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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Ramadan 24,1427/October 18, 2006 #70

RAMADAN MESSAGE # 6: Do you have faith in the ONE God Allah, who has no partners and no son, and do you accept Muhammad, pbuh, as the last of messengers and Prophets?
Then you are indeed a Muslim, but your faith must take the shape of good works, speaking out and patient perseverance in standing for justice. Pray for forgiveness and Islamic victory around the world on the Night of Power. Ask forgiveness of those you have wronged, forgive those who have wronged you, and give zakat to the needy. The dawn of Islam is coming:

"[by] the Night as it dissipates, and the Dawn as it breathes away the darkness --verily this is the word of a most honorable messenger..."[The Qur'an 81:17-19]

High Profile New York Trial
Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar Gets 24 Years for 8 years of Phone Talk with opponents of Egypt's Tyrant Mubarak.
Lynne Stewart Saved by Support from Within Power Structure: Freed on Bail

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D [First person account.]

Have you not turned thy thought to one who disputed with Abraham about his Lord, because Allah had granted him power? Abraham said: 'My Lord is the One who gives life and death.' He said: 'I give life and death.'.... [The Qur'an 2:258]

October 16, 2006 was another day of shame for America. An outstanding citizen of the United States, a scholar of the Qur'an and Hadith, paralegal to the blind Shaikh Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman was sentenced to 24 years in prison. His "crime?" He talked to Egyptian leaders of Gamaa' al-Islamiyya who were trying to topple Egypt's terrorist dictator Hosni Mubarak. His "crime" number two was that he supported Palestine and issued a Fatwa against Israel and it supporters when a Palestinian child was shot dead by the Israelis and the child's photo, being shot, appeared in the media. His third "crime" was that he constantly tried to highlight the plight of the blind Shaikh who is being held, cut off from the whole world, in a little cell in the American gulag in Colorado.

When I arrived at the Federal Court house in downtown Manhattan [New York city], the tyranny of the American government was evident in the way visitors to the court were being treated. A very small court room was selected with only 35 seats. Of these 20 were filled quickly by prosecutors and government agents, thus leaving only 15 for the public. Most of these went to family members of the three people facing sentencing, Ahmed, Lynne Stewart and Yousry. Thus the public hearing was not very public. The arrogance of the security guards knew no bounds. As the hours passed, the guards ordered tired supporters of Lynne who sat down on the floor to get up.

The Court building is a weird place, eerie with the injustice it has often promulgated. Only a couple of weeks back, Imam Warith Deen Umar was treated here as if he has committed a crime for having expressed unsavory views about U.S. foreign policy. He got a weird house arrest sentence for an alleged offense which happened 23 years back!

In the person of Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar, America was punishing Islam in America, terrorizing the immigrants from Egypt as well denigrating the aspirations of the downtrodden Islamic people of Egypt. Every year the U.S. gives more than $1.8 billion to the murderous regime of Hosni Mubarak to keep the tyrant in power so that he can continue to humiliate and torture Muslims in general and Islamic movements like al-Gamaa' al-Islamiyya in particular. It is no surprise that the U.S. and Egypt work in unison to crush people like Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar. The Egyptian-American community has been terrorized in part and bought out in part to such an extent that NOT ONE Egyptian turned out to support him in the hour of his extreme peril. The only Islamic support he got was from Jamaat al-Muslimeen which has been monitoring his case from day one.

We are all thankful that Lynne Stewart was not sent to prison. She was given 28 months but was allowed to remain free on bail pending appeal. Yousry was also allowed to go free on bail pending appeal. Poor Yousry, Muslim only in name, pointed out that he is married to a "born again" Christian. The prosecutor still wanted him to go to jail but Judge Koetl had mercy on him and let him go pending appeal.

MUSLIMS SHOULD LEARN FROM LYNNE STEWART's SUPPORTERS: Several hundred Lynne supporters demonstrated outside the court before the hearing. Though not allowed to go into the court, for reasons of space, they waited for hours in the corridors of the court, before the verdict was announced. I chatted with many of them and found how dedicated they are to Lynne. I discussed this with Br. Abu Talib, Jamaat al-Muslimeen representative from Brooklyn who had come out to support Ahmed. He is a real activist and was giving out da'wa literature to Lynne's supporters.

I have always considered Lynne one of "us" but when I talked to her supporters, I found that NONE of them were interested in the case of Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar. One person there looked like an Egyptian. When I talked to him, I found that he had come out to support Lynne and was not interested in Ahmed.

I also met a prestigious African-American imam from Brooklyn for whom Lynne had been attorney at one time. He made it clear to me that he had come out for Lynne and was actually blaming Ahmed for Lynne's predicament. I had to correct him. This business of blaming Ahmed began from within the defense attorneys and was started by the famous human rights attorney David Cole whom I consider part of the power structure.
[Remember what we published in New Trend about "good Jews." The fact that When it comes to the crunch, Islamic people should not expect any good from Jews seems to be the lesson of this episode.]

[This African-American imam was concerned about the criticism of Siraj Wahaj published in New Trend. I told him that Siraj should write to New Trend and point out if anything incorrect had been published. I added that Siraj is ISNA's man, has been for years, and must be held accountable for ISNA's pro-regime policies. The imam and I soon became friends because he knew that Jamaat supports Imam Jamil al-Amin. Br. Abu Talib left before Zuhr, so the imam and I went to pray in a room in the court building dedicated to Patrick Moynihan. The imam then sold me a book about law and a CD of Imam Jamil. He wanted me to buy conspiracy theory tapes about 9.11 but I drew the line there and told him that I get all those over the Internet. He was distressed that Imam Warith Deen Umar does not buy the conspiracy theory either and attributes the attacks to Muslim fighters, or so the imam told me. We parted as friends.]

Judge Koetl was so "magnanimous" that he gave Ahmed "credit" for the 4 and a half years he has already spent in prison and then added a bonus of 15% reduction, thus giving a net 16 years to Ahmed. Like the Pharoah in the Qur'an, America's rulers believe they can play with people's lives and give them whatever number of years. Thus an honest citizen like Ahmed, who has never committed a crime, is given the sense that he should be "grateful" for getting 16 years when he could have received LIFE in prison as the prosecutors wanted.

Ahmed's wife Lisa and his sons were there. Looks like through suffering, the steel of DEEP FAITH in ALLAH has entered Lisa's soul. When I first met her years back, she was a shy, soft spoken, seemingly weak looking White woman from Chicago. She is now the epitome of Islam, working for her family, keeping her Hijab on, deeply engrossed in fighting for the rights of her Allah-oriented and virtuous husband. The children too have come out strong for Islam and are extremely thoughtful and intelligent. May Allah bless this beautiful family rent asunder by the satanic forces which have taken over America.

Lisa waited in court for hours after Ahmed was sentenced because her attorney said she and the kids might be allowed to spend a little time with Ahmed before he is taken away. After waiting for several hours, she learned that the government told the judge that such a meeting would contravene the special measures [known as SAMS] which the government has implemented to isolate Ahmed, as had been done before with Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman. A wife talking to her husband under strict security is a "threat to America!" Also, for the future, she was warned, any use of Arabic, including "asalamu alaikum" is prohibited and her meeting with her husband in prison will be monitored by the FBI. That is Zionist USA!

Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar's Statement in Court:

Ahmed made a brief but beautiful statement in court. He stated that he is not a terrorist. That he is an American, a human being, a Muslim with complete faith in Allah. He said, he regretted having written up that fatwa against Israelis when little Muhammad Durra was shot in broad daylight; he wrote in the heat of the moment and did not really want to harm any Jews. It was a cry for Palestine, he said, against Israel and U.S. foreign policy. He said that his opposition was to the Egyptian regime. The government, he pointed out, picked and chose from more than 8,000 phone conversations he had over 8 years.

Finally, he said, I am a father of 4 children. I live for them

Ahmed looked pale. He has been kept in his cell 24 hours a day for more than a year, and thus denied the one hour out of 24 given even to the most hardened criminals get to go into the yard for fresh air and exercise. The window in his cell has been painted over to deny him all sun shine.
This is the revenge of the Zionists against a man who had compassion on the blind Shaikh Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman.


In their reporting on the case, the corporate media completely blanked out all discussion of Ahmed's case and focused only on Lynne and Yousry to present it as a case of "victory" for justice. Most incredible was the October 16 segment on the case on ABC's Night Line program. NOT ONE WORD was given to Ahmed's case. One sentence was given to the blind Shaikh which was an atrocious lie, as follows:
"Shaikh Omar was the spiritual adviser to al-Qaida."

No prosecuor or court has ever made such a claim.
There is a method to the media's madness. Any discussion of Ahmed's case would bring out the close relationship between the White House and the Egyptian tyrant Hosni Mubarak.

ISNA's Fitna Failing: Masjids Following Moon Sighting

New Trend is starting to get info on masjids which are following moon sighting and not ISNA's computerized anti-Sunnah announcements: Here are a few such masjids.

Most Connecticut mosques are for Wednesday Eid.
Half of New York City mosques will go for Tuesday, though Long Island Islamic Center has announced for Monday like ISNA. Most of Bangladeshi mosques in NYC will have Eid on Monday as they will use 30 days completed Hadith by Houston sighting.
[Masjid Saffat in Baltimore is following moon sighting.]

War News [From New Trend's Media Monitor.]

Don't Blame General Musharraf: He is Working v. Closely with NATO.

During an extensive press conference with U.S. media reps, Lt. Gen. David Richards, NATO's commander for ISAF [Afghanistan] contested criticism of General Musharraf, the Pakistani coup leader, which has appeared in western media. General Richards said that it is misleading and incorrect to blame Gen. Musharraf or the Pakistani military for Taliban movement on the Pak-Afghan border. It's an 1800 mile border, he said, and Pakistan is stopping most of the Taliban border crossings. Some do get through, he said, but in time, it too will be stopped. He reminded his audience that Britain had a problem sealing the 84 mile Irish border with 30,000 troops when the IRA was fighting. Musharraf, Pak. army and intelligence are working very closely with NATO, he said.

General Richards admitted that "mistakes" by U.S.-NATO-Kabul had led to the resurgence of the Taliban. But, he added, we still have a window of opportunity owing to our military preponderance, to win over the Afghan people during the next 6 months. If we don't try hard enough, the people will switch their support to the Taliban.

Pakistan Handed over "Hundreds" of Muslims to U.S. at Random

September 29, 2006. Amnesty international reported that during the "war on terror" General Musharraf's regime handed over "hundreds" of Muslims to the U.S. and these were then taken to Guantanamo Bay. The arrests, the report said, were carried out at "random" and Pakistan got money for them from the U.S.
[The essence of this exchange, Muslims for money, has been admitted by General Musharraf in "his" book In the Line of Fire.

Strong Reaction to Musharraf's Book from Nawaz Sharif and U.S. Pakistanis

Dr. Khalid Luqman, from the support group of Nawaz Sharif's Muslim League Party in New York, has reacted very strongly to the "revelations" in General Musharraf's controversial book In the Line of Fire. Dr. Luqman's statement [received by New Trend] says that Musharraf is re-enacting the shame which Pakistan suffered when it handed over Aimal Kansi to the U.S. [after he hid in Pakistan following his attack on CIA Headquarters]. At that time, Dr. Luqman says, the U.S. district attorney Robert Huran had said that Pakistanis will sell even their own mother for money. Dr. Luqman says, Musharraf has refreshed our wounds by admitting in his book that money was received in return for handing over "terrorists" to U.S.

Nawaz Sharif, the last democratically elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, who was toppled by Musharraf's coup, has disputed Musharraf's version of the coup as well as Musharraf's version of the battle against India in Kargil.

Outstanding Russian Journalist Anna Politkovskaya Murdered in Moscow: Regime Hand Suspected

Anna was probably the last independent journalist letting the world know that the Russian security forces are carrying out horrendous crimes in the Muslim land of Chechnya. On October 7 she was shot dead in her Moscow apartment, seemingly the victim of a contract killing.

In her memory, on October 12, her paper Novaya Gazeta published the videotaped evidence she had received of Chechen Muslims being tortured by security forces.

The regime has also announced the "disappearance' of Rita Ersenoyeva, the mother of Shamil Basayev's wife. Shamil himself was killed in June in an explosion triggered by Russian agents.

Anna's work showed that the Russians routinely use torture to extract confessions from Chechens opposed to the occupation. Anna was 48.

Canada is facing a setback as Taliban attacks escalate in the Kandahar area where Canadian troops claimed to have killed hundreds.
On October 14, Canadian troops came under Taliban attack and retreated from their positions. The Taliban used small arms and RPGs to hit the armored Canadian column. U.S. media [MSNBC] say at least 2 Canadians were killed and 3 wounded.
Earlier on October 3, U.S. troops came under Taliban attack in Kunar province. The U.S. says only two of its troops were killed and 3 wounded. [CNN]
The same day Canadian troops near Kandahar came under attack and admitted having lost 1 killed and 8 wounded.
On October 8, in eastern Nangarhar province, Khogiani district, Taliban ambushed and killed the district chief appointed by Karzai, the local police chief and the district intelligence officer and 2 policemen.
Taliban reports published in Pakistani Urdu media say that on October 8, NATO planes bombed Uruzgan province killing 25 civilians.
Earlier on September 28, the Taliban accused Australian forces of committing atrocities against Afghan civilians in Uruzgan province [which is the stronghold of the Taliban]. Australia says its troops are carrying out "reconstruction" in Afghanistan.
[Source: ABC AM.]

Under U.S., Iraqi Cities Dripping with Blood.
Islamic State Announced: Saddam Calls for Unity Against Occupation

On October 17, 2006 another 10 U.S. troops were killed in Iraq bringing the total for October to 68. Heavy fighting continues as U.S. forces attempt to beat back the Islamic resistance led by al-Qaida in Iraq.
In Balad, Shia hit squads killed 70 Sunni civilians. The hit squads are also killing Sunnis on a daily basis in Baghdad. Observers say that the Shia hit squads are working under the supervision of the Interior Ministry which in turn is under U.S. control. Under international law, the occupying power is held responsible for any hit squad activity.
A report on NPR indicated that the U.S. is using Shi'a and kurdish troops to crush the Islamic resistance in western Iraq. In the last one month, these Shi'ite troops suffered heavy losses when they were hit by three martyrdom operators in Tal Afar [near Syria].

A video tape on a jihad site, reported on al-Jazeerah [October 15] says that the mujahideen groups fighting the U.S. in Iraq, led by al-Qaida in Iraq, have declared the establishment of an Islamic state in EIGHT of Iraq's provinces, including parts of Baghdad. Al-Qaida leader Abu Ayyub al-Masri is leading the offensive against the U.S.
[It appears that President Bush was right. The Islamic forces are trying to set up a CALIPHATE.]
On October 17, President Bush talked with puppet Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to assure him that the U.S. was not preparing to dump him. Al-Maliki is also in touch with Tehran.

On October 17, President Saddam, from the court house, urged the Iraqi people to unite against the U.S. occupation forces and drive them out. He urged Iraqis to eschew sectarian conflict. [Wire services.] The President of Iraq is being accused of crimes which pale into insignificance compared to what is happening in Iraq on a daily basis. ALL the western Iraqi cities were reduced to rubble by the U.S. in its attempts to crush the resistance.

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