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July 15, 2003
Mr. Hugo Smith
Georgia State Prison
100 Georgia Highway, # 147
Reidsville, GA  30499-9701

Dear Warden Smith:

Your prison is in serious constitutional 
violation of civil rights and civil 
liberties regarding Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin.  
He is locked down 23/7 under 
constant camera surveillance in the same manner 
that is reserved for death 
row inmates.   Since he did not receive the death 
penalty as initially sought by 
the state, it is cruel and unfair to lock him 
down in this manner out of 
resentment.  What evidence can you  supply that 
Imam Jamil Al-Amin's life would be 
in danger if he is allowed to join the regular 
prison population?  Why have 
you taken away his right to pray in congregation?

Solitary confinement will not destroy the spirit 
or person of Imam Jamil 
Abdullah Al-Amin.  Allah will never allow you to 
break this man as much as you 
would like to.  His legacy of who he is, his 
ability to support and work for the 
oppressed and what he has accomplished throughout 
commmunities in America will 
forever prevail.   Instead of locking him away 
from others, you and the 
entire prison population can learn much good from 
this man of Islam.  Perhaps this 
is  what you are really afraid of while you hide 
behind bogus claims of 
protecting his life.

 We in the community and around the world will 
continue to vigorously and 
closely monitor, watch and listen to all that 
happens with Imam Jamil Abdullah 
Al-Amin while in your prison.  We will not cease 
looking after his well being 
while he is in your prison.   I request to know 
the reasoning behind his 
condition of confinement.  I request that you 
allow him to exercise his religious 
rights under the law.  I request that you cease 
the intimidation and harrassment 
of him by your prison guards while in your 
prison.  I request that he is 
released from 23/7 shackeled lock down while in 
your prison.

 I anxiously await your response to my inquiries 
about the civil violations 
and cruel treatment of Imam Jamil Al-Amin under 
your authority while in your 
prison.   I can be reached at the address or 
email below.

Thank you,

Sister Motisola Malikha Abdallah

cc: Political Prisoner Imam Jamil Abdullah 
    Attorney General John Ashcroft Department of 
    Worldwide Support Committee for Imam Jamil 
    The Atlanta Majalis Ashura Board
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C-Span-2 Attacks Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), his Family, the Qur'an, the Hadith Thinly Veiled Abuse Under Guise Of Book Review: A follow up on Rushdie's Satanic Verses
Mediocre Writer Given National Coverage Twice

Dear Producer of C-Span-2

On July 13, 2003 you presented an hour and a half long coverage of a man who calls himself Ibn Warraq who spoke about his book LEAVING ISLAM: APOSTATES SPEAK OUT. C-Span gave so much importance to this man and his book that the original airing on June 24 was not considered enough and the coverage was repeated on July 13.

There were about 12 people in the audience and it would have been a non-event if it had not been raised to the national level by C-Span's coverage.

The presenter was disorganized, the book was mediocre and the audience was so hate-filled and one sided that not even one critical question was asked.

I cannot believe that Mr. Lamb or whoever wanted this attack on Islam to go through was not aware of the MEDIOCRE quality of Ibn Warraq's book. It was like a presentation of PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION to an audience of Nazis.

C-Span must apologize to the Muslims of America or at least permit a response to the book. I am writing a review of the coverage of this hate-filled book. I urge you to air this response to dispel the impression that you have deliberately permitted an abusive and slanderous attack on Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him), his family, the Qur'an and the Hadith.

Ibn Warraq is not the real name of the author. Salman Rushdie at least had the honesty to use his real name. The presenter seemed to be wearing a wig and large dark glasses. This kind of drama indicates that the writer is not willing to take responsibility. I doubt if C-Span would EVER ALLOW SUCH AN ANONYMOUS ATTACK ON JEWS or ISRAEL.

The program was introduced by Hillel Stavis, the President of Wordsworth Books who proudly proclaimed that he had also supported Salman Rushdie. Hence we have a clear indication that Jewish Zionism was at work here, as is also evident from the name "Hillel."

When it came to Ibn Warraq's reading from his book about "apostates" from Islam, it soon became obvious that he is using victims of political upheavals in the Muslim world to make claims against Islam. He would bring an example and then attach fabricated statistics to it to condemn an entire Muslim country. Here are his three examples:

1. Abul Qasim is a Bengali, Ibn Warraq claims, who doubted Islam owing to the carnage in East Pakistan. Here Ibn Warraq claimed that three million Bengalis died owing to the Pakistani army's attempt to suppress the Bengalis. This figure as concocted by the Indian media and is not based on any independent investigation. Ibn Warraq then used the story of Abul Qasim to make these claims:

i. The Qur'an is a "narcissistic monologue."

ii. The Hadith are "disgusting."

iii. The Qur'an teaches murder, loot and rape.

iv. The Qur'an is "dangerous" and "disgusting."

v. Islam is "uncivilized."

[Obviously this is hate propaganda, emanating from the worldwide Zionist war on Islam.]

2. Then Ibn Warraq talked about two Iranian women who have left Islam. It soon became apparent that the examples he had chosen were MKO (Mujahidine Khalq) rebels. He did not provide any context which would let viewers know that the MKO were alienated youths who were borderline Muslims. They rose up in arms against the duly elected and legitimate Islamic Republic of Iran which had the support of Iran's masses. They tried to snatch from Iranians the fruits of their victory against the Shah. In the process they killed thousands of Islamic Iranians. They were crushed by the Islamic power of Iran. Several thousand of them were imprisoned and put through a process of Islamic education because they were naive young people who had grown up on shallow and meaningless slogans.

Ibn Warraq used two MKO women to make claims against the Islamic Republic which are the products of MKO's hate propaganda. For instance, he claimed that:

i. More than 100,000 MKO were executed by Iran. [I doubt if the MKO had a total force of 100,000.] It's an unverifiable statistic produced by a group at war with Iran.

ii. Iran had produced an "Islamic Auschwitz." [This was probably meant to affect the people supporting Ibn Warraq. I have visited the prisons where MKO prisoners were kept and there is absolutely no comparison with the legend of Nazi concentration camps.]

iii. Iranians used to pray before raping the women prisoners in their control. [This kind of low down and dirty propaganda has been put out in big doses by the MKO. There is no verification or substantiation of such abuses by any kind of inquiry.]

3. Ibn Warraq talked about a Tunisian woman who has left Islam. Again he did not provide context: Tunisia is a secular dictatorship in which military force, including tanks, were used to crush Islamic demonstrators. Amnesty International and other human rights groups have documented the Tunisian regime's use of arbitrary, open ended, arrests and torture against Islamic dissidents. Ibn Warraq's story would have taken on a different color if he had been honest about context. He claimed that Samia Labidi left Islam because:

i. Her family members started embracing "fundamentalist" Islam.

ii. As they became more Islamic, they opposed bikinis and visits to the beach.

iii. Her relatives started opposing miniskirts.

iv. Her brother became a "terrorist." [In other words, he became an Islamic fighter against State terrorism.]

v. She was shocked that there was a "political Islam" of which she had been unaware.

Hence she left Islam and started a web site to preach the virtues of secularism
During the question/answer session, Ibn Warraq came out clearly as a mediocre but determined propagandist against Islam. His book, he pointed out, has a list of 120 Internet sites against Islam. Obviously he is endorsing everything available against Islam regardless of how cheap or dirty it is in its content.

He seemed to be on some kind of a crusade and presented possibilities of weaning away non-Arab populations from Islam. He then went on to insult the Prophet (peace be on his family). For instance:

1. He claimed that the Treaty of Hudaybia shows that the Prophet (pbuh) taught that treaties can be broken whenever it is convenient for Muslims to do so.

2. He started insulting ‘Ayesha (Allah be pleased with her) by presenting her marriage to the Prophet (peace be on him) at a very young age as if that was an outrage. He conveniently forgot to mention that:

i. ‘Ayesha (Allah be pleased with her) turned out to be the greatest woman scholar and leader of Islam after the Prophet passed away, so much so that even leading companions of Muhammad (pbuh) used to get religious rulings and advice from her.

ii. Under the Qur'an (chapter 33 verse 28), she was given an opportunity to annul her marriage to the Prophet (pbuh) when she became an adult. She not only refused to leave the Prophet (pbuh), she became his friend and companion in all his struggle, so much so that when he was dying, he preferred to die in her lap.

In Islam apostasy is punishable in times of war when enemy agents pretend to be Muslims, enter Muslim ranks, find out all they want about Muslims, and then declare that they have given up Islam (in an attempt to discredit the religion). Again Ibn Warraq did not provide that information which would have ruined his thesis. It's treachery which is punished because where religion is the state, apostasy becomes an act of treachery.

Ibn Warraq had picked up tit bits from all over the Muslim world to make his stories more juicy. He even tried to support the claim by a person named Anwar Shaikh who claims that Muslims praying towards Makka is a sign of Arab expansionism.

Mr. Lamb (or whoever is the producer of book shows on C-Span), you have revealed your barely hidden hostility towards Islam by allowing this repeat performance of Ibn Warraq's collection of trash. I dare you to give equal time to me to straighten out Ibn Warraq. [Has C-Span, in spite of its profession of openness, EVER permitted coverage to an Islamic scholar who is not in awe of or is not part of the American power structure?]


Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

[Readers interested in what the Qur'an and Hadith really say about the rights of women should look up two of my books: THE STRUGGLE of MUSLIM WOMEN and LIBERATION OF WOMEN THRU ISLAM available thru]

2003-07-16 Wed 17:44ct