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{THE MUSLIM WORLD HAS HAILED THE MARTYRDOM OPERATION LAUNCHED BY AN 18 YEAR OLD WOMAN WHO BROKE THROUGH ISRAELI SECURITY IN OCCUPIED PALESTINE. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar wa lillahil hamd. As martyrs are the highest level of human beings, she has challenged the Muslim world to move forward and defeat Israel. ]
[Iraq is sending help to the families of martyrs in Palestine. No wonder the Jews hate Saddam Hussain. He is the only Arab ruler whose guns are aimed in the right direction.}
[March 31:10,000 demonstrated against Israel in Alexandria, Egypt. Another 10,000 demonstrated in Dhaka, Bangladesh against the Jews. The people are asking: Why are the Muslim armies asleep?]

Letters from:
Imam Warithuddin Umar ( martyrdom's impact on sleeping Muslims)
Sis. Carolyn, a Christian friend writes of Jewish takeover of the U.S.
Sis. Farah wants help to go to Palestine
Sis. Nadrat notes that New Trend warned USA's rich Muslims on Sept.7, 2001

As Salaamu alaikum (REF: Rally for Br. Walker Lindh}
My dear brother. I love you and I applaud you for your tireless efforts to bring sense and light to these disbelievers and enemies of Islam. I fear these open efforts will go unnoticed and unheard or completely disregarded.

It seems the protests and demonstrations of concerned Muslims will have to go underground as the all-out attack on Islam grows.

What is happening in occupied Palestine and the attempts of the Jewish run media to cover up the truth of what is happening to the Muslim people will undoubtedly stir the emotions and feelings of Muslims everywhere.

Actually time is on our side. As the Muslim world continues to be forced to practice this DEEN (way of life) they will increase in their collective belief. As they become true BELIEVERS they will become victorious. Allah promised victory to the believers (QAD AFLAHA AL MUMINUUN).

As can be seen with the martyrdom projects, when Muslims put their minds to their religion they are unstoppable and completely fearless. As the enemies here in America and the enemies elsewhere continue in their efforts to destroy Islam as it is to be practiced we will become more willing to give up everything of this world and ask Allah to accept us as Shaheed. Personally I desire to follow the manner of the Prophet. He is reported to have stated:

"Were it not for the women and children I would go into battle and desire to be martyred and ask Allah almighty to resurrect me so I can come back to life and go again into battle and be martyred and ask Allah to bring me back to life again so I can again go to war and fight the enemy and be martyred and be brought back to life by the Will of Allah to fight again to become a Shaheed."

In this authentic hadith our Prophet Muhammad, sallalahu alaihi wa salaam, asks for four occasions to fight and become shaheed. When you look at the occurrences in the Middle East, one can come to the conclusion that Allah is permitting what is happening to better develop the Istishadi Culture among the nearly 2 billion Muslims in the world. Either we get total Justice for Muslims or we will have War. Either there will be Truth, Liberty, and Collective Dignity for Muslims or there will be sabotage, subterfuge, subversion, purposeful destruction of employer's properties, hindering of manufacturing and obstructive actions throughout the world or Death. If we die fighting the forces that are fighting Islam, we win. It's that simple.

Prophet Muhammad placed great emphasis on martyrdom. For those who think they can stop this DEEN, it is too late. The DEEN is too strong and too well established. And the angels are gearing up to be with us to confuse the enemies of Islam. If you watch carefully you can see the great confusion in the minds of the American leaders and the Israeli leaders. The whole world is again collecting its hatred of the Jews and America will not be able to save them from their next holocaust or save its way of life and death here. Time will tell.
From Carolyn, A Christian reader who supports Palestine:
Subj: Re: CNN Violating journalistic ethics in reporting on martyrdom operations

It all makes me so angry. It is so unfair and yet the non-Muslim people of this country all think that Israel is the victim. They are brain dead-their minds are anesthetized by the Zionist news machine. The Christian Right is pro Jew. They should study their theology and read in the New Testament where, in Jesus' words, he says to the Jews, "I leave your temple desolate." He was finished with them, and by their (Jews) own words, they cursed their own nation, "let His blood be on our hands". The Jews have been cursed since the crucifixion. Today, it looks like that curse is gone, and they finally have their kingdom on this earth.

Yesterday I attended a wonderful Easter church service.

The service was very inspirational, however, no Christian minister will touch the Jewish angle on the crucifixion of Christ anymore. They are all too fearful of being labeled anti-semitic or else have had their coffers filled with money from the rich Jews, such as Billy Graham, Robert Shuller and Rev. Kennedy, out of Ft. Lauderdale. Anyway, after the service I asked the minister if he believe if Christ were alive today, would the Jews still want to kill him. He said, "Yes, he believed they would". I asked him to pray for the Palestinians that were being slaughtered, and he said he would. He was sympathetic for their cause.

Honestly, I am so angry at what is going on. The Jews are in complete control of U.S. policy. By the way, have you heard that Joseph Lieberman is going to run for President in 2004? Won't this be the first time a Christian nation has been ruled by a Jew? We will be finished then.

Last night, a Palestinian friend of mine, called me from Oakland, Calif. She immigrated here about a year ago from Palestine. She is married to a Jordanian Palestinian. Her husband drives a limousine and had his life threatened by a customer recently. He has been harassed a lot, as has my friend. Her passport is coming due and she needs to send it back to Palestine to have it updated. Anyway, the offices over there are all closed and she doesn't know what she is going to do. Evidently her husband is not a U.S. citizen either. The people in Oakland don't know what she can do and can't advise her. She is between a rock and a hard place.

Her cousin was visiting friends in Jordan a few weeks ago with her children. They tried to return to their home in Palestine and were denied entry. Now they are all stranded in Jordan. The Israelis are so evil. I have no sympathy for their plights in history. They are agents of the devil. The only people that make sense of this are the Arab leaders. I listened to a few fragments of the Arab Summit on C-SPAN, and it was wonderful. They are far more moral and forthright leaders than those weak, cowardly leaders of the West.

I don't think things are going to get better. Rabbi Adolph Bush, President of the U.S., will not allow the U.N. Peace keeping forces into Israel. (By the way, the U.N. was founded by a Jew named Goldfarb. This was on C-span the other day.) The U.N. and NATO are useless organizations that should be dismantled. Bush is the most dangerous leader this country has ever seen. Clinton looks like a Pollyanna compared to him. We will soon be entering WWIII. I feel so sorry for the Iraqi and Iranian people.

We are now starting to pick on the Saudis. There was a big article in "Investor's Business Daily" about them and our relationship, on Friday. If the U.S. keeps this up, we be "biting the hand that send us oil". The price will escalate to the stratosphere. Already the price of gasoline is going up at a rate of about 7 cents a week. I have heard this is to support the war.

Do you see any light at the end of the tunnel? Have you met with any harassment? Where is God in all of this?
Sis. Farah writes from a U.S. college:
as salaamu alaikum dear and respected brother,

let me first say how much i admire all your efforts and how much i love receiving "new trend". May Allah reward you all for your efforts, inshallah. i am a very concerned muslimah about the state of affairs for our brothers and sisters in palestine. i attend rally after rally and make dua non stop, but i want to do more. today i saw on the news that a group of "peace activists" entered the compound where Brother Arafat has been held up in, and i want to be them. i want to do what they are doing, i want to get there and actually make a difference. i never wanted to go so bad as i do know. please, if you know of anyone who can help me, or might advise me , please let me know. a brother once told me of a diplomacy group who went there from the states to go help rebuild palestinian schools and teach. inshallah, that is my dream. i want to help my brothers and sisters with my own hands. please reply as soon as possible, jazza khallah. as salaamu alaikum

Subj: Chickens


Amazing that you wrote this in September, and now all the four-letter organizations have learned (after their homes and offices were raided) how much Big Brother loves them.

On Fri, 7 Sep 2001 wrote:

> New Trend Magazine Forum

The raids on rich Muslim groups' web site location in Texas indicate that the new racist government in the White House will not spare pro-government Muslim groups either. They are beginning with the Palestinians and the Arabs but will gradually go on to all who have any Islamic content.
NOW COMES THE BUSH ERA. Here our 'leaders' went one better. In the sinking ship of Amercan politics, where millions of dollars have to be spent to get people to vote, these people launched a drive for Muslims to join the system. They even got a FATWA in favor of voting in a kafir system for a kafir president. (WA ISLAMA! What crimes these rich people commit in your name!)
They called for a BLOC VOTE for BUSH. Now they find themselves totally outfoxed.

2002-04-05 Fri 18:24ct