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Boycott businesses which support Israel. Contact our DIRECTOR of BOYCOTT to obtain and distribute a boycott brochure which is very effective. Contact the Director at: PRADIA2@aol.com
Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Shoora calls on Muslims to BOYCOTT Election 2004. Kerry is not better than Bush in the goals he pursues. Don't be fooled by his rhetoric. He is simply trying to cash in on the widespread anti-war sentiment shared by 50% of the American people.
Ask for our press release:

Islam does not permit participation in an election which is based on power, money and exploitation.

Join Jamaat al-Muslimeen, a peaceful movement which educates Americans, within the law and the protection of the First Amendment, about the brutal realities of the American power structure.

JAM urges you to remember that the LEADERS of the Muslims are in U.S. prisons. How can we go blithely off to join the oppressive syatem when USA's Imam, Jamil al-Amin, is in prison, when the Blind Shaikh, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman, who never harmed even a bird, is buried alive, when even totally subservient Muslims like Yusuf Islam are treated as terrorists?

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was called a terrorist!. Allah was called a false god, the Qur'an was thrown into a toilet in Guantanamo Bay's concentration camp, and neither Bush nor Kerry apologized to the Muslim Ummah.

Don't degrade yourself. Stay away from the oppressors.
October 8: KERRY'S LATEST: "We will stay in Iraq and finish the job."

The Secret Behind Afghan Voter Registration: Bush Not Informed?

New Trend Special Report

President Bush proudly announced during his debate with Kerry that "democracy" is about to debut in Afghanistan. He claimed that millions of Afghans have been registered to vote. New Trend was intrigued by these claims. On investigation, New Trend found that there can be little doubt that these claims are bogus.

HOW DO WE KNOW? Here is a "checkable" fact [as the author of Imperial Hubris would call it]: There are no elections being held in the PASHTUN areas of Afghanistan which by far constitute the majority of the population.

But New Trend went further and checked out from where President Bush is getting his statistics. The International Organization of Migrants [IOM] has announced that 740,000 Afghan refugees living in Pakistan have been registered to vote in the Afghan "elections." Similarly 600,000 Afghan refugees living in Iran have been registered for the same purpose. Thus Iran and Pakistan are helping to bring about this American game of "elections" in an occupied country.

{It won’t be surprising if one day "elections" in Pakistan will be carried by way of the registration of Pakistanis living in the USA.]


New Trend Special Report

America’s man in Kabul, Karzai was able to hold two rallies under the strictest possible American military protection. However, the third rally could not be held owing to a serious bomb attack.

On October 5, Karzai spoke to the first "election" rally. It was in the town of Ghazni. He was taken there on an AMERICAN APACHE HELICOPTER guarded by tank buster aircraft. The rally, organized at great cost, was held under extremely strict security.

On October 6, he spoke to a second rally, this time in Kabul. It was a carefully orchestrated event ENTIRELY UNDER AMERICAN SECURITY. A handful of women were there, much photographed by foreign media. EACH individual, including journalists, going in was body searched.

The third event was to be held in the stronghold of the Northern Alliance, Faizabad, in Badakhshan province. On October 6, as the "participants" were being brought in, Ahmad Zia Masood, who wants to be Vice President, and former Governor Syed Ikramuddin arrived to view security arrangements. At that moment a remote controlled bomb went off, seriously wounding both Masood and Ikramuddin, killing 4 people and injuring others. The "participants" fled in panic and Karzai’s appearance was canceled. [Zia Masood is the brother of the famous Ahmed Shah Masood.] Looks like an elite Taliban unit has penetrated the area.

Near ZERO voting Registration in Pashtun area: Taliban Attack pro-U.S. troops

New Trend Special Report

Owing to the efforts of the resurgent Taliban and mujahid leader Hikmatyar, very few men and NO women have registered to vote in the U.S. organized elections in the Pashtun areas which constitute most of Afghanistan.

The Taliban have launched devastating attacks in the provinces of Kandahar, Zabul and Uruzgan against U.S.-backed Afghan mercenaries [mostly Hazara]. In district Mahruf of Kandahar province, Taliban blew up a police truck, using a mine, killing 7 policemen. In district Dara Chopan of Zabul province, Taliban escaped after destroying two check posts of U.S. backed troops and setting ablaze 5 cars. Three mercenary troops were killed, 10 wounded and 2 captured by the Taliban. In Uruzgan province, Taliban attacked the military headquarters of the U.S. backed troops [Hazaras], and got away after killing 3 troops and wounding 5.

Remarkably, in each case the U.S. air force arrived to save its supporters but the Taliban melted away before the air attack began.

[Sources: Pakistani newspapers giving eyewitness accounts.]

Israelis "Tabaized" as they Indulged in Orgy of Murder and Mayhem in Gaza: 35 killed, 300 injured. 10,000 Jews flee. Egypt's Role in Night Club "culture"

by New Trend's Media Monitor

October 7, 2004. It appears that a martyrdom operator blew up the Hilton hotel in Taba, Egypt across from the Israeli border. Our analysis, based on significations published by U.S. observers of such attacks is that it was probably an operation by the Al-Qaida Islamic movement. U.S. intelligence has noted that Al-Qaida attacks usually follow the pattern of near-simultaneous explosions. Here the main attack was followed by two smaller ones in nearby camping resorts.

Reports on casualties indicate HEAVY Israeli losses. The Israelis seem to be hiding their losses. Indications are that at least 35 Israelis were killed, along with 12 Egyptian night club staff, and more than 300 wounded, many seriously. Nearly 10,000 Israeli Jews are fleeing from the flesh pots of Egypt and all 15,000 might finally be evacuated. The Jews are in a state of panic.

The TIMING of the martyrdom operation supports the theory that it was an Al-Qaida operation. The world watched in horror as the USA VETOED a United Nations resolution urging Israel to stop its murderous rampage in Gaza.

The Israelis, using HELICOPTERS and TANKS supplied by the U.S., have slaughtered 82 unarmed, helpless Palestinians, including children, in an attempt to kill all Islamic activists and leaders. The Palestinians looked HELPLESS, abandoned by the Muslim world. On top of the helplessness came the U.S. veto. Thus the perfect timing of the Taba attack is bound to increase al-Qaida's popularity not only in the Muslim world but worldwide.

EGYPT's ROLE: The attack has brought out the nature of the relationship between the Egyptian regime and Israel. While Hosni Mubarak every now and then issues seemingly critical statements about Israeli policies, he had opened Egypt to Israeli "tourism" with night clubs, beach resorts, liquor and all the accoutrements of a prostitute culture. In political language, such demeaning activity is known as "cultural imperialism. The QUR'AN TEACHES WAR AGAINST SUCH EXPLOITATION OF WOMEN. The entire "sex culture" on Muslim territory indicates that MUBARAK IS TRYING TO CUT THE ROOTS OF DECENCY in the most important Arab Islamic nation.

The attack is a devastating blow at one of the main sources of hard cash for the exploitative Egyptian ruling class: tourism.

NOTICE the first Egyptian response to the attack. MUBARAK is an expert in DISINFORMATION. When the first report of the attack came, Hosni's government announced that it was probably a "gas leak." However, when two more explosions followed in totally separate localities, it became apparent that the mujahideen had struck.

{There is little sympathy for the Israelis in the world. Observers note the cynicism of the Jews that they were enjoying holidays in resorts in a Muslim country while their tanks and helicopters hunted Palestinians in Gaza.]

"Sultan" Bush 2004 AD Contrasted to Sultan E-Kamel, 1208 AD

By Dr. Mohamed Z. Awad
[Founder and former President of the Islamic Society of Baltimore.]
[Ph.D from Kings College, University of London, England.]
[An authority on Ancient Egypt and Islamic art.]

[New Trend Exclusive.]

Present happenings in the Middle East, Arab and Muslim world are of immense impact on the spiritual, social, economic and political aspirations of its people and on western civilization.
Lessons of Middle East history need not be repeated.

Sultan El-Kamel was one of the three sons of Saladin (Arab hero from the Crusades). The Western Christian world neither knows the victories of his father nor of his son’s achievements.
Middle East history in the West is shrouded in forgetfulness and neglect. Sultan El-Kamel, after rising to rule a part of his father’s domain (1208), which included Jerusalem, took a courageous step towards peace between Muslims and Christian Crusaders who were totally defeated by his father and were astray. HE OPENED UP JERUSALEM TO ALL, an act unique in its time. He demolished the walls and turrets which protected the city, widened the streets, fixed damaged and decaying buildings, and improved civic services. He declared his personal protection for ALL worshipers of God and maintained strong police service for the protection of all. As a result, Jerusalem, after years of war, began its revival and became a city of peace once against.
Sultan El-Kamel chose co-existence over war.

In contrast to Sultan El-Kamel who rebuilt Jerusalem, the Pope and the Church were responsible for the INQUISITION, a process that forced people to convert to Christianity or die: a process of hatred that had nothing to do with God. The mentality of men imposing their views of God upon others caused much damage physically, mentally, spiritually and historically to Europe and in particular to Spain. All was done in the name of the Pope and God. Christian Europe, with its vision clouded, never understood Sultan El-Kamel’s acts and wisdom as a gesture of unique peaceful co-existence.

Throughout western civilization history of the dark ages, renaissance, industrial revolution, war and peace the west never stopped to learn about Middle East and Muslim history. France and England with their colonialism and occupation, as recent as 1950 and 1957, controlled the Middle East with the mentality of greater nation and greater god and tried to force western civilizations values on the population. Never considering that their rule, their vision, their military power could not be transferred to or forced on the people and was doomed to failure. An opportunity to learn and accept history denied.

Now, history repeats it self. A new Sultan has arrived and his name is George Bush, President of the United States of America. This new Sultan seems not to know history and is destined to repeat it.
Sultan Bush has surrounded himself with advisors with their own agendas and little historical knowledge of the Middle East and Islam. After the 9/11 attacks Sultan Bush listened to those same advisors and decided to attack and impose his will first on Afghanistan and then Iraq. Two nations clearly weaker and unable to fight the onslaught. Sultan Bush choosing war over peace.

In the case of Afghanistan the Sultan is seeking to find the responsible leader behind 9/11, Osama bin Laden. However, in his desire to do so a nation, which has suffered greatly, has been destroyed. After years of destruction and searching, to date Bin Laden is still at large and much of his followers still active and quite possibly more dangerous than before 9/11. The damage is done. Thousands dead, homes demolished, infrastructure destroyed and hatred of this new Sultan festering.

In Iraq, a nation having nothing to do with 9/11, was attacked because the Sultan, despite evidence to the contrary, stated Iraq possessed WMD and was a clear and present danger to western and in particular America values and security. Evidence has since proven this Sultan ill informed and ill advised. Continually the west is told by this Sultan of the improved lives and safety of the values forced upon them. History repeating itself yet again.

In both cases the innocents are paying a heavy price and the populace see only an invader amongst them. Yet this Sultan continues to follow the plot his advisers have plotted at the risk of damaging the credibility of his western society and nation. Many cracks have appeared in his stated vision. A vision not compatible with his actions. Many other western nations do not suport him. WMD were never found. This Sultan now finds himself in search of help from those same nations that were derogatorily called "old Europe". Financial and military support is not offered.
Now this Sultan is embroiled in a war his advisors assured all would end quickly and with little expense in lives and money. The public that was assured that the masses would greet their heroes warmly and with open arms never saw it. An imposing and powerful military force has invaded and won the battle. What this Sultan and his advisors never learned and refused to see that the taking of a country is only the beginning and the war is won when the people are willing to follow. So far in both countries the people are forcibly resisting occupation. The war is not over and the lessons never learned.

There are over and one half billion Muslims world wide that are now painfully watching these wars. They know that this sultan has a goal of total world supremacy. America and all its finances and military power is not able to fight small bands of fighters. America is learning that guerrilla war in metropolitan cities requires more than technology and financial resources. Mass and brute power alone will never win a war. It can only accomplish occupation. A lesson learned long ago by Sultan El-Kamel. A lesson lost on the present day Sultan Bush and his advisors.

In the Middle East and for Muslims throughout the world they live their lives according to Quran ( the holy book of Muslims) . Unlike the west where there is a separation of church and state , in the Middle East the Quran and Islam are a blueprint for life. In Quran there is a chapter of "Al-Fil"(The Elephant), it reads as follows:
"See not how Allah dealt wth the companions of the elephant. Did not make their treacherous plan go astray and sent against them flying objects striking them with fire which made them as leafless stals and draw." -Quran, chapter 105.

To Muslims this chapter of Al Fil points to an evil plot committed upon them, the innocent, and deserves God wrath. The attack of 9/11 was that wrath and the Republican Party is the culprit.

Western civilization has at its roots the mentality that it is the best way for religion, its political system, its educational system, and its monetary system are the only path to enlightenment and enrichment. It never stopped to see, review, and study other cultures and systems. As such many lessons go unheeded. This present day Sultan and his advisors seem only concerned with the one scenario that 9/11 is an act of present day Muslim fanatics. In fact by definition to be fanatical one is a true believer and followers and according to news reports, if they are to be believed, these so called religious fanatics were drinking alcohol prior to the hijackings.A clear violation of Islamic beliefs. To the well informed this is an indication that they were Muslims in name only. Because of Sultan Bush’s lies and treachery many are suffering an dying. Meanwhile, on 9/11 those entrusted with the safety an d protection of the American public such as the mayor of New York are made heroes. Here is a man who clearly played politics at a time of suffering by jumping on the band wagon of hatred and returned millions of dollars in donations from Muslims. He profited financially at the expense of the dead and innocent. Not a definition of a hero. Yet honors and praise are heaped upon him. There are symbolisms aplenty. We have now the Republican Party and ironically enough its symbol is the elephant and it qualified to be called companions of the “elephant”.This elephant has chosen war over peace, has chosen to treat the symptoms and not the cause. There have been many accusations in the media about cells in fanatics being arrested, none of which have been proven in court. As a matter of fact the accused in Spain and Germany have been released due to lack of evidence. Evidence America refuses to provide. Evidence that somehow is of national security interest and can not be made available to those nations, even though they are our allies and are fighting terrorism. In America the courts have disagreed with Sultan Bush and have given legal rights, which was denied by the Sultan, to the accused and detained. This Sultan Bush and his advisors have chosen to ignore facts all together. Have chosen to ignore laws altogether by having their legal department redefine laws in such manner as to provide protection against war crimes. Definitions many outside this administration would call it outrageous and stretching the bounds of the governing laws. One need only look at the prison problems and the system of interrogations and murder of the detainees. Will the present day Sultan ever learn or is he doomed to repeat the past? This government and this Sultan lack historical , and factual knowledge . No government has ever caused a division amongst its people and international community as this Sultan has.

America must learn that until unless it deals with cause, no amount of dollars or weapons heaped upon this misguided action will make citizens feel safe. Anyone intent on causing harm can succeed. No amount of technology or man power can stop it all.

As American I am appalled at the actions of this sultan and his follower Prime minister Blair. There are more question than answers. Perhaps that is just what they want since by the time the answers are found the Sultan and his followers will be long gone from politics. Someone once commented that Saddam Hussein did not become a tyrant over night and yet this Sultan has caused much grief in a shorter period of time. He has caused tortured, bombing of the innocent, death of women and children, and bombing of religious buildings. He has left scars that will understandably never heal. Scars that just might come back to haunt America. It was Bin-Laden who brought his battle to America and now Sultan Bush with his lack of wisdom and in his haste is creating more Bin-Ladens. Will those now suffering bring their battle again?

Where is the illustrious spirt and insight of Sultan El-Kamel? The world is in great need of his wisdom.

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