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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 11,1427/July 7, 2006 #42

Jamaat al-Muslimeen condemns the latest armored Israeli thrust into Gaza as blatant aggression. Muslims around the world should unitedly break the web of Zionist terror organizations and businesses supporting terrorism.
[Also scroll down to the end for latest on the suffering of Prof. Sami al-Arian.]

July 6, 2006: Israeli tank columns, supported by Apache helicopters and F-16 jet fighters entered the populated area of northern Gaza. Lightly armed Palestinians put up resistance but suffered heavy losses, at least 23 killed for only one Israeli soldier killed. The Palestinian will to resist remains strong but weapons are not available. Iran, for all its pro-Palestine rhetoric, has provided no worthwhile weaponry. The Arab armies, those of Egypt and Jordan, are mere collections of mercenaries used by Hosni and Abdullah to crush the Muslim masses. If the Palestinians had weapons, they could draw the Jews into Gaza and then pin them down in guerrilla warfare with martyrdom operators putting the fear of God into the cowardly Israelis.

PERSONAL from the Editor: On her birthday, a special word of tribute goes to my younger daughter Nadrat. She changed my life by bringing to me the diet plan a Muslim should follow. Most middle class Indo-Pakistanis, after age 50, end up having heart attacks, strokes, triple bypass, etc., and all kinds of diseases related to life style. I remained healthy because I followed ONE important aspect of the Sunnah of Muhammad, peace be on him: WALKING. However my 'middle class in USA' lifestyle was catching up with me when Nadrat came to the rescue. She actually brought me the right food and insisted that I follow the elements of the Prophet's [pbuh] diet. Prayers and fasting are the framework of Islam, but they don't work if one's day-to-day diet is unIslamic. Indo-Pakistani Americans end up getting fatter in Ramadan than they were before it because they feast at the end of almost every day of fasting, following a religious attitude bereft of social content and political activism.

I call my daughter "Hakeem Nadrat" now. The basic points of her diet plan are: Grains [5 kinds], dates [3 kinds], figs [3 kinds], fruits, leafy vegetables, carrots, water and walking. [Almost all are mentioned in the Qur'an and the Hadith.] Various kinds of herbal teas are permitted. NO sugar, NO fat, little or no salt [replace with chillies], NO bread, no milk products [these are very dangerous in America owing to the feed given to cows]. No meat [except on Friday or Eid], and no processed meals.

Over five months, my blood pressure went DOWN, DOWN, DOWN and is no longer a problem. My weight has steadily and slowly gone down. [Quick losses on most diet plans lead to quick gain-backs.] I need much less sleep, except when I mess up and deviate from the diet. I wish I had followed the Prophet's [pbuh] way much earlier. No wonder he and the sahaba , r.a., never were sick. At age 60, the Prophet, pbuh, could jump on to a barebacked horse and ride it without a bridle. How far are we from his way, peace be on him, because we do not study the Hadith! Thank you Hakeem Nadrat.

Miami Arrests were Aimed at Stopping the Spread of Islam but backfired Badly

alam Aleykum:
Of course the arrests were racially motivated. The government is trying to stop the rapid spread of Islam among the African American and Hispanic communities (remember Padilla). Of course, the more attention, even negative, that is brought on Islam only causes people to investigate the religion with result of an increasing number of Americans who revert to Islam, alhamdulilah. Attempting to stop the spread of Islam by force is like trying to stop the spread of mercury by stamping on it. It just spreads it further. Islam is a gift from Allah and no force on earth can prevent Allah (swt) from bestowing this ultimate gift on those whom He chooses.

Your Sister in Islam
Um Esma

IMPORTANT NEWS: from New Trend's media monitor

1. MUSHARRAF and KARZAI strike it rich: July 3, 2006. Pakistan's military coup leader General Musharraf has been granted $5 billion by the U.S. to help him fight the forces of Islam. The grateful general sent 10,000 more troops to plug the holes in the rugged Afghan-Pakistan frontier, thus bringing the total of Pakistani forces fighting the mujahideen to 90,000.

Simultaneously, to Karzai, the U.S. granted $2 billion to build what it calls the "Afghan National Army." This force basically consists of Shi'ites, Communists from Dostum's troops, riff raff from various war lords, tribal chiefs looking for employment for their men as well as professional soldiers from the old Communist units who fought for the USSR.

2. KASHMIR: An outburst of new fighting rocked this occupied Muslim country during the first 4 days of July. On July 2, the Indian occupation army successfully thwarted an attempt by Islamic fighters to enter from Pakistan killing 4 Islamic fighters for a loss of one Indian officer killed and 2 wounded. However, on July 4, the Indian military suffered in north Kashmir [village of Maro Bandipura] when fighters of Lashkare Taiba killed 18 Indian troops for a loss of two mujahideen in a day long battle in difficult terrain. [Earlier activists of Dukhtaran-e-millat, an Islamic women's group, went into hotels in Srinagar and exposed "tourists" indulging in "dating" and sexual activities.]

3. USA. Not immoral but amoral? On July 4, 2006 CNN's Headline Prime program presented a detailed interview with Stacey Lannert who was raped by her father on a weekly basis from the time she was 8 years old till she was 12. Her mother pretended not to know what was going on. Later in life Stacey came back and shot her father when he was drunk. She was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. The program went into graphic details of the rapes.
[Ed. comment: Strangely enough, Americans are so blinded by their way of life that they do not see these crimes as oppression of women.]

4. CHECHNIA: On July 4, Islamic fighters ambushed and wiped out a Russian military unit only 25 miles from the capital city of Grozny. According to the mujahideen, 20 Russian soldiers were killed and 50 wounded. Russia admitted the Islamic attack but claimed that only 7 of its troops were killed and 25 wounded.

The situation in Chechnia reached a new boiling point when on May 28, Russia organized a beauty contest and a rock concert in Grozny to humiliate the Islamic masses of Chechnia who have been subjected to genocide by Putin and previous Russian rulers.
[Mike Tyson was called in to hold a fight in Grozny.]

Funny but true
Zionist Propaganda about Israel: [Eat your heart out Goebbels!]

June 29, 2006: National Public Radio [NPR], biggest lineup of Jews in the U.S. media, claimed that the Israeli soldier who was killed by Islamic fighters while sitting in his merkava tank in occupied Palestine was "an artist and wanted peace." Compare this with the ongoing Israeli claim that Palestinians fighting Israeli occupation forces are "terrorists."

WOMEN in Islam by Kaukab Siddique
[This item is based on Ibn Asakir's Tarikh ud-damishq.]

One of the most charismatic women in the first Islamic generation after the sahaba was Naila, the daughter of Farafsa. She became famous when in the year 28 of the Hijra she married Usman ibn Affan, r.a., the third rightly guided Caliph of Islam. She was from a Christian family in Kufa but was educated in Islam by the greatest woman of Islam, Ayesha Siddiqa, r.a., from whom Naila learned Hadith. She also narrated Hadith from her illustrious husband, 'Usman, r.a.
[Again this is evidence that Hadith was narrated in the FIRST century of Islam, not in the THIRD as the munkareene hadith contend.]

In the year 35 hijri, Naila witnessed the tragic murder of her husband Usman, r.a. This great sahabi [companion] of the Prophet, pbuh., was the victim of sectarians who later came to be known as "Shi'as." These murderers were so cold-blooded, they cut down Usman, r.a., while he was reading the very Qur'an which he had compiled. [The blood of Usman, r.a., trickled down to this verse of the Qur'an he was holding: "...Allah will suffice thee as against them, and He is All-Hearing, All-Knowing." [2:137]

Naila grappled with the assailants but they were determined to kill the elderly Caliph. One of the assailants tore off Naila's outer garment. At this an African slave whom Usman, r.a., had freed could not bear to see the emerging tragedy and rushed forward and killed the assailant who had grabbed Naila, only to pay with his own life. Then another assassin's sword came down on Usman, r.a. Naila stopped it with her left hand and her fingers were cut off. The Caliph was martyred thus putting an end to the ideal era of Islamic excellence.

Weeks later, after her hand had healed, Naila, along with a large number of other virtuous women went to the mosque and addressed the people to shame them about their lack of resistance to the sectarians. She spoke at length and with amazing eloquence which mesmerized the crowd, reminding them of the high esteem in which the Prophet, pbuh, held Usman, r.a.

Naila's narrative of the murder of Usman, r.a., is accepted by all the classical historians of Islam. At that time, Muslims did not think that ONE WOMAN's WITNESS cannot be accepted.
Also famous is the letter which Naila wrote to Ameer Muawiyya, r.a., reminding him of verse 9 of Suraal-Hujurat and chiding him for having failed to send timely help to Caliph Usman, r.a. The way she begins that letter is remarkable, with a calm assumption of equality: "From Naila, the daughter of al-Farafisa, to Muawiyya the son of Abu Sufian."

the Return of the Taliban?: NATO and Afghan War Lords Facing Slow Defeat

New Trend Special Report

Introduction: Americans find it almost impossible to understand the resurgence of the Taliban. The process of demonization has worked much too well. "Taliban oppress women. They don't want schools or hospitals. They are crazy fanatics." That's how the propaganda line runs. In a land where even decent women go out in bikinis on the beach, the Taliban insistence on the full burqa is difficult to explain. Just for starters, Americans should remember that Afghanistan has been enveloped in the flames of war since the Communist attempt to takeover in the 1970's. It's not America. Feminism is not going to work there when survival is the first priority. In fact the burqa has proven successful against the demoralization of the family system which prolonged war brings.

Like the Americans these days, the Soviets too promised roads, hospitals, schools and the "emancipation of women" [including skirts and liquor]. The Taliban are saying exactly what the mujahideen said in 1980: We must drive out the kafir army first, stop all its "institutions," build our independence and then build institutions based on Islam.

The Latest Crusade? At end of June 2006, NATO declared that its forces, during a month long offensive, had killed 1,000 plus Taliban for a loss of 50 NATO troops from the U.S., Britain, Canada, Italy, Denmark and other European countries. This process of "killing the Taliban" seems to be an ongoing process. The British command announced that on July 2, another 41 Taliban were killed in Helmand province and another 22 were killed on July 3 in the same province.

However, a closer look at the news reports indicates that the people NATO has been killing are not Taliban but "suspects" [British term] who could be Taliban but most probably are not. Pakistani newspapers and eyewitnesses, as well as refugees, from the area under attack indicate that ALMOST ALL those killed in the NATO attacks are civilians. The Pashtun tribes are voting with their feet and are leaving the areas targeted by NATO. The actual Taliban losses are estimated at no more than 50 killed [about the same number as NATO] and 150 wounded. Observers say that if NATO had actually killed 1,000 Taliban and is continuing to kill them, the Islamic uprising would be over.

Taliban attacks continue on a daily basis, seem to be well-coordinated and follow the classic guerrilla pattern, cutting down the Afghan supporters of NATO, ambushing supply lines, and hitting NATO troops who stray from their base lines. A few martyrdom operators have also hit NATO but these have been amateurish attempts, more impressive in the fear they inspire than in any losses they inflict. This might change if it is true that the Taliban have people in Iraq learning from the attacks on U.S. troops.

The Taliban appear to be gaining a steady stream of recruits from the Pushtun population, many of them the victims of warlords who support Karzai and the U.S. There are reports that the Taliban have literally slaughtered and beheaded some bandits working for war lords who had committed murders and rapes. The war lords as well as Shi'ites from Hazarajat and Communists from General Dostum's forces are the mainstay of the Afghan collaborators supporting NATO.

The Taliban are in no hurry to win. Time is on their side. The Karzai regime is known for its corruption; its supporters do not respect women and Islamic traditions, and armed support for Karzai from NATO and the U.S. is a clear signal to the Afghans that their entire way of life is under attack. Most Afghans, however, are poverty stricken and poorly armed. Only a trickle from among them can take the economic risk of joining the Islamic resistance led by the Taliban. However, the trickle is becoming a stream and is being fed by the belligerance of the heavily armed NATO forces hammering their way through the rugged Islamic homeland.

WHAT IS THE SECRET of TALIBAN SUCCESS? Observers say the following factors are decisive:

1. A no-nonsense interpretation of Islam with the Shar'ia being implemented to cut down hardened criminals and perverts.

2. Personal devotion to the Islamic way of life.

3. Outstanding leadership cadres at every level of the resistance, ranging from Mullah Omar [whom many compare to the sahaba of the Prophet, pbuh] to Mullah Dadullah, the incomparable field commander responsible for military success against unthinkable odds, to dedicated young Mullahs at the local level known for their spartan way of life and incorruptibility.

4. Support from the Arab world which probably includes finances for weaponry and for the families of fighters, very important in a land of extreme poverty.

5. The most important factor is the fearlessness and endurance of Taliban cadres. Observers agree that the Taliban have far outdone the mujahideen who fought the Soviets. The anti-Soviet jihad had the support of Pakistan and the U.S. By contrast, the Taliban are hemmed in by 80,000 Pakistani troops coordinating operations with the U.S. on the southern frontier, plus U.S. and NATO troops within Afghanistan, plus warlords supporting Karzai, along with support for Karzai from India and Russia.

6. Evidently, the Taliban have gained control of most of southwestern, southern and southeastern Afghanistan. This is considerable territory, extremely rugged and suitable for guerrilla forces, within which the Taliban leadership is safe from deadly U.S. air attacks. In addition the people of Pakistani tribal areas are in armed support of the Taliban and have successfuly stopped Pakistani troops from detailed takeover of Islamic strongholds. Months of fighting between Islamic Pakistanis in Waziristan and the Pakistani army have left nearly a thousand killed on each side. Pakistani troops control many of the strong points but have failed to leave permanent garrisons within the Islamic territories.
Allah commands: "Drive them out from where they drove you out."
"Oppression is worse than death."
[Two quotes from the Qur'an which inspire the Taliban.]

Irish MP: Israel an "abhorrent and despicable" regime

Sinn Fein
30 June 2006

Statement issued by Aengus O Snodaigh Sinn Fein member in the Irish parliament and his party's spokesman on international affairs and human rights

Sinn Fein International Affairs and Human Rights spokesperson Aengus O Snodaigh TD has described Israel as "one of the most abhorrent and despicable regimes on the planet." Questioning the Minister for Foreign Affairs Dermot Ahern in the Dail today he said the kidnap by Israel of some 25 democratically elected Palestinian representatives demonstrates "the true nature of Israel's commitment to not so democratic principles."

He said, "Israel is without doubt one of the most abhorrent and despicable regimes on the planet. According to the UN Secretary General for Political Affairs, in the month prior to the capture of the Israeli soldier by Palestinians at least 49 Palestinians, including 11 children, were killed by Israeli forces and 259 injured. A ground assault on Gaza began yesterday involving tanks, bulldozers, thousands of troops undercover of air fire and the demolition of key pieces of civilian infrastructure including bridges and Gaza's electric power plant. The bombardment of civilian infrastructure amounts to collective punishment and a crime against humanity and the abduction and imprisonment by Israel of some 25 democratically elected Palestinian representatives demonstrates the true nature of Israel's commitment to not so democratic principles.

"Minister Ahern must clarify whether the Department of Foreign Affairs approves of the use of Shannon for the transfer of helicopters or any military apparatus to Israel. He must also indicate if he agrees that the role played by this state in the sale and transfer of arms and military apparatus to human rights abusers is absolutely unacceptable and must cease immediately and what steps he will take to ensure this ceases."

"The death of the Israeli settler is deeply regrettable and I would call on the Palestinians who are holding the Israeli soldier not to harm him."

In the language of a western wire service [With thanks to Shaikh Hyder, UK]

Ba'asyir says Indonesian holy warriors should go to Israel

JAKARTA (AP): A reputed leader of an al-Qaeda-linked terror group said Monday that Indonesia should send Islamic holy warriors to Israel to punish it for unleashing airstrikes in Palestinian territories.

"Israel is the enemy of Allah," militant cleric Abu Bakar Ba'asyir told hundreds of members of the Muslim-based Crescent Star Party in the capital Jakarta. "That is why Indonesia should send holy warriors there."

Ba'asyir, who recently completed a 26-month jail term for conspiracy in the 2002 Bali bombings that left 202 dead, spoke as Israel massed tanks and troops along Gaza's northern border. That followed a weekend of escalating violence in Palestinian territories, triggered by the capture of an Israeli soldier.

While supporting Israel unconditionally, the United States and Australia allege that Ba'asyir is a key leader in the al-Qaeda-linked militant group Jamaah Islamiyah, blamed for a string of bloody bombings across Indonesia since 2000.

His release from prison last month raised concerns that he would energize Indonesia's small, Islamic radical fringe by making impassioned speeches at rallies and mosques.

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Dr. Al-Arian Moved Back to Florida:
Continuing Suffering of Professor Victimized by American Zionists:
Staunch Ally of the U.S., he opposed Israeli Occupation

Tampa Bay Friends of Human Rights, a group that has supported Dr. Al- Arian in the Bay area, recently released the following statement:

Sami Al-Arian has been moved to the Federal Prison in Coleman, Florida. Currently, he is being held in the Special Housing Unit (SHU) in the medium-security area. The SHU is for prison trouble- makers, and treatment is quite harsh. He is allowed only one phone call a month, and only one visit a week.

While in prison in Atlanta, Dr. Al-Arian (and the warden) received a large number of letters, enough to get the attention of administrators.

At this time, prison officials at Coleman are reviewing his case to determine how he will be treated. Will he be kept in harsh conditions or will he be allowed to join other people in the general prison population?

Please write to Dr. Al-Arian to offer encouragement. And please write polite letters to the Warden asking for humane treatment of Dr. Al-Arian since a jury did not find him guilty of a single charge.
Sami Al-Arian (#40939-018)
FCI Coleman Medium
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