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[From our Christian friend Ms. Carolyn in Florida.]

Subject: Al-Jazeera

Dear Friends:
If you are getting Al-Jazeera through Dish Network, please know that Dish Network is under a lot of pressure from many groups, rightists, Neo-conservatives, Zionists and others who are trying to force them to drop Al-Jazeera TV station from their network.

If that is not censorship I do not know what is.

If you presently have Al-Jazeera TV station through Dish Network, you MUST call Dish Network at 800-984-3388 and let them know that if they submit and surrender to pressures and drop Al-Jazeera station, you, your friends, and family members will drop Dish Network without any hesitation.

Please, forward this to friends

First they went after the Al-Jazeera English site and shut it down, then the Arabic site (for now)... Now, they are going after DISH to get them to stop providing Al Jazeera in the US. We should not allow them to do that.
I called the number above and they advised me to send them an email message too (below), so they will have a better record of how many people have called. The address is

Please email them too the following message:

To whom it may concern in Dish Network;

It has been brought to my attention that due to political pressure and special interest groups request, Dish Network is considering to drop Al-jazeera net from their network. I would like to advise you in advance that if you, for any reason, decide to drop Al-jazeera out of your network, I will immediately cancel my home subscription as well as the Corporation subscription. Also, I will ask my associates and friends to act likewise.

[From another Christian friend.]

Dear Mr. Raspberry: I was very disturbed by portions of your article, "Hawks and Hornets." (Post, 3-31-03) I refer to your review of Joshua Micah Marshall's article in the April issue of Washington Monthly, in which Marshall's thesis " ... is that, far from ignoring the things some of us fear will result from our venture in Iraq -- radicalization of the Arab world, new waves of terrorism, transformation of the conflict into a species of religious warfare -- the Administration's hawks are actually counting on such an outcome." In their view, Marshall writes, "invasion of Iraq was not merely, or even primarily, about getting rid of Saddam Hussein. Nor was it really about weapons of mass destruction, though their elimination [would be] an important benefit. Rather, the Administration sees the invasion as only the first move in a wider effort to reorder the power structure of the entire Middle East."

Apparently this means that the Administration is looking forward to this radicalization so that it can then turn its military might to the task of repressing it.

I have heard such views expressed by Israel-Firsters. Do you believe that Mr. Marshall is correct in ascribing these views to the Administration also? If so, despite Mr. Bush's pronouncements to the contrary, this does truly appear to be a war on Islam.

Your Opinions have been very thought-provoking. I congratulate you.

Dana Moore, Ellicott City, MD

2003-04-02 Wed 19:51ct