracing Ehud Olmert while the bombing was going on. She wanted to sweet talk the Lebanese Prime Minister Siniora but the gentleman that he is, he politely asked her not to visit. He has had a problem convincing Americans, all the way from Larry King to Bush, that Hizbullah is not the enemy of Lebanon.

From 21 days of war, some hard facts emerge which the Muslims of America must face:

* There is NO PLACE in American thinking for an Islamic group, nation or force which is not controlled from the White House. All Muslims who stand up for their independence based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah are terrorists as far as the Bush administration is concerned. Questions of self-determination have become meaningless for the U.S. if the elected people are Hamas in Palestine, or Hizbullah in Lebanon, or Ahmedinejad in Iran. [All three have been elected in fair elections.]

* All other Islamic forces were earlier marked for liquidation, be they FIS in Algeria, or Taliban in Afghanistan or the Islamized Saddam in Iraq. Saddam tried to accept everything the U.S. threw at him but he still had to be destroyed
[even though "no-fly" zones had already been imposed on Iraq and a million Iraqis died from the embargo and sanctions].

ISRAEL as a tool of American power?:

* Israel was supposed to destroy Hizbullah and cripple Lebanon's economy within a week. This attempt beckfired. The frenzy of Israeli attacks and the arrogant attitude of Israel spokesmen like Gillerman come from the fury felt by a bully who can't win against a seemingly puny opponent.

A number of factors play into Israel's fury and maniacal attempts at genocide in Lebanon:

* The Israeli Jews think they are a Chosen People; God gave them this land, and others, particulary Muslims, be they Arab or African, are inferior people. The UN at one time correctly defined Zionism as Racism.

* Israel's military might outweighs, outnumbers, and outmatches anything Hizbullah or any combination of Arab forces can bring against Israel. Hizbullah has katyushas, mortars, RPGs and heavy machine guns, perhaps even some light artillery. Israel has drones and hellfire missiles guided by laser; its huge merkava tanks fire 155 mm shells. How DARE the soldiers of Allah [Hizbullah] stand against this overwhelming force! [and even win as in Bint Jbeil!]

* Israel's attitude of injured superiority is based on the victory it won against combined Arab armies of Egypt, Jordan and Syria in the so-called Six Day War. Those were secularized armies led by corrupt rulers who betrayed their people without compunction. Jerusalem was handed over to Israel almost without a fight by a CIA agent posing as the King of Jordan [claiming to be a Hashemite!]. Today's world is different. Islam is now a global power challenging the imperial powers of our time. Israel, with its contempt for Islam, seriously miscalculated and let down its cheerleaders in Washington, DC.

Muslims need to understand the WASHINGTON-New York-TEL AVIV axis. Muslims usually think in terms of "Israeli control of U.S. government-media-etc" with a few going the other way to say that the U.S. controls Israel. New Trend's research shows that Washington and Tel Aviv [with New York as the generating point] are ONE extended political, cultural and military entity. This ONENESS is true not only in numbers, that large numbers of American Jews are also Israelis, or in MEDIA connections, in that people like Wolf Blitzer, Larry King, Paula Zhan, Barbara Walters, Chris Matthews and many others, Jews and non-Jews, consider Israel their second home and visit frequently. More importantly, Israeli and U.S. military and intelligence services work so closely together as to be almost indistinguishable from each other.
[A tiny U.S. nationalistic core has survived but is fighting a losing battle.]

An example of this co-extension is the automatic re-supply of missiles and bombs to Israel. After 14 days of bombing Lebanon, Israel started running out of explosives. WITHOUT TELLING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, Washington started re-supplying Tel Aviv. Scotland was used as a stopping point for the re-supply transport planes. The Brits themselves did not know what was going on till the third re-supply unit was spotted [and protested] by the British people.

The Prime Minister of Lebanon, a great friend of America, realized that there was no point in telling the U.S. government to stop Israel's bombardment of Lebanon's infrastructure and civilians. After Qana, Siniora appealed directly to the American people to put pressure on their government.


* The following trends can be seen:

1. Efforts to unite Shi'as and Sunnis. Al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri's message calling on the Muslim world to rise up in defense of Lebanon was an important development.

2. Recognition of the fact that the rulers of Muslim countries are working for the U.S. [and some for Israel too]. Some of these rulers are able to survive only because of U.S. support. Among them are King Abdullah of Jordan, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Musharraf of Pakistan, Karzai of Kabul and Al-Maliki of Baghdad. Others with a tribal base, such as King Abdullah of "Saudi" Arabia and the rulers of Tunisia, Morocco and Libya are dependent for survival on the U.S. to a lesser or a greater degree. Turkey's generals and the Emirs of Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE and Qatar are also in this category. How will Muslims get rid of these rulers when these men are protected by heavily paid mercenary troops and well-funded intelligence agencies linked to the American CIA [and in some cases FBI and Mossad too]?

Syria is a very special case here. It has been helping to hunt down Islamic radicals but seeks legitimacy in opposing Israel rhetorically and by giving Hamas and Hizbullah some leeway. It has not fired a shot in 21 days while Israel mauls Lebanon.

3. Iran is the only independent Muslim country. Does Iran have the ability to reach out to the Muslim world and go beyond its nationalistic and sectarian support base? Most importantly, can Iran go beyond the injuries Saddam Hussain's Iraq imposed on it and return to Imam Khomeini's vision? Is the Iraqi wound healed yet or will it continue to bleed? Imam Khomeini had taught that Iran's real enemies are Imperialism and Zionism but for many years Iran forgot that message and concentrated on fighting Iraq [and went on to support U.S. sanctions on Iraq] and supported the U.S installed clique in Iraq, hoping to make political gains from the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

3a. In AFRICA, Sudan is relatively independent, an Islamic force has emerged in Somalia and in Northern Nigeria, the people chose the Shar'ia. Throughout Africa, Islam is seen and lived as a positive life force.

4. The emergence of an ISLAMIC TURKEY could turn the tide. Turkey used to be the sword arm of Islam before it was undermined by Kemal Ataturk's deadly secularism.

5. In the east, a Taliban victory in Afghanistan, followed by the downfall of Musharraf, will probably lead to the liberation of Kashmir. A new Pakistan federating Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir may well emerge with links to Bangladesh and Indonesia which could both develop to be under Islamic or semi-Islamic systems and fraternal ties to Malaysia, South Thailand and Muslim islands of the Philippines.

5a. Bangladesh has a tremendous potential for Islamic renaissance and Bengalis are increasingly breaking away from Indian hegemony. Armed incidents like the ones which started the Israeli attack on Lebanon are quite common on the India-Bangladesh border with steady Indian attempts to steal land and to undermine Bangladesh's economy. As Bengalis see it, India lets too much water come into Bangladesh when it is not needed and denies it water when the need is dire. India's close alliance with the U.S. and Israel makes Bangladesh feel isolated and it is naturally moving towards Islamic alliances. It's the second or third biggest Muslim population in the world and has thousands of intellectuals, scientists and scholars in the country and around the world loyal to Islam.

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