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Groundbreaking Picket in Support of Walker plus
Introduction to Voice of Oppressed People of India

"The believers are none other than One brotherhood/sisterhood." (The Qur'an)

Often in human history, a few people come forth and do what is in the hearts of many. Today (Feb.25) a small picket was set up on King Street in Alexandria, Virginia in support of the human rights of Br. Sulayman (John Walker Lindh).
It continued from 10 am to 11.40.

The placards read:

"WALKER IS NOT MCVEIGH. He fought Northern Alliance Before and After 9/11"



The attention the picket got was phenomenal. It was an effort, though small, worth doing.

Credit goes to a Palestinian brother who came all the way from Illinois and kept picketing even after the others left. May Allah reward him.

It was disappointing that a number of people promised but did not turn up.

Fortunately, an independent group of photo journalists photographed the event in detail.

It appears that an FBI photographer was also busy taking pictures. The police and most of the public were generally friendly.
INSHALLAH, WE'LL RALLY AGAIN ON MARCH 15 (FRIDAY). We hope to have a 100 people this time. PLEASE CONFIRM IF YOU CAN BE THERE ON MARCH 15 at 4 pm.
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Dalit Voice has retained its independence following years of publication, struggle and difficulties. Its editor, V.T. Rajshekar, has the unusual acumen to be a link and a bridge between Muslims and Dalits (the masses of oppressed people of India).

DALIT VOICE is published every 14 days and is rich in providing independent insights into India's caste system. Iconoclastic in its attitude to Brahminism, DV is a trusted friend of Muslims. Its coverage of the American attack on Afghanistan, Iraq etc is truly inspiring.


DV often provides news on the Muslim struggle which even Muslims don't provide. For instance,in the latest issue of DALIT VOICE (Feb.16-Feb.28), there is a report on the imprisonment of a Muslim leader from Kerala, India (Abdul Nasser Madani) who was arrested in Feb. 1998 and is still being held without trial. With him another 162 Muslims were arrested and have still not been brought to trial.
Before his arrest, Brahmin Hindus tried a bomb attack to kill Madani. He lost a leg in the attack and has been very unwell in prison.
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