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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rajab 28, 1428. August 12, 2007. #63.

OUR AMERICA: Sudanese Ambassador Censored, though he is a Christian
"U.S. is Destroying my Country"

Sudan faces well-organized atrocity propaganda from the Zionist lobby in America. To face the unremitting disinformation, Sudan sent its new ambassador, John Ukec, a Christian who used to fight at one time for the South against the North. His speech was on C-Span and was attended by the Washington DC press corp. By the time he was halfway through his presentation, the press people had lost interest and refused to ask him questions. He was persistent. He took every ploy of the Zionist propaganda against Sudan and blasted it.

Unfortunately Sudan was wrong in thinking that the Zionist-controlled media would listen to John Ukec, a Christian and a Black African from southern Sudan. NOT ONE WORD came out in the media. [Two months have passed.]

Here are some of his main points:

The new U.S. sanctions are aimed at the ordinary people of Sudan. All the people will be hit. The government will be unaffected.
The sanctions are a DEATH SENTENCE for "large numbers of people" in Sudan.
The sanctions have come owing to "pressure from a lobby," an obvious reference to Zionists.
Darfur is not the only place in Darfur. Out of Sudan's 50 million people, only 3 million live in Darfur.
The propaganda is focusing on the 3 million and ignoring the remaining 47 million.
The new sanctions target grain, sugar, cooking oil and pharmaceuticals, all of which will hit the masses of people.
The food for Darfur goes from the rest of Sudan. Darfur cannot be saved by destroying Sudan
Sanctions against sugar are completely unacceptable.
Whatever internal problems we Sudanese have, we will stand united against this external attempt to destroy us. I fought against the north but now I realize that Sudan is one and any sanctions against Sudan hurt all of us.
The 7000 African peacemaking troops have been in Darfur longer than anyone else. They have never said that genocide is going on. We are willing to accept much larger numbers of peacemakers as long as they are African.

Censorship USA
Top Israeli Jew Involved in Money Laundering: Not News?

Chief Rabbi of the Jewish community of Geneva, Switzerland, Haim Amsalam, was caught at Tel Aviv airport with $40,000 in cash and checks and 130,000 in Euros. He is member of the Israeli Knesset on behalf of the Shas party.
[Ha'aretz, June 13, 2007.]
[Comment: Israeli terrorists committing international funding operations do not make the news in USA even when they are caught. Censorship is in full force in the U.S. corporate media though few know it.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Press Release
U.S. Islamic Leader Condemns Ehud Olmert-Mahmoud Abbas Meeting in Jericho

August 10, 2007: Imam Badi Ali, Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader [himself a Palestinian] analyzed and condemned the recent "visit" to the West Bank town of Jericho by Israeli terrorist leader Ehud Olmert. The main points of the analysis are as follows:

The Israeli terrorist leader met Mahmoud Abbas as if the leader of one country, "Israel," was meeting the leader of another state-to-be, Palestine. In fact, Jerusalem, Jericho and Tel Aviv are all Palestinian territory.
Israel has no legitimacy to give us a "Palestinian state."
Abbas and Olmert are working together to undermine the elected government of Palestinians in Gaza led by Hamas. Economic, military and financial pressure is being used to destroy Gaza. Abbas is part of this game.
The Mahmoud Abbas clique does not represent Palestinians. Yasir Arafat himself did not trust these people and kept them a distance. Arafat was particularly disgusted by Nabeel Amr and wanted him to be shot. These are the dregs of Palestinian society and do not represent the people.
The pressure on Gaza has created a humanitarian catastrophe. Situation is very bad at the Rafah crossing into Egypt. Thirty one people have died waiting to join their loved ones.
Abbas is being brought up by his Zionist handlers to another typical Arab ruler who is alienated from his people and tries to impose his will on, devoid of any values, on his people.
A media empire has been built up across the Arab world to brainwash the masses. Now people have a "choice:" they can watch Zionist-controlled western media or they can watch Arab TV controlled by the valueless rulers.

U.S. and Iran Working Together in Iraq against the Resistance.
Complex Shia Groupings in Basra: British Garrison Isolated

New Trend Special Analysis

The U.S. installed Prime Minister of Iraq Nuri al-Maliki is in Iran. On August 9 he met the leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in Mashhad and received his unqualified support. Although Iranian leaders made the usual rhetorical statements that U.S. troops are the problem and should leave Iraq, al-Maliki made it very clear that the fight is against the Islamic resistance. He put it in the language used by the U.S. in these words:

"Al-Maliki expressed his appreciation for Iran's positive and constructive stance on Iraq, including Tehran's support for efforts to improve security and the campaign against terrorism, noting, "Terrorists want to undermine our potential in the political, economic, and cultural spheres, but, by the grace of God, we will neutralize their plots."

The Iraqi prime minister said, "Today, Iran, Iraq, and all regional countries must fight against terrorism" and added that the killings in Iraq would soon be halted. " [Tehran Times, August 12.]

It should be noted that al-Maliki was a long time CIA operative trying to subvert the Saddam regime. He visits Iran with the collusion of the U.S. A similar linkup with the Alawite regime in Syria has been carried out.

Earlier, a committee formulated jointly by Iran and the U.S. met in Baghdad. This was the third U.S.-Iran meeting at the official level. The first two meetings were at the ambassadorial level.

As noted before in New Trend, the Iranian Foreign Minister is on the record that Iran has invested a BILLION dollars in Iraq's security. This was about a year back. So what of the U.S. complaints that Iran is helping militias in Iraq and some of these militias are hostile to the U.S.?

Readers must understand that the U.S. invaded Iraq with the consent of Iran which considered President Saddam Hussein much more of an enemy than the U.S. During the years of sanctions, Iran supported the sanctions.

The U.S. is using Iran-supported Iraqi militias to crush the Islamic resistance. Most of the Iraqi troops helping the U.S. to fight the resistance are Shi'ites. However, some of the rogue Shi'ite groups do not want to work through the al-Maliki [Sistani supported] regime installed by the U.S. They go directly to Iran and obtain funds and weapons, not necessarily from the Iranian government but from other ultra-Shi'ite Iranian agencies. The U.S. recently carried out an attack inside Sadr city to crush one such group. It was a U.S. air strike which killed 32 people, including civilians. Although the dead were Shi'ites, Iran did not protest.

WESTERN and NORTHWESTERN IRAQ, as well as immediately north [Diyala] and south of Baghdad as well as some Kurdish areas are in the hands of the resistance. Most of the resistance is Islamic-nationalistic. About one fourth is following the hard core Islamic ideology of al-Qaida. These are all Iraqis, but the al-Qaida segment attracts mujahideen from across the Muslim world, from Bangladesh and Afghanistan in the east to Sudan and Nigeria in the West. Most al-Qaida, however, are Iraqis.

The central node of contention is Baghdad itself where the U.S. attacked al-Qaida's support base on Haifah Street and destroyed it. Shi'ite death squads are at work nightly, said to be trained in Iran, killing Sunnis and dumping their bodies in the streets. The plan seems to be to create a Shia state linked to Iran.

The U.S. needs Iran because the Islamic resistance is much too strong for the Shia armed forces the U.S. has set up. The Iranians are more adept at using Iraqi Shi'ites religious authorities to carry out "cleansing" of populations which indirectly support the resistance. There are indications that entire formations of Iranian "revolutionary guards" are in Iraq [with U.S. collusion] to mobilize the Shias against the Resistance.

The SH'IA situation is complicated by the fact that numerous Shias are nationalistic and support the resistance. They are against both the pro-U.S. Shias and the pro-Iran Shias. Hence the situation in BASRA has gone out of the control of the British garrison. The pro-U.S., the pro-Iran and the nationalistic Shias are so busy fighting each other that the British have become mere spectators and have no idea what to do. The killing of the Governor and the Chief of Police of Diwaniya province [August 9] has brought the inter-Shia conflict to a new point of explosive tension.

Letter: Mauri Saalakhan Handing Over Muslim Names to Government

Re: Salaakhan's so-called "mobilization" at the Capitol on August 11

I have a very uneasy feeling about this (mixed with stirrings of misplaced patriotism). Why in this day and time would American Muslims hand over a ready list of 200 - 300 Muslims to the government? With all the false arrests and scandals the community has been subjected to since 9/11, this seems very short sighted. Why are we having this event at the U.S. Capitol? It seems all too convenient and I'm very leery of this activity.

Someone needs to challenge Saalakhan on just why this location was chosen for this event. Perhaps he feels this will be his moment in the sun. More probable is the fact that more innocent Muslims will expose themselves to baseless accusations, witch hunts and government scrutiny. A rally of this type could have been organized in a public park or some other more appropriate venue. This all just seems quite suspicious.

Umm Muhammad [Washington, DC]

Salaakhan and Bray Invited to Send Factual Responses to New Trend.

New Trend comment on the sister's letter: Muslims should be politically aware enough by now to look carefully at slick and sleazy operators like Mauri Saalakhan. Ask him about how much money he has collected and how and where he spent it. Salaakhan's affinity to opportunists like Mahdi Bray [who now styles himself as "Imam"], "Imam" Magid [the beloved of the Zionist Jews], State Department's Native Deen and others of that ilk need to be investigated. Salaakhan and Bray were great friends of U.S. State Department operative Abdur Rahman al-Amoudi. Caught in a financial deal with Libya, al-Amoudi confessed that he worked for the State Department and carried big amounts of cash to help calm down "extremists" and critics of the U.S. government. [We published Al-Amoudi's full confession. Much earlier, he was also involved in getting the blind Shaikh tried by a Jewish judge.] It is time for Salaakhan and Bray to confess how much they got from al-Amoudi. New Trend's columns are open for their confessions.

If anyone knows what is the source of income of Salaakhan and Bray, do let us know. They live very comfortably without any clear source of income. Bray is getting quite plump. What's going on with these infiltrators of the Muslim community? New Trend's columns are open for factual responses.

It's summer recess - do you know where your congressmen are?

You guessed it.

I think we need to start issuing visas for them to come back.

Rep. Keith Ellison, Congress' sole Muslim member, said Wednesday [August 8] he will return to Israel for a second time, during this month's congressional recess.

Ellison, a freshman Minnesota Democrat, will be traveling to Israel with about 20 other Democratic lawmakers on a trip sponsored by the American Israel Education Foundation. The foundation in an independent, nonprofit charitable organization affiliated with the America Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby.

In an interview, Ellison noted that much has changed since his last trip to Israel in the spring, as part of a congressional delegation led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). A Palestinian national unity government was dissolved following Hamas' seizure of power in the Gaza Strip, while Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who leads the rival Fatah faction, formed a government in the West Bank.

This month's delegation, which will be led by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland, will visit with Abbas in the West Bank but not with members of Hamas, a group the U.S. labels a terrorist organization. The group leaves Aug. 12.

Ellison said one of the messages of his trip will be to promote dialogue.

"I'm a firm believer that dialogue never hurt anybody the cost of dialogue is very low," he said. "It's the best way to solve a problem."

But asked if that dialogue ought to include Hamas, Ellison tread carefully.

"Whenever you're talking about dialogue with Hamas, it's something that's extremely controversial," he said. "I'm not trying to step into some controversy. But I am trying to be a voice for dialogue.

"I'm trying to go there to be a helpful figure, not a person who's going to stir up controversies."

Of course he means "helpful" to Israel.

After all, THEY paid for his trip. The least he can do in return is kiss their ass.

The delegation, which is geared to freshmen members of Congress, will also meet with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, as well as other Israeli and Palestinian officials, academics and journalists. They plan to visit areas including the Golan Heights as well as Israeli border areas with Jordan, Lebanon and Gaza.

It will mark Ellison's third trip to the Middle East this year, following a trip to Iraq last weekend.

"There are so many people in my district who care about it, that I have to have a certain level of proficiency in it," said Ellison, who represents Minneapolis. "Whether I'm meeting with people from the Jewish Community Relations Council or the Holy Land Restaurant, people want to know what Congress is doing about the region. I just think I need to be knowledgeable, and there's nothing like walking in the space."

The American Israel Education Foundation is also sponsoring a separate trip of GOP lawmakers to Israel, said AIPAC spokesman Josh Block. The foundation organizes the freshmen-oriented trips every other year.

"They meet with a very diverse group of people who represent opinions and views across the political spectrum in Israel, and a diverse group of representative views among both Israelis and Palestinians," Block said.

He estimated the cost at about $5,000 per member.

Is that all???

Our Congress comes cheap.

Neither AIPAC, Ellison's office or Hoyer's office would release the names of the other lawmakers that will be participating on the Democrats' trip.

Is that so?

Since when do our representatives have the authority to cavort with foreign nationals in foreign nations without our knowledge?

In a statement, Hoyer called the trip "an opportunity for members to listen and learn more about this region that is critical to our national security."

What a load of crap.

Our congressmen (and women) are bought and paid for by AIPAC.

Analysis: From Our Pakistan Observers

Pakistan: Musharraf Visits Karzai at U.S.-Backed Gathering in Kabul. Tricked Pakistani Politicians Again

Disinformation Works: Seeing the mood of the public, with both the Islamic masses and the secular elites boiling with rage against him, General Musharraf played a fast one. His people [Shujaat Hussain, Mushahid Hussain, Sher Pao, etc.] gave the impression that Musharraf is so concerned about Obama and U.S. government statements about military intervention in the frontier areas that he is about to announce Emergency Rule.

The impression was created by Pak government media that Musharraf is, after all, a Pakistani patriot, and will not tolerate entry of U.S. forces. To top it all, a lackey of Musharraf, Tanvier Hussain, a Parliamentary Secretary, gave a hot speech in the National Assembly in which he urged cutting off the "anti-terrorism" program, support for Taliban and preparation for jihad! No one asked on what basis a minor official could make such a statement.

If people still wouldn't believe it, the regime announced that Musharraf would not be going to attend the grand "Peace Jirga" organized by Karzai in Kabul. See, the simpleton Pakistanis said, he is really upset about the infringement of Pakistan's sovereignty.

As we showed in the previous issue, President Bush knew all along that an Emergency was not about to be imposed on Pakistan. But Pakistanis are so naive, some of them actually believed that the "hidden patriot" in Musharraf had finally come out. [Sort of like Gen. Zia.] Even those who didn't believe the disinformation were unsettled by the story.

Then on August 12, lo and behold, Musharraf was in Kabul and assuring Karzai of his total support against the "terrorists." Pakistanis didn't even notice that Musharraf's appointed Prime Minister, Shaukat Aziz, and his hit man, Sher Pao [Interior Minister], had been in Kabul all along.

[Ed. note: Pakistanis have still not learned that Islam is not just a religion. It also teaches political awareness. In the words of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, a true believer is not bitten twice from the same snake pit. [Hadith.]

WAR NEWS: [From the Urdu language media]

Afghanistan: Korean Hostages in Grave Danger as Talks Drag on

August 12, 2007: Sangin, Helmand Province: A British soldier was killed and several injured in a gun battle with Taliban.

August 12: In Nangarhar province, Taliban launched attacks on U.S. troops inflicting numerous casualties. The U.S. admitted 3 troops killed one wounded.

In Ghazni province, negotiations between South Korean diplomats and 2 Taliban representatives continued. Two of the South Koreans have been killed. The Taliban claim that South Korea is very closely aligned to the U.S. and the arrival of a South Korean contingent in Afghanistan is an act of war.

Taliban are outraged by the U.S. bombing of civilians which resulted in 100 civilian deaths recently [mostly women and children], 60 before that and 38 before that and several more before that. The international community takes no notice of the ongoing massacres committed by the U.S. air force.

Early in the war, hundreds of Taliban prisoners were killed while in the hands of Communist U.S. ally Dostum. No reparations or admissions were made by the U.S. Within that context, the South Korean captives are in grave danger, facing death by way of retaliation. The Taliban are saying they will release the captives if Taliban women and children held by Karzai are released. Till now [late Sunday U.S. EST] there are no positive responses from Karzai.

Earlier in the week, in Kunar province, an elite U.S. soldier was killed [in the Sowkai district] and two wounded in a gun battle with Taliban. The local Taliban commander said U.S. casualties were higher than that.

Pakistan: Cobra copters & Heavy Artillery Against Islamic Fighters: Widespread Resistance After Jamia Hafsa Massacre

August 11-12, 2007: Heavy fighting continues in the areas surrounding Miranshah, the capital of North Waziristan. A couple of gunmen fired at a Pakistani military convoy. The Pakistanis counterattacked but ran into resistance in the nearby hills. At least 100 Islamic fighters are harassing the Pakistani military in the hills. The Pakistanis are using Cobra helicopters [gifts from the U.S.] and heavy artillery to drive out the mujahideen.

In South Waziristan, Pakistani Taliban captured 16 Pakistani troops [of the Frontier Corp] and are demanding [August 9] that Pakistan should release 10 supporters of the Taliban if they want the soldiers back. [Recently, the Islamic leader of S. Waziristan, Abdullah Mahsud, was murdered by Pak troops in Baluchistan. Since then unrest, already there owing to Jamia Hafsa massacre, has taken militant shape.]

Lakki Marwat [near the tribal belt] area, August 7: Islamic militants traveling in three pick up trucks attacked a Pak paramilitary [known as Khassadar] post. They snatched rifles from the troopers and warned them not to be seen there again otherwise they would be killed.

Peshawar: August 6. A Pakistan air force van was hit with a grenade on the Kohat Road, in the Bhana Mari area. Three people in the van, including a squadron leader of the air force, were wounded.

August 11, 2007: Islamabad: Umm Tayyaba, the pious daughter of Maulana Abdul Aziz, was sent back to prison by Musharraf's police after a court appearance. The police said they had discovered her diary in which she describes in detail her "raid" on the Chinese massage parlor which was providing sexual favors to Musharraf's officials.

August 10: On Friday, once again heavy deployment of Musharraf's "security forces" stopped people from praying inside the Red Mosque which was desecrated by his bandit army. Scores of people prayed outside and vowed to re-open the masjid.

[New Trend's sources have gleaned two facts from people in Islamabad and in the northern areas. Musharraf used Shia troops in his attack on the mosque and Islamic university of Hafsa. Phosphorous was used in the attack. Abdul Rashid Ghazi's mother was burned alive as were large numbers of young women.

New Trend's sources say that the troops sent to counter Islamic forces in Swat and Dir are also largely Shi'a. They are behaving in a ruthless way because Musharraf's officers are telling them that the Islamists are "Sipah-e-Sahaba," a group known for being anti-Shia. Musharraf, our sources say, could turn Pakistan into another Iraq by using Shias against the people.]

Lal Masjid Massacre Poem by Shaukat Ali

Sent by a reader from Jihad UnSpun
You have seen us on the news
Heard many stories
Mostly negative
Don't blame you if you hate us
But now its time to hear our views 

You have seen men with beards and turbans
Women with faces covered and sticks in one hand
Children shouting militant slogans
We don't blame you if you are scared

Who are we?
Are we mad, raving lunatics?
Intent on destruction and mayhem

Or are we human and Muslim just like you? 

You have seen the house of Allah surrounded
Helicopters and armed soldiers
Used to attack us in our place of worship and home
You have seen bodies flooding out.
Most believed the official version
But some sincere Muslims have doubts
Questions and criticisms 

Do we not deserve justice and a fair hearing?
Or is it ok for us to be butchered like animals at Qurbani?
Over hundred plus dead and even more wounded
Mass graves and cover ups
Some witnesses say 1500 martyred
what was our crime and who convicted us in what court? 

If you're willing to listen and think for yourself 
Then here is our story

We are Muslims
Just like you
Believe in Allah and his book and Prophet 
We accept all the verses and hadith
Regardless of the change in time and place
Islam is not only in our hearts
But in our actions too 

We saw the evil all around just like you do
We felt angry and sad like everyone else
Pakistan established in the name of Islam
But where is Islam in society we asked? 

Musharraf came
some people applauded
Need for change from the Bhuttos and the Nawaz Sharifs 
what has he delivered?
A partner in America's war against Islam
Thousands of Muslims dead
And open vice and evil everywhere 

Brothels even next to masjids
Corruption so open 
Modernisation and progress some say
It's the price we pay
For being Secular

Islam inside people's hearts
While the decadent values tear our nation apart 
Islamists and Secularists
With millions in the middle

So we took a stand
Against those who do evil 
Used our hands to change the condition of the people
We expected the Government to attack us
But we expected better from our brothers and sisters 

Do you not wish to live in a better society?
Free from corruption and evil
Based upon the Prophets Sunnah
Where your daughters can walk without being molested
Your sons can get jobs without paying bribes
And the nation's wealth will be utilised for the ummah 

So we suffered the consequences of our sincerity to Allah 
We have no regrets
After all death is decreed by the creator
We leave this world working for Allah's deen
You and us will meet again soon
Where the only currency will be good deeds
So take advantage of the time you have left 
And read the Qur'an and Sunnah with an open mind
And act upon its commands

2007-08-12 Sun 20:05:16 cdt