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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Ramadan 19, 1428. October 2, 2007. #76

A new Islamic force has emerged in Gaza in case Hamas goes soft on Israel. Please scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN.

The Jewish Hand Behind the War
Why Does Norman Podhoretz Hate America?
Michael Scheuer

Michael Norman Podhoretz's new book, World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism, is a hate- filled, anti-American book of the first order. Podhoretz hates every American who does not support the neoconservatives' views, the foreign policy they have devised, and the military and national security disasters to which they are leading America. Clearly, Podhoretz and his heroic band want the Islamist enemy to stay in the field so that the war he and the Israel-firsters wanted and now have will go on and on and on.

Letter: Re. Js in World War II

You may want to check a bit on the facts. Lithuania and Ukraine, among other countries, actually collaborated with the Germans. I would not put too much credence to their statements. The word "anti-soviet resistance" in connection with WW2 is a tell-tale sign that something very right wing is afoot.
The Russians actually stopped the Germans and in the process lost 25 million people.
Believing the words of those who collaborated with the killers could be problematic.
If I have to choose between Nazism and Communism, the latter is definitely my choice, when it comes to fighting for the people.


Islam's Woman Leader

Ramadan 1428: The Anniversary of Ayesha Siddiqa, r.a.: Scholar, Teacher, Leader, Closest to Muhammad, pbuh
by Kaukab Siddique

During Ramadan most Muslims forget the great woman who is central to Islam: Ayesha, r.a., daughter of Abu Bakr Siddiq, r.a, and wife of the last messenger and Prophet, Muhammad Mustafa, pbuh. Such mental ignorance of today's Muslims shows how far we are from genuine Islam.
There is no dearth of great women in Islam, be it Mary, the mother of Jesus, peace be on them, or Khadija, r.a., or her daughter, Fatima, r.a., or Hagira, r.a., the founder of Makka, or Summaya,r.a., the first martyr, or Hafsa, r.a., the trustee of the Qur'an's manuscript. These were holy women, sacred in the annals of Islam. However, Ayesha, r.a., is the greatest woman in many ways: Here are 5 messages of the Prophet, pbuh, narrated by Ayesha, pbuh:


1. Ayesha, r.a., narrates that the Messenger of Allah, pbuh, said: Rebut the Quresh in creative poetry and ridicule their claims [hujw] because this is more damaging for them than a barrage of arrows. [Hadith, Sahih Muslim, vol.3]


2. Ayesha, r.a., narrates: Na'eem ibn Mas'ud said: O Prophet of Allah! I have embraced Islam but I have not told my people of my Islam. Command me what I should do? He [the Prophet, pbuh] said: You are the same for us. If you wish, keep them deceived because war is deception. [Hadith, Sunan of ibn Majah, kitab al-jihad] [Note: This deception led to the victory of Islam over the combined forces of the tribes surrounding Madinah and the Jews plotting inside the city. See Sura Ahzab]


3. Ayesha, r.a., narrates that when the messenger of Allah, pbuh, finished the fajr prayer, the believing women would return home in their outer garments and it would be so dark that they could hardly recognize each other in the dark. [Hadith, Sahih of Bukhari .] [Note: There was no electricity in Madinah, so at early Fajr time when these believing women attended prayers, it was pitch dark.]


Muhammad, pbuh, showed us and taught us that biological differences do not make women inferior. He specifically wanted to negate the JEWISH view of women and menses, as can be read in a narration by one of his companions which indicates the situation he faced:

"Anas (Allah be pleased with him) narrates that when a woman from among the Jews menstruated, they would not eat with her, nor drink with her, nor allow her to remain with them. The messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) was asked about this. Then Allah Almighty revealed the verse beginning 'They ask thee concerning menstruation ...' The blessed messenger of Allah then commanded: Have your meals and drink with the menstruating women, and stay with them in your homes, and be normal with them in sexuality, except for actual intercourse. The Jews said angrily: 'This person will oppose us in everything we do ...' (Sunan of Tirmidhi, Abwabu Tafseer al-Qur'an.)

An important aspect of menstruation is that the woman starts feeling that she has become unattractive to the husband. The usually loving/lusting husband suddenly becomes distant and starts behaving as if she has a disease. This 'distancing' has caused distress to women throughout the ages for 6 to 10 days EVERY MONTH of their menstruating life.

In earlier times, the situation for women was even more serious because it was very difficult to stop the blood flow from becoming very evident. It could not be entirely hidden or absorbed.

Hence the Prophet (pbuh) took serious steps to show in his personal life that intimacy and sexual contact with one's wife (without actual intercourse) must continue during menstruation. Ayesha (the sublime beloved of the beloved of Allah) being young was the one most affected by monthly menstruation. Through expression of his love for her and other of his wives, the Prophet (pbuh) sent this message for all times to come that the Qur'an's words "keep away from women" DO NOT MEAN NO INTIMACY OR SEXUAL CONTACT DURING MENSTRUATION.

Ayesha (radi Allah 'unha) tells us in an authenticated Hadith:

4. "Whenever Allah's messenger (pbuh) wanted to be intimate with anyone of us (his wives) during her menses, he told us to put on a lower covering (over the menstrual area) and then became intimate (yubashirha). Ayesha added: None of you can control his sexual desires as the Prophet, pbuh, could." Bukhari's Sahih, 1:299

The Prophet (pbuh) also took steps to show 'Ayesha (and through her, the whole world of Islam for all time to come) that there is no reason to think that a woman's menstruation violates any sanctities of religion, or that, as in the case of the Hindus, she is somehow spiritually "dirty" when she menstruates. Hence this authentic Hadith:

5. 'Ayesha r.a. narrates: The Prophet, pbuh, used to lie in my lap and recite the Qur'an while I was menstruating. ( Bukhari's Sahih 1: 296 )

There is a vast amount of evidence that the Prophet negated all the taboos about menstruation. Be intimate with your wife during her menses but do not have actual intercourse, he taught.

PAKISTAN: Tragic Situation: Supreme Court Supports Musharraf

by Kaukab Siddique

September 29: Pakistani Islamic parties, lawyers and journalists protested in Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar when the Supreme Court, like the Election Commission, announced that General Musharraf has the right to stand for elections and to get re-elected by his puppet parliament. Police smashed the unarmed protestors, arrested scores and brutally beat up hundreds, including lawyers and Jamaate Islami activists.

Pakistani politicians did not realize that the secular power groups including the Supreme Court are working together. The real target was the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa. Musharraf had to get the attention away from his great crime and got the middle class and even Islamic political parties engaged in the issue of the Supreme Court Chief Justice.

On July 21, 2007 I told the "On with Leon" radio program:

"The sudden 'victory' of the Chief Justice in Pakistan looks like a victory for rule of Law but in fact might be a ploy to help Musharraf focus on the war against the Islamic resistance which is Bush's main interest in Pakistan."
[See New Trend July 22 .]

Now IRFAN FAROUQI, on behalf of Jamia Hafsa, has written a detailed chronology of events which indicates that the suspension of the Chief Justice, the May 2007 violence in Karachi, the end of Chief Justice's suspension, the moves related to Benazir's "hopes" and the drama of Nawaz Sharif's "return" were all part of Musharraf's plan [backed by Bush].

The people were fooled and diverted away from the real issue of the military destruction of Islamic institutions right in the heart of Islamabad.

[I agree with Br. Farouqi's assessment. When will our Islamic innocents realize that Democracy is impossible in Pakistan while the military-bureaucratic-feudal-landlord power structure remains in place. The real issue is Islamic Law, Shariah, and the end of the military's power, without any underhand deals. Not one member of any Islamic political party has been killed. Musharraf knew who his real opposition was: He slaughtered the people of Jamia Hafsa by the thousands. Bush is very satisfied. The destruction in Islamabad got almost ZERO publicity in America. Compare with coverage of Myanmar.]

{Latest news is that the court wants the Red Mosque to be re-opened immediately and Jamia Hafsa to be re-built in a year. The damage has already been done. It's too late now. Unless Musharraf is brought to justice for crimes against humanity, these steps are seen by many Pakistanis as "damage control" and "diversionary tactics." The court has refrained even from issuing any condemnation of Musharraf's massacre of the innocents.}

Letter: Important Documentary about Leader of Islamic Movement in Pakistan

Assalam O Alaikum W.R.W.B
Plz visit to see the documentary on SYED ABUL ALA MAUDUDI RAHMATULLAH ALAYH. I m waiting for ur response when u have seen it. plz spread this message as much as u can. Plz remember me in ur dua as well.
Ameer jamat islami karachi

Press Release

Block 19, Markaz F-7, Islamabad-44000 (Pakistan)

Tel: 051-2650971-3 Fax: 051-2650704


Direct U.S. Intervention to Re-"Elect" General Musharraf: Says Senator Khurshid Ahmad

Islamabad (October 01, 2007) - Senator Professor Khurshid Ahmad, in a press release, issued today has strongly condemned the disgusting statement of John Boltan US former Ambassador at the United Nations made in his address to the Conservative Party’s Convention in the U.K. that Gen Musharraf should be elected at all costs in Pakistan and the Religious Extremists stopped from coming to power. According to Prof. Khurshid Ahmad, this statement is not only the direct intervention in the affairs of our country but an insult to our sovereignty and independence. "It makes it clear that Gen Musharraf is not a nominee of Pakistani electors. He is the nominee of Washington", he emphasized. "The real issue before the nation is important to check this American invasion to Pakistan", he maintained. He declared that today the independence and sovereignty of Pakistan and future of democracy depends upon getting rid of a usurper who is protector of US interest and Washington’s nominee in the trauma of Presidential elections.

Is the nation prepared to protect its independence and sovereignty? Asked Prof. Khurshid Ahmad.

(Press release about the significance of Zakat-ul-Fitr by Imam Ali Siddiqui, California Muslim Institute, 7153 Twinspur Court, Corona Valley, CA 92880, Phone: 951-734-4599, email: Please publish/distribute as you see fit. Reasonable editing is permitted)

©Imam Ali Siddiqui

It is reported that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: "Remember! Zakat-ul-Fitr is Wajib (strongly recommended, just short of obligatory) on every Muslim, man or woman, free or in servitude, adult or child." (Hadith: Tirmidhi's Sunan)

Ibn Abbas (ra) reported that the Prophet (saw) made the Zakat-ul-Fitr obligatory for the purpose of: purifying our fasting from vain talk and shameful mistakes, to make arrangements for the poor and the needy for food and clothing (for the festival of Eid). (Hadith: Abu Dawud, Ibn Maja)

Every adult Muslim, with sufficient food for the family for a day, should pay Zakat-ul-Fitr for himself/herself and all his/her dependents. Even those who did not fast should pay it. Zakat-ul-Fitr should also be paid for the child born or the person died before the Fajr (dawn) on the day of Eid.

At the time of the Prophet (saw), payment of Zakat-ul-Fitr was made in terms of weight of grain. It is one Sa for each person. One Sa is approximately equal to 3.15 kg or 6.94 lbs. The Muslim jurists agree that Zakat-ul-Fitr can also be paid in cash equivalent to the cost of 3.15kg/6.94 lb. of grain including rice, wheat, lentils, corn, and dry cheese.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) has said, "Whoever paid it (Zakat-ul-Fitr) before Salatul Eid, it is acceptable Zakat before Allah. Whoever paid it after Salat-ul-Eid, it is just a charity." The companion of the Prophet (r.a.) used to pay it a few days earlier. (Hadith: Bukhari)

Imam Shafi'i held the opinion that Zakat-ul-Fitr can be paid as early as the beginning of Ramadan. I suggest that Zakat-ul-Fitr should be paid early enough so it will reach the needy and the poor before the Eid day. It will enable them to use it for food and clothes and give them the opportunity to enjoy the happiness of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Zakat-ul-Fitr should be paid directly to the needy and the poor. However, you can also pay it to an organization, which would distribute it in accordance with the teaching of Islam. Remember! It is still your responsibility. So, make sure before paying that the organization will distribute it according to the teaching of Islam and before Salat-ul-Eid.

There is a new concern in collection and distribution of Zakat-ul-Fitr and Zakat-ul-Maal. Millions of dollars have been confiscated by government agencies. This requires additional care on our part to select an organization carefully and rationally so that Zakat is delivered to the rightful person. Best method is still the personal contact.

Year after year Zakat is sent to deserving persons in the Muslim World. Let’s try to spend some of it in our own communities including Moaliful Qoloob, non-Muslims to turn their hearts and minds as friends of our communities. This will require knowing our own communities and friendly and deserving non-Muslims. It may be difficult at first but it will be better for us.

How to Calculate Zakat-ul-Fitr?

I heard many amounts over the years. It is a tendency to fix a higher amount by many organizations so that they may collect sufficient amount to distribute among the poor and the needy. One year it even went up to $15 per person. When specifying an amount it should be fixed at a minimum amount in accordance with the teaching of Islam so that every one can pay it with ease; however, we should encourage Muslims to pay a higher amount according to their life style.

Minimum Zakat-ul-Fitr is one Sa in weight of grain. One Sa is approximately equal to 3.15 kg or 6.94 lbs. Every person should look at the price of grain where they shop. One either pays Zakat-ul-Fitr a weight of 6.94 lbs. or 3.15 kg in grain or its cash equivalent.

Additional point, if in your life style you eat top-of-the-line fancy rice, then pay in its cash equivalent.

May Allah accept your fast of Ramadan, your Zakat-ul-Fitr, your Taraweeh, your recitation of Qur’an, your Salat and your struggle for the Pleasure of Allah (mirdadi(A)llah! Ameen!

© Imam Ali Siddiqui, 1982, 2003, 2006
Revised September 28, 2007

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Imam Ali Siddiqui with 35 years of service, is a Friday Khatib, Islamic teacher, Muslim Chaplain, youth advisor, family counselor, educator, poet and writer with a vision who has been involved in the teaching Islam, history, comparative religion, contemporary issues to Muslims and non-Muslims. He is actively involved in the community service including spiritual/educational development, service to the sick and the incarcerated. He has been on speaking tours to the Belgium, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, India, Iran, Pakistan, and across the USA. He frequently presents Islamic Prospective and Muslim Point of View on current affairs to Non-Muslims and Muslims. He has been very active in organizing seminars, workshops, conferences, and teach-ins to promote Islamic awareness and inter-faith understanding. He has received numerous commendations for his work, service, and scholarship. Presently, Imam Siddiqui is the President of California Muslim Institute; Vice Chair/Director, Peace with Justice Center of the Pomona Valley; and member of the Board of Directors: Corona-Norco Interfaith Association, and Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice, Los Angeles. For additional information about author’s involvement, please Google: "Imam Ali Siddiqui"

Zakat-ul-Fitr is Wajib - Prophet Muhammad (saw)

War News:

Afghanistan: Deadly Martyrdom Operation in Kabul: Karzai Now Wants to talk to Taliban

October 1: In a battle in Ghazni province, where the North Korean missionaries were captured and released, Taliban fought a pitched battle with Karzai's best force and killed 11 of them, forcing the rest to withdraw.

The same day, the U.S. air force carried out bombing raids in Helmand province killing 20 civilians or "suspected Taliban" as the U.S. described them.

September 29, 2007: A martyrdom operator from the Taliban successfully entered the ranks of the U.S.-trained Afghan troops in Kabul. The regime admitted 30 of Karzai's troops were killed in the attack and 30 wounded. Observers say that the Taliban presence in the capital of Afghanistan has become strong enough for such attacks to be mounted.

September 25: In New York, Karzai claimed that he wants to talk to the Taliban leadership. Taliban response has been that the 50,000 NATO troops must withdraw before any talks can be held. To his U.S. supporters, Karzai says that Taliban are terrorists and are killing women and children, blowing up schools and growing vast amounts of poppy. Much of the propaganda against the Taliban in America, our observers say, comes via Karzai and his supporters.

What Ordinary Afghans Say: September 26: Angry Afghans closed the main highway out of Kandahar city, blaming international troops, including Canada, for the deaths of a religious scholar and his brother during a raid on a suspected insurgent's home the night before.

Some of the approximately 500 protesters chanted "Death to Canada," along with other nations involved in the war against the Taliban. Most of the anger was directed toward the United States.

Taliban attacks in Northern Provinces: September 25: For the first time in Badakhshan province, stronghold of the Northern Alliance supporting the U.S., Taliban attacked a regime convoy, killing 7 policemen and 5 government functionaries. Then in Farah province, Taliban ambushed a convoy organized by a U.S. security company. At least 13 policemen guarding the convoy were killed. Also in Farah, near the town of Shewan, a Spanish military convoy came under Taliban attack. Two Spanish troops and their Iranian interpreter were killed and 2 troops wounded.

PAKISTAN: Fighting Continues During Ramadan: Pak army seen as Infidels

North Waziristan October 1, 2007: Pakistani troops exchanged fire with Pakistani mujahideen. In the first clash, one Pak trooper was killed and 2 wounded. In the second gunfight, 4 Pak troops were wounded near Miranshah. In a third gunfight, in the Mir Ali area, 6 Pak troops were wounded.

South Waziristan: Taliban are refusing to release the 300 Pakistani troops they captured last month unless Pakistan guarantees that it will not send its army into this Islamic stronghold.

October 1: In the Swat, Hangu area, law and order seems to have broken down, with ordinary people attacking symbols of western culture. The local Islamic leadership has condemned the lawless behavior. Barber shops have been blown up, 2 foreign-supported NGOs offices were hit, a very old statue of the Buddha was vandalized twice.

Bannu: October 1-2 night: In this garrison town, a martyrdom operator targeted a military convoy. Apparently he was untrained and missed his target. Instead 4 policemen and 10 innocent civilians were killed. Another 30 people were injured.

Near Bannu, 10 Pakistani troops were captured after they fell into a local Taliban ambush.

Bajaur tribal area: September 21-22: Pakistani troops used mortars and light artillery against Islamic fighters who attacked them with machine guns and automatic rifles. One Pak trooper was killed and 2 injured. The tribesmen retreated.

Peshawar: September 15: Four gunmen assassinated Maulana Hassan Jan as he was going for Maghrib prayers in the Sharifabad area. The extremely popular Islamic preacher was vice president of Wifaq al-madaris, [federation of madressas] the support base of the Red Mosque in Islamabad. The people of Peshawar consider this atrocity the work of the Musharraf regime. They pelted with stones government ministers, including the notorious Sher Pao, and excluded them from the funeral prayers. Observers say that this murder could have long range consequences.

Karachi: September 14. Government backed terrorists attacked a minibus carrying students at the gate of Karachi University. The assailants threw a grenade into the vehicle and followed up with automatic rifle fire. Six students were killed in the attack, including 4 from Islami Jamiate Talaba and one from Imamiyah Islamic students.

[In the week following the attack, Islami Jamiate Talaba protested in various cities. In Lahore, the road in front of Punjab University was blocked by students till the regime promised to investigate. Gangsters are frequently used in Karachi to attack Islamic students. Our observers say that the peaceful, non-violent program of Jamaat-e-Islami is encouraging this series of murders by the regime.]


In Case Hamas goes Soft on Israel, Here is a New Force

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) -- Hundreds of gunmen from the shadowy Army of Islam marched in a funeral for five Gaza militants Thursday, firing in the air in their first public appearance in such large numbers.

The five Army of Islam members buried Thursday were among a total of 12 Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes over two days. The Israeli military said it has targeted militants involved in rocket fire on Israeli border towns.

A statement from the group posted on Islamic Web sites on Thursday said a sixth member wounded in Wednesday's strike against its men had since died of his injuries, but did not say when.

The Army of Islam, an offshoot of Gaza's ruling Hamas group, has been linked to the March kidnapping of BBC journalist Alan Johnston, since released, and the June 2006 capture of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Individual members have made public statements, but the size of the group was never apparent.

However, some 300 Army of Islam gunmen marched in Thursday's funeral procession. Sporting long beards and black headbands, many wore dark robes, a style of dress more common in Afghanistan or Pakistan than in Gaza. Gunmen, some wearing masks, fired Kalashnikov and M-16 assault rifles in the air.

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