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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rajab 7, 1428/ July 22, 2007 #57

July 22: New Trend congratulates the Muslims of Turkey for their overwhelming election victory over the secularists.

The King David Hotel Bombing-Min al-Erhabi ? (Who's the Terrorist)
By Nadrat Siddique

July 22 marks the anniversary of the 1946 bombing of the King David Hotel in Palestine by the Zionist Irgun organization. Palestine was then a British mandate, and the headquarters of the British Secretariat were located in the hotel. Ninety-one people were killed in the bombing. Forty-five more were wounded.

Irgun's leadership claimed responsibility. Chaim Weizman, then President of the World Zionist Organization and soon to be first president of Israel, cried when he learnt of the bombing, saying he couldn't help but be very proud for "our boys." (Crossman, A Nation Reborn, The Israel of Weizmann, Bevin and Ben-Gurion)

The lead terrorist was an Israeli named Menachem Begin. Begin was commander of the Irgun at the time of the attack. Irgun's stated philosophy was that "political violence and terrorism" were "legitimate tools in the Jewish national struggle for the Land of Israel." (Perliger and Weinberg, Jewish Self Defense and Terrorist Groups Prior to the Establishment of the State of Israel: Roots and Traditions, Vol. 4, No. 3)

Indeed Irgun's actions were congruous with its philosophy. According to author James Gelvin, "Irgun perpetrated some of the most appalling terrorist atrocities committed in modern Palestine," including a campaign of bombings in Arab markets in 1937. From 1936 1939, Irgun carried out at least 60 attacks against Palestinian Arabs. In 1948 the organization carried out the Deir Yassin massacre, in which more than 250 Palestinian villagers were slaughtered (The Israel-Palestine Conflict, Cambridge University Press).

Begin went on to become Israeli Prime Minister in 1977, overseeing the bombing of Iraq's Osirak reactor in 1981 (while keeping Israel's nuclear weapons, developed around 1967, a well-guarded secret), and the invasion of Lebanon and Sabra-Shatilla Massacre in 1982. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1978.

My American friends tell me that Israel is a bastion of democracy-indeed the only democracy-in the Middle East," and that Palestinians are terrorists. I laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

Our America
"Islamophobia?" You Got to be Kidding! Why is Islam Spreading in America?
Why is Islam not Spreading Fast Enough? Here is Why.
by Kaukab Siddique

VISUALS and FACTS which none can deny:

Muslim women in headcovers at airport security? Surprise
Muslim woman in full hijab and niqab going through airport security!
Muslim men with big Arab dresses seen as celebrities by the man in the street.
A steady stream of people entering the family of Islam. Entire areas in Philadelphia have rejected the U.S. way of life and accepted Islam.
Not one fatality after almost six years of daily Zionist propaganda on the media against Islam and Muslims.
Vast conspiracy theories on TV against Muslims leading to ZERO public response.
Vandalism of mosques in America is less than 1% of our more than 1,000 mosques.
Vandalism usually occurs where filthy rich Muslims build multi-million dollar mosques in areas where they have done no da'wah.
There is more vandalism of churches than of mosques. It's a phenomenon of alienation which is widespread in America

The Zionist propaganda blitz against Islam is the biggest failure of International Jewry in our times and signals the coming backlash against Israel and the Jewish hand behind the war on Iraq and the occupation of Palestine.

There is no such thing as "Islamophobia" in America. A few nuts, crazies and red necks can sometimes indulge in acts of hate. By no stretch of the imagination can these acts be seen as a nationwide wave of Islamophobia. This terminology comes from upper class "meet-me-in-the Hilton/Sheraton" type of pro-government groups such as CAIR, MPAC, MAS, etc. These people live in a world of their own cut off from America's 7 to 9 million Muslims and from American masses in general. They react to the stupidities of Steve Emerson, Gaffney, etc., as if these low-lifes can stop the flow of Islam. Ibn Warraq, Spencer, Asra Nomani, Irshad Manji can stop Islam? How many Americans know about these haters?

USA is a nation of 300 million plus people, including 12 million "illegals." Why would they be against Islam? Islam is the greatest spiritual power in the world today. The Qur'an is the greatest book of our times; the example of the Prophet, pbuh, affects the lives of 1.8 billion people around the world 24 hours a day. [What do the Zionists have to offer which could counter the Qur'an and the Hadith? NOTHING.]

Bootlicker groups like CAIR, MPAC, MAS do not realize that USA is a failed state. The American people are sick and tired of the fraud, lies and exploitation which target them on a daily basis. Notice how difficult it is for U.S. politicians to get people to vote for them? Most people don't vote. They know that the system does not belong to the people. The American vote is the most expensive in the world. Candidates don't get any votes if they don't spend millions of dollars.

CAIR etc do serious harm to the cause of Islam. When an incident takes place, CAIR publicizes it on a national level as if it is a widespread problem. In just about all cases, the governmental authorities rush to help CAIR etc solve the problem. Thus CAIR etc give American Muslims the impression that the Bush administration is the friend of the Muslims. This can be described as REVERSE DA'WAH. CAIR etc are spreading the tentacles of the Bush admin into the Muslim communities.

WHAT is the REALITY of America? Muslims are being victimized by the Bush administration not by the American people. Here CAIR, MPAC, MAS keep strictly silent about the most high profile cases. A shameful silence from these bootlickers, lick spittles, continues about:

Imam Jamil al-Amin
Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman
Dr. Ali al-Timimi
Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar
Masaud Khan
Jose Padilla
Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi
Siddique Abdullah Hasan etc., etc.

As far as these bootlickers are concerned, the government assault on Imam Warith Deen Umar and his family never happened. These lick spittles give the impression that the Haitians arrested near Miami were probably terrorists, and the story about Trinidadian-Guyanese Muslims in the JFK airport was probably true! CAIR etc are covert racists and jump to condemn Muslims specially those who are of African origin.

These groups are the new Qadianis, in love with power and position. Don't forget that CAIR supported the regime's stories about both Imam Jamil and Shaikh Omar.


Many [perhaps most] immigrant Muslims do not understand America. I would suggest that every immigrant Muslim should read the AUTOBIOGRAPHY of MALCOLM X to understand the reality. If that is too much reading, at least read our little booklet MALCOLM X: Martyr of Islam in America by Ali Siddiqui. Can't read at all? Listen to Imam Jamil al-Amin's CD on the LEGACY of MALCOLM X [on carrying his mission forward].
Imam Jamil al-Amin points out that to be Muslim, one must follow the truth from Allah, not one's race or family. Uni-race groups so common in the past are outdated. To be Black or Arab or Pakistani is quite unimportant in Islam. To stand against the oppressors is essential. A Muslim who is silent about oppression is a Muslim only in name. White Muslims have to shed the idea that "America is the greatest." Allah Alone is the greatest.
Most immigrants do not marry across lines of class and race/ethnicity. This is a major failure. Muhammad, pbuh, has shown us through his marriages, that marriage is a central process for the spread of Islam. Pakistanis-Indians-Bangladeshis and Arabs marrying African-Americans/Africans and Latinos/Latinas would be a major plus for Islam.
Some immigrants who are marginal Muslims sell liquor and ham in the inner cities. Muslim imams should devise ways to change this situation which is a source of negative publicity for Muslims. Liquor and drugs have no place in Islam: their sale, trade and consumption must not be associated with Muslims.
African-American Muslims in some cities follow leadership cults and support the U.S. government. Although most Muslims of African descent do not behave like this, but the activities of the cult leader groups are damaging the impact of Malcolm X [al-Hajj Malik Shabazz].

Dr. Siddique on Radio

Musharraf's "rent-an-army" Facing Pakistani Masses: War Spreading after Rape of Jamia Hafsa and Red Mosque: New York Times focuses on Middle Class, Ignores Islamic Resistance

[On July 21,2007 Dr. Kaukab Siddique was interviewed, live, on XM radio's "On with Leon" Show by Dr. Wilmer Leon. A professor from Howard University, Dr. Leon is an outstanding, and rare, independent broadcaster who has interviewed America's leading dissidents, including Cindy Sheehan and Rep. Conyers as well as breakaway voices from the establishment, such as Michael Scheuer, author of Imperial Hubris.]

[Dr. Leon questioned Siddique about recent coverage in the New York Times about the Red Mosque and the case of Pakistan's Chief Justice.]
[XM radio reaches people across the country.]
[Summary of main points in the interview follows.]

Opposition to General Musharraf is moving on two tracks. The one which interests the New York Times is the recent upheaval caused by the suspension and the reinstatement of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The middle/upper class of Pakistan, about 5 to 10% of the population, now sees Musharraf as a problem. The U.S. is working to bring in its B team, Benazir Bhutto's Peoples Party, through the middle class' agitation because Musharraf is extremely unpopular. The Chief Justice's lead attorney is an insider of the Bhutto group.
The real conflict in Pakistan is between the army and the poor, downtrodden, masses, represented by the Red Mosque and the women's university, Jamia Hafsa. The values of Islam, as shown by Abdul Rashid Ghazi, martyr of the Red Mosque, and the values of the Pakistani army are diametrically opposed to each other.
If America's hegemony, values, consumer culture are to be imposed on Pakistan at the mass level, the religion of the masses, Islam, is the impediment.
America has "rented" the Pakistani army to destroy Pakistan's values and integrity. The leaders of the Islamic women's university and the Red Mosque opposed the army [and the Bush doctrine]. I interviewed both the woman leader Umm Hasan, of Jamia Hafsa, and Abdul Rashid Ghazi and found out the root of the conflict. They wanted to end government corruption, western interference and sexual exploitation of women. They wanted Islamic Law.
The government falsely claimed that "terrorists" were hiding in the mosque but the Mosque leadership invited media, religious leaders and politicians to visit and see for themselves.
Pakistani military forces have suffered more than 200 dead in martyrdom operations after the desecration of the mosque and women's university. Musharraf, backed by the U.S., is faced by strong Islamic resistance. The U.S. has threatened to send its forces into Pakistan to help Musharraf's "rented army" if the Pakistanis are too weak to fight the forces of Islam.
Bush's designs on Pakistan and his strong support for Musharraf, plus the build up of Benazir Bhutto, indicates that war is coming, big time, to Pakistan.
The slaughter of young Islamic women in Jamia Hafsa by Musharraf's commandos is being censored by the U.S. media. Many of these young women were from the Frontier areas of Pakistan which are the areas of resistance to the U.S.
The sudden "victory" of the Chief Justice in Pakistan looks like a victory for rule of Law but in fact might be a ploy to help Musharraf focus on the war against the Islamic resistance which is Bush's main interest in Pakistan

During the interview, Dr. Siddique brought to the fore the vigil to be held on August 19 in memory of 14 year old Abeer al-Janabi who was gang raped, killed and burned by U.S. troops in Iraq. Her sister and parents were also killed. The vigil will remember her as a symbol of all the victims of the Iraq war including Americans. For more information contact:

or email:

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News] [This item only.]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

U.S. Muslims face Oppression: Padilla, Hassoun and al-Jayyousi: Thought Crimes and 14,000 phone messages

Miami, Florida: In its July 19 issue, the Christian Science Monitor published a perceptive report on the trial of Jose Padilla and co-defendants Adham Hassoun and Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi. We thank CSM for this rare positive reporting on the suffering of U.S. Muslims.

The government is out to destroy these three Muslims and to give them maximum sentences. Jose Padilla has absolutely no connection to al-Jayyousi but he spoke to Hassoun and Hassoun spoke to al-Jayyousi. The government has turned this connection into an "al-Qaida cell." There was no organization, no targets, no victims yet the government is out to punish the three for their thoughts. As the defense put it, the minds of the three are on trial and they are being accused of POTENTIAL murder, kidnapping and maiming! The CSM summed it up beautifully thus:

"But after an eight-week presentation of evidence by the government, prosecutors have not identified a single individual as a potential target for murder, kidnapping, or maiming, nor have they identified any specific plot to accomplish someone's murder, kidnapping, or maiming."

The CSM coverage of the trial shows that over FOURTEEEN YEARS, the government intercepted 300,000 phone conversations between Hassoun and Kifah al-Jayyousi. Of these the government has selected 14,000 and of these 123 have been chosen to accuse the defendants of potential terrorism. How many Muslims will not make 123 irresponsible statements over a period of 14 years? That was the time when Muslims were supporting Chechnya, Bosnia and Kosovo and helping the needy in Lebanon and Somalia. They could not have dreamt that they will be accused of terrorism for their charitable activities.

A much less sympathetic Washington Post [June 27] reported, when the trial began on June 26, 2007, that the prosecution showed clips from an interview by Peter Arnett with Osama bin Laden which appeared on CNN. According to an "illegally" wiretapped conversation, when Hassoun told al-Jayyousi about the interview, he said, "Allahu Akbar! Please tape it." And Hassoun said: "May Allah protect him." In the interview, Osama described the U.S. government as "unjust, criminal and tyrannical," complained of U.S.' pro-Israel policies and denied having financed the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
The brief conversation of the two defendants about the Osama interview is being presented by the government as proof that they were "potential terrorists."
Jose Padilla has been in prison for 5 years already while Kifah al-Jayyousi is out on bail [which destroyed his economic viability] and is restricted to the Miami area though his home is in the far north in Detroit, Michigan.

LETTER from a Reader in Texas against Shia-Sunni conflict
We are killing each other by the hundreds every day. Where is the outrage?
By Afzal Khorasani 7/15/07

When I see finger pointing and mud slinging taking place between the Shias and Sunnis I see that they are very much alike. They always result in hurt feelings. In some instances this lasts for a lifetime. Those dishing out provocative and disrespectful statements are angry. Those at the receiving end become angrier, and cannot wait for a chance to retaliate, which results in the most egregious hate crimes. Then, finger pointing takes the stage as to who started it all. Such exercises are counter-productive, resulting in nothing more than greater division and more intense hate between the sects. Now, if you are a mischief-maker, this is exactly what you are trying to achieve. On the other hand, if you want Islam to be a united Ummah you should rise above the pettiness and take the high road to unity and tolerance. What good are the billion plus Muslims when they are all fragmented and at each other's throats all the time?

Today we are being killed and destroyed from forces within more than from outside forces. It takes courage to say that I am not going to fuel this sectarian fire anymore. If it comes my way again I will consciously and deliberately diffuse it and discourage it. There is just no other solution for something like this other than divine intervention.

To help make this message of unity and tolerance more palatable we must unhesitatingly condemn Shia-Sunni rhetoric. The actions of a few thousand radicals cannot be allowed to dictate the future of peace-loving Muslims of every sect. There is real reason to be concerned about the potential for an all out Shia Sunni backlash. We should not give in to hearsay and sectarian biases. Sectarian hatred is as wrong today as it was 1400 years ago.

Editorial response: New Trend only deals with the actions of people, not with their beliefs and dogmas. Note our coverage of Israel's attack on Hizbullah, see our reporting on Ahmedinejad and Iran's release of British sailors as well as our rebuttal of Glenn Beck's attacks on Iran. It might make you think that we support Shias.

However, in Iraq, the Shias of various persuasions supported the American invasion and occupation. Now these Iraqi Shias are helping the U.S. to crush the Islamic resistance. The behavior of Ali Sistani, Ja'afari, Al-Maliki, Allawi, and al-Hakim can certainly not be considered Islamic. Moqtada al-Sadr is more independent but he too is helping to kill Sunnis and thus clearing the way for the U.S. Reports indicate that the resistance is not targeting Shias because they are Shias, but because they support the occupation. Now the resistance is targeting some Sunnis of Anbar province who decided to collaborate with the U.S. for large sums of money. It's not a Shia-Sunni conflict but an occupier versus resistance struggle.

Health Notes: Thanks to an alert New Trend reader

Study: Chocolate reduces blood pressure

CHICAGO - Here's some good and bad news for chocoholics: Dark chocolate seems to lower blood pressure, but it requires an amount less than two Hershey's Kisses to do it, a small study suggests. The new research from Germany adds to mounting evidence linking dark chocolate with health benefits, but it's the first to suggest that just a tiny amount may suffice.

Volunteers for the study ate just over 6 grams of dark chocolate daily for almost five months. One square from a German chocolate bar called Ritter Sport, equal to about 1 1/2 Hershey's Kisses. People who ate that amount ended up with lower blood pressure readings than those who ate white chocolate.

University of Cologne researcher Dr. Dirk Taubert, the study's lead author, said the blood pressure reductions with dark chocolate were small but still substantial enough to potentially reduce cardiovascular disease risks, although study volunteers weren't followed long enough to measure that effect.

The research involved just 44 people aged 56 through 73, but the results echo other small studies of cocoa-containing foods. Cocoa contains flavanols, plant-based compounds that also are credited with giving red wine its heart-healthy benefits.

One problem is chocolate bars containing cocoa tend to have lots of calories, so Taubert and his colleagues tested small amounts containing just 30 calories each.

The study appears in Journal of the American Medical Association. It was funded by University Hospital in Cologne.

The results are interesting but need to be duplicated in larger, more ethnically diverse populations, said Dr. Laura Svetkey, director of Duke University's Hypertension Center.

She stressed that the study results should not be viewed as license to gorge on chocolate.

"I would be as happy as the next person if I got to eat more chocolate," she said, but cautioned that weight gain from eating large amounts of dark chocolate would counteract any benefits on blood pressure.

Study participants were otherwise healthy and mostly normal-weight German adults with mild high blood pressure or pre-hypertension, which includes readings between 120 over 80 and 139 over 89.

Average blood pressure at the start was about 147 over 86.

Every day for 18 weeks, the volunteers were instructed to eat one-square portions of a 16-square Ritter Sport bar, or a similar portion of white chocolate. White chocolate doesn't contain cocoa.

Systolic blood pressure, the top number, fell an average of nearly three points and diastolic dropped almost two points in the dark chocolate group, compared with no change in blood pressure readings in the white chocolate group.

Tests suggested that steady exposure to dark chocolate prompted chemical changes that helped dilate blood vessels and regulate blood pressure, the researchers said.

Participants were told not to eat other cocoa-containing products and to continue regular eating habits and activity levels. They also kept food diaries so researchers could see if other foods might have influenced the results.

But, said Taubert, "It is very unlikely that other factors may explain the blood pressure reduction."

Dr. Lawrence Appel of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine said the most proven non-drug methods for lowering blood pressure are losing weight and eating less salt. Eating dark chocolate might help if combined with those two, he said.

For most people, "the lower your blood pressure, the better you are. So if you can get it lower from different strategies that's good for the long term," Appel said.


From Islamic Da'wah Teacher in New York: On Red Mosque, Jamia Hafsa tragedy

The most condemnable drama staged by "Ghulam-Pervez" in the compound of Lal Masjid and Hafsa University in Islamabad is "over," showering the benediction of Shahadah to Abdul Rashid Ghazi, his respected mother and scores of other devoted Muslims and Muslimah but it is not "finished."

The blood of a "shaheed" is never wasted. It was an individual feat of courageous stand that was taken by the two brothers against the tyrant, oppressive and un-Islamic regime of the usurper "Ghulam-Pervez" [GP] to please his masters abroad.

The tragedy of Karbala, where a single individual with his family members stood up and faced all odds against the "imposed" tyrant regime of the time, has been gloriously repeated in Islamabad. Its repercussions in the country and outside will be great and insurmountable for generations to come to "complete" the outcome. The region is bound to produce innumerable martyrs like Ghazi Rashid to lay down their life for the cause, the resurrection of Islam, the most dear objective of Shaheed Rashid, his family members and devoted followers.

Through this wild and well calculated action, the war at the Pak-Afghanistan borders has entered deep into every Muslim house of Pakistan. President Bush will increase his grip over Pakistan, interfere in its educational and internal affairs and the "GP" will get ever-increasing dictations from White House and Pentagon with which to comply. On the other hand, if it renews the Muslim urge towards transforming Pakistan into a true Islamic state, it would be the best blessing for Muslim ummah out of this bloody carnage at Islamabad.

Both Bush and "GP" planned but Allah is the best Planner. Tremendous "Khair" for Ummah is bound to come out of this colossal tragedy of human loss.

Shamim Siddiqi

WAR NEWS: From the Urdu language media

Pakistan: War in the Northwest: Martyrdom Operators Take Revenge for Jamia Hafsa

[See earlier reports in issue before last.]
North Waziristan: July 21, 2007. At least five Pakistanis, including a trooper, were killed when a martyrdom operator hit a military post on the Pak-Afghan frontier.
July 20: Pakistani Taliban gave an ultimatum to Pakistani paramilitary forces [khasadars] to vacate their posts in the North Waziristan-Bannu sector. By the evening, Khasadars had fled five posts. Three other posts on the Bannu-Miranshah road were blown up by the local Taliban without casualties.
July 22 Pakistani military is reporting gun battles in the north Waziristan [Afghan border] area where it is claiming that it killed 7 Islamic fighters. [It claims the bodies were taken away by the fighters.] Pakistani helicopters attacked mujahideen in three areas and claimed to have killed 13. The claim could not be verified. Mujahideen attacks resumed [as of this writing.] Eight Pak troops were wounded
July 18: Near Miranshah, a martyrdom operator killed 4 Pakistani troops and wounded 6. In the city, 4 CD stores which were used, under police protection, to sell pornography, were blown up at night.
July 17: Local Islamic resistance fighters blew up two Pak army posts in the Mir Ali area near Miranshah killing 5 Pakistani troops.

South Waziristan: Delayed reports say that local Islamic leader Baitullah Mehsud called a general gathering [jirga] of all segments of the population in which he urged Jihad against the Pakistani army for the occupation of the Red mosque/Jamia Hafsa. The people unanimously agreed.
Swat: July 20: A local Islamic leader, Maulana Fazlullah, addressed 20,000 people. He said that there will be no peace in the area until the Pakistani army is withdrawn. He has his own FM radio which he used to call on the people to rise up in Jihad after the Red Mosque tragedy.
July 17: Panicky Pakistani troops opened fire on a civilian car killing its unarmed driver. Troops also fired on a mentally disturbed person wandering down the street killing him on the spot.

Darra Adam Khel: July 15: Islamic crowds blocked the Indus Highway. In town, during the night of July 15-16, local Taliban burned down 30 shops selling opium and other drugs. The Musharraf regime, like Karzai in Kabul, protects the drug trade which the Taliban want to wipe out.

Hangu, Frontier Province: July 18: A martyrdom operator killed 8 people including an army trooper.

Sind Province, Hub, west northwest of Karachi: July 18: A martyrdom operator attacked massed police forces with a large explosive charge. At least 30 policemen and related personnel were killed in the explosion and 30 others, including civilians, wounded. Fifteen cars caught fire and blew up; 25 shops were destroyed. Police panicked and opened fire in all directions killing one person.

Islamabad [not far from the Red Mosque tragedy]: July 17: A bomb attack aimed at police guarding the venue of a speech by the chief justice killed 12 activists of Bhutto's Peoples Party including its local leader. Another 40 people, including 12 policemen, were wounded. Chaotic scenes followed.

Propaganda war: The Musharraf regime spread the word that Indian intelligence service known as RAW was carrying out the attacks on troops. Some of the Muslim groups accepted and repeated this claim. Others were puzzled how can Indians [Hindus known for their cowardice] be carrying out "suicide attacks" in the interior of Pakistan against its armed forces. Besides, they noted, Musharraf has excellent relations with India. Shouldn't he send his troops to fight India if the propaganda is true?
On July 18, a top leader of the Islamic resistance in the mountains, in a live interview with BBC, took the wind out of the RAW story. Maulana Faqir Muhammad said that the attacks, in retaliation for Lal Masjid, being carried out all over the country against military and police were organized by the Islamic resistance. He said that propaganda cannot disunite and fool the resistance which, he said, is fully united with and connected to Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar.
BEARDS: Musharraf's propaganda machine tried to confuse Muslims during the attack on Jamia Hafsa. His troops leading the attack had BEARDS. Devout Muslims usually have beards. Musharraf wanted to create the impression that both sides are Muslims. However, observers noticed that the beards of the Pakistani troops were very short and seemed to have been grown during the siege of the Islamic women's university. Pakistani troops attacking a mosque and Islamic women's university are no longer considered Muslims by observers who take Islam seriously.

Jamaat-e-Islami does not want mujahideen to fight Musharraf's troops: Waiting for Democracy.

Pakistan's most peaceful Muslim group, Jamaat-e-Islami, while strongly critical of the attack on the Red Mosque, is condemning the mujahideen's attacks on the army and police. In Swat, the JI went to the extent of condemning martyrdom operations as HARAM [forbidden] in Islam. It is trying to stop local Jihad leader Maulana Fazlullah from using radio to call for Jihad.
JI is of the view that with the re-instatement of the Chief Justice, democracy will return to Pakistan. [New Trend's observers say that JI's activities are like those of Ikhwan al-Muslimeen in Egypt. When Sadat was killed by Khalid al-Islambouli [r.a.], the Ikhwan condemned the killing. When Gama al-Islamiyya [whose spiritual leader was Shaikh Omar 'Abde Rahman] resisted Hosni Mubarak, the Ikhwan opposed the Gamaa. As a result, Mubarak is still in power. JI, our observers say, is hopelessly misled in its belief in democracy: USA is preparing to go militarily into Pakistan to help the Pakistani army fight the Islamic forces. The Pakistani people need leadership to fight against a Musharraf-Busharraf invasion. Instead JI wants democracy. JI seems to have lost contact with reality.

2007-07-23 Mon 19:12:33 cdt