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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Muharram 14,1427/February 13, 2006 #12

INTERVIEW on HAMAS VICTORY: February 9, 2006. In its latest issue, The Final Call magazine has published an interview with Dr. Kaukab Siddique. The interview has a spread of two big pages. The Final Call is the most widely circulated African-American publication in America and is led by Minister Louis Farrakhan.
[Internet link will be published in our next issue. Hard copy is available now.]

STRATEGIC STUDIES: From New Trend's Think Tank

Cartoon Outrage Shifted Strategic Balance in Favor of U.S. and Iran

The Islamic Coalition in Pakistan, MMA, has announced that it will not only continue the demonstrations against the cartoons published in Denmark, Norway, etc but will build it up to a national, even global, crescendo in March 2006. Thus the MMA leadership once again has bypassed an opportunity to topple General Musharraf which was provided by the U.S. bombing of Damadola village in Pakistan's Bajaur area. The winter months are usually the time for Pakistani opposition parties to change the government. Once the summer comes in, mass movement is difficult, if not impossible. Evidently, military rule and widespread corruption will continue in Pakistan.

Similar to the MMA, in the Arab world and Europe, the Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] movement is focusing on the cartoons. Indications are that Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak's intelligence services, which have long had influence on elements of Hamas' leadership, have prevailed on Palestinians to focus on the cartoons.

Thus, either by well-planned moves or owing to obtuse Islamic leadership, the focus of the Islamic struggle has been successfully shifted. The U.S. and Iran have emerged as the main beneficiaries of the shift in focus. The U.S. gained because two minor European countries, Denmark and Norway, are being seen by Muslims as main sources of blasphemy and hostility to Islam. Thus the worldwide Islamic revulsion against the U.S. and U.K. has been softened and sidetracked. Israel, as the protege of these two, has for once been removed from Islamic scrutiny.

The other big gainer is Iran. Without firing a shot against the occupiers of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iran is calling the shots in the "war" against the cartoons. The usual hot rhetoric is coming out of Iran while on the ground, U.S.-Iran cooperation continues in Iraq and Afghanistan.
[Iran was the first to hail the new "elected' "government" in Baghdad and has excellent relations with both Karzai of Kabul and General Musharraf of Islamabad.]

Thus the Middle East now stands between two contestants: Israel and Iran, one with open and absolute cohesion with the U.S., and the other seen as 'opponent' but in covert cooperation. Israel is working through its lobbies in America to keep Iran away from the American embrace and if possible even to weaken it drastically.
[Scroll down to important article below by New Trend's veteran analyst Edward Miller on Iran and the squabble over its nuclear ambitions.]

Undoubtedly the Muslim masses love Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. Every Muslim should be outraged over the cartoons published in European newspapers, but leadership and understanding is needed to be successful in this venture. Notice that the U.S. and "Great" Britain largely abstained from the temptation of re-printing the cartoons. Does that mean Bush and Blair love Islam? Israel too did not publish the cartoons. Need we say more?

An important note on Iran: Early in January, nine Iranian troops were abducted by an Islamic group, calling itself Jundullah, on the Iran-Pakistan border. In the hue and cry which followed, Musharraf's government issued a statement which said that Pakistan will do all it can to find the soldiers and that Iran and Pakistan are cooperating closely in the "war on terrorism."

DRESDEN 1945: Valentine's Day Massacre

GERMAN HOLOCAUST: Every German City was Destroyed in World War II: Churchill ordered the Mass Murder of German Civilians: His Adviser was a Jew.

The night of February 13-14, 1945 is the anniversary of the destruction of the German city of Dresden by the British air force. It was an open city, demilitarized to save it from bombing and known for its museums, beautiful churches, libraries and schools. The British planes marked the city center with incendiary explosives and then waves of heavy bombers came in to pulverize the defenseless city.

More than 30,000 citizens of Dresden were killed in this mass murder. Additionally, large numbers of German refugees in Dresden, fleeing the advancing Russian armies, were also killed and the dead among them could only be estimated. Hence the final death count for Dresden goes above 100,000.

The surviving areas of Dresden were then attacked by the U.S. Air Force during the day of February 14. People who survived and fled to the city of Chemnitz, 30 miles to the north, were also bombed by the allies. Later refugees were strafed and machine gunned by U.S. planes as they ran for their lives.

ALL the GERMAN CITIES WERE SIMILARLY DESTROYED by the western powers and the Russians. The area of Dresden alone destroyed in ONE NIGHT was TEN TIMES the destruction suffered by Britain in the ENTIRE war.

This was the real holocaust: 100,000 people burned alive in ONE night in ONE city.

For a detailed, meticulously documented, account of the Dresden holocaust see: APOCALYPSE 1945: The Destruction of Dresden by David Irving, pp. 316, hardback, photos, $25.

Winston Churchill, advised by "The Prof," his closest adviser, a Jew, formulated the policy of MASS MURDER of German CIVILIAN populations. For evidence from recently uncovered British archives and diaries of British men in the power structure who decided on the policy of area bombing aimed at German civilian populations, see Churchill's War, Volume II, Triumph in Adversity, by David Irving, pp. 1051, photos, $50.

Both books can be ordered from: New Trend, P.O. Box 356, Kingsville, MD 21087.

State Terrorism Against an Imam
Latest Interview With Imam Warith deen Umar: Regime went Back to 1967 Files to Arrest Him: He Opposes U.S. War against Islam: Condemns Invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan
New Trend Exclusive

[Imam Warith Deen Umar is one of the very few African-American Imams in America who dare speak truth to power. Other than Imam Jamil Al-Amin and Imam Musa, none can compare with him in Islamic authenticity and courage to speak against the power structure. Editor]

On February 12, 2006 New Trend interviewed Imam Warith Deen Umar and asked him why the government was hounding him. Here are the two aspects of the struggle the Imam is going through as we put it together from the information he provided:

1. The Federal authorities arrested him on February 3.

2. He was released on bail on February 6.

3. On what basis were they able to arrest him? Try to understand this now: The government went through his record all the way back to 1967 and found a felony, a gun possession in self-defense, connected it to his weapon possession in 2006 and arrested him!

4. Thus a problem when the Imam was TWENTY THREE YEARS OLD was used to "get him." These oppressors went back nearly 39 years to find an excuse to carry out the arrest.

5. During several decades during that time, Imam Umar worked for governmental agencies in the Correctional [prison] system to help Muslim prisoners. His record was thoroughly checked and found in order for each job he did.

6. Thus the government has ignored Imam Umar's entire IMPECCABLE record to violate his rights, quite in opposition to his achievements listed in the government's own archives

WHY? The government is not answering "why" but the questions the regime's agents are asking indicate the REAL reason for the State Terrorism being directed at him. The purpose seems to be to suppress his First Amendment right to speak against the war.

7. Before he was released on bail, February 6, during the hearing, the government read excerpts from Imam Umar's Khutba in Siraj Wahhaj's mosque in Brooklyn [Masjid Taqwa] during Ramadan.

8. It appears from the government transcript of the Khutba, that Imam 'Umar opposed the war the U.S. is waging in Iraq and Afghanistan.

9. The Imam reportedly said that martyrdom is the highest honor for a Muslim.

10. The Imam reportedly said that the war the U.S. is waging is a war against Islam.

11. The Imam's attorney strongly objected to the government statements and pointed out that he has been arrested for weapons charges, not for his views as expressed in the Khutba. Expression of such views, the attorney said, is not a crime.

12. The government succeeded in part in victimizing Imam Umar. His bail was put at $100,000 and his house was taken as collateral.

13. In addition the Imam has to report every Thursday, personally, to the police headquarters in Albany, New York till the next hearing. Also, he will be checked for his presence in his house every Wednesday. Further, he is not permitted to travel outside New York State or even to the western border of New York State.

14. The government has kept Imam Umar's passport, evidently to stop him from travelling overseas. His computers and his family's computers are still being "checked out" and have not been returned.

15. His medicine has been confiscated on the allegation that it has to be checked to see if he was on drugs.

16. At his release, his clothes were not returned to him and he was sent into the street in his prison clothes, in the cold New York weather, without a coat.

New Trend notes that Imam 'Umar is standing up for his rights. He expresses the true message of Islam and is facing, without compromise, the relentless onslaught of the Zionist-Capitalist power of the United States.

Dear reader: Where do you stand? Are you with Islam in America? If so, speak up, organize, mobilize to support the Imam. Remember, this struggle began when the Wall Street Journal, the flagship of Zionism-Capitalism attacked Imam Umar. The Imam is being defended by two Muslim attorneys and by the famous Jewish attorney Ron Kuby, associate of the late Kunstler, another Jew who opposed Zionism.

The interview was not taped, so we welcome corrections in case of errors.

WAR NEWS: [From New Trend's Media Monitor]
Fighting continues between U.S. and Islamic forces. On February 11, the total number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq reached 2269 while the number wounded is well above 19,000.

BRITISH ATROCITIES REVEALED: A video has surfaced in Britain which shows EIGHT British troops beating up three Iraqi boys, seemingly breaking their legs and arms and hitting their genitals. The British corporal who made the video can be heard encouraging the Brits who were beating the Iraqi boys. Other British troops pass by without interfering with the beating. Apparently, the incident began after the Iraqi boys threw stones at the Brits. The video was made in 2004 and was probably being distributed for the entertainment of British troops when it reached an individual who was disturbed by it and gave it to a media outlet.
[Britain pretends that it helped "liberate" Iraq. This video is evidence that where Iraqis are not fighting the occupation forces with guns, "terrorism," does not mean that they like the occupiers.]

MUSHARRAF's TORTURE VICTIM Kept out of Media View:

On May 15, 2005 Zeeshan Siddiqi, a British citizen, was arrested by Pakistani intelligence in the town of Shabqadar [probably on the orders of Blair's intelligence services]. Musharraf's men thought Zeeshan was involved in the London attacks and subjected him to severe torture. The torture was so severe that Zeeshan lost one eye in the process. After months of brutality, Musharraf's men finally realized that Zeeshan was not involved in anything. His only "crime" was that he was Islamic, looked Islamic and wanted to do charitable work.

On January 11, 2006 Zeeshan was secretly expelled by Pakistan back to "Great" Britain. The news would have remained secret but Zeeshan's attorney, Musarrat Kalali, called BBC to make sure his client had reached home safely. The British media ignored his plight and it received a small paragraph in the daily Ummat of Karachi, an Urdu language newspaper.

U.S. Shelling Kills Two Pakistanis Wounds Three

February 13, 2006. [Source MSNBC TV] Two Pakistani women were killed and three children wounded when U.S. forces in southern Afghanistan opened fire into Pakistan in pursuit of suspected Taliban.


Taliban Attacking in Winter:

Fighting during winter is quite unusual owing to the severity of the weather. The Taliban, however, are on the offensive.

Kandahar: On February 7, 2006 a martyrdom operator entered a heavily armed Karzai police column i. Thirteen police officers were killed in the attack and 11 wounded. [Source: Fox TV News.]

February 4: Taliban gunmen attacked mercenary police forces in Kandahar killing 2 police and wounding 6. The gunmen escaped.

In Helmand province, SEVEN Karzai policemen were killed in a Taliban ambush. Three Taliban were also killed in the clash.


On February 5, 2006 Karzai, the ruler of Kabul, was interviewed on CNN. The interviewer asked him about the growing number of U.S. casualties in Afghanistan, with more U.S. troops klled in 2005 than in any previous year. Karzai responded that the Taliban are "killing children." While he was making that claim, contradicting the statistics of U.S. losses, the CNN screen was showing the wire services' report of policemen killed in the attack on Kandahar [which we have published above].

Karzai had a novel explanation about the growing martyrdom operations in Afghanistan. He said that "people are tricked into blowing themselves up." He referred to General Musharraf of Pakistan as "my brother Musharraf."

About the blasphemous cartoons, Karzai claimed that he is a Muslim and "I as a Muslim am very much offended" by the cartoons.

[Note: At least 10 Afghans have been killed and 20 wounded by Karzai's mercenaries in his efforts to quell the anti-cartoon demonstrations.]

IRAN AND NUCLEAR JAZZ: Zionist-Neo-Con Attempts to Derail Iran-U.S. Cooperation

by Edward W. Miller, MD San Rafael, California

Iran and its new president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad recently notified the IAEA ( International Atomic Energy Agency ) that Iran was resuming its research into nuclear fuel . ( Assoc.Press, 10 Jan. 2006 ). Iran then removed its seals on its nuclear research facilities, allowing work to resume despite warnings from some Western countries re: " nuclear ambitions" The United States promptly rebuked Iran for the move, calling it a step toward creating the material for nuclear bombs The deputy head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Mohammad Saeedi, told reporters at a press conference that officials of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) had authorized the seals' removal. Iranians had actually taken off the seals "in the presence of IAEA inspectors." Saeedi stressed that Iran was not resuming the production of nuclear fuel, a process that would involve uranium enrichment. "What we resume is merely in the field of research, not more than that," he said

Almost one year earlier, to pacify Washington and its Zionist ally Israel, in February, 2005 Russia and Iran had signed an agreement to supply fuel to Iran's new nuclear reactor in Bushehr. Under the deal Iran was to return spent nuclear fuel rods from the reactor, designed and built by the Russians. This arrangement had been made to satisfy the demands of the IAEA, which had been under tremendous pressure from the US and Israel to prevent Iran from recycling its own atomic fuel.

Despite these assurances, all hell broke out in paranoid Washington and Tel Aviv. The mood was reminiscent of the months preceding the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, the word "Iraq" being replaced by "Iran". US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Iran had "crossed the threshold" "I would hope that seeing the very powerful reaction of the international community, Iran would now take a step back and look at the isolation that it is about to experience." Writer Gordon Prather ( 10/1/2005) characterized the Washington response thus: " Condi . and the neo-crazies all running around in circles of diminishing radius screaming something about the IAEA Board having found Iran to be in non-compliance...."nonsense."

Meanwhile, speaking in a joint press conference with conservative German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President George W Bush said a nuclear Iran was unacceptable and singled out Israel for special US concern. "I want to remind you that the current president of Iran has announced that the destruction of Israel is an important part of their agenda, and that's unacceptable," Bush said. "And the development of a nuclear weapon, it seems likely to me, would make them a step closer to achieving that objective," he added.

A number of influential US lawmakers joined the foray: Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told Fox News Sunday that military intervention shouldn't be ruled out while Senator John McCain, told CBS television's Face the Nation that "the military option is the last option but cannot be taken off of the table."

Pro-Israel organisations lobbied for a more hard-line position against Tehran. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the American Jewish Congress the American Jewish Committee The Brookings Institution, -- whose Middle East program is increasingly pro-Israel -. The Saban Centre on Middle East Policy the American Enterprise Institute, and the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, an offshoot of AIPAC advised by former US Middle East Envoy Dennis Ross. and finally, William Kristol, editor of the neo-conservative Weekly Standard, entitled his column: "And now Iran."

In the midst of this international bru ha ha, on October 7th, 2005 Doctor Mahamoud El Baradei and his IAEA were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. As writer Stephen Zunes noted (December 13, 2005) this award came with a strong political message:

The IAEA and Dr. El-Baradei have, in the words of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, exemplified the principle that the threat of nuclear weapons proliferation "must be met through the broadest possible international cooperation." Indeed, the choice of the Norwegian Nobel Committee-was at least in part meant to challenge the dangerous unilateral policies of the Bush administration.

Other comments followed:From the Mideast: JIDDA - Arab News , Oct. 8: As head of the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog ... [Mohamed El Baradei] has had a tough time, not simply in the agency's dealings with North Korea and Iran, but from the Americans, who opposed his reappointment ... His sin in Washington's eyes was that, as America prepared to invade Iraq, he said clearly he did not believe that Saddam's regime still had nuclear weapons."

TOKYO - The Asahi Shimbun (Center-left), Oct. 8: While the Nobel Prize can be taken as a pat on the back for the I.A.E.A. and its work to date, the honor should also be viewed as a way to seek international cooperation to eliminate the agency's weaknesses so as to bolster the inspection system ... The N.P.T. allows five nations - the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia - to possess nuclear weapons, but strictly prohibits others from doing so.

From writer Phyllis Bennis; * ; October 12, 2005

The Nobel Peace Prize is rarely just about peace. It's almost always as much about making a diplomatic point .. In awarding the prize to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N'.s nuclear watchdog, and its director-general Mohamed el Baradei, the political point was open and clear. It was the Nobel Committee's slap in the face to the Bush administration's unilateralism, its undermining of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and especially its war in Iraq.

From the Zionist left:
Jacob Laksin | October 12, 2005
In keeping with the Nobel committee's penchant for making a political statement by honoring critics of American foreign policy, this year's Nobel Peace Prize ridiculously went to Mohamed El-Baradei, the Egyptian barrister-turned-bureaucrat, whose decision to oppose a U.S.-led overthrow of Saddam Hussein's dictatorship won him the international Left's enduring adoration. El-Baradei will share the prize with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the hapless UN nuclear watchdog whose successes on the nuclear proliferation front have been most conspicuous by their absence."

Iran's basic intent to reprocess its own atomic reactor fuel, represents an intelligent economic approach to its energy needs. As the radioactive rods in atomic reactors become less effective, they may be removed, their active fusion materials sorted out and the remaining UR235 reprocessed and returned to the reactor. The waste is discarded. Paying someone else to do this may not be cost-effective. For a time, before President Jimmy Carter stopped the program, the US was shipping much of its depleted atomic fuel to France for reprocessing. The program was restarted, only to be halted again by Clinton. Today, the almost 100 atomic reactors in the US are fuelled, half by specially-refined native uranium ore, which we as a country are fortunate to be blessed with and half by low-enriched-uranium (LEU), processed by a US company: USEC Corporation., which signed a 20-year contract with the former Soviet Union to extract highly-enriched uranium (HEU ) from its former nuclear warheads and fabricate this into nuclear fuel for atomic plants worldwide.

Iran, which lacks native radioactive mineral wealth, needs to extract as much power as possible from the fuel it buys from Russia. Thus reprocessing is, in the long run, economically their wiser choice.

Both Washington and Tel Aviv are making fools of themselves by creating this atomic bru ha ha. The Security Council's permanent members all have atomic weapons. Pakistan and India, likewise. Israel has over 200 atomic-armed missiles, but has never signed the NPT Treaty nor joined the IAEA. She depends on US backing to maintain her uncooperative and threatening nuclear stance.

Thirty years ago, during the Nixon administration, our Zionist bullfrog, Kissinger, then Secretary of State, met with Iran's minister, Hushang Ansary in March, 1975 and signed a $15 Billion economic agreement which included " the construction of eight large nuclear power plants which were to provide Iran with some eight thousand megawatts of electricity." ( THE EAGLE AND THE LION BY James A. Bill pg 204). I spoke with my friend J.A. Bill today. He thinks both the Japanese and Soviets assisted with the construction and that only two of the plants eventually reached their megawatt output.

Also of historical interest: a report from Haaretz from BBC (8/6/ 2005) notes that "documents from the British Archives in the late 1950's show that the United Kingdom sold Israel 20 tons of heavy water, a substance to produce nuclear bombs, at a price of L1.5 Million. The sale was made without the knowledge of Harold Macmillian's government. " It was also kept secret from the United States which had refused to supply Israel with heavy water unless it was given a guarantee that it would be used " for peaceful use only.:"That heavy water, bought from Norway in 1956, was shipped from a British port to Israel. Officials presented it as a deal between Norway and Israel."

Of recent days, threats from Washington, London and Tel Aviv to bring Iran before the UN Security Council for economic sanction are losing international support. Both China and Russia, who have strong commercial links with Iran are backing away. Soviet Foreigh Minister Sergei Lavrov said: "Sanctions are in no way the best, or the only, way to solve the problem." The Chinese Foreign Minister favored "patience" (www.the 1/18/2006)

On January 19 2006 20:07 Mohamed El Baradei, the head of the UN's nuclear monitor, turned down a request by the European Union to issue a far-reaching condemnation of Iran's nuclear program when the agency's board meets in extraordinary session. His decision could weaken US-European efforts for a speedy referral of Iran to the UN Security Council. The director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has informed Tehran it has until the end of next month to give his inspectors improved access to documents and sites.

Some Americans may remember that eight years ago on January 7th, 1998 in an interview broadcast to the U.S. by CNN, Iran's then President Mohammed Khatami reached out his hand in friendship to an American public, who were impressed by his openness and erudition Khatami, did not mince words over the U.S.' role in the 1953 CIA-led coup that overthrew Iran's duly-elected government and reinstated the Pavlavi monarchy or Washington's threats against foreign companies investing in Iran's industry. Had Washington responded in kind, cancelled our embargo threats and supported Khatami's economic programs and his push towards a more secular Iran, the Iranian people might well have re-elected that mild and charismatic intellectual. Instead we are facing off with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, ex-mayor of Tehran and Iran's new president, who promises his people: " a modern, advanced, powerful and Islamic nation". Those Americans who disliked Ahmadinejad's outspoken comments regarding Israel and Washington's pre-emptive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan might tell their Representatives in Washington to stop bullying Iran.

The Golden Rule has always been good economic as well as good political policy.

Americans might also consider that a threatened Iran might retaliate against the West by raising its oil price at the well, thus guaranteeing economic downturns in the US as well as throughout the EU nations. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail.

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