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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rajab 17,1427/August 12, 2006 #54

August 11, 2006: Jamaat al-Muslimeen reached out to the Muslim community in Silver Spring, Maryland at the Muslim Community center on New Hampshire avenue. Boycott cards documenting businesses which support Israel were given to 150 Muslims after Juma'. New Trend documenting Hizbullah victories was given to 28 people. [For once it was a good khutba at MCC with the khateeb calling on Muslims to join the anti-war rally in Washington, DC on August 12.]

For a report on the Jamaat's outreach in the anti-war rally in NEW YORK, please scroll down.

Dr. Abdul Alim Shabazz, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, presented an important paper on African Education at an International Conference in Egypt. Please scroll down for an excerpt from the Abstract of his paper.

Sis. Karen English, Secretary General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, visited the ancient Islamic city of TIMBUKTOO in Mali, West Africa, recently. We'll have a report in the next issue, inshallah. Photos from the ancient city are being posted on our web site.

August 11: Children in Greensboro, NC read poetry about Palestine. Earlier, Imam Badi Ali gave the Juma Khutba at the Islamic Center urging Muslims to follow the principles of "wilaya" and "bar'a." We must know who are our friends and enemies, he said. Issues of Shia and Sunni should be put aside, he added.

BREAKING NEWS: August 11, 2006, 8 PM EST: Israel, unable to beat back Hizbullah, finally admitted defeat by accepting a UN resolution brought by its master, the USA, which involves the withdrawal of the Israeli terror group, IDF, from the strip of land it has occupied on the border, as Lebanese troops move in. The silly ideas Gillerman, representative of the terrorist entity, used to proclaim are no longer to be heard. Remember Gillerman's arrogance:" We will ERASE Hizbullah." The Zionist scum did not realize that they are facing the sons of Islam. The days of easy victory against corrupt, secularized Arab armies are over. America had to bring the resolution 31 days into the fighting after noticing that military victory against Hizbullah was not possible and its "attack dog" was committing horrendous crimes against the people of Lebanon. Israel can't defeat an Islamic militia. Wait till the Caliphate emerges. The Israeli terrorists will be brought to trial. Allahu akbar wa lillahil hamd.

The Zionist entity's terrorism against Palestine has still not been stopped. Unless the Palesinians are armed, the dastardly Jews will continue their indecent acts of blatant terror. All of Gaza has been turned into a concentration camp guarded by columns of Israeli tanks.


Terror Plot: Real or Surreal? If Real, How Should or Could it have been Handled?

New Trend Special Report

The Plot to blow up TEN aircraft in mid-flight over the Atlantic was revealed on August 10 leading to tremendous distruption of air traffic in Britain and in the U.S. The travelling public suffered the most. Fear and anxiety have spread out in ever increasing ripples.

Our tools of analysis indicate the following

The story of the plot is coming out of the Blair government which is not known for its honesty and veracity. Blair's intelligence service manufactured the excuses for the assault on Iraq. Blair himself is a practised liar and is not trusted by the majority of his own countrymen.

But let's begin by accepting the terror plot as if IT IS TRUE. If it is true, it raises serious issues based on the information which has come out till now:

1. The plot was known to the British government for SEVERAL MONTHS. One report says,it was known as far back as December 2005.

2. An INFORMER had successfully infiltrated the plotters, which indicates that the plotting was known in DETAIL to the British.

3. NO incident took place before the 22 British Muslims of Pakistani descent and 2 British converts to Islam were arrested. Thus the CNN-MSNBC-FOX reporting of "TERROR IN THE AIR" which created the impression that something horrible had already happened or was about to happen was false.

4. No incident took place at the airport in London or anywhere near a plane. Thus the media idea, probably suggested by both governments, of IMMEDIATE danger was false.

5. General Musharraf's regime played a key role in the unravelling of this plot. The Pakistani end of this story needs to be looked at critically. Pakistan is said to have called on the British to go ahead and arrest the British Muslims of Pakistani descent who allegedly have links in Pakistan. Seven people were arrested by Musharraf in Pakistan before the signal to arrest the British Muslims was given [Again, how much truth does Musharraf tell? More than Blair or less? Has Musharraf handed over these Muslims to win browny points for his one billion dollar award from the U.S.?


We are told that Blair informed Bush of the impending action on Sunday, August 6. The public was informed on Thursday, August 10. Why?

There are two aspects to the "Why?"

1. Lieberman, a Zionist hawk, who had successfully infiltrate the Democratic Party, was narrowly defeated by a total newcomer, Lamont, in an inner party election on August 8. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton worked hard for Lieberman and almost made him a winner, but Lamont still won on a clear "Anti-Iraq War" platform.

2. The Lieberman defeat sent shock waves through the entire Republican machine with nightmares of political collapse in the forthcoming elections.

3. The Terror Plot revelation reversed the situation to a considerable degree. America is in danger, so the argument goes; hence we need Bush-types like Lieberman.

4. In LEBANON, 800,000+ people have been rendered homeless by the Israeli terror group IDF by way of aerial bombardment. In GAZA, the entire population has NO ELECTRICITY and water and food supplies are dwindling owing to raids on the helpless population by columns of Israeli tanks, 50 tanks at a time, supported by air strikes.

4a. On top of that, on the frontlines, the Israelis were BEATEN BACK for 30 days by theHizbullah. Every day, CNN-MSNBC-FOX showed Israeli tanks and infantry rolling DEEPER and DEEPER into Lebanon till viewers wondered how much of Lebanon was there to conquer. The TERROR PLOT story completed removed from TV screens the entire Lebanon story, with Israel's defeat at the hands of a small Islamic group now quite clear.

5. Let's suppose the story is true, but in war time a government which cares for its people is supposed to HIDE ENEMY ACTIVITY. Why is enemy activity being given MAXIMUM PUBLICITY? The government has something to gain from this publicity. It creates the MASS FEAR which permits the government to tighten its grip on the country and to repress criticism and scrutiny.

6. By the time the story was revealed, the plotters had already been arrested. WHY then the huge campaign to stop passengers from taking carry on baggage with them on to planes? This seems to be what Suskind calls Vice President Cheyney's "One Percent Doctrine." Millions of people are being given the impression that they should give up their right to take coffee, or a cold drink, or even tooth paste with them because 24 British Muslims were ALLEGEDLY preparing to carry liquid-produced explosives on to planes. The men have been arrested but the fear and danger is being trasmitted to EVERY passenger, British and American.

7. What could have been done instead of this media-related fear campaign? Let's look at WORLD WAR II.

7a. The plotters would be quietly arrested, No publicity.

7b. The government was "on to" the plotters for several months. Thus there was plenty of time to gradually introduce restrictions on carry on baggage, especially on liquids. Again no need for horrific "fear" publicity.

7c. The origin of the plotters would never be revealed. If they are revealed as of "Pakistani origin," that immediately creates division WITHIN the nation.

8. ORIGIN of the plotters would never be revealed UNLESS we want our public to turn against Pakistanis and create a situation where the general public would terrorize the Pakistani minority, or the Pakistani minority would be so scared as to accelerate the process of ASSIMILATION.

WHAT IF THE Terror "PLOT" STORY is NOT TRUE? The Ramzi Youssef story.

There are indications that the story might not be true:

1. Christiane Amanpour, CNN senior reporter very close to U.S. intelligence agencies, brought up the story of Ramzi Youssef, who was convicted for planning to blow up U.S. planes flying over the Pacific.

1a. A number of other news outlets have also repeated the Ramzi Youssef story and flashed his gaunt and forbidding image on TV screens to convey the impression that this kind of "liquids-as-explosives" plot has been tried before.

2. Ramzi Youssef is in a Colorado prison with absolutely no contact with the outside world. He was sentenced to multiple life terms. He cannot tell his side of the story. Fortunately New Trend has a copy of the appeal which was filed by his attorney.

2a. The details given in the appeal show how a fake terrorist plot can be created to identify and convict a person who is hostile or deemed hostile to the U.S.

3. The story of "liquid explosives" to bring down a whole bunch of planes was concocted by the government to convict Ramzi Youssef, the Appeal filed by Youssef's attorney [Jewish] shows.

4. According to the Appeal, the police officer in the Philippines who filed the ORIGINAL case against Youssef RECANTED his story. However, the American Judge [Duffy] who tried Youssef either did not know that the Filipino police officer had recanted or he knew but did not care.

5. The Filipino investigation of the "multiple airline explosions" plan by Youssef, using liquid explosives, found that his COMPUTER, seized by the police, had been tampered with. His files were ERASED and replaced by "terrorism-related" files.

6. Ramzi Youssef was captured in Pakistan and subjected to INTENSE torture, by Pakistanis probably under FBI supervision, before he was handed over to the FBI. His twin brother was tortured to death by the Pakistanis. His close relatives [including nephews] were terrorized. As a result Youssef broke down and "confessed" to the FBI during his trip to the USA as a prisoner in exchange for restoration of the rights of his family.

7. Before Pakistan transferred him to the U.S., under torture he was coerced into placing his finger prints on a variety of document and to make a variety of phone calls.


1. The U.S.-British-Israeli intelligence services are quite capable of creating 'evidence' against a hostile Muslim.

2. TIMING of an announced PLOT is important. The U.S.-British-Israeli intelligence is capable of LISTENING to Muslim activists around the world. They have the capability to arrest and reveal "terrorists" at a time of their choosing.

3. It's quite possible that angry young Muslims talk against these three powers and may sometimes actually talk of violent action not knowing that they are being listened to.

3a. Muslim communities are riddled with informers ["snitches"] who can make Muslims talk radical stuff which can then be used to arrest them. The INFORMER played important roles in the Miami 7 case and the Canadian case.

4. Muslims in the U.S.., Canada, Britain and the West in general should stay trictly within the limits of the law. Peaceful means can be effective in defeating Zionism and Imperialism in these countries. The Jihad movements against Israel [Lebanon-Palestine], USA [Iraq, Afghanistan], India [Kashmir], Russia [Chechnya] are certainly not served by violence coming from Muslim minorities in the West.


Muslims Should Defy the Ban on Contributions to Hizbullah

I'm incensed that, while American Jewish organizations hope to raise $250 million in support of the terrorist state of Israel, American Arabs/Muslims cannot donate to appropriate Arab/Muslim organizations in the Middle East without being prosecuted for supporting terrorism (Don't even get me started on the fact that American Jews can go and fight for Israel with impunity, while any Arab-American youth who went to fight for his parents' homeland would be avidly prosecuted upon his return). Is anyone out there beside me ready to engage in a little civil disobedience and openly contribute to a Hezbollah-linked charity or the like in defiance of the law? If we could get a hundred or so prominent Arab/ Muslim Americans to do so, I think it might bring down the unjust law, as well as expose Mr. Bush's "War on Terrorism" for what it really is.

Ken Meyercord



Suggestions for Peaceful Processes to Change the Muslim World

Many thanks for updating us on Lebanon front. Defeat is the destiny of the arrogants.

Respected Br Imam Badi Ali is hundred percent correct. The heads of the Muslim states every where are just the pieces of garbage. We will have to get rid of them through democratic process as without that, none can be overthrown. This is the greatest tragedy of Ummah and Bush-Blair are sustaining it as their puppet regimes.

Let us think how Ummah can now get out its mess? "Ittiaq, Itihad & Intikhab" [Uniformity in thoughts/approach, Unity in Ummah's ranks and files & Universal franchise] are the three ingredients to get it resurrected. Only this process can pave the way everywhere for the emergence of Islam in the body politics of Muslim lands.

Are you agreeable to this interdependent triangle?

Shamim Siddiqi [New York]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Large New York Rally Against Israeli Aggression: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Distributed "Boycott" Card" and New Trend reports on Hizbullah Victories

I was at the demonstration on Saturday the 5th August in Manhattan at Times Square which was held by the "troops out" coaltion and the International Action Center[IAC].There were various speakers from different organizations such as the Harlem Tenant Council, Al-Awda and the IAC in which Ramsey Clark spoke about the situation in the Region.The march was very spirited especially by the young people from Palestine. Their community was present in large numbers.

What was missing was the African American Muslims. You only saw a few brothers and sisters there from my observation but there were other from the progressive left organizations there also. The Muslims here must develop an international perspective especially when it come to issues that are affecting the Muslim Ummah worldwide and see the relationship with the situation in Palestine and Lebannon and Iraq with the condition right here at home.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen gave out the boycott card on Zionist businesses that support this illegal state or settler colony called "israel." The response was very good among themasses who were there. Also the New Trend on Hizbullah victories was right in time based on the situation.

Right now we must have a United Front aganist Zionism and its supporters in the United States.There were about 5000 thousand people at this rally and march in which we marched to ExxonMobil on 50th & 6th Ave who is profiting from this war on the People of Lebanon.

The Muslims need to come out to these rallies and build a coaltion with like minded people who are anti- Imperalism which is the cause of the wars that we are seeing around the world..

The people are standing up aganist the rulers who have aligned themselves with Imperalismheaded by United States.

Allah is surely the best Planner. We have to be steadfast and patient and organize the people and raise their awareness to think and not to react to situations.The Jamaat is right on time with the Boycott Card because the objective condition is there in terms of exposing the Zionist entity's crimes aganist humanity today and the best place is right in the inside of the Empire where we can educate the people on the truth of this illegal state which is working for U.S. Imperialism in the region aganist the Muslims.

So we have to be very clear who is backing this Zionist entity with our tax dollars to murder innocent babies children in the Muslim World as we are seeing in Palestine and Lebanon today. We must stand with the oppress aganist the oppressors today as Muslims is our duty to support all oppressed people all over the world.

May Allah keeps us strong in faith and to remember our Politcal Prisoners who are in jail for their stand aganist injustice.

your in faith

Abu Talib

Dr. Abdul Alim Shabazz Presented Important Paper on Education at International Conference in Egypt on "Re-Educating the African in the 21st century."

[Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, Dr. Shabazz of Lincoln University, one of the most sought after speakers in the African Diaspora was in Egypt July 22-August 5, 2006 for an international conference on Education which included a trip up the Nile river to ancient places of African greatness. Dr. Shabazz is part of Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Consultative Committee, Shoora, and an outspoken opponent of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.]

Here is an excerpt from the abstract to Dr. Shabazz paper:

Education fundamentally means the accumulation of knowledge that will enable the possessor to lead him/herself out of a low state/condition to a higher one. Such an education benefits the recipient. Throughout Africa and the Diaspora the world-wide system of European centered education, established over the past 500 years following the fall of Granada and the coming of Columbus to the New World, has not and is not providing this kind of education to the masses of the people. What the masses are receiving is an education which does not benefit them, but which conditions them to acquire attitudes toward the glaring inequalities of life so that they can adjust themselves thereto with the least possible difficulties; and when this fails, especially for the males, the uneducated are placed under the control and supervision of the vast prison system. Presently this latter is occurring on an ever increasing scale, thereby deepening the crisis in the proper education of African people and consequently denying them the kind of education that will give them upward mobility and the kind of mathematics, science, engineering and technology necessary for the maintenance and building of a nation.

2006-08-12 Sat 17:24:27 cdt