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This might make you cry .... but
Sis. Hiba Daraghmeh, Pride of Palestine, Pride of Islam

The New York Times , in its May 30 issue, published a typical slanted article on the Palestinian martyr, 19-year old Hiba Daraghmeh. Hiba broke through the Jewish security ring dressed as an Israeli in jeans and t-shirt to attack the occupied town of Afula. Her father did not know that after taking the complete face veil, she had secretly joined the Islamic Jihad movement. She was majoring in English and wanted to go on to Ph.D in English one day. {After the attack, the Jews demolished her father's house although he did not even know what she was doing.]

The last two paragraphs of the New York Times report are worth quoting. A good editor would have started the report with these:

"One student recalled that two weeks before the attack Ms. Daraghmeh gave away her books, saying she was going to "a university very far away." Another student, 19, said that on the day before the attack Ms. Daraghmeh seemed very happy. "I asked her, `How come you're happy?" said the woman, who insisted that her name not be published. "She said, `Later you'll know.' "

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